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Alex is actually Alexei Zalazof/Biff Slamkovich from Muscle Bomber/Saturday Night Slam Masters.
  • He looks just like him (long blond hair and red headband, even), uses the same moves, and the SNSM Alexei/Biff was an American playing a Russian as part of an Allied Powers tag team with "Guile's brother" Lucky Colt/Gunloc (who was/is Joe from Street Fighter 1). All that would be needed to prove/disprove this would be a simple Word of God.
    • Not the same moves (not even close), taller, bulkier, slower, has not shown any interest in American heavy metal. And all that was ever said about Lucky Colt was that he was "rumored to be related to a famous Street Fighter"; nothing about being anyone's brother, and absolutely nothing at all confirmed. Much more likely explanation is that Alex is just a big wrestling fan who developed his style more or less around the Alexei/Lucky pair.
Necro speaks English as opposed to Russian because...
Q isn't human, but is instead an extraterrestrial of some kind.
  • Three things: one, out of all the fighters featured in the game, Q is the only one with no home stage of his own (if he's the designated "at-home fighter", the stage seems to be selected randomly); two, between the mask and the rest of his outfit, there's not one square inch of actual skin exposed (nor anything else that'd conclusively identify him as human — hair, eyes, teeth, and so on); and three, can you honestly tell me after listening to Q's theme music that it isn't a techno remix of The X-Files theme music? 5:2 says you can't.
    • Actually, there is a piece of official artwork for Third Strike in which you can see his neckline and a tuft of blonde hair poking out the back of his mask, so he's most likely a human, if not an android.
He's tall, he never speaks, he doesn't seem to have a face when he's shocked, he appears mysteriously in photos from seemingly unrelated murders, and he can appear anywhere. Need I say more?[[WMG: Q is Mr. A
  • Hardboiled-stylized? Check. Iron mask? Check. Investigator who isn't afraid to pick up fights? Check. Makes long speeches about Objectivism? Uh, OK, you win here.
Q is Watari from Death Note.
  • Think about Watari's outfit prior to revealing his face. He never spoke, the trenchcoat and hat are the same, and someone had to teach L how to fight.
Q is K from Robot Detective.
  • He's holding back a little to avoid simply blowing both his opponent and a sizable chunk of the stage into a honeycomb, so he never takes off the coat.
Q is Ginrei from Giant Robo.
  • She's much more of a shooter than a fighter in that show, and she had to disguise herself somehow - so why not cover up?
The kid from Balrog's Street Fighter IV ending is Q.
At the end of Balrog's ending sequence, we see a symbol on the kid starting to glow. Perhaps this symbol, when activated, forced the kid into a growth spurt that left him traumatized, hence Q's robotic-like movements and mannerisms and his "I am an abomination"(?) line. The same symbol might also be the reason why Q's self-destruct super never actually harms him (it makes him near-immortal), and the explosive from said super was the kid trying to kill himself repeatedly.
Q is nothing but a time lord.
Gill is the only character capable of bending the "if you die in another game, you can't respawn rule" in Wreck-It Ralph.
Well, he is capable of resurrecting, so...
Yun and Yang are Time Travelers, but they don't know it
They look exactly the same in every game they have appeared in. Yun has commented on how Ryu looks younger in his appearance in Alpha 3...which takes place before III.
Gill's assistant, Kolin, is actually Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV in disguise.
Crimson Viper has already infiltrated Shadaloo, now it's time for her to infiltrate the Illuminati as Gill's right-hand woman. When you look at the two
side-by-side, they look very similar. From the eye color, body shape, skin tone, clothing, crazy hair style, right down to the eyebrows, Kolin looks like if Viper just removed her sunglasses and dyed her hair.
Q is Rorschach banished to the Street Fighter world and possibly superpowered.

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