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Daigo "The Beast" Umehara at work.

This page is a list of Fighting Game Community players that excel far above their peers. Thanks to the success and popularity of Fighting Games in general, as well as the fact that most top players are Competition Freaks, this list is constantly growing.

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Capcom Games

  • Daigo Umehara (pictured) is considered, pound-for-pound, the greatest Street Fighter player that ever lived.
    Quote from ESPN interview with Tokido after EVO 2017: "Aliens invade the Earth from the fighting game planet," he said. "If they win, we lose fighting games; we cannot play fighting games. Only one player can fight as a representative of the Earth. Who did you vote for?" Tokido sees only one figure who could take on the challenge: Daigo. Until Tokido can, without hesitation, put himself in those shoes, he will not consider himself the best.
  • Du "NuckleDu" Dang is a young American player who is known for using a PS3 controller rather than an arcade stick. He won Canada Cup, North American Regional Finals and Capcom Cup with its 230k first place prize in 2016. Made even more awesome by the fact that he came close to succesfully commiting suicide earlier that year, but came back extremely strong, indeed.
  • Justin Wong, is seen by many as the best fundamental fighting game player in the United States, and one of the best fighting game players in the world. Was apart of the now legendary EVO Moment 37 opposite Daigo Umehara which put the fighting game community on the map, and was once seen as a heel within the community during his alleged rivalry with Daigo, much like what Chris G and Filipino Champ are currently seen as. However, he's now become a worldwide fan favorite and one of the most popular members of the scene. Known for the "Wong Factor," where a normally solid player gets nervous when competing against him, and makes a crucial mistake that Justin capitalizes on and wins. This usually happens right when it seems like Justin's opponent is about to win the match.
    • At one point in the Marvel vs. Capcom community, the question wasn't who was going to win: It was who would place second behind Justin Wong. Justin has also built up an impressive repertoire in other fighting game series such as Street Fighter, SNK vs. Capcom, and Killer Instinct. These feats have given him the title of "Greatest Fighting Game Player of All Time" amongst the Western community.
  • During Marvel vs. Capcom 2's lifetime, there was a trio of aces: Justin Wong, Sanford Kelly, and Michael IFC Yipes Mendoza. They eventually came to be known as the three gods of MvC2. Their dominance is nicely covered in this article.
  • Poongko "The Machine" (Lee Chunggon) is a Korean player who is well known for his brutal rushdown and high-risk/high-reward gameplay with Seth that involves impossibly difficult execution and amazing guesses. He disappeared from the competitive scene in 2013, and briefly made a reappearance (although not performing to the level he once had) before vanishing yet again. These days, he has a live stream that began in late August, where he plays online against various players in the East Asia region. His most recent placing was 4th at Capcom Cup 2015. Just don't make him take his shirt off. You may not like what happens afterwards.
  • Alex Valle (sometimes called Tio/Uncle Valle or his original handle, Calipower), former US Champion of Street Fighter and owner of Level|Up. Considered one of the "O.G."s of the scene and well-known for being Taught by Experience with very little technical data of the game system but an uncanny ability to make correct decisions.
  • For a while, Christopher NYChrisG Gonzalez was widely considered to be the pound-for-pound best Marvel player. In the 2013 tournament season, ChrisG became as dominant in the Marvel community as Justin Wong was about a decade earlier, only failing to take first place in four major tournaments (including, ultimately, EVO 2013). Despite his EVO loss, Chris's reign continued during the first half of the 2014 season as well. He's so dominant that New York's weekly "Big Two" tournament has been jokingly referred to as his "weekly paycheck", and side betters at events close the bets when he steps up to play. In 2015, he was one of the favorites to win Marvel at EVO and finally have his championship, only to not make it to Top 8. To be just, his rivals, Filipino Champ and Justin Wong also didn't make it to Top 8 that year. ChrisG's prowess has extended to other games, as well, such as Street Fighter IV, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and The King of Fighters XIII. Currently, he's considered the USA's most consistent player, and finally took home a UMvC3 EVO championship of his own in 2016, and placing 2nd the following year.
  • Ryan Filipino Champ (Fchamp) Ramirez has been dominant on the US West Coast, particularly in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A battle between himself and Chris G was considered Combat by Champion between the two rival coasts before Chris G moved to the West Coast himself.
