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That Man has no secret identity.
  • He's a mystery that will never be solved. Being an enigma is his gimmick, the same way Doctor Claw's face was never meant to be revealed.
    • Jossed to high heavens. He has one, and it's Asuka R. Kreuz.
Sin is That Man.
  • GG is set in a world where magic, dragons, shapeshifters, undead, and futuristic technology coexist, it's perfectly possible that Sin could jump in time to find a way to save his mother from her semi-dead state in Overture. Sounds like something he'd do.
    • Sin and That Man have the same voice actor. Hrm...
    • So, in Japanese, That Man is Ragna the Bloodedge? All jokes aside, if Sin was That Man, that also means he'd be responsible for the Crusades and would be the biggest enemy of Sol, his father figure. Raging Oedipus Complex or not, why would Sin go back in time to orchestrate a horrific event that he has to live in the fallout of? Plus, Sin is dumb as a rock whereas That Man was a scientist and one of the three spearheads of the Gear Project. On top of this, while That Man regards Dizzy favorably, you'd think that, if he was Sin and as all-powerful as he is, he would've found a way to release Dizzy from stasis (or at least provided some tips to Dr. Paradigm and Ky, who were working to reverse Dizzy's condition), but instead is more concerned with helping Sol stop the threat presented by Valentine and the Vizuel. Never mind the theory that That Man might be Dizzy's father, which would be immensely squicky in light of this one.
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    • Jossed in -Revelator-. That Man is actually Frederick's old scientist comrade, Asuka R. Kreuz.

BlazBlue has replaced Guilty Gear.
  • There's no point in a company running two franchises so similar, especially when one has hit mainstream success and another is a cult favorite at best. We'll miss Ky and co. If GG returns, it would be little more than a vanity project because, let's face it, BlazBlue makes way more money.
    • That seems incredibly reaching. By your logic, ASW wouldn't have made a HnK arcade fighter or P4A (yes, these are licensed collaborations, but the point stands from a gameplay standpoint). That's not even getting into other companies with two or more co-existing fighting series, with at least one of them being the lesser of the bunch from a mainstream perspective (for a prime example, see late-90s era Capcom, where virtually all of their fighters were inspired in some way by Street Fighter despite most, if not all, of them being obscure). Besides, I don't think ASW would go through all of that trouble to buy back the rights (not to mention they've said a third game is still forthcoming) if GG was just going to be a vanity project. Yes, money is a big influence, but certain companies are willing to take gambles if they think it'll end up benefiting both them and the consumer base in the long run. If BB has replaced GG, I doubt it's permanently (especially since Word of God says BB was about halfway through its story at the end of CS).
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    • Jossed. ASW is making GG Xrd -SIGN-.
      • Double Jossed. BlazBlue has just concluded with the fourth game Central Fiction, so Guilty Gear has actually outlasted BlazBlue.

Chipp Zanuff is Kakashi from Naruto and Smoke from Mortal Kombat.
He travels between Earthrealm, Guiltyrealm and Narutoria as realm crossing is a real part of Mortal Kombat. Alternatively all three worlds exist on the same timeline as Guilty Gear takes place a little over 100 years from the Mortal Kombat time likely based on our present. Naruto world can easily exist in the past or future. Many episodes from the original series after Sasuke went away start grabbing at old legends from the past in dire need of story material. If in the future, Guilty Gear technology is outlawed and magic plays an increasingly large role so the Naruto universe may well be the logical next step in civilization. Japan was destroyed in Guilty Gear and Chipp was obsessed with becoming President. Perhaps upon achieving his ambition his goal was to turn the world into the next Japan which explains the dominant Japanese culture in Naruto. This too would justify Chipp as being a true Japanese as he would have redefined Japan in his image on a global scale.
  • He puts on a mask covering his face to hide his identity in Naruto as well as Mortal Kombat, but the spiky gray hair still shows.
  • His ninja training and identity are a permanent part of his character.
  • All three are capable of teleportation.
  • He is capable of turning invisible.
  • He recognizes his Thousand Years of Death attack when Faust uses it against him as evidenced by his reply.
  • He can create shadow clones and taught the technique to his partner Noob.
  • In Narutoria he is more than familiar with handseals and tends to favor the exact same handseal which he uses both while parrying projectiles in Mortal Kombat as well as while teleporting and Instant Killing in Guilty Gear.
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  • (Not OP) If Chipp was responsible for the Naruto verse (never mind the Sage of Six Paths), wouldn't that mean he'd have to exist in the series' distant past as opposed to being the nearly 30-year-old Kakashi? And since Guilty Gear takes place on Earth, that makes the notion of it being a realm separate from Earthrealm (i.e. another dimension in the same universe as opposed to an alternate universe in the vein of DC or Marvel comics) somewhat difficult to stomach. For an inconsequential last point, Smoke's hair isn't spiky, but I guess you could handwave it from either side with hair gel.

