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As a moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Funny Moments from the Games
Lesson learned — NEVER interrupt King's date!

With all of the contestants that flock to KOF every year, you're bound to get plenty of moments of levity throughout the series on many occasions.

Individual Games

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    General/Dream Match Games 
  • The fact that, no matter how many times the tournament was run/interupted by the Monster of the Week, no one has even considered to ban the tournament, even though it would usually foil whatever plan the Big Bad had. It also doesn't help that, even before Rugal hosted the KOF in '94, the winner of the original KOF got kidnapped, yet even he acted surprised that the guy hosting the tournament was evil.
    • Kyo and Yuri even lampshade this in XIII, and Terry takes a shot at the fact that every KOF tournament had someone corrupt in charge in '06.note  Terry even puts it very succinctly after he beats Re Verse in XV:
      Terry: Another mysterious monster butting in? Wouldn't be KOF without it!
  • Goro Daimon has a special move, Jiraishin, where he hits the ground with his hands and causes seismic waves, which knocks the opponent off their feet if caught off-guard. In the older games, whenever he did it with his opponent and said opponent's teammates on sight, the teammates would fall to the ground as well.
  • Shermie vs. Brian's special intro in KOF'98 Ultimate Match. He keeps shouting "WOO! WOO!". This annoys her so she walks over and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Even then, he lets out one last "WOO!" as the fight begins.
  • Billy's special opening against Iori is understandable, given what happened at the end of '95. What's less expected is Eiji Kisaragi teleporting in to shake his fist at Iori and then teleporting away before he's spotted.
  • Yashiro would rib on someone who's got business with the Orochi bloodline outside his own team such as Iori, by using Chris's "Oh no... He looks strong..." (and ending with "...NOT!"). So how was this funny? Well, switch him to the more monstrous Orochi Yashiro, and he'll do the same while still in the crueler form (the same intro is used in KOF 2002 and its Unlimited Match release, albeit with Yashiro saying Shermie's "I won't like it if it hurts..." [and still ending with "...NOT!"]).
    • And even as Orochi Yashiro, he still lets out a Big "WHAT?!" upon defeat (aside from in XV where he gets unique KO quotes from his regular form).
  • Some of the HSDMs in 2002 Unlimited Match range anywhere between cool as hell to downright overkill, and then there's these:
    • On some occasions, whenever you do Mai's HSDM, she'll, well, expose herself quite a bit, ending with a little serenade before the opponent is embued in flames and flung across the screen!
    • Shingo's has him wail on the opponent briefly, but then forget what he was doing right in the middle of it, pull out his book to remember the right technique, and then finishes them off! Keep in mind that the opponent is stunned as Shingo is frantically reading his book, too!
    • Whip's has her pull an Indiana Jones and just straight up shoot the opponent in the face!
  • Heidern's Finger Gun (being his normal Blowback in older games, Stinger (dp+P) from XIV onwards) is apparently so strong it knocks opponents on their ass. Silly? Yes, very much so. Is it still badass since this is Heidern we're talking about? Yep. Still checks out.
  • Get two characters who have a projectile and projectile deflector, not absorber (e.g., Athena or Adelheid/Rugal), have one throw out a projectile, then have the other deflect it, and rinse and repeat. Congratulations, now you're playing projectile ping-pong!
  • Shingo manages to be a bundle of joy and laughter in just about every game he's in. Between the occasional Face Plant after his Oboroguruma (which is outright weaponized in 2003 and XI), the fact that he carries a book that contains all of the Kusanagi techniques he's learned on him (as discussed right above), and the signature SHINGO KIIICKU, it's hard not to crack even a smirk whenever he's on the screen. The cherry on top, though? His voice actor is none other than Takehito Koyasu himself. The JoJo memes just write themselves!
    • One of his winposes from 2001 and 2002 is especially hilarious considering the gigantic shit-eating grin he has on his face as he's singing -
      Shingo: (singing) Aka, ao, ki iro, murasaki no, kobushi ni yado ta, a, mada da no ni.English 
  • In any game where the fighters' teammates are watching watching the fight, some of the reactions are hilarious.
    • When his teammate loses, Joe suddenly falls on his ass and points at the winner in complete shock.
    • When her teammate lands a hit, Mary puts her clasped hands at the side of her head in a "Isn't he dreamy?" type of pose. When her teammate loses, she stomps in place like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
    • If Yamazaki loses a round, he spends the rest of the rounds face-down with his butt in the air. If his teammate wins a round, he gives a thumbs-up while keeping the same pose.
    • Chris spends the fight listening to music and not paying attention at all. While his pose does change when his teammate lands or takes a hit, he doesn't look up until the round is over.
    • Iori spends the fight with his back turned. He only glances over his shoulder in annoyance if his teammate takes a hit or loses the round.
  • Several of 2002: UM's endings are comedy gold:
    • The '97 Special Team: Hey, look, Blue Mary sunbathing in a bikini! Never mind Billy doing his laundry, or Yamazaki getting his toe nipped by a crab...
    • The Asian Triple Alliance Team: Why would Jhun and Shingo ally with Lin to begin with? Turns out they've set him up for a prank - namely, sticking a wig on him.
    • The NESTS Bosses Team: Krizalid and Clone Zero's panels are rather dignified and badass-looking... and they're juxtaposed with a chibi Original Zero (complete with chibi pet Glaugan) and Igniz holding a pair of binoculars, scared shitless by a Mars Person. The jokes write themselves.

