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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

For Real Life moments involving the GG games, go here.

In general/Meta

  • Sol's VA, Daisuke Ishiwatari, screaming a GUN FLAME at the Anime Expo 2009. See it by yourself.
  • The audience at CEOtaku 2019 didn't just cheer for the May gameplay trailer: they sang along to the new opening theme "Smell of the Game".
  • Arc System Works has done what many had believed to be unthinkable: rollback netcode is confirmed to be in the full version of -STRIVE-.
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  • When the GGXXAC+R rollback beta started, the game proceeded to blow away all expectations and actually became the most played fighting game on Steam, beating out both Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Street Fighter V. It got so much support that Arc System Works actually extended the beta just to let people continue to play the game. Quite impressive for such an old game.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture

  • In Mission 13 you get to play as the then-unavailable-to-players fan favorite Ky Kiske, with Dr. Paradigm as your AI partner. You must defend your castle's gate while freeing Paradigm's servants from Valentine's control. All to the tune of a rearranged version of "Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)," Ky's Leitmotif. HELL. YES. And it still plays if you do it in Free Mission mode, where you get to play as any character.
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  • Mission 19 has Sol charging towards Valentine's fortress while the awesome boss theme "Diva" plays at the background. It gets more intense as Valentine is going through a Villainous Breakdown and is screaming psychotically while Sol is fighting her.
    Valentine: I don't care about mother anymore! Disappear! OBLITERATE!
  • Overture marks the very first time in the series where the player gets to directly combat against not only Raven, but That Man himself! In addition, Raven also gets Promoted to Playable via the DLC.


Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-/-REVELATOR-


  • The Reveal of this new game is truly an epic moment in Guilty Gear history. After almost five years of nothing but Updated Re-release and ASW's attention to BlazBlue, the surprise trailer at the Arc Festival made grown men cry.
    • There's so much hype that the trailer had 600,000+ views in four days, never had any ASW video generated such traffic.
  • The visual effects in the game are in a league all their own! The reveal trailer shows what appears to be top-notch sprite animations as Sol and Ky chat before going at it. The moments their blades clash, though, the action pauses, and the camera pans around, revealing that they weren't sprites at all, but 3D models animated in a style that mirrored sprite animation! As a result, the gameplay retains its frenetic 2D fighting style while allowing for seamless, dynamic camera transitions for intro animations, super attacks, instant-kills, and victory poses. Just putting it into words does little justice to how amazing it looks: one must really see it in motion to truly appreciate it!
    • Junya Motomura explained how the team approached and developed their look at the 2015 GDC here, and it really exemplifies just how much work and control they needed to use to create the effects and make them look flawless. More importantly, it emphasizes that the tools and concepts they worked with were old. Xrd could have been made years ago, if anyone had tried. It's just that ASW and Team RED in specific were lucky enough to have the 2D experience needed to look at the 3D engine from a new angle plus a ready reference in their old games to see what look they were aiming for. The result is something that looks more distinctive than many games made with current-gen technology, and was previously thought near-impossible.
    • To give an idea of the level of detail this game employs, consider some fighting games that have random idle animations for characters when they are just standing there such as maybe doing a checkup of their weapon, clothes or hair. In Xrd, not only do the characters possess that kind of animations, but they also have idle animations for their actions, such as when moving forwards and backwards. That level of detail in animations is basically unheard of in fighting games.
  • Dizzy's return could be considered this in itself in a meta sense. After winning the character poll, there was a lengthy period of radio silence for months until she was finally revealed after the Evolution 2016 finals for the game in front of an adoring crowd. And, oh yeah, she's going to be available the very next day. That line in the trailer caused one of the loudest crowd pops in Evolution history.
  • With the announcement of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, it's been confirmed that Baiken is returning as a playable character after being absent in -SIGN- and relegated to an NPC role in -REVELATOR-.