"Badguy" isn't Sol's real last name.
But Sol was so destructive in his Holy Order days that his teammate/leash-holder Kliff had to reassure everybody that "we're not the bad guys". So when Sol stole the sword, he appropriated the last name as a Take That! against the Holy Order.
  • It's actually mentioned in-game that Sol was human before, and that his human name was Frederick; his last name has yet to be revealed.
    • Partly Jossed in Order-Sol's story. Turns out he and Kliff got on relatively well and when Sol stole Fireseal and left the Knights, Kliff didn't mind a bit (though he did point out that the other knights definitely would).
      • This theory still works, sort of. Maybe Kliff was the designated leash-holder precisely because they got along so well, but Sol had an otherwise rough relationship with the rest of the order.
  • Confirmed in both side materials and in Xrd; "Sol Badguy", as a whole, is a nom de guerre. His given name was originally Fredericknote , though his original surname hasn't been revealed (and may ultimately be trivial).

Dizzy hatched out of an egg.
She is, chronologically, three years old as of Guilty Gear X. Being half-human and half-Gear, her Gear parent has been revealed to be Justice, but Justice was sealed away for five years, and was only released for a few minutes afterwards, at which point she (Justice) was killed "less than a year" before the events of GGX. Justice probably didn't give birth while sealed away. So, what kind of birth mechanism allows the mother to be absent? Why, hatching from an egg, of course! She must have laid the egg containing Dizzy prior to being sealed away, and perhaps also named her, given that Dizzy is still called Dizzy in the Alternate Universe in which Ky was killed, Justice was not sealed away, and Dizzy took Justice's place upon the latter's death.
  • Furthermore, the infamous crotchspike of hers that everyone is quick to point out and rib on? That's likely an ovipositor. What does an ovipositor do? Lay eggs. The fact that Gears are created by applying a variety of animal genes to the base organism means that the otherwise (formerly) mammalian Justice can exhibit an appendage common in insects and some fish.
    • Hinted to be true in 10th Memorial Book, except replace Dizzy with Sin, with Dizzy being the one doing the egg-laying. This does, of course, imply rather heavily that Dizzy herself was born in similar fashion.

Sol is Dizzy's father.
Only works if you accept the idea that Justice was still a human when she gave birth to or at least conceived Dizzy.
  • Accent Core Plus, as well as Overture confirms that Justice was human at one point: she was turned into a Gear, like Sol, and her name was formerly Aria. In addition, there's also theories that Kliff is Dizzy's father. He's certainly old enough and knows Justice about as much as Sol does. Dizzy also seems to recognize him somehow.
    • If Justice was created from a human, then it's possible that after her transformation that Sol could still be the father. Dizzy's human side would be from Justice, as her egg cells would have all formed at birth (as a human) and wouldn't produce "Gear" eggs since no more oocytogenesis will occur.
      • Or, Dizzy was frozen embryo and was made to develop hundreds of years later.
    • But Kliff's already Testament's father. Two Gear children seems a bit much. Besides, Dizzy's powerup move (where she starts flashing red and gains more strength and speed) is identical to Sol's.
      • Being a Gear himself, Sol being Dizzy's father somewhat contradicts as she is half-Gear. Unless Sol/Justice was human at the time, the half-Gear part throws a wrench in things. Also, in regards to Kliff, Testament was human and became a Gear later, not born one.
      • Well there is a possibility that Justice was Aria...
      • Kliff is Testament's father by adoption; background information reveals Testament was orphaned in a Gear attack, and Kliff took him in. Wanting to help, Testament agreed to be turned into a Gear himself but was unable to resist Justice's control.
    • In Justice's story in Accent Core +, Sol suggests that the "complete" Gears were the masses of mindless ones, and that he and Justice were "incomplete", IIRC. Perhaps both Sol and Justice would be considered half-Gear?
      • I only remember Sol asking Justice if she thought there were no prototypes before her. She responded in a way that she seem to remember Sol's true identity.
      "I wish the three of us can talk one last time..."
      • Yeah, Sol's words to Justice about being "complete" was more in a thematic sense because he and Justice had free will whereas every other Gear was forced to do her bidding because she's the Commander Gear. Sol and Justice are still fully Gear, although it's possible that Dizzy could be their kid and remain half-Gear if the genetic combination was either Frederick/Justice or Sol/Aria (as noted above).
  • Putting aside Dizzy's birth and genetic material, the following hints that Sol may be her father, at least he seems to act like one towards her:
    • Both have a superpowered mode resembling a dragon which uses fire and leaves them drained afterwards. Note after that mode ends, both of them drop to their knees and hold their heads.
    • In Sol's Story Mode in GGX, That Man says Dizzy is another reason why Sol would kill him.
    • Sol does seem to care about Dizzy's well-being by entrusting her to Testament and also convincing him to let her be with the Jellyfish Pirates.
    • Dizzy's Story Path 2 and Sol's Story Path 3 in XX.
    • After 15 long years, this theory has finally been confirmed as of -REVELATOR-. The exact mechanics and circumstances behind it all are still a bit unclear - particularly exactly when Dizzy was conceived - but she is the child of Frederick and Aria, AKA Sol and Justice.