    The Orochi Saga 
The King of Fighters '95

The King of Fighters '96

  • The very first line seen in the Hero Team's story?
    Kyo: F-Fudge! Then how about trying this on for size!
  • The little jig that Chizuru does as one of her victory poses. Considering the kind of person she is, there's something oddly funny about her doing that.
  • Goenitz showing up and destroying the arena, leaving it a decrepit, forlorn mess? Not funny. An Athena cosplayer hanging on for dear life while your characters are fighting the madman that destroyed said arena? Hilarious.
    • Among the rubble that's flying across the stage, some of it includes various pets, umbrellas, and even the SNK logo.

    The NESTS Saga 
The King of Fighters 2000

    Tales of Ash Saga 

The King of Fighters XI

  • The Art of Fighting team's ending in XI pictured above — Ryo and King are in a fancy restaurant waiting for Yuri. When the waiter shows up, it turns out to be Yuri in disguise, a fact Ryo and King notice immediately. A second waiter shows up, and it turns out to be Robert. It is at this point we actually see the ridiculous disguises they're wearing; Yuri is wearing a bushy mustache while Robert is wearing Groucho Marx glasses. At which point Takuma shows up, dressed as the manager (and wearing the Mr. Karate mask as his disguise), and offers them a key to the penthouse. King promptly throws a fit.
    • For bonus points, the Anti-Kyokugen Team's ending (Eiji, Kasumi, and Malin) ties into it - they are in the same restaurant, attempting to ambush the Sakazakis, and when King gets pissed at the rest of the family trying to get her to shack up with Ryo, the Anti-Kyokugens end up getting it too.
  • Kim's Justice Will Prevail speech in the Fatal Fury Team Ending from XI. What makes this one different from all the others? The fact that Kim is drunk off his ass... after one single mug of beer.
  • The Garou Team's ending has Jenet and Tizoc celebrating at the Pao Pao Cafe while waiting for Gato and the rest of the Lillien Knights to show up. However, instead of Gato, it's actually Hotaru that shows up looking for him instead. Unfortunately for poor Hotaru, the Lillien Knights also show up and overwhelm the girl, where she winds up at the table and is constantly asking for her brother. Cut to Gato right outside, already making a break for it while leaving Hotaru to fend for herself!

