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Guilty Gear is Awesome Music incarnate.

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    Guilty Gear: The Missing Link 
The first game in the series has undistilled RAW Rock, and it's still awesome.
  • Ky's Theme Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead). Easily considered by many to be Daisuke Ishiwatari's masterpiece, and the piece that made him a household name.
    • The X and XX versions.
    • Also the Guilty Gear 2: Overture remix. (Give it a minute, it has a longer intro than the XX version.) It manages to pull off the feat of switching the melody from electric guitar to violin and make it arguably even cooler than the original.
    • It is no longer better than the original thanks to the GGxBB Music Live 2011 version, which merges all three versions of Holy Orders together.
    • Then there is the remix by Powerglove, Holy orders (Be quick and just shred).
  • The Token Mini-Moe May's original theme Unidentified Child. Also the Remix by A.S.H. (the same guys who did the Sound Alive renditions) from the Bonus Disc 8 of the Complete Sound Box. This and other remixes from the Bonus Disc 8 will play if you're fighting against Order Sol.

    Guilty Gear X: By Your Side 
The second game in the series now features distilled rock music. (Note: in its original arcade release it had synthetised music instead of pre-recorded. Not that it was bad. The ones linked below are from the Hard Rock Tracks version of the console versions.)
  • Anji's got Fuuga also known as Elegance.
  • "A Solitude That Asks For Nothing In Return", the theme of Venom. Either the original or XX version is better.
  • Johnny, the captain of Jelly Fish Pirates, got a kickass music in form of Liquor Bar & Drunkard. Also kickass in the XX version.
  • Before we get to being beat up by Dizzy, we get this beautiful instrumental called Grief.

    Guilty Gear XX/X2: The Midnight Carnival 
The tracks from the third game in the series are the ones everybody is most familiar with.
  • The series' most infamous character, Bridget, has a nice theme called Simple Life.
  • Even the character select theme, D.O.A. is awesome.

    XX/X2 Korean versions 
Note: The soundtrack is composed by famous K-pop star Shin Hae Chul.
  • Ass-kicking has a theme song. That theme song? "Starchaser". The fact that it's Sol Badguy's theme on the Korean OST is just the icing on the cake.
  • The Korean version of Midnight Carnival happens to be not only a fine piece in its own right, but easily the best song of all at reminding you that you are fighting a Really Final Boss.
  • I-no's normal theme, Blacklight Babe. You can just feel the Evil Is Sexy with it.
  • Dance of the Behemoth has CMoA written all over it. Both versions of it.
  • Vortex Infinitum, Robo-Ky's' theme from the Korean OST. As a Youtube user put it, "Pillars of the Underworld? Be greased or be rust".
  • Great Empress, Millia Rage's theme. Considered by many better than the already awesome "Writhe In Pain".

    Guilty Gear Slash/Accent Core 
  • While composed by Masaomi Kikuchi (who already had scored some tunes in Isuka) instead of Daisuke Ishiwatari Keep in Gates, the theme of Canon Immigrant A.B.A. is still good in its own right.
  • Get Down To Business, the theme of Order Sol. This theme screams "You are about to get royally fucked up." Then it turns into something out of a western tavern-brawl scene. It came back at GGxBB Music Live 2011, and the new rendition is incredibly groovy.

    Guilty Gear Isuka 
The Spin-Off game, while very unbalanced, still got awesome music. In addition to the series main composer Daisuke Ishiwatari, there also Tetsuya Ohuchi and Yoshino Kusano, who scored various menu themes and other misc. music, and Masaomi Kikuchi, who scored the A.B.A. theme and half of the Boost mode themes.

    Guilty Gear 2: Overture 
  • The Man, is the theme for... That Man, one of the most menacing and "royal" theme songs.
  • Diva, Valentine's theme in her final form. Too bad it always gets interrupted by illusions.

    Guilty Gear Xrd 
  • Cute Moeblob Elphelt Valentine's theme Marionette. While awesome, it has a tragic feeling to it, which is seemingly odd. That is, if you haven't found out what becomes of her in the ending of Story Mode.
  • Hear the acoustic sweetness that is the title theme, Django django by Norichika Sato.
  • Outrage's singer Naoki Hashimoto stepped onto the mic for the vocal tracks of Xrd. Fitting that a Metal singer would take part in a Metal soundtrack. Needless to say, Daisuke's music benefited from this:
    • When the first trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd came out, it had one kick-ass piece of music to add to this list: Heavy Day. The full version is out on iTunes and Amazon...and it. Is. GLORIOUS.
    • Also in story mode is Dice for when Sol and That Man work together to bring down the Cradle's shields.
    • The Arcade ending credits theme, Lily, basically one big tribute to Queen as if Freddie Mercury rose from his grave for one last concert with his bandmates.
    • Sol's Dragon Install now has its own face-meltingly metal theme, "Ride the Fire!", and it all starts with "LET IT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT!"
    • The Home Release of Xrd gave us Big Blast Sonic, with a Metal Scream: GET DOWN TO ROCK!click me  It's so awesome, Lizbeth forges weapons to it.
    • The music which plays for Johnny's tag-team with Leo against Bedman in Story Mode, Storyteller.
    • The Console Version ending credits theme, Icarus, is also a huge homage to Queen.
    • Buying the PC version of -SIGN- within the first month gives players a special present: the full version of the opening theme of -REVELATOR-. Ladies and gentlemen, you Wanna be Crazy?
  • Original Bet, Johnny's new theme. Slow, pulse-pounding drums and a catchy tune give the song a very casual feel to it. Perfectly fitting for Johnny.
  • Juno, Jack-O's theme. A playful, celebratory song which perfectly captures Jack-O's whimsical personality.
  • Bao Babel Nose, Jam's new theme. Much like its predecessor, it combines energetic hard rock with a distinct Chinese flair to it, and even has a few nods to the original Babel Nose.
  • The Tuner, Kum Haehyun's theme. Slow, pulse-pounding, and dual-toned, and almost sounds like something that you would hear in Fist of the North Star: Twin Blue Stars of Judgment. Yep, fits Haehyun to a T.
  • TSUKI NO SHIHAI (The Moon's Domination), Raven's theme. A fitting sequel to "Worthless as the Sun Above the Clouds". As befitting Raven, it's a death metal number with lyrics, this time from Naoki Hashimoto.
  • One Dawn, Dizzy's theme. Much like its predecessor "Awe of She", the theme starts off soft, but gradually grows into the usual Epic Rocking. Unlike the original, however, this is a more uplifting, beautiful symphony rather than a mysterious and somewhat tragic one.
  • For the first time since the original XX, there is now a theme for the final boss of each characters' Episode Mode, which is a powered-up version of your character's rival. Fittingly, the song's name is Sky Should be High. Now with Vocal Version.
  • "Lily" was a great song but for -REVELATOR-, we get a new Arcade Mode ending theme: Freesia.
  • Baiken is back in action, and she got a rockin' new theme to go along: -ROKUMON- (Six Coins).
  • Enough is Enough, a rock number mixed with light jazz that you can hear in a fancy restaurant, fits Answer like a glove.

    Guilty Gear 2020 
  • The first trailer song, "Smell of the Game", seems to admit to the series being a frozen, old and decrepit Video Game Long Runner, only to then defiantly declare they're still as excited about their Rule of Cool nonsense as ever:
    That is bullshit!
    BLAZING! Still my heart is BLAZING!


In fewer words, Daisuke Ishiwatari: we love you.



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