Millia is sterile.
It's said that each person who tries to attain forbidden magic must sacrifice something. Zato-1 specifically gave up his eyesight for control over shadows, though Eddie being implanted into the ritual kinda made things worse. Millia's "important thing" according to her profile is her chastity. What if, to gain control over her hair, she gave up her reproductive organs (as in, she would be an actual representation of Anime Anatomy)? This would hold more weight if we knew what Venom gave up, if anything, for his own powers (assuming, of course, that his powers are forbidden magic).
  • Maybe his face, save one eye? We've never seen anything outside that mask...
    • Hmm... actually, you can see his face just fine during some of his jump sprites. He's quite a looker, really.
  • This Troper doesn't believe that Venom has a parasite; Eddie had a mind of his own, Millia's hair certainly seemed to be animate at least (like Spawn's cloak), but Venom isn't associated with anything similar.
  • This Troper personally believes that Millia gave up her virginity, due to her near-obsession with chastity after the fact (from her listed favorite thing to various Arcade and Story mode quotes when dealing with other female characters) and how conveniently it would tie in with the implication that she and Zato-1 were close, possibly romantically involved, before something happened to make them suddenly fall out to such an extent that they became mutual Berserk Buttons for each other. Also, Venom didn't go through the forbidden rituals like Millia or Zato did, and his powers are not tied to having a Forbidden Beast like Eddie or Angra. He wouldn't have had to give up anything as he simply wasn't involved in that whole scene.
  • Where do you people get the idea that Millia and Zato were ever in anything even resembling a romantic relationship? We know that Zato trusted Millia enough on a professional level that her betrayal led to his capture (which sparked his hatred for her). In Millia's Ending III in GGXX, she claims that he saved her, raised her, "dirtied her soul" (which This Troper interprets as "probably killed her parents and definitely forced her to kill people", not "raped her or forced her to undergo a defloration ritual to gain hair-based powers she didn't even want") and loved her (in his own twisted way - his gargantuan ego probably led him to believe that the feeling was mutual). Due to Stockholm Syndrome, Millia probably did feel a strong attachment to Zato - Venom suggests that he (Venom) and Millia are Not So Different, in that they both pursue Zato even after his demise - but this hardly implies romantic or even platonic love. Finally, my guess is that Millia obsesses over (physical) chastity (or purity in general) as a means of compensating for the corruption of her soul/morals she has suffered.
    • The first track of the Night of Knives drama CD has Zato and Millia kissing and sharing a bed together. There was definitely a relationship more than platonic going on between the two of them. She still broke it off with him because he was a self-centered dick, though.

The next game in the series will be tag-team like the early The King of Fighters games.
Just guessing based on the large number of team-ups occurring in the good endings of AC+'s Story Mode.
  • That would be awesome, especially with team supers and IKs. Dang, can you imagine Sol/Ky IK? Or, better yet, Chipp/Sol?
    • There was already team fighting in Guilty Gear Isuka, but it was more like SSB than anything else.
  • Jossed, Xrd is a one-on-one fighter.

