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  • In spite of his Memetic Loser status as well as association with toxic players among the fan base, canon Viktor is a surprisingly nice person. His lines are mostly consisted of reassurances and encouragements. At the beginning of every battle, he usually starts by praising teamwork. Getting an elimination? He will assure his allies that he has their backs. Losing the battle? He will tell everyone that they have nothing to be ashamed of. Threatening his friends? He will state under no uncertain terms that he will hunt you down. In the Strix teaser, he can be seen giving Strix a big bright encouraging smile and Strix certainly respects Viktor back if in-game lines are any indication. In overall, Viktor is easily one of the most unambiguously good character in the game.
  • Inara's champion teaser really highlights her guardian personality. She is shocked to find an unconscious Cassie and goes to her aid. When the enemy strikes, the first thing she does is create a wall to protect Cassie before jumping into the fray. Afterward, she carries Cassie away, who wakes up and smiles at her rescuer.
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  • In Lex's champion teaser, he saves Pip from being gunned down by some thugs and even offers him a hand up.
  • Seris' champion teaser shows that she's not as evil as she looks when she heals Viktor after he collapsed from injury.
  • As much as they loathe each other, Ruckus does laugh at one of Bolt's jokes.
  • Every champion is grateful when being healed and always thank their healer. Even the more surly champions like Ash, Androxus, and Zhin appreciate healing.
  • From Terminus' champion teaser: Talus hugging Cassie after she saves him from Terminus' wrath. Too bad Terminus doesn't stay down for long.
  • Meta: In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, Hi-Rez Studios brought back the fan favorite Summer Chest (along with SMITE's Freedom Chest) at half price and the proceeds will go to the Hurricane Relief Fund.
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  • Every champion has an animation that allows them examine their weapon in detail. How does Moji do this? By having Po-Li turn their heads around and stare at her (and by extension the player) while she pets them both. Awwww...
  • The Rise of Furia trailer has two notable heartwarming moments:
    • Sarah standing up against the Magistrate to protect her sister. When she unsurprisingly fails, Sarah turns to the church of Eternal Pyre and asks for the strength to avenge Abby. Her main motivation as Furia is to destroy the abyss so that none would suffer the fate of her sister again.
    • Magistrate has a Pet the Dog moment of their own, when they not only forgive Sarah for attacking them, but also give her a lock of hair from Abby as a Tragic Keepsake.
  • Furia's weapon inspect animation has her open a locket containing pictures of her and her sister.

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