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Heartwarming / Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

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  • One of the quests in Vierzeberg involves a Vagabond and Beefy Runaway. They've both left their homes and are largely on the verge of starving. With every quest you do, they slowly become more independent to the point where eventually they are capable of getting their own home.
  • In the Hill Plaza, you'll find that a couple goes through numerous medical issues between them, with one having a disease that will likely kill them in a few years. She at first breaks things off so he doesn't have to suffer when she does pass on, but they eventually decide to remain together and enjoy the time they have.
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  • After visiting the village and collecting the flower petal, Ayesha has a dream of her sister and how close they were. The memory shows that despite losing their parents, the two were close to one another without a doubt.
  • Ernie has been friendly with Ayesha and Nio so much that they consider him to be something like family.
    • Same with Regina, who they consider to be a big sister given she taught them how to cook and sew.
  • Bell's Great-Grandmother sends a letter asking for her to continue to support Wilbell, showing she has her best interest in mind.
  • Marion and Linca ultimately put their mission to capture Keithgriff on hold solely for Ayesha's sake, since he has alchemic knowledge that can save her sister.
  • Keithgriff spent the time that Ayesha was trying to save Nio calling out to her and setting her at ease by telling Ayesha was working on it.
    Nio (repeating his words): Just have a little more patience. In time, your sister will come save you...
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  • Glide, Regina's Boss, gradually comes to like seeing Marion when she asks to enter the mines and Regina asks her to continue.
  • A boy from Regina's village gradually decides he wants to go exploring and asks you to bring him things to make it possible. Once you do, he departs from his village until he makes it to Hornheim and thanks you for making it possible for him to travel.
  • When Regina decides to quit being a prospector, Glide and the others decide to name her last great work, a bridge to last well after she's gone to help them with travel, after her.
  • The story of how Harry nearly broke his family in order to help the people during the crop crisis 12 years ago. It's only because of that many lives were spared. It not only saved Fred and encouraged him to become a baker, but it cemented himself as a very caring, if eccentric individual.
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  • After dealing with Linca's sister, Linca is worried that she's caused nothing but problems for Marion. She feels differently:
    Marion: Saving you and keeping you by my side were both my decisions. There is nothing for you to worry about.

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