Dizzy is Ky's wife.
Though not official, there seem to be hints from the various interviews given by Ishiwatari himself that suggest this:
  • Ky's wife is known as the "Maiden of the Grove," Dizzy's stage is the grove.
  • Dr. Paradigm mentioned that the woman in Illyria is a Gear who once had a huge bounty on her head but was supposedly killed and was also rumored to possess great powers. Basically, this was the plot of Guilty Gear X which introduced Dizzy where she served as the final boss.
  • Also, the Maiden of the Grove is called a reproduction of Justice or her back-up. So far, Dizzy is the only known daughter of Justice though her exact origins and genetic connection is unclear to this point.
  • The Materials collection book links Ky and Dizzy's relationship with a heart symbol and lists them as being deeply connected to each other.
  • Confirmed thanks to Dizzy's good ending in Accent Core Plus where she is shown to be visiting Ky periodically.
  • Ky's official short story in Overture confirmed that he proposed to her but cannot marry her because she has no legal documents. Instead, they "married" themselves by pledging their love to one another.
  • Xrd, of course, flat-out confirms that Dizzy is Ky's wife. Whether or not they got over the legal documents hurdle is still left a little unclear, but at the very least, they explicitly refer to each other as husband and wife in many instances.

That Man is actually THE That Man from Excel Saga.
After failing to control the Great Will of the Macrocosm he decided to turn his attentions to other all powerful beings and so is targeting the various uber powerful characters in the Guilty Gear world.

Bridget is an alternate-universe Hani.
They share similar traits: Childish cuteness, blond hair, about the same height, surprising acrobatic skills, and attachment to a stuffed animal (Roger in Bridget's case). They also want to prove their manliness, only this time Bridget doesn't have Tamaki to dissuade him.

He's very old, ridiculously powerful (Sol went full Gear the moment they start fighting in overture, and still didn't kill him), and has been manipulating events for who knows how long, up to and including creating the gears, who were likely a prototype Space Marine.

Alternately, That Man is Lucifer.
Justifications (Guilty Gear side):
  • He's not a time traveler, and has lived throughout all 150 years of the Gears' history.
  • While not a Gear, he's definitely not human.
  • He has shown himself easily able to withstand attacks from anyone in the series, even Sol summoning the full power of his Dragon Install.
  • In Overture, he's specifically noted that he can control his physical age.
  • When asking Anji Mito to join him, he asks if Anji is "willing to defy both heaven and earth."
  • When mentally addressing Sol, he says that either he or Sol must "do the work of the Devil." This could mean that That Man is being poetic or is admitting he's just a servant, but the Devil doing his own work still makes it the work of the Devil.
  • He's a schemer, but portrays himself as sympathetic or at least apologetic towards those he manipulates.
  • His cloak in Overture has writing on the fringe: "HEAVEN MADE MAN FOR ITS REASON. MEN RESPECT MEN FOR THEIR OWN SAKE." Emphasis: Reason.
  • He makes a lot of references to some greater threat or enemy that Sol and others will need to fight, which leads to:
Justifications (Shin Megami Tensei side):
  • Lucifer has appeared as a young man (Louis Cypher, Shin Megami Tensei II), an old man, and a young boy (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne).
  • Lucifer considers God "the true enemy."
  • Lucifer (through his nurse) shows sympathy for the Demi-Fiend via the tidbits of information the nurse gives to him. These tidbits also include reasons not to join him (would you sacrifice your humanity for power?), in the interests of a completely informed decision.
  • Lucifer created the Demi-Fiend as a weapon against God. Now, as any self-respecting scientist would know, only a complete idiot would lack the means to replace the test model if it were to break. The Demi-Fiend was a great success, but being the cunning planner that he is, there's no reason why he wouldn't have contingency plans elsewhere, even on another world. Even the methodology could be different, on the off-chance that it might work out better, or perhaps simply because it was an earlier attempt that hasn't proved completely useless yet. Say, instead of a single cohesive demon body fed into a human (magatama), the alternate approach could be a full cellular-level fusion (Gear cells).
    • Having supernatural powers doesn't necessarily mean That Man isn't human, though. As far as we know, he still is (that and the Guilty Gear verse can easily attest to humans having powers outside the realm of normality; just look at Faust). Additionally, The Stinger of Overture has That Man musing that either he or Sol "will carry out the work of the devil." Just a couple of observations.