  • Henri Chi-Rithy Oung is the most dominant player in the Canadian scene, and has won decisive matches against top American players as well.
  • Seonwoo Infiltration Lee is a Korean player who completely dominated the Street Fighter scene from mid-2012 to mid-2013, only failing to take first place in a few tournaments during that time period. He won both EVO 2012 and the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament. And in the latter, he did it by completely shutting down Daigo Umehara 6-0 in Grand Finals. Also of note is his seemingly endless supply of characters to play, ranging from his mainstay Akuma to oddballs like Hakan and Oni, complete counterpicks like Abel, Gouken, Ryu and Chun-Li, completely unfair characters like Decapre and most recently at First Attack PR 2015, Hugo.
    • His 2016 run already looks monstrous. He won Final Round 19, the first major CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) event for Street Fighter V — a tournament that had over 1,000 people competing, the Nor Cal Regionals immediately afterward, then won Red Bull Kumite and then became the first EVO SFV champion (in a tournament with 5000 competitors).
  • Ryan "Prodigal Son" Hart is considered a sheer force of nature within the UK Tekken and Street Fighter scene, and he's been at it even longer than Daigo. He's also recognized by many as one of the best Virtua Fighter 5 players on the planet, and seen by many as the best overall European player.
  • France's Alioune (Alioune Camara), aka "The Professor." Some would argue he has perfected how Cammy should be played — aggressive, in your face and with non-stop and sometimes unfair "unblockable" mix-ups.
  • France's Olivier Luffy Hay continues to dominate most of Europe during the course of his still-running career. His career started when he beat Yamazaki, a former French top Ryu player at a tournament in a local video game shop, despite having no idea who the opposition was & only having picked up the game recently. Things started to snowball from there, and he even won against Daigo during Daigo's trip to France for the WCC. It wasn't until his trip to EVO in 2014 that he reached world fame, though, since most American and Japanese players had no idea who he was before then. He ended up wining the entire tournament with pretty dominating performances, despite facing the best Japan had to offer, Snake Eyez (who he commented to be one of the best player he ever had to face) and many others. His performance was so dominating that messages boards where flooded with nerfs requests regarding his character Rose, who was previously regarded as irrelevant in the game's meta due to lack of damage (though now that things have calmed down, most players do agree that Luffy's talent at playing Rose is making it look a lot easier than it actually is). Should also be noted for playing with an original PlayStation 1 pad.
  • Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang is the single best Adon player on the planet. Period. A breakout star at EVO 2010 (where he stopped Justin Wong from reaching Top 8), he has since made Top 8 for 5 years in a row, including two 2nd place finishes. He is the most dominant player in Taiwan, has won many majors and has a sponsor in Avermedia.
  • Japan's Hajime Tokido Taniguchi is called "Murderface" due to the Kubrick Stare he often gives. He is an amazingly versatile player — being good at many, many types of games and placing high in most of them, including winning the Street Fighter V grand finals at EVO 2017 out of the loser's bracket, against PG Punk, who dealt him his loss prior to Top 8. He is also a Badass Bookworm, as he was qualified for University of Tokyo (one of, if not the best, university in Japan) before becoming a Pro Gamer.
  • Another of the Japanese "Five Gods," Ushirosako Sakonoko (Sako) Naoto is famed for routinely amazing executing combos — they're simply called "Sako combos" by commentators. He's credited with turning Evil Ryu into a top-tier force of nature with such unfathomable feats like a 5 bar combo (note there are only 4 bars in the EX meter, Sako expended the full 4 meters and gained another bar through the combo string to effectively take the combo up to 5). However, by his own admission Daigo's Evil Ryu is better.
  • Yet another of Japan's "Five Gods," Tatsuya Haitani Haitani is a master of rushdown play and aggressive, overwhelming offense. He reflected this with his character of choice, playing as Makoto in both Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and Street Fighter IV. While his tournament success isn't as great as his fellow Gods, Haitani has qualified for Top 8 in several big tournaments, including EVO 2013, alongside 3 of the other Gods. However, Haitani's success rate started to increase after the jump to Street Fighter V, where he switched to Necalli, taking Japan Cup and Ultimate Fighting Arena 2017. As of 2018, he has switched away from Necalli to Akuma to allow for more diversity in his approaches.
  • Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue, originally a strong Guilty Gear XX Accent Core player (using Order-Sol), started taking Street Fighter IV seriously beginning in 2011, rising to become the best Yun — a position he then held for the next 4 years, culminating in winning Capcom Cup 2015 and the $120'000 grand prize in dominating fashion. He is still incredibly versatile in newer iterations, as shown at 2017 EVO when he finished 3rd in Street Fighter V and 5th in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. He's also made a name for himself as one of the best Dragon Ball Fighterz players in the world, winning its CEO 2018 tournament and its first World Tour Finals in 2019 and is otherwise most distinguished for playing Yamcha on his team.
  • Puerto Rican Eduardo PR Balrog Perez-frangie is a West Coast player with the exceptional ability to switch between orthodox and unorthodox tactics at any given moment. He has developed a very impressive portfolio in much shorter time than most Aces, including an absolutely amazing run at EVO 2013 for Street Fighter IV, defeating Infiltration in Winners' Quarters and nearly defeating him again in Losers' before losing to a risky Hakan pick. He is also a top Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player best known for defeating Justin Wong and getting second place to Viscant at EVO 2011. His unique "random-but-not-really-random" playstyle has caused IFC Yipes to call him "The Daywalker" (a term taken from the film Blade) for having "all of the strengths of a UOP (see below), but none of their weaknesses." On January 10, 2015, PR Balrog revealed he plan to retire from the FGC as a whole after the 2015 season and only plans to compete in some of the biggest majors during that year. He explained that competing is no longer enjoyable and he wants to move on with his life. Has decided to cancel his retirement due to a series of intense matches against Bonchan reigniting his spirit and competitive drive.
  • Singapore's favorite son Ho Kun xian, or simply Xian, known for his ability to dominate with Gen, a character that was considered by many not to be championship material due to his high execution barrier and low damage output. His crowning achievement was winning Evolution 2013, taking out top players such as Sako and Tokido in the process.
  • Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis, from Watts, California, is recognized as the best Zangief player on the planet. Many marvel at his great reads and his almost machine like accuracy with his grabs. He was already popular in the West Coast and Japan after winning an EVO title in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, but it wasn't until his shocking display at SCR 2014 (South California Regionals), where he singlehandedly took out the entire North Cali team, after being the last player representing South Cali, did he become famous in the FGC. He was a regular on Level|Up's WNF (Wednesday Night Fights) and dominated the weekly tournament with only one opponent, Chris Tatarian, able to give him any competition, before both the tournament and the place it was being held came to a shocking end. In late July 2015, Snake Eyez landed one of the biggest sponsorships in gaming. He landed a sponsorship with the Red Bull Energy Drink company. In September 2015, Snake Eyez won The Fall Classic for the second year in a row. He finished off 2015 — and possibly Ultra Street Fighter IV — as consistently the best player for the United States that year. He had the most Pro Tour points of the American players, and he finished in the Top 8 at Capcom Cup 2015, winning 10K of the 250K prize pot.
  • Kenneth K-Brad Bradley has been one of the best Cammy players for the last several years of Street Fighter IV's existence. He's won many majors with her character and is famous for his charismatic personality and having the most sponsors at one time as a player, which was joked about a lot within the community. In 2014, he landed an Evil Geniuses sponsorship which is one of the top professional gaming sponsors.
  • Bryant Smug Higgins is hands down the best SFIV Dudley player on the planet. He became popular during his weekly appearance on Next Level Battle Circuit, the popular East Coast weekly hosted by Team Sp00ky. Like Xian, Smug took a character many people had written off as "not tournament material" because of their high technical execution and low damage, and turned him into a rushdown monster. He dethroned Sanford Kelly's reign at NLBC and dominated for weeks before attending more serious tournaments and eventually winning a couple of them. Now Smug has become a household name in the FGC. In December 2014, he won NEC 15 (Northeast Championship), his greatest accomplishment so far — the USFIV tournament was completely stacked with top players, including Snake Eyez, Justin Wong, PR Balrog, Sanford Kelly, and many others like Pepedey who he beat in Grand Finals. In 2015, Smug decided school was his most important priority and didn't do much traveling. He didn't attend many majors except a few of the most important ones like EVO. However, he still showed up at the weekly east coast tournaments, winning many of them. And he defended his championship at NEC 16 in December, beating Filipinoman in Grand Finals.
