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Not pictured: GURLFRIENDS

Before the meme-fest that was BlazBlue, there was Guilty Gear, and it too was not without its fair share of meme magic.

  • The X English trailer is infamous in the community for having So Bad, It's Good voice acting and animation.
    • "Oh no, I'm falling." explanation 
    • "You'd let her live?! HEH, YOU'RE SUCH A BOYSCOUT!"
    • "Guilty Gear... Zex." explanation 
  • "Everyone is gay for Bridget" is a popular Image Macro phrase used for trolling. It really confuses people who aren't familiar with the series. (Before it was renamed, the trope Unsettling Gender Reveal was known as Dropped a Bridget on Him/Her.)
  • "UMEHARA GA KIMETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" – A comment from a Large Ham tournament announcer when powerhouse Daigo Umehara (source of the Daigo Full Parry) beat his opponent's Faust. Has been the subject of several Stupid Statement Dance Mixes.
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  • Sol snapping Sin out of his problems.
  • GAHN FURAYME! is at least semi-memetic, Mondegreens aside. Although Ishiwatari isn't a regular at anime conventions, you can already guess the single line fans ask him to do when he does attend one.
    • Due to the notoriety of the Dust Loop, Sol's yells of "TEYAH! TEYAH! TEYAH!" etc. have also reached such a status.
  • HEAVEN OR HELL! DUEL 1! LET'S ROCK! The GGXX announcer's rendition is the most iconic, to the point that there has been backlash against the new voicework starting in Accent Core for not living up to the precedent set.
  • RATED R!!!explanation 
  • Elphelt is everyone's waifu. explanation 
  • UNGA explanation 
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  • When Rev 2 was announced, pictures of series director Daisuke Ishiwatari depicted as Jesus started making the rounds on Twitter, now pictured above.
  • "God created Guilty Gear" copypasta tends to crop up in forum posts and video comments from time to time. Full text 
  • Selecting Birthday Train as your battle theme for online play. It's been known to get Sols to Dragon Install incessantly just to get a different track to play.
  • The notion that Slayer players can't comprehend the word "block". explanation 
  • Guilty Gear Player Archetype Chart that was flying around in Guilty Gear Reddit spawned some of the meme that ended up circulating in community. Most notable one would be a rumor that all Bedman players you see online are actually one single wizard, on the account of the character's small player-base.
  • Guilty Gear and Smash Melee both not making the cut for EVO 2019 while Under Night in Birth made it in created memes that Guilty Gear performed a Heroic Sacrifice to finally get Melee out of EVO.
    • Jokes about how "The smell of the game" is obviously in reference to Melee players.
  • Legal May Explanation 
  • Pants Explanation 

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