That Man secretly controls the Holy Order.
Why else would I-No make you fight Order-Sol?

Ky and Saber are fraternal twins.
Blonde hair, greenish blue eyes, selflessness, chivalry, the ability to rule as kings and their blue and white clothing? So many things similar that's hard to ignore. They just got separated at birth into different timelines, Saber to the past and Ky to the future. Very likely since both universes use magic.
  • Maybe they are clones. Some materials say that Saber was supposed to be male. Maybe Ky WAS the first Saber or the male version of Saber was cloned from Ky but got rejected because of copyright laws.

Come the next "official" Guilty Gear, Millia will get herself drafted to That Man's group or PWAB to stop her hair from completely taking over her
We know the next Guilty Gear is due for PS3 and Xbox 360. Now consider this: In BlazBlue, Litchi Faye-Ling has followed a similar story like Millia, they're chasing some sort of dark creature which Was Once a Man and related to them, even deserting their previous organization for that (Assassin Guild and Sector Seven). Now, Millia's story thus far ended with her destroying Eddie, but her hair started to become sentient and we never know what will happen to her, will she get consumed by her hair like Eddie, or resists it. On Litchi's shoes, her decision was to get some regulation of her Boundary corruption from NOL. Transferred to Millia, it's very possible that That Man would eye her and invite her to join his cause, in exchange of regulation of her hair taking over. That Man has proven himself to be quite the charismatic figure, he even got Anji Mito to join his cause, so if he does plan to get Millia to join him, it is quite possible.

If she doesn't join That Man, the PWAB (especially Crow) might be the one to enlist her services. At any rate, if Ishiwatari still wants to touch about the problem of Millia's hair getting sentient, she might not stay neutral anymore and needs to take a side.

Chipp is Dizzy's father.
They both have red eyes? Yeah, this one's crazy...
  • Yes crazy, because Testament also has red eyes, so he can also be her father then?
  • Solidly Jossed.

Funikura is a Gear who, somehow, ended in the Queen's Blade universe.
Lets's think about it: Funikura is sentient, just like Eddie in Guilty Gear, can control its human user (Nyx in Queen's Blade and Zato-1 in Guilty Gear with Eddie), and the way how they can control their users is, honestly, disgusting (Funikura tentacle-rapes Nyx, and Eddie can control Zato-1, even after his death).
  • Eddie isn't a Gear. He's a Forbidden Beast.

Dizzy is a remnant of Justice from the Backyard.
Just like how Kadaj and his gang are remnants of Sephiroth from the Lifestream. Look at this tidbit of facts:
  • Dr. Paradigm mentioned that the Maiden of the Grove (see WMG above) is a reproduction of Justice, but in the Japanese dub, he says that she's a "backup."
  • In the official relationship chart, Dizzy's relationship with her mother is marked with a one-way arrow. Meaning, Justice may have no maternal connection to her except identical genetic traits.
  • Dizzy recognizes Justice as her "mother" even though they never met. She knows by instinct.
Given these, it's possible that Dizzy is inevitably a Justice back-up. And it's possible that she'll awake in her true nature given the time and circumstances.
  • Mostly Jossed - Dizzy is straight up the biological child of Sol and Justice. Exactly how this has happened hasn't been made entirely clear yet, and the Backyard might well play into it somehow (especially with the reveal of just what originally sent Aria/Justice over the Despair Event Horizon), but evidently Dizzy does have parents, however absentee.

Guilty Gear and Assassin's Creed take place in the same universe.
Fredrick, Aria, and That Man all worked for Abstergo. How they found out about Magic? Through a Piece of Eden. The Post-War Administration Bureau is likewise run by Templars. As for the Assassin's Guild? Obviously the Templars have succeeded in killing most all of the original blood-line assassins. Why else would they have this new Guild under their thumb?

Faust and Dr. Baldhead are the same person.
Every Guilty Gear fan thinks this is true though this isn't 100% official.
  • Who else has a scalpel, a paper bag on his head, nine foot tall, has crazy moves and atones for a past mistake?
  • This is not even a Wild Mass Guess because it's pure common sense...
  • Practically canon. Faust has a taunt where he whips off his paper bag and underneath, he's bald.
  • Largely confirmed in Xrd as Faust is seen investigating the truth behind the sabotage that turned him into a serial killer, and it is revealed that the Conclave was actually behind the whole thing. They still aren't coming straight out and saying "Faust is Baldhead", but at this point his plot doesn't make sense if it isn't true.

