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Headscratchers / Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star

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Timeline Screwiness

  • The game claims that the Umbral Star/Velber passes through the Solar System every 14,000 years, but it seems like the only time it attacked the Moon Cell was on its last pass. Why? According to Fate/Extra, the Moon Cell pre-dates the Earth itself, so did the Velber just not notice it for several billion years? Or was it just a mistranslation that it's a cyclical visit, and the visit 14,000 years ago was its first time at Earth?
    • Presumably it didn't notice. Though more likely it was the first time. Then again I doubt anyone except Velber or the Moon Cell could say for sure since it happened wayyyyyyy before anyone else even existed.

  • Gilgamesh claims that Altera spared his father during her original rampage, and this is why he decides to aid her, in payment of that debt. But according to Sumerian records/legends, Gil's father, Lugalbanda, ruled Uruk around the year 3000 BC, about 9000 years after the White Titan's attack. Was Gilgamesh just lying to Altera, or is the game suggesting that Uruk is a LOT older than everyone thinks it is? (Not to mention the idea of the White Titan sparing anybody is highly suspect.)
    • Only Gilgamesh himself or his father could explain but first and foremost he makes it clear from the start that he was mainly there to sate his curiosity and amuse himself.