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Neither Street Fighter IV nor its sequels Super Street Fighter IV and Ultra Street Fighter IV take themselves too seriously, and generate much funniness as a result.

  • In one of Super Street Fighter IV's trailers, Guy makes one hell of a funny (and extremely out of character) face!
  • Dan's SFIV Ending. You can almost hear Yakety Sax as background music.
    • The subtitles interpret the gibberish in the beginning as *$&@%!?
  • El Fuerte's ending, where we learn just what kind of cook El Fuerte is...
    • Takes the sting off of certain rather mean-sounding winning quotes of people that beat him up, Cammy in particular.
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    • Akuma had a scathing one. not only ended his cooking career, but his wrestling career too.
      Akuma: You pursue two careers, but fail gloriously at both!
  • Dhalsim's Rival fight against Rufus has Dhalsim just floating through a Hong Kong marketplace like it's no big thing. Rufus leaps to the obvious conclusion—Dhalsim's an alien.
    • And then it's followed by Dhalsim's resulting victory quote:
    I'm NOT an alien!
    • It's even funnier when you play Street Fighter X Tekken and see that Dhalsim is still angry about that (it's his winquote against Paul, who's pretty much as intelligent as Rufusnote ).
  • Dee Jay's exchange with Rufus in Super Street Fighter IV, mainly due to how damn random it is. The Japanese version gets bonus points for featuring Gratuitous English that would make Terry Bogard proud.
    • Props must be given to Dee Jay for managing to speak over Rufus with only a few words.
  • Complete the game (read: beat Seth) as Dan in IV, and the first thing Dan says in his win quote is him asking where his prize money is, and if it comes in the form of a Giant Novelty Check.
    • Do it with Makoto and she basically says the same thing.
      • The real Dan comedy comes when fighting Oni. Dan doesn't even realize he won.
  • Guy and Bison's KO cries. "Profound, sadness..." "NOOoooOOOOooOOOOOO!!!" There are other hammy ones in the game, but these REALLY stand out...
    • Guy's Japanese KO cry is "Munnen!" (something like "what a shame") and Bison's is a Big "WHAT?!" as hammy as only Norio Wakamoto can deliver.
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    • Balrog's cry of "MY FIGHT MONEY!"
  • While nearly every character's game over screen shows them collapsing on the floor, some even crying out of frustration and anger, Cody's game over screen shows him yawning and stretching before lying on the floor to take a nap, not giving a crap that he lost.
    • Also, one of Cody's winning poses has him looking around... then very innocently whistling his way out of the scene.
    • Another variant of that pose doesn't have him whistling... but he instead says "Geez, you suck man!"
  • Yun's ending. As they boys come back home, they see a VERY pissed Houmei running up to them. What does Yang do? Trip Yun so he can't escape and Houmei can drag him back home by the ear. Fucking hilarious.
  • Using Akuma's Wrath of the Raging Demon Ultra on the opponents causes them to yell out their KO cries as Akuma beats them. Using it on Balrog results in him yelling about his fight money whilst being pulverized by Akuma. One has to wonder what's going through Akuma's head when that happens.
    • To that note, of Akuma's Ultra, Dan's imitation, Shisso Buraiken can top it. That's right, Dan's Ultra beats Akuma's Ultra.
  • Seth's Ultra's, sweet God, Seth's Ultras. They double as Narm and one constantly asks themselves (particularly for the Japanese version): "THIS guy is the final boss?" The first one especially stands out: his laughter in the first Ultra is notoriously cheesy (the English line before that was "Become a part of me...") and it basically looks like... well... you know (the victim's face makes it even more hilarious to watch).
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  • Hakan's Oil Rocket. He grabs them in a bearhug and squeezes them so hard they pop out of his arms and go flying.
  • The entirety of Zangief's rival match against Abel. Particularly the introduction cutscene:
    Zangief: You look like you're worried about something, Comrade! Fighting is the best thing to do when life gets you down! Alright, I'm going to help you out!
