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  • Bad Export for You: The PAL PS3 and PS4 releases of Xrd -SIGN- were not only released months after the NTSC and Japanese versions, but were also only released digitally and did not get any patches or support post-release, meaning the DLC characters cannot be used and the online was locked into playing with other PAL players.
    • This has since been recetified, and -SIGN-'s PAL digital has since gotten all of its DLC so far and its updates on par with the US and JP/Asia versions. Even though Revelator/Rev 2 was already out by then in the PAL region.
  • Breakthrough Hit: Thanks to a combination between, among other things, Dragon Ball Fighterz bringing new fans to the company, great marketing, and some other fighters being a bit on the disappointing side, Strive is the best selling Guilty Gear to date, selling six times more in it's first few months than Xrd did in it's lifetime.
  • Casting Gag:
  • The Character Died with Him: Kaneto Shiozawa, the original voice actor for Zato-1, died from injuries sustained in a tragic accident. After that, Zato "died" and his body was taken over by Eddie and he has been voiced by Takehito Koyasu... until Xrd, when he suddenly went back to being Zato-1, and still with Koyasu as the voice actor, Played with because he's considered an Empty Shell.
  • Colbert Bump: One of the songs, Big Blast Sonic got a jump in popularity due to Sword Art Online Abridged using it in the Blacksmithing scene, as well as Coming Home being used as the aforementioned series' Season 1 finale theme.
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  • "Common Knowledge": Due in no small part to the Guilty Gear wiki and Blade of the Gear Project tumblr page, its been practically "confirmed" by the fandom that Johnny's last name is "Sfondi" and that it was revealed as such by Ky in the GGX Drama CD. In reality, Ky actually said "Johnny's family", and to this day Johnny's surname has yet to be revealed or confirmed in any way, shape or form.
  • The Danza: Kikuko Inoue voices I-No.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Bacon for Baiken, after a common mispronunciation of her name.
    • ROFL-copter, for Robo-Ky, because of his Dust attack where he laughs while riding an exercise bicycle with, you guessed it, a helicopter rotor coming out of his head.
    • Dr. Baldhead to "Dr. Baghead."
    • Fullmetal Potemkin, Potemkin Elric, Alphonse Potemkin, or Potemkin the Chopper due to his Xrd redesign bearing more than a passing resemblance to Alphonse Elric and Barry the Chopper.
      • Alternatively, Panzerfaust, since he bears a striking resemblance to the Skullgirls character of the same name.
    • Due this image of the new character Leo, having long blond hair and a shocked expression, he was inmediately compared with Speedwagon
    • Sol's Dragon Install in Xrd quickly became known as Metal Install by fans for obvious reasons.
    • Anji Mito is known as "Locomía" or "Locomía reject" by Spanish and/or Latin-American fans. This Locomia video clearly shows why.
    • The redesign for Elphelt in -REVELATOR- quickly became known as Edgephelt.
      • Due to people sometimes having problems spelling her name right, Elphelt is sometimes simply called "Elephant".
    • Due to their similarities in personality and appearance, Leo is sometimes referred to as "Anime Maximilian".
      • And now, when Answer is revealed, some fans refer to him as "Ninja Maximilian".
    • Ramlethal's redesign in -STRIVE- is steadily gaining several of these, such as "Admiral/Commander/General Chocolate" and "R. Valentine".
    • Air Sol or Sol Plane for this cool-assed combo, and others like it, because Sol carries the opponent in the air like a plane.
    • "Darius Rose" for Nagoriyuki, originally springing forth from a 4chan leak which caused speculation that "Darius Rose" was his official name. Although the leak ended up being false, the name was just so damn cool that it stuck.
    • Before their official names were revealed, fans gave certain character themes from -STRIVE- different names based on the lyrics heard. "Armor-Clad Faith", Potemkin's theme, was "Society", "Play the Hero", Chipp's theme, was "Fight Like a Tiger", "Alone Infection", Faust's theme, was "COLORS", and "Trigger", Giovanna's theme, was "Eye-to-Eye".
    • The top level of Strive's Ranked Mode is officially called Celestia. Fans just call it Heaven (partially since it goes well with the preceeding floor being called Stairway To Heaven). It is sometimes alternatively referred to as Heaven's Arena due to the ranking tower system serving a similar function.
    • Due to how abusable Mr. Dolphin is in Strive, and how May players tend to spam them a lot, fights with May players are sometimes referred to as trips to Seaworld.
    • Due to Happy Chaos's penchant for drama, some have taken to calling him "Twitterman", "Redditman", "FGCman", and other variations involving social media platforms.
    • After the consensus agreed that he was the worst character in the game, some have derisively referred to Strive Faust as Laust.
    • Silverback Stance for Leo's Brynhildr stance, since he's a Gorilla/Unga Bunga (and a match with him in it was the originator of the term), and he has gray metal on his back.
    • Thanks to Maximilian Dood, "Gold Dick Lewison" has been gaining steam as a nickname for Goldlewis Dickinson, furthering his memetic status.
