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Joseph pulls no punches.

Ryu, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

A Fighting Game trope, often going hand-in-hand with the Victory Pose, where after the match is over, the winner is rewarded with a shot of their character saying something interesting.

While 2D fighters will have a separate screen devoted to the pose and the quote, 3D fighters will often combine the two.

What a character says while standing victoriously over their opponent's battered body very often give players insight into the character's personality. It can be anything from waxing philosophical to gloating over their victory, from cocky (Maxi) to slutty (Lilith) to modest (Talim). A character's quotes are usually selected randomly from a few stock ones that reveal nothing about their opponent, but will often have a special one for when they defeat their Rival or another character they have a connection to. They can vary depending on which mode is being played, and even the conditions of victory in more modern fighting games.

See also Bond One-Liner. Compare Victorious Roar, the non-articulate variant. The direct opposite of a Battle Intro.


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  • Street Fighter: The screen displayed after a battle features the faces of both fighters, with the loser's face bloody and bruised and the winner's quote below. Street Fighter II only had one per character, but later games would add more.
  • Super Smash Bros.. Though many characters don't have victory quotes (being The Voiceless or The Unintelligible), a few characters do have some, like the Fire Emblem characters, Lucario, Meta Knight and Mewtwo (though in his case, only in the Japanese version, oddly enough). Marth and Ike get noticeably Out-of-Character Moment ones.
  • SNK's fighting games usually have very bad translation, leading to hilariously cheesy "victoly" quotes (except in more recent years). The King of Fighters XI's Final Boss Magaki is notable for having an individual victory quote for every character in the game.
    • One inversion from SNK: Art of Fighting story mode. Your defeated opponent tells the player where to go look for (your/your best friend's) missing sister next.
    • SNK's other series, Fatal Fury follows this most happily. Fatal Fury 2/Special had specific ones for certain fighters if they beat someone special as well as special intro quotes in Arcade mode for certain matchups (for example, Geese's fantastically narm worthy quote to Terry of "Die like your father you pin-headed son of an ice-cream maker!!") and by Fatal Fury 3, everyone had a specific win quote against everyone else (and generic ones for Vs. Mode). Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 downgraded to everyone having 2 generic quotes and only on VS Mode on the AES version. Garou: Mark of the Wolves went back to this with a vengeance, everyone having win quotes against everyone as well as generic ones.
    • For some reason, The King of Fighters '97 had no quotes. KOF2000 was notable in that it also had defeat quotes in the Continue screen.
  • The Guilty Gear series has a unique quote for every possible match combination, including ones for mirror matches, where the winner berates the loser for impersonating them.
  • Persona 4: Arena has unique quotes for most match combinations and completely unique quotes used only during arcade mode.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, fighters who have an existing relationship will have different dialog both before and after combat.
  • The Touhou Project series, being a collection of shooting games with dialogue, features many examples, but the versus shooters PoDD and PoFV, as well as the fighting games (IaMP, SWR, Hisoutensoku) contain straight examples of victory and defeat quotes.
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom gives each character a handful of stock ones, one "fill-in-the-blank" (where they refer to their partner by name), and individual ones for each opponent (in reference to the starting fighter). They're used at random.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gives each character two victory quotes per match, one spoken aloud during a Victory Pose, and the other written in a speech bubble on the next screen. There's quite an impressive selection, which sometimes leads to apparent mood swings from the victor.
  • At the end of each fight in Fate/unlimited codes, the winner makes a brief speech (it's based on a Visual Novel after all) to the loser. Usually it's something generic that boils down to "You suck," but between certain character pairs they'll say something relating to the storyline.
  • In Them's Fightin' Herds, all of the fighters (except for Paprika) manage to get in a one-liner after they win a match.

    First Person Shooter 
  • Team Fortress 2 has various domination quotes and quotes for when a team has won, but the latter had to be activated as voice commands instead of an automatic response.

    Puzzle Game 

  • Appears in Final Fantasy X. All games before that (along with X itself) stick with the traditional Victory Pose.
    • For a fair while into the game, if the right combination of characters were present, there would be one-off quotes that had to do with their current situation, both after a victory, and when starting the battle. For example, Tidus would try to act cool around Yuna from the get-go, especially in Besaid. And Yuna would be in awe of "Sir Auron" on the Mi'hen Highroad when he had finished off some enemy.
    • In additions, every playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy has several, depending on factors including the opposition's level (when compared to their own), and their remaining health. When fighting duel battles, every character is given a separate taunt against every other character (that's 144 in total). Some are really specific (such as Kuja and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX talking about Garland from Final Fantasy as if they know him because their game had a Garland as well), others are more generic.
  • Persona 3 gives the Victory Quote to the character who lands the final blow. Notably, these change late in the game as each character reaches reaches the turning point of their Character Development, and they range from pithy (Shinjiro's "Adios, asshole.") to Tear Jerkers (Akihiko's triumphant, "Did you see that, Shinji?" following Shinjiro's death).
  • Persona 5: Your party members will randomly drop various lines when you enter the battle results screen.
    Ann: Total victory, yay!
  • Prayer of the Faithless:
    • Some lines given at the end of battle may depend on doing badly, a.k.a having a party member at 1 HP, such as:
      Luke: Okay, new note: DON'T do what we just did.
    • Comments on the Victory Spoils screen depend on if there are actually any Random Drops. Such as if there's none:
      Luke: Aw, man. Talk about some rotten luck!
  • Companions in Dragon Age give these at random at the end of battles, though it's easy to miss them in the BGM and SFX. They also have Defeat Quotes if they need to be revived after combat.
  • Xenosaga would feature a quote from whichever character struck the killing blow on the last enemy of random encounters.
  • In Valkyrie Profile, each character has multiple victory quotes. The game would randomly pick one active party member to say one of their quotes after each battle.
  • Characters in The World Ends with You will comment at the end of the battle, and an additional comment if you do exceptionally good or bad during the fight. Many bosses also have victory quotes if they win.
  • The Tales Series, such as Tales of Symphonia, has these in every game. The basic form has the character who defeated the last enemy say any of a number of quotes at random, sometimes based on how well the battle went. Some games also have group victory quotes where two or more of the characters in the active party say something. Unique quotes are also used at times for certain bosses.

    Turn Based Strategy 
  • Advance Wars has win quotes for each CO. In Dual Strike, pairings that have specially-named Tag Breaks have special quotes that are quick exchanges between the two.