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Heartwarming / Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

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  • Gawain's ending, where he finally gets to reconcile with Artoria after convincing himself that her death in life was entirely his fault and says that, if she orders him, he will fall onto his sword to make it up to her. She instead gives him her blessing to continue his duties and outright states, "You are my pride and joy."
  • Some of each factions lieutenants and generals show signs of actually caring for those who they lead when things on your side aren't looking too great. Gawain sticks out on Nero's side, most likely because he himself has seen a war that not only claimed his life and many of those around him but that of his first King (Artoria). His reaction to realizing that his side is losing ranges from being concerned to the his allies to actually start blaming himself for not being there on time when said allies actually lose or come close to being wiped out. This is in addition to where his devotion to protecting his King (Hakuno) in the True End route results with him staying strong even when he's losing just about all his strength as he knows that you'll come to his aid. Cu, Li and Nameless to another extent but not as much although Cu starts to lose a lot of patience when his allies start to fall to the enemy's hands. Karna is your main Servant on Tamamo's faction that shows concern to his allies to where his quotes mostly directly fall into: 'Let's help our allies first.' Altera's faction is this in every aspect, though one would consider how Gil fits in considering his attitude. Jeanne and Iskandar being who they are want to be at their allies side to help them.
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  • Tamamo's Ending for her faction, despite the major failure on her part for not informing her Hakuno about her (Tamamo) own ambitions, Hakuno still cares for her. Really, Hakuno is most likely the entire reason Tamamo doesn't blast her entire faction whenever she becomes upset.
  • Altera's Ending is a mix of bittersweet as it's both heartwarming and tearjerker. While the tearjerker remains that her life as a Servant is now over in this particular route, the heartwarming comes from the fact that she was actually able to leave something good behind. Altera as a whole is heartwarming as throughout her campaign you can see her open up to Hakuno despite how she formerly treated them. As Titan Altera, she acts more like a worried mother to her child, she's concerned about your health and tries her best to keep you safe even though she admits that she has her own limits with things like cooking and making human-sized items like cages (hey, at least the cage keeps her from accidentally killing you). Titan Altera is also very polite and as Hakuno says quite a lot, 'beautiful just like a goddess'. Hero Altera actually starts to tone down from her stoic and strict self around Hakuno since they cure her from the poison Gilgamesh inflicted her with. By the time you face Nero's army in proper who's blocking her off from saving you, she's urgent to reach you on time to where she'll happily crush any opposition just to make sure that nothing went bad. Even during her final moments in battle, her determination to be the one to finish off her own self (Sephyr) shows her change in personality. Her final talk with you said battle mentions how she felt since she met you and shows her actual emotions to where she completely manages to confess that she loved you at first sight. Before she even fades away for real (on her journey), she wishes you to keep smiling and continue your own dream even though hers has ended. As an equally heartwarming response, Hakuno uses the Regalia to send their memories back through time to the same parallel past timeline that Archimedes fled to so that the Hakuno of that timeline can stop the villain and save Altera. It really goes to show how much Altera and Body Hakuno mean to each other.
  • The True End Route is this in a big way. One could say it fulfills the dreams of both Altera (both the Hero and Titan as a whole) and Fate/Grand Order's Attila. This route while it is played by Nero, actually focuses on Altera as the main drive is to save her and stop Archimedes from causing any more harm. Mind Hakuno, thanks to the memories of the Body Hakuno, can understand how their other self felt when seeing all these memories and desires to save Altera no matter what to which Nero quietly responds to and agrees. In the end, thanks to everyone's help and to Nero severing Altera's connection to the Umbral Star, Altera (now as a young girl), can live a normal life outside of a warrior which was the dream she wanted in this game (it's also the same wish that Attila wanted in Fate/Grand Order). Talk about going through so much just to give someone the dream they wanted to come true and actually pulling it off. Also, seeing both Tamamo and Nero working together for the greater good of everyone's sake and putting aside their bitter rivalry is very heartwarming considering that both have quite the problem with controlling their emotions over Hakuno once the Mind and Soul aspects combine.