Only female Gears can be Command-type.
This Troper just guessed based on the fact that all Command-type Gears have been all female: Justice, Dizzy and Solaria. It's possible that mitochondrial DNA (can only be passed to daughters) is responsible for their ability... whatever.
  • Maybe it's a variation on how the queens of an ant or bee colony function: the Commander Gears don't reproduce and spawn the entire Gear population (their own offspring notwithstanding), but instead directly control the remainder of the Gears (an authority queen ants and queen bees lack).
  • Not to mention that the idea that mitochondrial DNA is only passed to daughters is just completely wrong. mDNA is only passed by mothers, but to all their children, because sperm have no mitochondria, while eggs do.

Ky and Bridget are related.
Both have blue eyes, blonde hair and some sort of connection to God. Maybe Bridget is older than he looks?

Ky is That Man.
Come on, they're not going to dangle this story thread for an entire franchise and not have him be one of the main characters.
  • Or he could, y'know, just be an important character tied to Sol's backstory and not be the deuteragonist in disguise.
  • Xrd: Definitely nope.

Kliff never died, and has taken a backseat because he is That Man.
Both can alter their physical age, both are said to be extremely old. Kliff's "death" may have been a ruse to hide the fact that what was actually happening was a transformation into a younger appearance, and putting on a cloak and becoming That Man. the height issue is Handwaved by the fact that Kliff's younger form is much taller than his elderly form. Besides, Kliff hasn't appeared in canon since the first game...

That Man is Lord English from Homestuck.
Both are nigh invulnerable and that's all I got really. Still, why the hell not?

In the next installment of the series, Reuben Langdon will be called on-board to voice the announcer.
Because honestly, who wouldn't want to hear him scream out "HEAVEN OR HELL! DUEL 1! LET'S ROCK, BABY!"

The Crusades will be detailed in an Dynasty Warriors-styled hack-and-slash spin-off.
The Crusades are a momentous, life-changing, one-hundred and one-year-long event in Guilty Gear lore that sets the foundation for the rest of the series and yet has barely been shown in canon outside of drama CDs and flashbacks revolving around those who took part in it. Ishiwatari has already shown with Overture that he's willing (and able) to branch out of the fighting genre, so why not do it again? You could easily crank out an entire game's worth of content (or two... or three) using the Crusades as a focal point and modifying the groundwork laid by Overture (which was half-HnS, half-RTS, with bits of a fighter thrown in). You have more than enough players and events to span multiple scenarios (i.e. Kliff, and later, Sol and Ky battling the Gears alongside the other Holy Knights or Justice leading the Gears, starting with her conquest of Japan), and if ASW wanted to, they could even include an alternate campaign based on the timeline created by I-No tampering with history and allowing Ky to die during the Battle of Rome. Not only would it be as awesome as Ishiwatari's music, it'd also shed more light on the history of Guilty Gear.

The plot of GG3 will unfold in the form of two distinct but converging narratives.
On one end, there'll be the same story mode structure we've come to expect from the last few games, with the individual storylines picking up after Overture (most notably showing us what happened to the rest of the cast). To tie it all together (since there's bound to be more plotline curveballs like Overture threw at us), we'll be treated to flashback at times, chronicling what everyone was up to in the interim between AC+ and GG2 while simultaneously setting the stage for both the main story and whatever else was going on behind the scenes in GG2.
  • Sort of. There's the "Illyria" plot with Sol, Ky, Sin, Dizzy, and others like Paradigm and Leo Whitefang, and the "Japanese" plot featuring the Jellyfish Pirates, Faust, Chipp, and eventually Baiken and Jam along with newcomer Haehyun. The plots do meet to some degree in Revelator.

GG3 will assign some of the EX Mode characters Distortion Drives from the BB cast as Overdrives.
If Continuum Shift Extend can give certain Unlimited characters Distortion Drives based on the Overdrives of the GG cast, why can't it work in reverse?
  • Nope; the existing characters are pretty faithful to previous versions.

That Man is a Time Lord.
Just getting this one out there for the sake of covering untouched ground.

