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  • Guy's exchange with Bison in the Western versions of Alpha 2. It's made hilarious by the fact that a person as straight-laced as him delivers a line like this:
    Bison: "Bushin style ninjas are no match for Shadaloo soldiers."
    Guy: "I've fought your soldiers. Now I've come for you."
    Bison: "My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme."
    • A more believable break from character, in Alpha 3:
      Guy: "I don't like to interfere in the lives of others. Everything should be left as is, but I must ask one thing. Cody... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?"
  • Bison vs. Ryu circa Alpha 2;
    Bison: "You're an impressive street fighter Ryu. With my guidance you could be unequaled."
    Ryu: "Who the hell are you?"
    Bison: "I am your lord and master. You will give me your respect."
    Ryu: "I'll give you something - but it's not respect."
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  • Zangief's ending in Alpha 3. How does he stop the Big Bad's Psycho Drive (which is also a Kill Sat)? By piledriving E. Honda into it repeatedly.
  • Birdie is either a brainless thug or a Genius Bruiser. Sometimes it's hard to tell.
    Birdie: "Make me an offer."
    Bison: "I'll offer to destroy you."
    Birdie: "Make me a better offer."
    • "If such strong fighters truly exist... they must be in one of those buildings over there."
    • In his Alpha 3 ending, his attempt to obtain Bison's power consists of walking directly into his power reactor. It doesn't end well.
  • In Dan's ending, he teaches Blanka how to roll.
  • Karin's butler will come to the aid of anyone, even if they're escaped criminals or the incarnation of pure evil.
  • Bison trolling Rose before their fight in Alpha 2:
    Rose: "I've tried to warn you. [...] I'll give you a count of three."
    Bison: "1... 2... 2 1/2... 2 3/4..."
  • In Guy's Alpha 2 stage, Cody is in the background with Jessica. If a female character passes by Cody, his eyes will wander to them and he'll start grinning. Jessica then gets angry and slaps him. See it here.
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  • Sodom's butchered-Japanese lines can come off as this to those who actually know the language.


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