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Funny / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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  • Naruto, Iruka and Konohamaru's Team Ultimate Jutsu. The three fire Fuuma Shuriken at the opponent, knocking him/her into the air. Then both Naruto and Konohamaru use the Sexy Jutsu on Iruka. The ensuing nosebleed is so powerful that Iruka is propelled towards the opponent like a missile, causing a heart-shaped fireworks explosion upon contact. Konohamaru and Naruto fist-bump over the successful prank, and then Iruka gives them both Cranial Eruption.
  • Pre-Time Skip Team 7's Team Ultimate Jutsu involves Naruto and Sasuke leaving Sakura behind and assaulting the opponent on their own. Then Sakura reveals that she placed a rope trap. We're treated to a Reaction Shot where Sakura winks at the audience with a smile and stars in her eyes; Naruto performs a confused Quizzical Tilt while looking vaguely Kitsune-like; and Sasuke looks visibly worried. Cue Sakura pulling the rope and capturing the opponent, Naruto, and a Ninja Log (Sasuke used the Body Replacement Technique to avoid capture).
    • Also, after Naruto kicks the opponent in the air, Sasuke uses Naruto as a stepping stone. If you look closely, you can see Naruto being clearly angry at Sasuke.
  • Konohamaru's Harem Jutsu. The opponent is surrounded by attractive bikini-clad women and are blown away by the ensuing not-nosebleed or if they're Not Distracted by the Sexy, just sucker-punched by a Rasengan. Now imagine it working on the likes of Madara Uchiha.
  • Hashirama and Madara's Combination Attack. It's just Madara and Hashirama trying to show up each other, ending in an explosion caused by the combination of Madara's Playing with Fire techniques and Hashirama's Wood Release Jutsu.
  • Rin, Kakashi and Minato eating the lunch Kushina brought to them while Kushina is in the background scolding Obito for his bratty "tough guy" attitude. Even better in which the scene cuts to Minato and Kushina back in their apartment right as Kakashi is about to take off his mask to eat.
  • The non-canon premise of the game's main story mode allows for some hilarious "What If?" scenarios between characters who would otherwise never meet on amicable terms. Special mention goes to Madara and Hashirama really playing up their sibling rivalry while a flustered Obito watches.
  • A lot of the Friendship Events:
    • In one event, Minato, Kushina, Konohamaru and Iruka are watching Naruto, Hinata and Sakura, under the assumption that the two girls are fighting over him. In reality, Sakura is scolding Naruto for not sticking to his diet and Hinata is trying to be peacemaker.
    • One event has Mu, the Second Mizukage, Kakuzu and Tobirama asking the Fourth Kazekage for some of his gold dust to fund their respective villages and Akatsuki. Everyone accuses Tobirama of lying when he claims to want it for Konoha's sake, instead accusing him of wanting to use the funds to develop shiny new jutsu, since he's "that kind" of person. Then Shino comes and asks for some of the gold scatter over himself so that he'll finally stand out. Everyone's reaction is a visible silence. And as if that wasn't enough, Asuma comes with a strong determination that can be felt by everyone present. Asuma's reasons? He told Choji the food was on him and as a result, his wallet was emptied out and he still didn't have enough to pay the enormous bill. And afterwards, everyone gives Asuma some money before leaving. And when everyone leaves, Asuma starts sobbing "Why me?" And then there's the message after Kakuzu leaves.
      "Strange...for some reason some money fell out awkwardly from Kakuzu's pocket and landed on the ground quietly."
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    • Deidara hears about a meeting of "unique" people and is upset about not being invited, likening "unique" to the success of his Art. Said unique people? Bee, Hidan, Juugo, Kabuto, Guy and Lee. Hidan is rambling about the Jashin path, Bee is rapping about the path of Rapping, Juugo is voicing his killing urges, and Kabuto is talking about how their bodies would make good research specimen and samples to be part of his body before muttering about finding his true self. Guy and Lee are being their usual selves. Deidara can only watch this unravel with a dumbfounded look and decides he's glad he wasn't invited because it wasn't a meeting of unique people, just lunatics. Tobi joins in afterwards, yells that Deidara is an idiot out loud prompting him to come back. Tobi then declares Deidara would like to join them.
    • Sai is looking for a model to pose for him. Among his candidates are Ino, Temari, Fuu, Karin and Tenten. What follows is a discussion between all girls about how they take care of their appearance and Karin coming out as the most feminine out of them in regards to taking care of appearances, prompting the other to admit defeat. And then Haku of all people joins in with a 30-minute rant about taking care of nails. They then head out to talk more about beauty care and Sai is left alone with no model.
      Sai: I see...this is how it ends...
    • Jiraiya peeks on Yugito and Mei near Orochimaru and Tsunade. After explaining it's for his book, Konan and Nagato come. Nagato explains Jiraiya's book left a very strong impact on him. But after Jiraiya explains he's writing porn novels, Orochimaru comments that Nagato and Konan's respect of Jiraiya sunk. Konan even take a few steps back. Afterwards, Yugito ponders if she should do something about it, while Mei tells her to just let Jiraiya be, with the ulterior motive of enjoying the attention.
    • Danzo, Hiruzen, Roshi and the Third Raikage gather to talk about how they look forward to witnessing the future their younger brethren will bring, with Danzo being pessimistic as always. Hiruzen urges Danzo to look around and see the motivated young ones of today. Shikamaru is exhausted from being driven around by Ino and Temari, Yamato is the same but in regards to Kakashi, Ukataka is muttering about how he needs money and wasn't made to be a wanderer, and Neji is tired from Lee and Guy's antics and having to deal with Tenten's resulting bad mood. Afterwards, Danzo is gloating to Hiruzen about how the future is uncertain in the hands of ones so sluggish, but when he turns around...everyone else already left.
    • Mifune, Zabuza, Suigetsu, Sasuke, Darui and Kisame gather at the Land of Iron as swordsmen. The ensuing conversation ends with them deciding to fight to find out who is the best swordsman among them. Suigetsu is confident in his skill with the Kubirikibouchou and tries to draw it...only to realize Zabuza still has it in this continuity. It ends with Darui praying for Suigetsu to pass on peacefully.
    • The gathering at the Hidden Cloud Village to discuss who is the strongest, which ends with Hashirama spilling that Madara can't relieve himself if someone is near them, resulting in the two bickering like the old rivals they used to be.
    • Kakashi, Han and Onoki hold a barbecue party on them to celebrate the tournament's success. Kimimaro reveals himself to be quite the Big Eater and ends up in an eating contest with Kiba and Kankuro. Kakashi expresses concern about the check and has a bad feeling about this despite Onoki's claims that he can afford it and Han backing it up saying they'll be helping too. And then Kakashi's bad feeling is proven to be accurate when Choji appears...and Kakashi bails. It ends with the screen turning sepia and the captions "...No one needs to imagine Onoki and Han's fate...After the incident, the two of them had this to say: 'Hatake Kakashi, you will not be forgiven...'"


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