  • The character entrances are crowning moments and graphics of awesome:
    • Sol lights a bullet he's biting like cigarette, and tosses it to the air. He loads it to his sword then taunts his opponent.
    • Ky walks in like a king, removes his blue cape, charges his electric sword and prepares for battle.
    • Never had a pool cue felt more badass than movie stars until Venom shows up with his buckled up case, takes the stick out and does a fabulous hair flip!
    • Potemkin gets dropped from altitude in a metal box that opens with retro-rockets to slow its fall. Suddenly, he ejects and slams onto the ground, skidding to a stop before rearing to his full height, ready for battle.
    • May enters the stage riding a dolphin.
    • From a pool of dark mass arises a strange black creature, and from that black creature emerges its master, Zato=ONE!
    • Ramlethal comes speeding to the battlefield at high speeds before slowly touching down on the ground. She is accompanied by her two BFSs shortly thereafter.
    • Leo enters a battle with two rows of guardsmen by his sides, brandishing his weapons and reciting a Badass Boast with the guardsmen joining in. The intro ends with a closeup of his face as he gives his opponent a daring look.
  • When Sol wins when he's in Dragon Install he roars and engulf himself in flames.
    • Dragon Install also gives Sol a new outro, Instant Kill animation, and theme song.
  • If you manage to undo Ky's hair, "Holy Orders III" from Overture will play through the round.
  • Slayer's win quote against Sol deserves special mention. He wonders if there's a few thousand vacant square kilometers nearby. Why? He wants to have a REAL fight with Sol. It just helps to sell how much the two hold back in any given fight that they'd need that much free space for collateral damage.
  • The new Instant Kills in Xrd in general. Thanks to the new graphics engine and dynamic camera angles, they've managed to reach a mind-blowing new level of badass:
    • Sol's Branding Breach kicks off with his new weapon; Junkyard Dog Mk.III shifting and transforming in a blatant case of Technology Porn, revealing the Fireseal encased inside, after which he dashes at the opponent and slams Junkyard Dog into their gut so hard that a gigantic stream of fire explodes out of their back. And it's topped off with one final explosion which engulfs the opponent.
      • What makes it even more awesome is Sol's quote when he goes into Instant Kill mode: "Let's dial this up to 50%." That's right, when Sol finally decides to use a move capable of flat out ending a fight that levels the area around him, he's only using half of his power.
    • Ky's Rising Force is back, but instead of a single stab, Ky gives a badass speech, slices through his opponent, while his sword is being trailed by lightning. Made even better when Ky's Badass Cape randomly spawns on his shoulders in the middle of the attack.
      Ky: They are modest to greed, generous to the truth of the world. When the heart is peaceful, the seven seas cry! *Charges towards the hapless opponent* RISING FORCE!!
    • May's And Farewell is both awesome and hilarious. She lays a smackdown on the opponent Shun-Goku-Satsu style, and when they wake up they find that they've been stuffed into a cannon; after which they are promptly blasted into the clouds.
    • Slayer's All Dead makes a return; Slayer sends the opponent flying out of the universe with a single uppercut. And tops it off by reciting haiku.
    • Sin's Raiden shows that he's got plenty of power himself. He pins the enemy into a grab and takes off at light-speed with them (taking a moment to indulge in a little Trash Talk with his opponent) before crashing them into a couple of hills, shattering them completely, and finally engulfing them in an explosion on the horizon. Cue Sin in his win-pose, his flag flying victoriously behind him.
      • Most of the characters before they get slammed through the terrain take the chance to say "This Is Gonna Suck", but a few characters are defiant. Sol dares him to not hold back. Dizzy, being his mother, gently admonishes him. Johnny defiantly claims he's "invincible". Faust uses the situation for some Black Comedy ("Somebody call a doc-... Oh wait, that's me!"). But the real awesome is Leo, whose face just suggests like he doesn't give a single fuck.
    • Ramlethal's Animo Estingi is absolutely savage. The attack has her ruthlessly slashing at the opponent with her swords, before rising up and making her BFS much larger, then slashing down on the opponent one final time.
    • Johnny's Joker Trick earns points for being stunningly animated. Like his Instant Kill from the previous games, he throws a 'Joker' playing card at the opponent, but this time it's just a distraction. As the opponent braces themselves against that playing card, Johnny simply slices through both the card and the hapless foe, and every shot of the Instant Kill oozes style the whole way.
    • Raven's Sehnsucht from -REVELATOR-. He grabs his opponent by the mouth and lifts them off of their feet with a single hand, then promptly obliterates himself along with them in a massive explosion of energy. This being Raven we're talking about, he survives. Just see it for yourselves and be amazed.
    • Dizzy's Emotional Gamma Ray is, like May's, both awesome and absolutely hilarious. Necro gets ready to fire a Gamma Ray, but Dizzy manages to veer it off course by an extremely narrow margin. The blast causes a nuclear explosion, causing the opponent to SURRENDER. Of course, depending on the opponent, they'll either be impressed or too terrified to continue.
    • Baiken's Garyou Tensei returns with awesome and badass visuals; Baiken delivers a Single-Stroke Slash so powerful that it slices the opponent, the screen door and the garden in half and nearly kills a fish that pops out from the pond.
  • Hey guys, remember Fausts's kancho? It's back, and now it's a cinematic move. It's both awesome and really damn funny.

