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Tear Jerker / The King of Fighters

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  • The King of Fighters 2000: While in other teams' endings Kula's just standing on Zero Cannon with intentions of destroying it, in her ending she succeeds and promptly plummets from orbit. Candy catches up to her and shields her. She survives and all that is left from Candy is her head calling her "Friend". Kula hugs said head and weeps... and no one can blame her.
  • KOF 97. The Sacred Team's ending. Two phrases: "Defeat Orochi and do with Yagami! And like 1800 years ago, protect Kushinada!" and "I'm waiting for you, Kyo!". The first time I got this ending, I wept like a little girl.
  • XIII, of course, has the sacrifice of Ash Crimson. Elisabeth's reaction to his erasure from time followed by the credits montage of his youth as any traces of his existence (save for his headband) are erased is pretty hard stuff to take without sorrow. Double when the credits also include a certain poem by Robert Browning, which finishes like this:
    "God's up in his Heaven, all's right with the world"
    • Even worse in the end of the VERY spoileriffic "long version" of the OP: Evil Ash turns to the screen, smiles sadly and whispers something as he disappears... then the scene changes and we see who is he actually talking to: Elisabeth, who is on her knees in a flower field not unlike the one seen in their childhood photos from her team's ending. She tearfully tries to reach for Ash, and when he's fully gone she breaks down sobbing as a petal-filled wind blows around her... and the infamous Door closes.
  • The ending of the New Face Team in 97. As Orochi still can't revive on its own, Yashiro rips Chris's throat with his bare hands and does the same to Shermie. The Tear Jerker comes when he comforts the dying Shermie as she dies, promising to follow her and Chris in death. And once she's a goner? He fills his word. Sure, killing your own teammates and friends is a dick move, but when it's done like this you feel more sad than angry for the culprit...
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  • The King of Fighters XI: The ending of Kyo & Iori's team. Many a player couldn't help but gasp and feel sorry after seeing Shingo beaten up by Orochi Iori to the point where he's almost UNRECOGNIZABLE. And this is the friendliest and most optimistic Joke Character ever to come from a fighting game!
  • With Rock being added into XIV, players now get to actually see him canonically interact with Geese, and it's nothing short of heartbreaking. Rock openly calls him out on abandoning their family. Geese, on the other hand, doesn't even acknowledge Rock, as evidenced by the fact that he has no special win quote against him.
  • For a musical Tear Jerker, there's the vocal version of Tachi bou ke, the Psycho Soldier Team's theme in XIV. The lyrics are sung from Kensou's perspective, and are about the many times he's tried to confess his feelings to Athena, yet fate seems to continue keeping them separate.

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