  • Fandom Nod:
    • One part of the first trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- had Sol giving Ky a taste of the Dust Loop.
    • Megalomania becoming I-No's Instant Kill in Xrd is likely due to the attack's infamy among players who fought I-No as the Final Boss in XX.
    • In the English Dub of Strive, Lucifero refers to Leo as a "big, bear-looking gorilla." What makes it this is because the origin of the name for the Unga Bunga / Gorilla subtype of Rushdown character was a high level match involving Leo (with Leo's player being compared to a caveman).
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Order-Sol Debuted in Accent Core, the result of GGXX Slash remaining in Japan.
  • Meme Acknowledgment: As shown in this developer blog for -STRIVE-, director Akira Katano acknowledges the similarities between Goldlewis Dickinson and the "burger sheriff" stage NPC from Sol's Xrd stage. According to him, the two are brothers.
  • Model Dissonance: Since Xrd is using 3D models to emulate the animations and angles of 2D sprites, the angles when studied more closely become quite awkward due to a majority of characters literally quarter-facing at each other instead of directly forward face-to-face (especially when they have no reason to). Very few animations and/or idle-stances seem to avert this quarter-facing phenomenon.
  • Newbie Boom: An indirect example. There have been reports of Xrd getting a great jump in sales upon the E3 reveal of Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is being developed by the same staff from Arc System Works that made Xrd. That game's similar style to Xrd, combined with having 3 Vs. 3 battles on par with Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and 3 (and not with the competing sequel Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite) has caused both Dragon Ball fans and more fighting game fans to learn up on Xrd's own mechanics so they can be ready for FighterZ.
    • -STRIVE- proved to be a huge one for the series in general, no doubt in part due to Arc System Works' newfound spotlight after the success of FighterZ, and aided further by a change in direction to make the game more welcoming to new players while still keeping with the spirit of Guilty Gear. When it was released on Steam, it quickly jumped to the 3rd highest peak player count of any fighting game on the platform, only beaten out by Mortal Kombat 11 and the aforementioned FighterZ.
  • No Dub for You: Because the wait between the Arcade and Console version of the game was much shorter than -SIGN- in order to meet the deadline for Evolution 2016, -REVELATOR- did not get an English dub.
  • No Export for You:
    • The Guilty Gear Petit titles for the Wonderswan Color, which introduced a character exclusive to them: Fanny. This is at least a bit more understandable than many other examples, since the Wonderswan wasn't ever sold outside of Japan.
    • Guilty Gear X Plus and Guilty Gear XX Slash. This lead to a slight Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros." effect for Order-Sol.
    • Guilty Gear Vastedge XT, a pachinko slot game released into pachinko pallors and Japanese smartphones.
  • The Other Darrin: The series had many over voice actors the years, largely due to Arc System Works's inability to hire large-name voice actors, thus resulting in a mostly Amateur Cast, and many of the voice actors involved were never heard of again. Notably, they tried their best to prevent this after they returned to the series with Xrd, but some were either unable to be contacted or declined.
    • Baiken is the biggest example. She's had no less than four voice actresses throughout the series. The original one, used exclusively in The Missing Link was Satomi Koorogi (the voice of May), who previously was the voice of Sakura (but not Mayo Suzukaze, who voiced the actual Kenshin Himura, off whom Baiken was based). The second one is Miho Sudou, whose deep voice acting was used in a good portion of Guilty Gear games, at least up until Accent Core, which had Chizu Yonemoto instead. The role was once again recast in Revelator to Mayumi Asano.
    • Potemkin originally was Hideyuki Anbe. From Guilty Gear X and onwards, he is voiced by Takashi Kondo.
    • Chipp Zanuff has three. The original one, used exclusively in The Missing Link was Takuya Morito. The second one is Takeshi Miura, who was from X all the way to Accent Core. In Xrd, he is now voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara.
    • Zato-1 was originally voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa from The Missing Link to X. From XX onwards, he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.
    • Like Zato-1, Faust/Dr. Baldhead was originally voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa. From X onwards, he is voiced by Takashi Kondo.
    • Kliff Undersn was originally voiced by Hatsuaki Takami. From X onwards he is voiced by Shigeru Sakano.
    • Justice has three. The original one, used exclusively in The Missing Link was Takuya Morito. In XX she is voiced by Yumiko Ogawa. The third, Wakana Sakuraba, only voices her in the Accent Core Plus story mode.
    • Venom's voice actor (Mikio Yaeda) was replaced with Junichi Suwabe aka Relius Clover.
    • Bridget was originally voiced by Hiroko Konishi. After she abandoned voice acting, Yukiko Kato took over the role in Accent Core.
    • Robo-Ky originally had Kantaro as his Battle Voice and Takeshi Kusao as his Story Mode voice. In Accent Core, Takumi Inoue voices him, with Shigeru Chiba in Xrd.