  • Yudai Pepedey Furushima is a Japanese El Fuerte player that first made a name for himself by steamrolling the other Japanese competitors and taking the Tokyo Game Show tournament in 2014. He has become THE definitive El Fuerte, showing how scary the character can be in Ultra. He has placed high in many tournaments since, and had another amazing showing at Canada Cup 2014 after destroying Poongko 3-0 in the Winners Final and then mounting a comeback in Grand Finals after being one round away from losing the entire tournament.
  • Yusuke Momochi, one of the gods of Street Fighter III: Third Strike (winning Tougeki 3v3 in 2009) decided to pick up and focus on Street Fighter IV. After winning Tougeki 3v3 in SFIV and getting sponsored by Evil Geniuses, and has since cemented himself as not only the best Ken player on the planet, but after winning Capcom Cup 2014 and EVO 2015, he is now seen by the community as one of the two best players in the world, alongside Daigo Umehara. He started his path to dominance in 2014; He made top 8 at EVO, finished 2nd in the Topanga League, and won Capcom Cup later that year. During that important year ending major, he shocked the community when he beat the favorite Snake Eyez in dominating fashion using Ken. What made it shocking was that Snake Eyez, prior to Capcom Cup, mostly dominated the best Ken player in the US, Chris Tatarian, during Wednesday Night Fights. Momochi cemented his claim as one of the best USFIV players in 2015 by winning EVO in one of the most epic matches in the history of the event. He also came close to getting disqualified when his joystick's cable broke in the final game, however Tokido let him use his joystick and he was able to win an already great match against Gamerbee.
  • Chile's Kane Blueriver (Nicolas Gonzalez) is considered by many in the community to be the real-life version of Ryu. He has traveled the world to hone and perfect his skills, especially in games like The King of Fighters XIII and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He's well-known to use the heavy-type characters on a fighting game's roster, and his mastery of his Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel team has gotten him an EVO championship in 2015, beating out Raynel "Rayray" Hidalgo in a dominant yet emotional victory as well as his first major tournament victory in the game. KBR's win had a few detractors who claimed that it was a fluke for a number of reasons, but his second major tournament win at Winter Brawl X (over Filipino Champ) and his subsequent success in a number of majors afterward has silenced a large number of them.
  • Jo MOV, (Master of Vampire) Egami, the 2nd-best Street Fighter III player of all time. To understand the gulf between him and lesser players, at the Street Fighter 25th anniversary he annihilated Tokido using one of his pocket characters.
    • He also managed to score a reverse-OCV at Tougeki 2008 with a broken hand, and is known as one of the few people who can consistently pull off Chun-Li's walk-forward Lightning Legs and crouch Jab xx Super.
  • Kuroda. The greatest Street Fighter III player, by a mile. In MOV's own words, his own skill is a 10. Great players (including Daigo) would rate 3-5. Most players rate 0-1. Kuroda? 100.
    • Some of Kuroda's achievements: Nearly winning Tougeki 3v3 with a 2-man team (with Hayao Hugo), humiliating Ricky Ortiz + Justin Wong, being good enough to sell DVDs which are just him beating the best players in Tokyo for 2 hours straight... It's telling when some of his "Best Of" compilations are nearly an hour long.
  • Although no longer a competitor, desk has established himself as THE premier combo video creator/maker of the current generation, and takes pride in the fact that (unlike old-school combo creators) he does everything by hand, inspiring players to use combos like the Chun-Li Loop in actual tournaments.
  • Despite being only known to the wider world in SFIV's twilight years, Brazilian Abel ace Keoma (real name: Keoma M. Pacheco) burst on to the scene in 2015, being the only non-Asian player to defend their home turf in a Capcom Pro Tour event. His range of setups and near-flawless combo execution allowed this Ensemble Dark Horse to finish in joint-7th, tied with Infiltration and ahead of top picks like Tokido, Luffy, and Gamerbee.
  • Fujimura Atsushi is possibly the strongest player to emerge from Street Fighter V's competitive run so far. Relatively new to the FGC, the Japanese player made a name for himself first as Yukadon, playing Nash and finishing 3rd place at EVO 2016. However, his real claim to fame came in Season 2 onwards, where he traded Nash for Ibuki, and became infamous for his mixup heavy play, especially in season 3 with her V-Trigger II, the Fuma Shuriken. This lead to him taking CEO, Stunfest, and Red Bull Kumite 2018, and a 3rd place finish at Capcom Cup 2018.

