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  • Ibuki's storyline from 3rd Strike had her politely challenging Oro to fight as her final exam of her ninja training. Ultracentenarian Oro didn't take the request too well, since he expected that the young girl approaching him was going to ask him out on a date.
  • Sean's ending in 3rd Strike. It stars with him raising his arms in victory, then fades to him on his back after his opponent beat the everloving shit out of him in the first round of the tournament while Ken tried to wake him up, meaning his ending was All Just a Dream. Oh, and his opponent in the first round was Ken. It was a curb stomp battle.
  • Knocking out Twelve with any kind of attack that makes your opponent collapse (usually a LP or LK). He croaks out a "Give...up..." before his body deflates and loses all definition, leaving what looks like a skeleton wrapped in plastic in a heap on the ground.
    • One of Twelve's victory animations is also pretty funny. He looks around to make sure nobody is looking at him, before jumping up in the air and turning his arms into wings and flying away, and letting out a "Woo-hoo!"
  • Yang's 3rd Strike ending starts as this. Two mighty street fighters are no match for a worried and pissed Tsundere!
  • The infamous groin attack in Ken's New Generation/2nd Impact ending courtesy of his 5 year old son. What makes it so hilarious is how the whole scene is shown and paced. Ken is first seen telling someone named "Mel" to attack, but we can't see this "Mel" and it's also the first time that someone named "Mel" is mentioned in the Street Fighter canon. Then the scene changes and we see Ken look as if he had been fatally injured, followed by Eliza's horrified screams. Only then do we see who "Mel" is: the tiny little kid who barely reaches Ken's knees had punched his dad in the nuts. The punchline in itself is worth several lulz.
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  • Defeating anyone with a taunt, especially Necro's tongue.
  • Gill's 3rd Strike ending has a minor one. As he's giving a speech to the people he's going to lead to "paradise", you can see many of the other fighters, who listen in awe, or at least seem quite interested. Except for Akuma, that is, who crosses his arms and looks away in boredom, as if to say "Tsk, what a load of bullshit...".
  • One of Sean's intros has him shoot a basketball at his opponent. These will usually miss, though he'll manage to hit Elena and briefly make her dizzy. However, there's an Easter Egg; you can control the trajectory of the basketball after it leaves Sean's hands. That means you can hit any character with the ball. If Sean uses his taunt in the middle of a match, you can knock him out of the animation before he catches the basketball, and it will go flying harmlessly across the screen.
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  • Elena's 3rd Strike rival is Makoto. When they encounter each other, Makoto says that Elena is creepy and thinks she isn't taking the fight seriously. Elena says just wants to be friends, which completely baffles Makoto.
  • Hugo's 3rd Strike ending has him and Poison launching the Huge Wrestling Army as the next big stable in pro wrestling. Their recruits include Alex, Ryu, Ken, Yun, Yang, Ibuki, Makoto, Remy, Twelve, and even Gill. What makes this especially hilarious is that Ken is embarrassed to be there, and is visibly horrified that Ryu is totally into it.
  • If you're doing an arcade playthrough with Twelve, try activating his X.C.O.P.Y Super Art during the SUV destruction bonus round. Twelve will stop attacking and just grab his head in agony. He can't transform into a car, after all.

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