    • In addition to bringing Altera's dream of living a normal life outside of being a warrior to life once she's brought back to life as a young girl, you give her another beautiful dream come true, a real family. If the True Ending picture showing Hakuno, Nero, Tamamo and young Altera shows, Hakuno, Nero and Tamamo live together despite the rivalry between the two Servants. Now Altera gets to live a happy life being with those three. Nero and Tamamo are easily seen as mother-like figures although the former is more like a mother. Depending on Hakuno's gender, they are can either be seen as Altera's father or another mother to her.
  • Jeanne's Side Story Ending: We actually get to see more of why Ruler joined up with Altera despite the latter being meant to destroy only. Jeanne most likely could tell since their first encounter that Altera didn't enjoy killing and destroying everything that was in her way and saw that as something that normal humans wouldn't want either. Combined with how Altera's real dream and desire are more human and pure than that of a 'looming force of doom', Jeanne could possibly see how Altera resembled herself (Jeanne) than something that only seeks destruction. Even when Altera pleads for her to flee from the area when she's about to turn into Sephyr, Jeanne stands her ground and makes it clear that she, Ruler will not allow Archimedes from getting his way much to Archimede's frustration as she sees Altera as an innocent and pure woman and that she wants to know more about her.
  • Nameless is still a big softie inside, even if he try to hides it. After all, according to Extella/Zero, even when he know his original master in the Moon Cell Grail War - Female Hakuno - will disappear, he still fights on and aims for a "though he couldn't bring her to full victory and she didn't survive, she was satisfied"-ending. And with the implications that this version of Nameless actually won the war, it makes it somewhat less bittersweet.
    • Another for Nameless. His Side Story certainly doesn't start to end like this but it ends on this. While Nameless laments on the fact that his own timeline was deemed a 'failure of a dead end', he states that there's a difference between that timeline and this timeline. He pinpoints his reason as you, Hakuno (of Nero's faction) as his Master is far more optimistic and filled with determination to win at all costs. He says this is the reason why they (everyone in Nero's faction and possibly every single Servant and being on the Moon Cell minus Archimedes) all have potential and that's why Archimedes should just give up. It's heartwarming because Nameless here is explicitly putting his firm belief and dreams that he has remaining all on you and knows that you won't fail those who look up to you. In Nero's route and in the True End route, you make this dream of his come true and in a way allow Nameless to have a dream that never backfired on him once in his life once again. There's still hope that your ideals can come become entirely true Archer. Bonus points if you want it somewhat tearjerking by having your Hakuno being Female. Not only will you look identical to Nameless' former Master, but he will be able to look at her through you and be able to realize that by having their dream being completed through his current Master, they Nameless' former master, Female Hakuno and himself have truly been able to complete their original dream to a certain extent if not entirely. It's only somewhat sad since by looking at you Female Hakuno, he's somewhat forced to remember all those memories both good and sad from his very own past.
    • Nameless might just be the most overprotective version of Archer who is Shirou Emiya at the core. Near the end of his Side Story, he mentions how this timeline's Hakuno didn't fall in mid-battle alongside him like his former Master did back in his own timeline. He already made it clear he lost to Altera in battle and survived due to an error. Yes, this version of Archer who by the time Altera showed up was already worn down and burnt out to where he was most likely in no condition to fight anymore put in his all to stall an unstoppable opponent known as Altera (who in general is shown to be one of the most destructive beings in the series) in his own timeline in order to give Female Hakuno more time to survive. Even though they both fell while fighting Altera, it goes to show how caring and devoted Nameless was to his fallen former Master.
  • Just like her 'pride and joy', if you unlock Artoria and use her in Free Battle, one of her quotes when you take over a Sector that originally belonged to the enemy is: 'We have taken the sector. You should take it easy now.' Keep in mind that she's the only Servant who calmly tells you, her Master that you should relax a bit as she can handle the rest of the fighting when you end up fighting and take over sectors. Likewise like Gawain her quotes when you save an ally sector come down to: You should also make sure to keep an eye out on your allies as well. This is coming from someone who previously has seen her own life as a King as a failure but now she's brushed that aside and sees you as the next King and wants to help ensure that you don't fall down the same sad path she once took.
  • In the True End path, Nero tells Altera that even if she thinks she's (Altera) a monster that she can still change and continue to follow her dreams. Nero also says that they are more similar than different as she as well was seen as a monster in her own life before she became a Heroic Spirit. This is touching considering Nero's pride. Additionally her use of her Noble Phantasm in the cutscene wasn't to harm Altera but to show the latter the beauty of living true to your dreams even when all seems lost.