With the help of Dr. Paradigm, Ky managed to prevent Dizzy's sublimation, but was stripped of his crown.
Notice that in Xrd (which is set a year after Overture), Ky is not wielding Aquila, but the Thunderseal, which disappeared when he unwittingly froze Dizzy in time to prevent her sublimation. He's also ditched his more royal vestments for a modified version of his Holy Knights uniform. It's possible that revealing the existence of his half-Gear lover, their part-Gear son, and all of the Gears formerly imprisoned in Illyria caused some sort of backlash among the people and/or the government that forced Ky to renounce his title as king.
  • This could be true with an added intention: Ky realized that being a King would make him susceptible to the PWAB's manipulation. To make himself more flexible in pursuing his justice, he had those happen, his position stripped, so the PWAB can't manipulate him anymore.
  • Perhaps I jumped the gun with this one. Apparently, that's not the Thunderseal Ky's seen with, but a nigh-identical weapon meant to resemble it known as Magnolia Eclair II (apparently, Aquila was the first Magnolia Eclair). That doesn't necessarily rule out the rest of the theory and there's a possibility that, even if Ky did save Dizzy, the Thunderseal was lost forever since Ky had no idea what was going when he froze Dizzy in the first place.
  • Quite fully Jossed. Dizzy is safe and Ky's still king, because the Conclave and Ariels weren't going to let such a useful symbol of hope go to waste. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated just how far he'd go to really serve his people...

In a reversal of how AC+ did it, Xrd will allow players to switch to Ishiwatari as an alternate battle voice for Sol.
While Ishiwatari has pretty much relinquished his voicing duties to Joji Nakata, it just wouldn't feel right to not have him involved in some capacity, especially when you consider that Ishiwatari has never actually voiced Sol in any of the drama CDs, the Story Modes of both XX and AC+, or Overture; he's only voiced Sol in-battle (and Xrd is back to being a fighter), so what would really change?

The Human/Gear Racism/Segregation subplot is one big metaphor of the Apartheid in South Africa.
(Credits goes to BladeOfJustice7 in this Dustloop thread.)

Daisuke Ishiwatari was born in South Africa, and either spent his childhood during these events, or if he and his family moved to Japan shortly after his birth, he was interested in the place where he was born. Either way, it influenced him when he was writing GG's story.

Guilty Gear is the future of Brütal Legend
Note the preponderance of all things metal, the presence of magic, and Guilty Gear 2's use of group battles. The Backyard could be the relics of the Age of Metal, with Guilty Gear's utilization of magic via the Twelve Steps being similar to Brutal Legend's solos and combat techniques. Soulsinkers/Masterghosts, Capture Units, and Servants are pretty obviously rediscoveries of and refinements to the techniques Eddie pioneered for stage battles. This would also explain why I-No is such a powerful witch and uses a guitar.

...Mostly, though, just imagine how metal a crossover would be.

Due to being resurrected, Zato will decay into BlazBlue's Arakune
His soul was pulled out of Limbo, the world of the dead. The Boundary, the converging point and source of Seithr and also the multiple narratives of BlazBlue, is identified as the World of the Dead in canon. Eventually he could break down, becoming nothing more than the same kind of creature as Lotte Carmine, AKA Arakune.

And the worst part? He's not aware, but subconsciously knows this and is a DeathSeeker as a result. Ever notice how, when hit with an Instant Kill in Xrd, he's either content or smiling? He may know what happened to Lotte and is seeking out Millia because she has the motive to kill him.

  • However, in Story Mode, Zato is perfectly lucid and not thinking of getting himself killed, even sharing some knowledge about his resurrection to Sol, Ky and Gabriel, which has links with the revival of Justice.
    • Unlikely as Arakune was revealed to be a vessel and not what was once Lotte/Roy's body. Also Zato is probably content or smiling because he's A. blind and has no idea what's going on, or B. doesn't really have any emotions whatsoever. (Save for getting kancho'd by Faust)

Leo will have a Sabaton reference.
Cause, why the hell not? But in all seriousness, I can't help but think of their songs when I see him such as Lion from the North as well as thinking of Horrible History Metal.

