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No way, bro.

Troper, here's a keyboard. It might be handy if you, the master of typing, could add some scary memes here.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Resident Evil

  • Thanks to the atrocious voice acting in Resident Evil, we know that not only is Jill "the Master of Unlocking," but she almost became a Jill sandwich, too. As of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Project × Zone, both are ascended memes.
    • "STOP IT! Don't-open-THAT-door!" Explanation 
    • ...Yeah...? Explanation 
    • Did you know weapons are especially powerful against living things? Explanation 
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    • And that it looks like Forest was killed by a crow... or something. Oh my cod. Explanation 
    • "WHAT. What is this?" Explanation 
    • "What is it?" Explanation 
    • "Blood. Jill, see if you can find any other clues, I'll be examining this. Hope this is not CHRIS'S blood." Explanation 
    • "Looks like we got to the root of the problem." Explanation 
    • "I have THIS!" Explanation 
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    • Jill Sandwich. Explanation 
    • What a MANSION! Explanation 
  • 4// Itchy. Tasty. Explanation 
  • Albert Wesker wears his sunglasses at night.
  • Resident Evil: Director's Cut: DualShock OST - Mansion BasementExplanation 
  • "Chris? ...Stop it! :(" Explanation 
  • Chris unfortunately can't read. Explanation 

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

  • No matter how many times you play through RE2, Ada will never respond with "Do I look like a waiter?"Explanation 
  • "When is the remake finally being released?" Explanation 
    • The answer, incidentally, turned out to be "January 25, 2019."
  • X GON' GIVE IT TO YA! Explanation 
  • Redfieldposting/Chrisposting/FUCK MY SISTER, LEON!Explanation .
  • ClairepostingExplanation 
  • JillpostingExplanation 
  • MY EXTRACTION POINT!Explanation 
  • Okay.Explanation 
  • WE DO IT! note 
  • Mr. X by himself has become a meme in the Resident Evil subreddit, mostly for his major trolls and unending pursuits of the player.
  • Leon's faces from DP023's 500% Facial Animation series also became a meme of its own.
  • Leon misunderstanding the innuendo Ada makes. Best exemplified here.
  • Basketball player Rebecca. Explanation 

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil 3 (Remake)

  • Brad Vickers is a chicken. Explanation 
  • CORRI, SCAPPA, C'E' IL NEMESIIIS!!! Explanation 
  • "Nemesis got a nosejob!" comments became fairly common when fans saw his redesigned look with a silly looking, grotesquely placed nose.
  • When Capcom announced that they created a model of Nemesis in order to be scanned (phrased as "created Nemesis"), gamers mentioned that the company is actually a front for Umbrella Corporation. Some gamers even mention to start preparing in case a zombie apocalypse starts.
  • A lot has been pointed out about the fact that a ransacked store prominently has an unopened pack of toilet paper on the counter. Cue the inevitable comparisons to the COVID-19 pandemic and people's insistence on emptying stores of the stuff.
  • Jill's final blow against Nemesis. The first two times was done with the railgun (while smaller than the original, it still qualifies as a BFG) on its stand. The third and final time has her grab the railgun and carry it by her own two hands while shoving it in its mouth before firing. Many jokes about her taking tips from her boulder punching partner have been made in various playthrough videos.
  • Nest-3.Explanation 
  • "No, No, No. You print money! I like money!" Explanation 
  • "Bitch can't even swim." Explanation 

Resident Evil 4

  • "HULLO, STRANGEAH." Explanation 
    • "WELCUHM!"
    • "WOT'RE YEH BOYIN'?"
    • "Heh heh heh, thank yew!" and most variations of his distinctive laugh.
    • "Strangah, strangah! Now thet's a weaphun!"
  • "Saddler you're small time." Explanation 
    • "You're (sic) right hand comes off?" Explanation 
    • "No thanks, BRO!" Explanation 
    • "Hey, it's that dog!" Explanation 
    • "Where's everyone going? Bingo?" Explanation 
    • "Ada, wait!"
  • More or less anything Salazar says.
  • Leon has a flashlight on his belt.
  • I see that the President has equipped his daughter with ballistics! Explanation 
  • "Detrás de ti, imbecil!" Explanation 
  • NO WAY FAG Explanation 

Resident Evil 5

  • "...ensuring complete. Global. Saturation." Explanation 
    • "...with Uroboros..."
    • Albert Wesker has the right to have the right to have the right to have the right to be a god.
    • 7 Minutes. 7 Minutes is all he can spare to play with you. Explanation 
    • "... Complete. Global. CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!!!" Explanation 
  • "...I need an egg."
  • Chris has had ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT, BOULDER. Explanation 
  • FOOTBAAALLLLLLL! Explanation 
  • "You will GIVE me an egg!" Explanation 

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • "Welcome to the family, son." BAM! Explanation 
  • The use of the word "Daddy" for Jack being utterly abused and skewed into Double Entendre. Explanation 
  • You don't know him, but you get the feeling he's an asshole. Explanation 
  • RED SUN OVER PARADISE Explanation 
  • Every line Pete utters,
    Pete: Tonight on Sewer Gators, another worthless fucking shithole.
  • Ethan's terrible "running" speed. Explanation 
  • Jack's missing lawnmower. There is actually more than one, and they appear in various places all throughout the house.
  • Leave Ethan.Explanation (spoiler warning) 

Resident Evil Village

  • Hunk Chris is back! Explanation 
  • "Sorry Ethan." Explanation (spoiler warning) 
  • Continuing from RE2R, Chrisposting has made a grand return. With his eyes now set on Ethan rather than Leon. Him executing Mia (actually Mother Miranda) is just his way of revoking Ethan's "Married" status, so he could marry Claire instead.
  • Vampire Mommy Explanation 
  • Ethan's multiple Fingore and An Arm and a Leg moments, carrying over from 7, have led to a lot of hand jokes and how little his injuries actually matter. His perceived himboism has even led some to joke how he'll do basically anything without safety gloves.
  • Many have taken to joking that Chris' section is actually a Call of Duty game.
  • One of the villains being named Heisenberg inevitably led to a bunch of Breaking Bad jokes.
  • Lady Dimitrescu: Vampire StreamerExplanation 
  • People calling Lady Dimitrescu Explanation 
  • Motherfucker Miranda.Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Chadthan Explanation 

Resident Evil 0

  • Billy Coen can fit a grenade launcher in his pants. Explanation 

Resident Evil: Outbreak

  • Mass Production? RIDICULOUS!!! explanation