Smash Games

    The Five Gods 
Widely considered the five greatest players ever to play Melee during their prime, to the point where normally the only player to take a match against a god is another god. To even take a game against one of the gods is a badge of pride, much less a set (something precious few non-gods have done).

  • Mew2King (Jason Zimmerman) is often called "The Robot" due to his unfailingly precise knowledge of Super Smash Bros. mechanics and methodical playstyle. He is the only player in the scene to play both Melee and Brawl at a top level (despite his "love-hate relationship" with the latter), causing many to regard him as the best overall Super Smash Bros. player. His peak in Melee was considered to be during 2007-2008, while his peak for Brawl was considered to be 2008-2010, though in 2013 he's made a comeback for both, in particular having won 3 major tournaments in a row for the former.
  • Mango (Joseph Marquez) is the EVO 2013 and 2014 Melee Champion and was the best player in the United States from 2008-2014. He is widely considered the most popular of theFiveGods due to his charisma and his aggressive playstyle, though this can sometimes result in some Unsportsmanlike Gloating, where he will occasionally taunt in-game or not go for the kill in favor of whaling on his opponent more to add salt to a woundnote .
  • Armada (Adam Lindgren) is the only one of the Five Gods to hail from Europe (Sweden, more specifically) and is without a doubt the best European Melee player, having defeated Mango on multiple occasions, went 4 years without dropping a set in Europe, and is universally recognized as the best Peach player to ever touch a controller. In 2015, Armada won EVO, cementing himself as the best Melee player for that year. Despite the fact that he placed 2nd at EVO 2016 to Hungrybox, Armada's consistency throughout the year was enough for him to be ranked as the best player once again, solidified by winning the 2017 EVO Melee tournament.
  • Hungrybox (Juan DeBiedma) is widely considered the greatest Jigglypuff player on the planet. He was known for a time to be a "Silver King" due to the fact that he could regularly make Top 8s but did not have many major tournament victories to his name. This has changed in 2016, which has shaped up to be Hungrybox's year, and his rise culminated in him finally becoming the EVO 2016 Melee champion. Has been the #1 ranked Melee player since 2017.
  • PPMD/Dr. Pee Pee (Kevin Nanney) is generally considered the weakest member of the Five Gods, despite notable victories against the others. Currently he is on hiatus due to health issues following the Battle of the Five Gods. Known as a talented Falco and Marth player, He won several high-profile tournaments in his career, including breaking onto the scene by defeating Armada in two sets in the Pound V Grand Finals, in a match many consider to be one of the best in Melee's competitive history.
  • Ken (SephirothKen) Hoang is called "The King of Smash" for absolutely dominating the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene during his prime (2003-2007), traveling internationally and defeating top-ranked foreign players, inventing the metagame for Marth in the process. Although he was retired for years, he has recently returned to the scene and is looking to return to his former glory.
  • Isai (Jose Alvarado) was also a notable Melee pro from the early years, and was a Captain Falcon main who pioneered much of his playstyle. During this time, Isai was rather infamous for sandbagging note  in singles, as when he played seriously, he managed to be among the few to defeat Ken in his prime, made a nigh unstoppable doubles team with Ken, and even almost defeated the entirety of the then best East Coast players in the FC Crew battle by himself. He has since retired from Melee and has mostly devoted his time to Smash 64, where he is so utterly dominant in the scene that he has placed very high (and even won) major tournaments exclusively using his relatively low-tier secondaries. He was undisputably the best Smash 64 player in the world up until 2016 and is often considered the best Smash 64 player of all-time, with only wario (the best player in Japan and the current World Champion of Smash 64), Jousuke (the second best player in Japan, and the only person to ever beat Isai in a twelve-character battle), wangera (the only player who has ever been able to win a tournament set against Isai's Pikachu, albeit only for one game), and Gerson (one of the best players in Peru, who has the distinction of being the only person to ever four-stock Isai's Pikachu) being able to contest his best character(s).
  • Leffen (William Hjelte) is another big name Melee player out of Sweden. His earlier abrasive behavior made him a villain of the scene, to the point of being banned from European smash tournaments for a year in 2013, since which, while he's still not above some trash talk and speaking his mind, he has mellowed out dramatically. After his return to the scene, he started to make a name for himself with scoring wins against the 5 gods, eventually defeating each of them and earning his nickname “The Godslayer”. His crowning achievement in Melee would come with winning EVO 2018, becoming the first player besides one of the 5 gods to win it since its return to the venue in 2013. Also, in an unusual move for a smash player, he's branched out into other fighting games as well, most notable in Dragon Ball Fighterz, where he scored an invite to the Summit of Power and is most famous for a very hype and close set against GO1 at CEO 2018 that he ultimately lost.
