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Heartwarming / Prince of Persia

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  • In the original game, the Princess sends out her pet rodent to help the main character at some point via opening a door that the Prince himself cannot reach. In the end of the game, when the hero and the princess are happily reunited and share a hug... said rodent comes into the scene and watches them happily.
    • The sequel, The Shadow And Flame, showing the Prince go through even more harrowing adventures to be reunited with his lover, eventually destroying the evil vizier for good, after he had usurped his place and taken over the kingdom while the sultan was away at war.
    Narrator: The princess awoke, and saw, once again, the man she loved.
  • At one point, while exploring the ruins of a once great city, the Prince is knocked unconscious in a room that was once a throne room, and has a vision of a beautiful woman revealed to have been his mother. The city was the place he had been born, and the woman the queen of its ruler. When its monstrous enemies were at its gates, the queen stood by her husband during his final battle, but sent her newborn son away, so that he might live. Thanks to her guidance, he seeks out the Flame, the one weapon that can destroy the Vizier body and soul, once and for all.

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