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  • Guy's exchange with Bison in the Western versions of Alpha 2. It's made hilarious by the fact that a person as straight-laced as him delivers a line like this:
    Bison: "Bushin style ninjas are no match for Shadaloo soldiers."
    Guy: "I've fought your soldiers. Now I've come for you."
    Bison: "My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme."
    Guy: "Yea, a supreme fat-head!"
    • A more believable break from character, in Alpha 3:
      Guy: "I don't like to interfere in the lives of others. Everything should be left as is, but I must ask one thing. Cody... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?"
  • Bison vs. Ryu in Alpha 2:
    Bison: "You're an impressive street fighter Ryu. With my guidance you could be unequaled."
    Ryu: "Who the hell are you?"
    Bison: "I am your lord and master. You will give me your respect."
    Ryu: "I'll give you something - but it's not respect."
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  • Adon vs. Bison, also in Alpha 2:
    Bison: "You have earned a place in Shadaloo."
    Adon: "Who are you?"
    Bison: "I am Bison, Lord of Shadaloo. I am the best there is!"
    Adon: "The best there was, is more like it."
  • Zangief's ending in Alpha 3. How does he stop the Big Bad's Psycho Drive (which is also a Kill Sat)? By piledriving E. Honda into it repeatedly.
  • Birdie is either a brainless thug or a Genius Bruiser. Sometimes it's hard to tell.
    Birdie: "Make me an offer."
    Bison: "I'll offer to destroy you."
    Birdie: "Make me a better offer."
    • "If such strong fighters truly exist... they must be in one of those buildings over there."
    • In his Alpha 3 ending, his attempt to obtain Bison's power consists of walking directly into his power reactor. It doesn't end well.
  • In Dan's ending, he teaches Blanka how to roll.
  • Karin's butler will come to the aid of anyone, even if they're escaped criminals or the incarnation of pure evil.
  • Bison trolling Rose before their fight in Alpha 2:
    Rose: "I've tried to warn you. [...] I'll give you a count of three."
    Bison: "1... 2... 2 1/2... 2 3/4..."
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  • In Guy's Alpha 2 stage, Cody is in the background with Jessica. If a female character passes by Cody, his eyes will wander to them and he'll start grinning. Jessica then gets angry and slaps him. See it here.
  • Sodom's butchered-Japanese lines can come off as this to those who actually know the language.
  • In her Alpha 3 ending, Karin is threatened by Bison with destruction of her Zaibatsu. Her counter? She makes a phone call, and a Kill Sat destroys the Shadaloo base.
    • The kicker? She had set it up before fighting Bison. She didn't need to fight him, she just wanted to kick his ass and then blow him up with a Wave-Motion Gun strike from orbit.
    • The following day, Karin tells Sakura what she did, ending with her laugh (described as "loud laugh" in the captions) and Sakura Face Palming at her bragging. And possibly at the fact she hadn't disintegrated Bison from orbit from the start.
  • A match between Blanka and Dan begins with a bit of slapstick: Instead of Blanka busting out of the fruit truck, Dan bursts out instead, only to be briefly stunned by Blanka making his exit.