  • Wobbles (Robert Wright) is another noteworthy Melee player, as he is the one who discovered the one trick that took Ice Climbers from Tier-Induced Scrappy to nightmarishly difficult to face. This trick was named after him, and is referred to as Wobbling, in which the Ice Climbers would wave-dash into a grab and headbutt loop, which would stagger their animations so that Pop and Nana would alternate hits and keep the opponent stun-locked, allowing them to build up damage over time, before flinging their critically-wounded opponent from the arena at their leisure. This enabled him to come in 2nd with Melee’s return to EVO in 2013. Overall, he is a middling professional player, among his other best moments being his 4th-placed finish in Battle of the Five Gods (losing to Mango in the Losers Semifinals).
  • ZeRo (Gonzalo Barrios) is almost universally considered to be the best Smash 4 player in the world. Shortly after the game's release, from November 2014 to October 2015 he went on incredible streak of 55 tournament victories, including the major events like Apex, CEO, The Big House 5 and EVO — and in the last one, becoming the first player in any game ever to go through the tournament without losing a single game. His streak was finally broken during MLG World Finals 2015, when he lost to Nairo in Grand Finals.
  • MkLeo (Leonardo Perez) was another top player in Smash 4. Previously a child prodigy, with his first Smash Bros tournament win at the age of 8 in his home country Mexico, he would later rise to be the nation's indisputed top player in Smash 4, and first became famous for decisively defeating Evo 2015 runner-up Mr. R at Smash Factor 4. He would further establish himself internationally with a win at 2GGT: Zero Saga and solidified himself as one of Smash's best with several major wins, such as winning 3 Genesis Titles in a row (third being in Smash Ultimate) and winning Evo Japan 2018's Smash 4 tournament. He's also notable for juggling an unusually large number of characters for a pro, occasionally proving the competitive viability of a character all by himself.

Other Games

  • Perfect Legend has been dominant in both the Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombat series for years. He's considered to be one of the best Mortal Kombat 9 players. He won back-to-back EVO titles in 2011-2012, and he's won multiple majors and side tournaments. and then, this happened. Whoo boy.
  • SonicFox5000 (Dominique McLean) was a dominant online gamer before he came into the FGC. While still in his mid-to-late teens, SonicFox is already looking like the next great player for the FGC as a whole. He's been completely dominant in most fighting games he's chosen to compete in, especially games by Netherrealm. He's consistently placed either first or second in most majors and recently had a dominant EVO 2014, winning Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9, while placing high in other games. And speaking of Injustice, SonicFox has won every major tournament featuring the game in 2014 after his first place finish at CEO, concluding with a win at NEC 15 (Northeast Championship) in December. SonicFox continued his dominance in 2015. He went from mid-2014 through EVO 2017 without losing an Injustice major before falling in the Injustice 2 Top 8, and he became one of the first players to consistently wins majors in Mortal Kombat X: He won the first major tournament called Fatal 8. He won the online major called ESL Season 1 and defended his title by winning Season 2 in 2016. And he won EVO 2015 and EVO 2016. Needless to say, SonicFox in very little time, quickly became the best MKX player in the world. And if all this wasn't enough, now SonicFox has the Street Fighter community on alert after he finished in Top 8 at Final Round 19 using F.A.N.G. in Street Fighter V. Given he's never played a Street Fighter game until V came out, and F.A.N.G. is seen by many as a weak character, this has got both the American and Japanese players biting their nails. With Dragon Ball Fighter Z as his newest focus, he's quickly risen to become the player to beat, and he showed big at the game's debut at EVO 2018, winning against GO1 in the grand finals to cement his place. He would even win The Game Awards 2018 Best Esports Player Award, becoming the first fighting game player to win it (Though, the contents of his acceptance speech are probably best discussed elsewhere).
  • Lord Knight is a FGC gamer, sponsored by Team Sp00ky, the same group that streams one of the major weekly east coast tournaments on Twitch. He's one of the top "Anime" fighting game players that won many majors and recently won an EVO 2014 title for Persona 4: Arena. He's usually dominant in most games he plays, including BlazBlue.