  • Karna is a walking Heartwarming Moment for Tamamo's team. Every other member of the team dislikes mostly every other member, but Medusa and Liz both exhibit a little fondness towards him, and even Lu Bu under Mad Enhancement only chastises Karna for implying he's not as strong as he could be, rather than being enraged. Likewise, Karna cares for them as well, and often urges you to protect them as fast as possible. His relationship with Tamamo deserves special mention, as he's the only member of her team to both genuinely like being around her and being her friend, and display genuine loyalty. He maintains that if she was evil, he'd cut her down in an instant, but he knows that she's good inside and as long as she's with Hakuno, that will never change, and he makes it his mission to protect their happiness. In his side story, this goes as far as convincing Tamamo to rest while he singlehandedly defeats both enemy factions and the Final Boss for her.
    • Karna's Nice Guy personality also has caused Tamamo to act more polite and respective when the conditions call for it. During his Side Story, when Karna heads out to fight Altera's forces for the first time, Tamamo requests to tag along however Karna calmly and considerably tells her to stay behind and act as their army's leader by giving directions instead. Tamamo, as Karna narrates, was recently injured when Altera's forces surprise attacked them not long after they had suppressed Nero's entire army. Karna knows that Tamamo before was not one to 'save' SE.RA.PH. at all until her near defeat at Altera's hands caused her to prioritize the safety of SE.RA.PH. and everyone on the Moon Cell from the Umbral Star's forces. This change in Tamamo's personality makes Karna happy and goes forward in battle to make her proud. When she requests to fight alongside her most trusted ally, Karna politely tells her not to since for starters, Tamamo is in no condition to be on the front lines while still recovering from her injuries and second, Altera's forces are much stronger than Nero's. Tamamo can sense the truth in his words and thanks Karna for all his services and wishes him the best of luck. This is not really shown in any other Side Story for those in her faction, so the fact that she actually admires and humbly respects Karna without questioning or ignoring him anymore is incredibly heartwarming as it shows their faction's leader's character development.
  • Heartwarming on Saber Artoria's end in her second stage's ending scene. Tamamo (who had just lost) accepts her defeat and allows Artoria to kill her without resisting but pleads that she spares Soul Hakuno by not destroying her own ring/regalia since without 'her' Hakuno, the Moon Cell will have no more Masters left. Artoria tells Tamamo that she had no intent on causing harm or to kill anyone or anything on the Moon Cell, regardless of those in her way being good or bad. Of course this is confusing if she actually did harm anyone at all seeing how she would at least hurt the pride of her opponents at the very least. Also heartwarming from Tamamo as she once again shows her pure and unwavering love and concern towards her Master even if her life has to be lost but this does enter tearjerker moments as Caster knows that she has lost the fight and her life is now in the hands of her opponent.
  • It may seem out of place that whenever Body Hakuno is in danger or whenever their faction is struggling that he doesn't take direct action considering just how overpowered he is but it makes a lot of sense if you know how much trust and faith he has in their master. Gilgamesh knows full well that Hakuno is by far one of the most potent Masters in existence, from sheer determination to being a devoted leader who cares for those around them (makes sense since Gilgamesh in Extra CCC witnessed Hakuno trying to save him while they were about to be deleted but they refused to give up despite the serious pain they were suffering from). He wants to see Hakuno develop even more and start to handle situations without the need to rely on outside help. Only when the scenario at hand proves to be too much for them does Gilgamesh step in and 'fix' the problem. The biggest part that shows up is when he interrupts Archimedes conversation with Altera in her Story Arc. Seeing that Hakuno has done everything they could do and that things are only getting worse, Gilgamesh enters the picture and proceeds to utter wreck him and mock said Caster for his arrogance. It doesn't seem very cheerful since his tone is quite sarcastic and deadpan as usual but he does care greatly for Hakuno in every sense. When Altera is busy guiding her faction during Gilgamesh's Side Story, upon realizing what happened to Body Hakuno, the King of Heroes begins to demolish Nero's faction very quickly down to fighting Nero herself just to get their master back from said enemy Saber so Altera can be happy again. Even when facing down Nero in her Regalia Form, Gilgamesh refuses to back down since he's come too far to just give up.

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