Story mode

  • The story mode, while lacking any fights similar to BlazBlue or Persona, also deserve mention due to the dynamic animations. As well as conveying more of what happens in 3D!
  • Johnny going toe-to-toe with Bedman in story mode. It almost makes up for his playable absence, seeing such a beloved fan favorite take on one of the most powerful villains of the current arc.
    • Same goes for Gabriel, the scene definitely proving his fighting ability. No wonder he was a rival of Slayer's in the past!
    • Same goes for Zato-1, who immediately understands Bedman's abilities and how to counter them. That brief No-Sell moment was one of the few times in which Bedman looks scared.
  • Sol pulling an Enemy Mine with That Man, of all people, to channel enough raw power from The Backyard to shatter The Cradle's otherwise unbreakable shield. How exactly they do so is also incredible. Sol punches the shield, generating a huge amount of energy, and That Man manipulates physics so hard he condenses the energy into a singularity.
  • Ky standing up and killing Axus after the latter riddled him with bullets. It also reveals that one of Ky's eyes can turn red, the mark of a Gear.
  • During story mode while Chipp is getting curbstomped by Bedman, not only does Zato intervene for his own reasons, but in the very short amount of time they fight Zato announces that he's figured out how Bedman fights and how it's hardly a threat to him. He actually intimidates Bedman a bit, who begrudgingly asks if Zato could just go back to being dead.
    • Leo eventually figures it out too: The further Bedman is going to teleport, the longer it takes for him to charge it up, meaning if he's warping rapidly it's likely to stay in his opponent's face.
  • The return of Dizzy? So meltingly heartwarming. Then there's the moment she unleashes her Gamma Ray to help destroy the clone Justice. The look of her eyes pretty much tells that Dizzy has her powers more under control, and she's not quite the scaredy cat like she was in the past.
    • While she gets even less screen-time in -REVELATOR-'s story mode, it becomes a One-Scene Wonder moment for her in that as she blasts one of the giant Gears that had been giving a group of fighters trouble, delivers a One-Hit Kill on it, and moves on to the next.
    • In REV 2, it's shown how Ky and Dizzy properly met. He came to apparently slay her down but she calmly and politely starts speaking to him, showing a lot of maturity and thoughtfulness. And when she and Ky duel, she realizes that he's holding back... and he explains that he actually didn't come to hurt her, to show her that he can handle her powers; the same ones that gave her so much sorrow. It's awesome and heartwarming for the two of them.
  • Venom and Robo-Ky's epic Heroic Sacrifice to stop Bedman. Robo-Ky lowers Bedman's guard by giving him a Patrick Stewart Speech which he can't take because he's gone too far to stop, allowing Robo-Ky to self-destruct and destroy Bedman's bed frame. Venom, meanwhile, poured a massive amount of his life force into his ultimate attack, Terra Machina System, knowing full well he could die from it, and the opening allows him to fire it, resulting in Bedman being gravely wounded enough to finally be awakened from his constant state of slumber.
    • The sheer gall of Assassin's Guild to use Bedman as their sacrifice for their political game. Amoral or no, the Insufferable Genius had no idea that he was being played the moment Slayer walked out of their duel.
  • During -REVELATOR-'s final battle with Ariels Sol sets the output of the Junkyard Dog to three fold and comments that he could take out a mountain with it. What's Sol do when his opponent shrugs it off? Attack again, this time set to twenty fold. Sol's reputation as a Person of Mass Destruction is well deserved. And he STILL wasn't going all out.
  • Axl stopping time to allow Sol to receive the power to merge Jack-O' with Justice. And after that, Sol activates his Dragon Install.
    Sol: You're damn right I will! Axl Low! (Enters Gear Form) FIRST ROUND'S ON ME!
  • The true ending. After everything is said and done, That Man challenges Sol to settle the score once and for all. No more tricks. No more runarounds. Just one climactic battle that both Sol and the fans have wanted for a long time. Sol gladly accepts on honorable terms, despite seemingly having no more ill will towards his former friend, Asuka R. Kreutz.
  • In REV 2's After Story A, Sol wants Ky to actually get serious in one of their fights (read: actually try to kill him), and stokes Ky's anger by calling Dizzy a monster. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle in Ky's favor who still wasn't going all out. Ky gives Sol crap for not transforming either though, so it's still to be seen who'd come out on top.
  • In Baiken's Story Mode, it's shown that she has an informant. This mysterious guy holds info that almost no one else seems to know, including Asuka, aka That Man, may not be the one that caused Baiken's Dark and Troubled Past. And he doesn't tell her that, even when she threatens him several times... Then it's revealed who he is. It's Anji. And he might have his own plans. Awesome.
  • A small but still awesome piece of character development in Rev comes from, of all people, Zappa, who makes a reappearance as an NPC investigating the information flares. While in XX and Accent Core he was the series' resident Extreme Doormat Lovable Coward only dragged into the plot because of the ghosts that possessed him. By Xrd, he has not only exorcised all the ghosts (something which Faust couldn't even manage), but he also plays a major role in the story assisting the protagonists with his knowledge of the paranormal.


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