  • BananaKen is known for his excellent technical Ken play in Street Fighter games, but he really shines in ArcSys titles like BlazBlue, Persona 4: Arena, and Guilty Gear.
  • Robert RTD Combs dominated the Soulcalibur scene as the best Mitsurugi before retiring at the end of 2013. Won many major titles, including multiple EVO titles, spanning from Soulcalibur II to Soulcalibur V. Was known for wearing his cowboy hat during tournaments. Regarded by his peers as the greatest Soulcalibur player of all time.
  • Bala (Armando Velazquez) dominated the The King of Fighters XIII North American scene during a whole year. He defeated guys like Tokido and won events like MLG and the EVO 2011 side tournament. Even after being beaten by Mad KOF from Korea at EVO 2012 Grand Finals, he is considered one of the best KOF players in the world and the best Mexican e-sports competitor ever. He has been absent at tournaments in USA due to migration issues.
  • CDjr. was always a solid fighting game player, but would always fall to someone else in a major, placing second most of the time, especially Mortal Kombat 9 where he suffered some heartbreaking loses. All that changed, however, when the Killer Instinct remake came out with the release of the Xbox One. Over the next several months CDjr. has been completely dominant in every major he's competed in, until he finally won that elusive EVO title in 2014. It wasn't surprising to anyone that he became very emotional after the victory. He continues to dominate in the game, completely mastering every character, so that even counter picks won't work against him. Throughout 2014, he was considered to be the best Killer Instinct player.
  • RZR|Fuudo (Keita Ai) is considered one of the best all-around fighting game players, on par with Daigo and Justin Wong. In addition to big wins on the greatest stages (such as EVO 2011), he's also dominant in the Virtua Fighter scene, to the point that his Shun Di is considered "invincible." In Street Fighter V he has become known for coming in at second place...a lot.
  • Shidosha is an American Virtua Fighter player renowned for his prowess in that game. Despite the U.S. not having as strong as scene in VF as other games, he has consistently placed Top 10 in international competitions like Sega Cup.
  • Ogawazato (Kenichi Ogata), or just Ogawa for short, is a Japanese Guilty Gear player, and is considered one of the "Guilty Gear Gods" due to his dominant performances with Zato-1. He proved this status at EVO 2015, defeating Faust player Nage in dominant fashion to win the championship.
  • Lost Souls, came out of nowhere. He was a dominant Guilty Gear Xrd player online, who decided to try his luck at live tournament events. Since then, he's arguably proven to be the best Elphelt player in a sea of very good Elphelt players. He dominated team stink bug, the bi-monthly Anime fighting game tournament streamed by Arturo (TS Sabin) of Team Sp00ky and hosted by SKD — one of the top anime fighting game players — before attending the Next Level Battle Circuit weekly and dominating there as well. He entered his first major in December 2015 called NEC 16 (North East Championships). He cemented himself as the best Elphelt player when he beat the GG veteran Elven Shadow in Grand Finals. At EVO 2018, he came the closest any American has ever done, finishing 3rd, further cementing himself as one of the best players in the world, and quite possibly the best player in North America.
  • Kayane (Marie-Laure Norindr) is the Guiness World Record holder for the most successful female professional fighting game player, having started young and gone on to win or place high in tournaments for Street Fighter, Dead or Alive (from which she got her stage name, a Portmanteau of Kasumi and Ayane), and especially Soulcalibur, where she dominates as Xianghua.
  • GO1 (Goichi Kishida) was a relatively obscure player who was sometimes known as one of the "Kings of Poverty" for dominating obscure fighting games. He started coming into the public eye with some strong placements in Street Fighter V, but really made himself famous in Dragon Ball Fighterz, where he absolutely dominated the game's first few months and remains one of its top players, coming second in both CEO and EVO 2018 and rarely places outside of top 3 at any tournament he attends. In 2019, GO1 has been completely dominate in DBFZ winning every major tournament, with CEO 2019 being the latest, and is going into EVO 2019 the heavy odds favorite to win as well. Given that it was revealed in late 2018 that GO1 injured one of his hands and was playing many tournaments injured before deciding to take the rest of the year off to recover, many now believe he was always the best at the game, and his injury just opened to the door for SonicFox and Kazunoko to win tournaments that otherwise would have been his.

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