The Nightmare Theater's movie is Bedman's memory of accidentally killing his sister.
In Bedman's stage, the Nightmare Theater, there's a screen that plays a short movie about a dog plushie which turns into a monster and kills a little girl and her family. This movie could be showing us Bedman's last memory before going into a coma. Even before becoming Bedman, he was always condescending and cruel, but was very good at hiding it. He did love his little sister, Delilah, but it was twisted. Instead of loving her like a little sister, Bedman saw her as a living doll he could manipulate into always needing him. At some point, Bedman and Delilah were sent to a hospital, and at first, Bedman didn't mind, because he still had control over Delilah like he did at their home (in the movie, the house's appearance slowly turns into the hospital). However, everything changed when either a hospital staff or the kids' parents got Delilah a stuffed dog toy. Suddenly, Bedman wasn't Delilah's favorite thing anymore, and he was not happy. At first, Bedman just had fantasies of "murdering" the dog toy and boarding up Delilah's door so she couldn't leave; but one night, Bedman's rage reached a breaking point. In the middle of the night, Bedman witnessed what he thought was the dog toy transformed into a hideous monster leaving Delilah's room and going downstairs (in actuality, Bedman was hallucinating and Delilah was leaving her room for something). Bedman got it in his head that the only way to stop the monster was by burning the hospital down. However, once he had started the fire, the monster returned and tried to attack Bedman. At the last second, Bedman became lucid enough to realize that it wasn't a monster, but Delilah, who had been forced to defend herself from her brother with a piece of glass (notice how the monster's arm turns into the girl's hand in the movie). However, right after this revelation, the hospital exploded, killing everyone except Bedman, who went into a coma. At some point, he was whisked away and turned into what he is today, with that memory/movie still fresh in his twisted nightmare world.

Zato and Captain Novolin are related.
Just because... look at them. Notice any similarities?
  • So, does this mean Zato has Type-1 Diabetes?
  • Actually, odds that the disease jumps to the next generation is less than 10%, and in 150 years, it would be less than 0.00001%, so no, it is unlikely.

The English dub for -REVELATOR- will be released as DLC later down the road
The initial reason given for the lack of a dub on release was because the story mode isn't actually finished yet, and budgeting issues may also factor into it. Given that despite the Broken Base surrounding the matter, most people thought the dub was alright, perhaps if the game sells well, the dub may be released as DLC once the story mode gets finished.

Post-Revelator guessing: Aria will have to deal with her time as Justice.
So yay, Jack-O successfully merged with Justice! Aria's back! Yay, right? Well, probably not; Justice was resisting the merge with Jack-O initially because she didn't want to return to true life. Jack-O herself mentioned Justice seemed disturbed over her rampages, both recent and historical, and simply didn't want to come back. Sol and Jack-O then forced the issue. So Aria will be back, with all her memories... including all her memories of committing genocide of the Japanese and leading a century-long war of extermination. The next GG game, whether it be a Xrd 3rd, a new entry, or what have you, is going to feature as one plot thread Aria coming to terms with all the things she did as Justice and just what that means for her as a person.

Aria's family name is Valentine.
Valentine, Ram, El & now Jack are referred to as Valentines, and all are to varying degrees based on Aria. Why give them that monicker if it wasn't in some way linked to Aria? Also, it's quite a common surname so at least we have a character who's name is quite believable.

Axl Low is the actual protagonist of the whole paraphernalia.
This is actually a story about his uncontrollable time travelling (Similar to Doctor Who), which regularly puts him into a different time period where he has to become an Action Survivor, with a heavy focus on the years after the Crusades, and the defeat of the Gears. So, the story of Guilty Gear will come to an end when he finally comes back with Megumi.

New playable guesses for a Guilty Gear XRD 3 or a GG 4
So here are my guesses if there's ever a new GG, whether it be Rev 3, or a GG 4, and why they would be there.Returning:
  • Robo-Ky: Probably a Mk.III iteration. Perhaps Venom raises enough money for Robo-Ky's body.
  • Zappa: Despite having his spirits under control around the time of XRD, perhaps he could harness his occult possessions and have them work with him rather than against him.
  • Anji: Perhaps with an involvement alongside Baiken.
  • Bridget: It'd be interesting to see how much he's grown since the timeskip.
  • Gabriel: Another Badass Normal in the series.
  • That Man/Asuka: Whether he'd be called Asuka or That Man is unknown. The game's final battle will probably be him vs. Sol.
  • Ariels: Because if she's basically Guilty Gear's answer to Blaz Blue's Izanami, she's inevitable for one of the final battles.
  • Aria: But she's just Jack-O with a new name, personality, and maybe a few new moves.

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