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Heartwarming / Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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With all these crazy epic antics happening on screen, Storm 4 reminds us that this is still Naruto, after all.

Video Game

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    Main Game 
  • The Secret Factor following Team 7's victory over Kaguya, which shows just how much Kakashi has come to care for his students.
    Kakashi, then: "Hmm...How should I put this? My first impression is...I hate you all."
    Kakashi, now: "(As of now...I love you all!)"
  • During the Final Battle between Naruto and Sasuke, a small deviation occurs where Naruto falls into the water after their Indra's Arrow and Dual Rasenshuriken collide with each other. Despite falling more into the lake bed (similar to Jiraiya's death), Obito, of all people, comes to him as a spirit to push him back up, then Kakashi, and everyone else Naruto helped over the course of the story in an homage to the eighth Shippuden opening, "Diver", topped off with a poignant speech from Obito, about how Naruto opened so many people.
    Obito: didn't just reconnect Kakashi and me...My heart was so hardened, yet you...And it wasn't just me. You opened up a lot of people's hearts as well. Enemies (Haku and Zabuza). People surrounded by hatred (Gaara). People who rejected the other villages (Granny Chiyo). People who were hurting inside (Nagato). Even the Tailed Beasts (Kurama). You were even capable of solving the problems of the world itself! Now...there's only one person left. It should be easy for you to save a stubborn friend, right?! (Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu).
    • Nagato and Konan being among the people to help Naruto and are seen next to their former master Jiraiya.
  • During Adventure Mode's "Angels and Demons" sidequest, we find out why Sai was acting so strange...more so than usual. He overheard Sakura, Ino and Tenten trying to teach Hinata about 'reality' and showing off Naruto's bad qualities so that they wouldn't fight in the future. Not only does it not work, but Hinata manages to turn all of Naruto's bad qualities into good ones. The girls and Sai were stunned at how much Hinata loves him and how accepting of him she is, leading back to the subject of angels and demons, since the girls were the demons for talking smack about Naruto while Hinata is the angel for not focusing on his bad qualities. Sai was so touched by this that he thinks Naruto is a lucky guy to have Hinata, because she's close to him and cares about him.
    • Not only that, we learn in a flashback that when Naruto won a fight against Sasuke in Part I, he didn't know that Sasuke was hurt, leading to Naruto asking Hinata for some medicine in secret to treat Sasuke's wounds without letting the others know about it.
    • In a different flashback, Naruto invites Hinata to eat together at Ichiraku Ramen, because ramen tastes better when he eats it with someone. Then at the end of the sidequest, he tells her that they should eat ramen together again sometime, because it's fun eating with her once in a while.
  • During Adventure Mode's "My Sweet Older Sister" sidequest, Hanabi stalks and later challenges Naruto to see if he's good enough to be with her older sister Hinata. Naruto doesn't recognize her at first but sees the similarities she has with Hinata after she stands up again and again after losing their duel. This gets Hanabi to have a great deal of respect for him.
    Hanabi: I guess my sister always "understood" who he was.
  • During Adventure Mode's main quest, Sakura doubles as a Cool Big Sis and The Matchmaker as she accompanied Naruto on his mission with Hinata, in the hopes that Naruto and Hinata would get closer and start dating soon. Since this takes place before The Last: Naruto the Movie, it didn't work out as well as she hoped, but the adventure did bring Naruto and Hinata closer and they got to know each other a lot better, leading to Sakura thinking the mission was a success.
    • As funny as it seems, Kakashi formed the mission in the first place in the hopes that Naruto and Hinata would get together. He really is looking after Naruto's happiness.
    • At one point, while Naruto and Sakura are waiting for Hinata to arrive for their next mission, Naruto starts talking about how amazing Hinata was when she tried to save him and fight Pain. Even though she lost the battle, Naruto states "she still looked awesome." Sakura encourages Naruto to tell Hinata everything he just said to her because it would make her happy. Naturally, he's confused about this, but he exclaims "It won't change the fact that she's awesome!" While Sakura is exasperated about this, the scene pans over to Hinata, who is hiding nearby and just looks so happy upon hearing Naruto's words. When Hinata joins them later, Naruto notes that she's in a really good mood.
    • Later, at the end of that mission, Naruto says it was amazing to see Hinata stand up to Neji during the Chunin Exams preliminaries, even though she lost the battle. Sakura is surprised that Naruto even remembers the fight at all, but Naruto proclaims that "Important memories like that are shut up deep within my heart!" Sakura scoffs, but she notes that Hinata looks happy upon hearing that a memory Naruto has of her is important to him, so she deems this a good thing.
  • Some of the Secret Factors that involve Naruto and Hinata count as this:
    • When Kurama Mode Naruto uses his Tailed Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken, the Secret Factor that triggers has Naruto telling Hinata "I can't be letting you see anything uncool coming from me!" Although the Heartwarming part is lessened because this Secret Factor can be triggered only when Naruto is fighting against Hinata.
    • Whenever The Last Naruto fights against someone, some of the Secret Factors that can be triggered have Naruto saying the following quotes, which are accompanied by screenshots from The Last:
      "I decided that we'll be together forever. I can't let things end here!!" (The picture is of Naruto offering Hinata water from his hands when they're on the moon during the Hanabi Rescue Mission.)
      "I got this strong in order to protect what's important to me!!" (The picture is of Naruto and Hinata witnessing a meteor crash outside of Konoha.)
      "I'm gonna protect my bonds! If you try to stop me, I'll just blow you away!!" (The picture is of Naruto saving Hinata from being kidnapped by Toneri's puppets.)
      "I finally figured out what's important to me! That's why..." (The picture is of Hinata knitting her red scarf in her house.)
  • Shikamaru's Tale DLC has a few of these:
    • In "Bonds of the Hyuga," Shikamaru finds Naruto and Hinata visiting Neji's grave together. Hinata relates that she owes Neji a lot because he took good care of her before the War. In her flashback, Neji and Hanabi team up to spar with her, and after Hinata wins the match, Neji informs her "You are by no means weak," while Hanabi tells her she's super strong. In the present, Hinata says everything Neji taught her is still etched in her heart, and Naruto says Neji's Heroic Sacrifice is part of his and Hinata's connection now. The event ends with Shikamaru silently telling Neji that he should relax and keep looking after everyone.
    • In "Red Memories," there's Kushina's Unstoppable Rage at Minato, Kakashi and Obito for forgetting Rin's birthday. She gets twice as mad after it turns out it was just a stupid joke from Obito and they never forgot at all.
    • In "Shadow and Wind," Shikamaru piggybacks Temari from the Konoha Forest to the Leaf. Temari turns red from embarrassment and shyness. Ino mentions later that she actually enjoyed the ride.
  • From Gaara's Tale DLC: Kankuro tries to forgive himself for, sometimes, still seeing his little brother as the monster he used to be. As it turns out, Gaara has already forgiven him a long time ago. As a result, Kankuro wanted to erase his brotherly feelings for Gaara to be a better support for him as the Kazekage, as he felt personal feelings were in the way. Of course, Gaara won't have any of this and bluntly refuses, saying that beyond the bonds they have with the other villages, his greatest treasure is his siblings. After a rapid sparring match, Kankuro finally gets closure to the past.