The King of Fighters XIII

  • In XIII's Story Mode, Heidern sends a task force consisting of Seth, Vanessa, Blue Mary, and Ramon to investigate the area around the tournament.
    Seth: All units, I want a status report.
    Vanessa: This is Vanessa. I'm investigating the area around the stadium...but there's too much ground to cover. I haven't found anything. I need something specific to go on. I can't just search an area this big for anything "out of the ordinary." I feel like a lost tourist.
    Mary: This is Mary. I'm in the slums, dealing with an...unsavory individual. (scene pans to reveal this to be Duck King) I haven't come across anything of note.
    Duck King: Oh, come on, girl! It's so sweetdiculous to see you again, but you ignore me and talk on the phone? That's not cool, yo!
    Mary: Oh, would you shut up?
    Ramon: This is Ramon. I'm at the Pao Pao Ca... I mean, I'm reconnoitering some shady eating establishment.
    Chang: Hey! They brought your grub! Can I have some?
    Choi: You're falling behind! Better empty your glass before your next drink arrives!
    Ramon: Uh, err... The menu here is very suspicious, Sir. I'm not drinking...Honest. (let us note he does look pretty shitfaced here)
  • Team Fatal Fury's ending in XIII: During the victory celebration, both the Bogard Brothers are congratulated by Mai (who embraces Andy) followed by Mary with Anton (who approaches Terry). As Joe takes note of both of them being fawned over by girls, much to his jealousy, he is seemingly embraced by a woman from out of nowhere. He cheers initially until he asks her who 'she' is only to discover it to be the same transgender man he saved in 2003 who, unfortunately, looks nothing like a woman with stubble, despite the makeup. Cue a horrified Joe trying to run off, got caught, and end up looking like he's Deader than Dead... And if you read the introduction texts from websites that chronicled what the team is doing before XIV, it turned out that it really happened regardless of how the canon went, and Joe was still traumatized.
    • The Women's Team Ending has several of the Action Girls in the series partying in the Pao Pao Cafe, almost all of them drunk their butts off. (Save for Hotaru and Hinako, who are too young for drinking so they eat cake instead.) It ends with the drunk ladies (Mai, Yuri, Jenet, Malin, Xiangfei, Kasumi and King herself. Vanessa is there too but she's the only one here who seems able to hold her liquor and stay out of the fight) openly squabbling like high school girls over themes like their strengths in battle and their own love lives. In front of the totally embarrassed Hinako and Hotaru and a weeping Richard Meyer.
    • The Art of Fighting Team ending has Yuri being asked by an interviewer about what would be the ideal husband. Behind her, Robert is holding a ring box, working up the nerve to ask for her hand in marriage. Takuma notices this and stomps Robert's foot before he can say anything. Robert responds in kind and they go on stepping on each other for the rest of the scene. Meanwhile, Yuri is trying to pair up King with her brother Ryo, who seems oblivious to both this and the squabbling behind them.
  • Many of the XIII pre-battle intros are quite funny, as the writers have everyone snarking at each other and making snide remarks about character traits they're infamous for. The best ones are:
  • Having Team Kim fight against Team Yagami in XIII's Story Mode, in which Kim tried inviting Iori to join his Tae Kwon Do dojo, and even prepared a taekwondo uniform just for him. And if not enough, he also invited Hwa Jai and Raiden to the sport as well (He offers the Chang-sized dobok for Raiden). Hilarity at its finest.

  • In SNK Gals Fighters, unlock Kyo's girlfriend Yuki and manage to reach for the final stage. Io— er, Miss X, the final boss, totally freaks out. And it goes downhill from there.
  • Terry's response to Jivatma vaguely threatening to kill him "to be used as materials" causes Terry to let off what is otherwise kind of a Precision F-Strike in King of Fighters '06's goofy dub.
    Terry: OK, look. If you're not gonna tell me what's going on, I am not gonna just stand around here, waitin' to get bitch-slapped!

