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Awesome / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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  • The opening for the game, which features all Naruto characters in a free for all.
  • Mecha-Naruto's True Awakening, where he summons a Humongous Mecha version of Kurama, complete with transformation sequence.
  • Naruto and Hinata's Combination Attack mimicking canon events. She blast the enemy with her Vacuum Palm, Naruto then holds her hand, gives her some of Kurama's chakra, and they combine her Twin Lion Fists with his Rasengan for massive damage.
    • All of the Combination Jutsus count. Some of them also border on Funny/Heartwarming depending on who's teaming up to do the attack.
    • (Nearly) every Ultimate Jutsu is this, especially if you can finish with them, triggering a momentary flashback...until you start Whoring them and hitting with them three times per match, or if you just see them that many times.
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  • The final fight against Mecha-Naruto's Nine-Tails Mode. The fight starts out stacked against you, with you against the aforementioned True Awakening permanently on, with ridiculous hit-boxes and shield-break on his attacks and an irritating dose of Immune to Flinching to boot. But by triggering your own Instant Awakening and playing aggressively, you can almost keep up with him...until your health gets low enough that you can get your own True Awakening — an Animal Battle Aura of the real Nine-Tails, which is just as big and strong as Nine-Tails Mode, allowing you to fight him on equal terms, in a clash of the titans, and show him who's the real Nine-Tails and the best.


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