    • Testament originally was voiced by Takami Akkun. His voice actor from X onward is Akira Kobayashi, who uses aliases every single game. So far there's been Konishi Kobayashi and Kobayashi Katsuragi.
    • Jam Kuradoberi was originally voiced by Manami Komori. Beginning with Xrd -Revelator-, she's now voiced by Rei Matsuzaki.
    • The most notable one is Sol, who for the longest time was voiced by series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari before Joji Nakata stepped into the role for Overture and Accent Core; the latter game still had Ishiwatari as the "battle" voice, while there was an option to switch that said voice for either him or Nakata. Nakata then fully took over in Xrd.
    • And now the English dub of Xrd has followed suit. Sol went from Troy Baker to David Forseth, Ky went from Liam O'Brien to Sam Riegel, and Sin went from Yuri Lowenthal to Lucien Dodge. Funnily enough, Liam and Yuri returned but only to voice different characters entirely: Axl and Bedman respectively.
    • And now, Anji has been recast as of -STRIVE-, going from Toru Igarashi to Nobutoshi Canna.
    • The English dub of -STRIVE- has Amber Lee Connors take over from Tara Platt on I-No, Sean Chiplock take over Ky Kiske from Sam Riegel, Alexander Gross take over from Liam O'Brien on Axl Low, Armen Taylor take over from Kirk Thornton on Potemkin, and Laura Stahl take over Ramlethal from Erin Fitzgerald.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Promoted Fanboy: Several of the English cast of Strive.
    • Alexander Gross, better known as Octopimp, has been a longtime fan of the series and plays Potemkin at a competitive level. As of Strive he is now the English voice of Axl, and burst into Tears of Joy upon seeing his name in the credits.
    • Amber Lee Connors has been a fan of the series since XX. Fittingly, she is now the English voice of I-no, who debuted in and played a major role in the story of that game and its updated versions.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Release Date Change: Guilty Gear -STRIVE- game was originally going to be released in late 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was delayed to April 2021. After the Open Beta, the game was further delayed to June 2021 in response to player feedback.
  • Role Reprise: While the dub of Xrd changed all of the voice actors for the returning characters, Michael McConnohie returned to reprise his role as Dr. Paradigm in the game's Story mode.
    • While many of the Japanese voices of Xrd characters were changed (especially for those formerly voiced by one-time VA's like Chipp and Jam), apparently Kazue Fujita still stays for Dizzy in Xrd REVELATOR
    • In a pleasant surprise, a couple of the actors from the English dub of Xrd -SIGN- returned for the dub of -STRIVE-, including David Forseth on Sol, Edward Bosco on Chipp, Tara Platt on Millia, Kaiji Tang on Faust, Matthew Mercer on Zato-1, and Jamieson Price on Leo Whitefang.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The reason why it took forever for a new Guilty Gear game to come out since Overture was because Sega owned much of the franchise since 2004, as well as a legal dispute between Arc System Works (the production studio) and Sega (who own Sammy Entertainment's video game catalogue), until Arc System Works regained the entirety of the franchise in 2011. This was why only Sol and Ky appeared in Overture (with Dizzy only mentioned in passing), because all the other characters were owned by Sega during that time, and Arc System Works wanted nothing to do with Sega due to their treatment of the franchise.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Tara Platt plays both Milla and I-No in Xrd.
    • Originally, this applies to both Faust and Potemkin as of X in Japanese with Takashi Kondo showing off his range between the both of them. Also applied to Ky and his robotic version Robo-Ky in that older versions of GGXX had Takeshi Kusao voice both of them, before the new story mode in Accent Core Plus.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The prototype version of GG1, while not wholly different from the final product, did have more than a few noticeable differences in character designs (most notably: May and Potemkin using large axes instead of using an anchor and bare melee attacks respectively, Millia being a Knife Nut, and Sol demonstrating Cutlass Between the Teeth) and in-game visuals, using pre-rendered 3D models instead of 2D sprites.
      • Also, May's name is actually given in kanji (using the kanji for the actual month of May), with furigana denoting a reading of "May"; in the game as released and onward, May's name would simply be given in katakana. She was also given surprisingly high billing in general, as if she was intended as a "female lead"; in the games proper, while she's the story focus for the Jellyfish, the Jellies on the whole are secondary characters.
    • To keep things separate, there are no immediate plans to crossover with BlazBlue until sometime after BlazBlue: Central Fiction.
    • Back when they were a part of Sammy, Arc System Works was in talks with Capcom for a potential crossover possibly between Guilty Gear and Darkstalkers. Though an announcement was made under the title of Sammy Vs Capcom it never materialized, due to Sega buying out Sammy shortly after.
    • A relatively minor one, but Ky was originally supposed to have been much older in Overture as evidenced by concept art of him with a moustache.
    • According to a 1998 pre-release interview, Daisuke Ishiwatari had originally intended for Kōichi Yamadera to voice Sol, but hiring Yamadera would've cost too much.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Guilty Gear Wiki.


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