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  • Many of the Ikari team's endings qualify with their defrosting of Leona.
    • Specially in 97, where she cries after hearing her father's voice kindly speaking to her in her heart, then sees Ralf and Clark's silly antic to make her smile... and she does so.
  • Despite how annoying Rose can be, the scene in XIII when she's released from Botan's Brain Washing and falls in the distressed Adel's arms is oddly sweet. Specially due to this quote:
    "To protect Rose as her brother — that is his role. It would never change, come hell and high water... In the end his memory was completely gone, but a strong sense of fulfillment remained. Adelheid succeeded in protecting Rose"
    Rose: "W-what have I...?"
    Adel: "It was a bad dream, Rose. I'm here now."
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  • The 97's endings of The Psycho Soldier Team and The Women's Team are both so, so cute. Specially when Athena teleports to help Ill Girl Kaoru when she tries to walk and falls off her wheelchair and when Chizuru hears her dead sister Maki's voice in her mind, telling her to be happy. (The second might be Harsher in Hindsight, tho, considering what happens to Chizuru and Maki in 2003.)
  • The Fatal Fury Team's 2000 ending. Terry has apparently died after the last fight and the destruction of South Town, and Mary narrates what has been going on in a rather melancholic tone. At the end, however, she steps in a warehouse where she's supposed to find some burglars, they're already beaten up...and the one who did it was Terry, who stands in the doorway and smiles.
  • Even if they're non-canonical, Kula's Sky Stage endings are rather sweet. Specially her solo end and the ones she shares with Kyo and Athena.
  • In the KOF 94 manga by Tatsuya Shinjyouji, two moments stand out:
    • The first volume gives us Jan retrieving King's discarded KOF invitation letter and telling her to stop sacrificing her happiness for him and her business. This leads King to accept Mai and Yuri's offer to team up with them.
    • In the third volume, the slight Tear Jerker of Kyo telling Yuki, after the Deadly Game that almost got her killed, that he isn't worthy of her kisses and affection leads to one of these: when Kyo leaves Japan in a jet plane to keep on fighting, he looks through his window... and smiles tenderly as he sees Yuki watching him go from the rooftop.
  • In the middle of the HUGE Tear Jerker that is Elisabeth, Shen and Duo Lon's ending in KOF XIII which shows Elisabeth mourning Ash being ret goned, there's a subtle but sweet moment — Shen and Duo Lon waiting for hours for Elisabeth to recover from her massive ordeal. Despite how she's the only one who remembers what actually took place, both guys keep looking after her. Even when Shen complains about it and wonders why are he and Duo Long doing this, he doesn't leave.
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  • In Iori's ending in XIV, he teams up with Kyo and Chizuru to prevent Orochi from fully awakening. It's one of the rare moments where Iori puts aside his hatred of Kyo, and Kyo himself even decides to help out Iori willingly.
  • Antonov cements himself as a good guy overall when he willingly blocks a blast from Verse to an innocent child caught in the crossfire. Hopefully he survives the attack.
    • Several special teams also get their own ways of heartwarming moments during these scenes. In particular, there's the Japan Team where while Nakoruru tried to finish her job alone, Tung prevents her and tells her believe in Kyo's team who's moving in to defeat Verse. In China Team, Terry encourages Shun'ei to go wild as the last student of Tung regardless of his connections with Verse, which he did.
  • For a musical heartwaarming moment, the vocal version of Tachi bou ke, the Psycho Soldier Team's theme in XIV. The translated lyrics reveal that it's sung from Kensou's perspective. It's a slight Tear Jerker though, as the theme itself may as well be called "Friendzone: The Song". The lyrics are about Kensou's multiple attempts to admit his true feelings to Athena, yet they always fall on deaf ears.

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