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Heartwarming / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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Despite having no real story mode, the game has its fair share of Heartwarming moments.

  • Obito, when you finish Kakashi with his Ultimate Jutsu, says "It's ok, Kakashi. It's ok. You don't have to suffer like that anymore."
    • Likewise, if the opposite happens, Kakashi says "I won't throw away your old values, even if the present you rejects them!"
  • Pick Kakuzu and Hidan as support and do their Team Ultimate Jutsu. Hidan will ride one of Kakuzu's masked beast and slash his opponent, landing on the ground and starting his ritual. While looking and shooting point-blank range at Hidan, Kakuzu acknowledges his partner and says "After all, you're the only one suited to be my partner." When Kakuzu attacks Hidan with his super attack, the ritual transfers all the damage to the poor fellow standing in front of Kakuzu while Hidan seems like he jizzed in his pants from the pain.
  • The Far Reaches of Hope. A Ninja Escapade that consists of a short anime flashback of Minato back in the days when he was living with Kushina and was the Jonin leader of Kakashi's team. This one in particular elaborates on Kushina's relationship with Minato's team, particularly Obito. It ends with Kushina sharing a "don't you dare die on me!" moment with Obito before they depart, and a flashback from Kushina's conversation with Minato the day before, where she states she wants her son to grow up like Obito — reckless and stupid, but greatly treasuring his beloved ones. Said son does indeed.
    • It then goes on full-blown Tear Jerker and Harsher in Hindsight when the following scene shows the Shinobi Alliance facing Obito and Madara atop the Ten-Tails, with Naruto declaring the world will not end and Obito declaring it will. And even more so when, considering how well Obito got along with Kushina, you remember that Obito was directly responsible for her death along with Minato's.
  • When Iruka finishes off Konohamaru with his Ultimate Jutsu, Iruka's quote is "You have a long way to go before you surpass Naruto!" along with a shot of the villagers throwing Naruto in the air after his victory against Pain.
  • Naruto and Hinata's Team Ultimate Jutsu. Especially if you use it as Naruto, where the Secret Factor that triggers has Naruto saying "Thank you, Hinata! It's all because you've been at my side." After the explosion caused by their Ultimate Jutsu, Naruto and Hinata are shown still Holding Hands, and Naruto Fist Pumps while Hinata's Luminescent Blush is visibly shown.
  • Some of the Ally Events:
    • The event that unlocks Minato and Kushina has Minato request the player to get him a flower that Kushina asked him for before he heads out to a mission. Said flower was actually a revitalizing flower for Minato to use on himself so that he could go to the mission completely energized. Bonus points if you're playing it as Naruto.
    • Konan and Nagato's event has Konan asking you to find a paper airplane she lost on the island. Why is that paper airplane so important? Because it was made from a paper given to them by Yahiko before his death.
  • During this friendship scene, Asuma is in desperate need of money to pay the enormous food bill that Choji indirectly gave him. Everyone there pitches in to give him some money, even Kakuzu! (Though in his case, the money "mysteriously" fell out of his pocket.)