    Abel: Huh?
    • Even better, Abel's win quote on that particular match reveals he doesn't even realize he is fighting Zangief until AFTER winning against the Red Cyclone.
    • Since everyone has a special sound byte when defeating their opponent—which differs between normal, Super and Ultra finishes—you can finish Abel off with his Ultimate Atomic Buster, and he'll go, "I bet you feel so much better now, huh?"
    • And of course, there's Zangief's Winquote for that particular fight, which he can say right after the above moment:
    Zangief: What, that wasn't enough? If you insist, I'd be happy to throw you some more!
  • From Ultra Street Fighter IV, we have Poison's Ultras. Specially when the first one has her making the opponent kneel before LITERALLY whipping his/her ass (it's a riding crop, but still)note , or when she finishes the second with a good old kick to the groin.
  • Hugo starts off Ultra being confronted by several gang members in what should be an epic brawl. He stomps out of his trailer, making the ground shake with each step, gulps down an entire can of potatoes...and then starts bawling because he misses his mother's home-grown potatoes. It must be seen to be believed. Thus he begins a quest to become "the big potato", and he succeeds. Yes, Hugo, you ARE the big potato!
  • Elena reminiscing about all the new friends she's made in her arcade ending. Dancing with Blanka, enjoying El Fuerte's cooking, having tea with Dudley...and glomping and taking a selfie with Akuma, of all people!
  • Can't mention Ultra's new endings without Poison's. Namely, that she has a band. A band composed of herself, Hugo, Rolento, Guy, Ryu, Ken and Cody. With KISS-style make-up. Refuge in Audacity doesn't begin to describe.
  • "Medic! I've been poisoned!". No, Rolento isn't actually poisoned. He just ran into El Fuerte.
  • Combinations of certain intro quotes can create quite awkward, but funny moments. For example Oni and Sakura.
    Oni: "I shall grind beneath my heel all that exists!"
    Sakura: (with a big grin) "Pleased to meet you!"
  • The game gives you the ability to individually change the dialogue for characters from English to Japanese. In rival cutscenes, this can lead to two characters speaking completely different languages and yet understanding each other perfectly. That's funny enough, but with the right dialogue, it can be made even funnier.
    Makoto: (In Japanese) If I beat you, it'd do a lot for Rindo-kan's reputation! Put up your dukes!
    Fei-Long: (In English) I have no idea what you're talking about, but you're on!
  • Usually, Evil Ryu isn't funny, but if he defeats Poison, he becomes angry for all the wrong reasons.
    Evil Ryu: "Who DARES challenge the Satsui no Hado in heels?! You've earned this death!"
    • Made all the funnier considering normal Ryu also mentions the heels, albeit with less vitriol than Evil Ryu.
    Ryu: "I don't know how you can fight wearing those shoes."
  • One of Ryu's win quotes answers one of the most common questions in all of Street Fighter. Why Ryu doesn't use shoes? He chooses not to.
    Ryu: Shoes? No. I can certainly afford them. I go barefoot for comfort.
  • Funny Background Event: At Mad Gear Hideout, the hardened criminals, under Sodom's lead, are throwing an epically-rocking kabuki festival, of all things. Mike Haggar then appears at the end of round 2 and crashes the party. Sodom then runs away in fear as Haggar chases him.
  • Both Yang's and Yun's win quotes against Fei Long are funny as HELL:
    Yun: "Hey, are you Fei Long!? Duuuude! I'm so telling Yang about this!"
    Yang: ""Wait, you're the real Fei Long!? Hang on, I gotta call my brother!"
  • One of Rolento's downloadable alternate outfits is... A janitor. Complete with his baton being replaced with a plunger.
  • Midway between this trope and Awesome Moments: Zangief's Super intro has him wrestling with bears in the snow like other times... and it finishes with him AND the bears flexing their muscles.


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