Funny Moments from other KOF-related Media

  • From the KOF:KYO manga's third and last volume, Vice and Mature... re-arranging Iori's tiny apartment to make it cozier. Iori simply can't believe it.
  • The Tatsuya Shingyouji KOF '94 manga has the Women's Team vs. the Psycho Soldiers match in the second tome. First King sends Yuri into an Unstoppable Rage on Kensou via [showing her a hand-drawn picture of Mr. Big, which makes Yuri go into a frenzy, and towards the end Chin attempts to get King drunk to knock her out... and it works WAY too well.
  • In Ryo Takamisaki's KOF: G, the rendition of Joe's infamous "mooning" taunt while fighting Iori, Mature and Benimaru.
  • The '97 laserdisc has Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru commentating throughout the whole thing. Though there are yet to be subtitles, one can imagine the banter between all 3 of them.
    • During the Orochi Iori and Orochi Leona section, Kyo and Chizuru are commentating and midway through, Iori breaks into his Orochi form.
    • Also at the very end of the Laserdisc, Kyo and Chizuru end their commentary with a cheerful "Sayonara!", while Iori comments with a simple "Adieu".
  • This entire Neo Geo DJ Station skit (in animated form, no less), featuring the (original) voices of Kyo, Iori, and Mai themselves! The highlight of which being that Kyo and Iori shout "SOBAYA!" (as in, Soba noodles) before beating the crap out of each other while poor Mai and Jubei get caught in the crossfire!
  • On the left-hand side of the remake of King's stage in XV, there is a food cart with a neon sign that says "Popcorn" and "KOF" on the side. Only the first and last two letters of "Popcorn" are lit up. You figure out the rest.
  • What a nice coincidence that Luong's KOF XV character trailer happened to drop on June 9th... or, well... you know.
  • Some of the responses to Clemence Bellamy's interviews on the KOF XV website are worth a chuckle.
    • Iori, for example:
      Bellamy: What do you do on your days off?
      Iori: Who cares?
      Bellamy: Why did you join this tournament?
      Iori: That's none of your damn business.
      Bellamy: Have any fighters piqued your interest?
      Iori: Shut it.
      Bellamy: What would you do with the prize money?
      Iori: Get lost.
      Bellamy: So you're teaming up with Kyo Kusanagi this time.
      Iori: Got a death wish?
      Bellamy: Have anything to say to your fans?
      Iori: Nope.
      • K' is similarly unwilling to say anything to Bellamy, making it clear he's annoyed he has to participate in another tournament that he didn't want to be a part of.
      • While Iori and K' at the very least say something to Bellamy, the same can't be said of Gato... who can only coldly tell Bellamy to stay out of his way.
    • When asked about the prize money, Andy's response is that he'll replace the AC unit at home. Guess it gave out after he left it on during the last tournament.
    • Apparently Clemence isn't afraid to bring up the fact that Antonov, his former boss and the host of the previous tournament, has 75 separate lawsuits. Antonov laughs it off and claims they'll all be resolved in the next five years or so.
      • Then Bellamy asks Antonov about his relation to the organizer of this tournament.
    • Benimaru, being Benimaru, joins the tournament so ladies the world over can get an eyeful of his gallant figure.
    • According to Chris' own words, it seems that Yashiro and Shermie aren't exactly the most financially competent folks around. Let this be a friendly reminder that he's also the youngest member of CYS, which makes it all the more amusing that he knows Yashiro and Shermie are far from financially competent.
    • King of Dinosaurs' "answers" just consist of roaring and growling, while Bellamy grows less comfortable with every question.
    • Ash's answers pretty much make him come off as an Adorkable Cloud Cuckoolander with just how nonchalant and (somewhat) dismissive he is towards Clemence. And his response when the latter asks him if he has anything to say to his potential fanbase?
      Ash: Coucou~♪
    • Kukri's answers are an absolute goldmine of hilarity, ranging from threatening to sue Bellamy over asking what he does in his free time, to admitting he's only really interested in fighters with nice legs, to asking Bellamy to get his opponents cancelled on social media to make it easier for him.