    Boruto's Tale 
  • Sasuke taking the time to spar with his daughter Sarada.
    • Extra Heartwarming is what happens after the fight. Sarada's upset that the fight ended too soon for her and that Sasuke wanted to focus on Boruto instead, so what does Sasuke do? He pokes her forehead like his brother Itachi used to do to him, putting a big smile on her face.
    • Sarada's winning quote after the fight is "This more important than anything to me...Dad..."
    • Sakura helps convince Sasuke to spar with Sarada.
  • While Boruto tries a new bean jam paste, he overhears Sakura, Ino and Temari talking about Naruto. Sakura and Ino bring up the time Kakashi enlisted Team Asuma to help Team 7 with their teamwork. After the fight, Naruto insists that they fight again for Team Asuma's benefit since they took time out of their training to help Team 7 and that Naruto didn't feel like it was right for only one team to benefit from the experience. After hearing the story, Boruto leaves the restaurant with a big smile on his face.
  • After sparring with Boruto and Sarada, Sakura throws out her back and orders Boruto to carry her back home. Boruto's reluctant but Sasuke arrives and offers to do it himself. Despite initial reluctance, Sakura happily gets on Sasuke's back and he carries her home. A small moment that shows that Sasuke does care about Sakura.
    • During Sakura's initial reluctance to get on Sasuke's back due to Boruto and Sarada being there, Boruto suggests that maybe he should be the one to carry her back. Sarada immediately shushes him as she wanted her parents to have a moment.
    • If you talk to Sarada after the mission, she'll tell Boruto that Sakura is clumsy and can sometimes be annoying, but she finishes the sentence in her head thinking that despite those flaws, she still loves her mother.
  • Despite the fact Boruto started a flag-gathering contest with them for no reason, roped his team in it and gloated about beating their score, Shikadai and Inojin decide not to tell Team Konohamaru that it took three of them to beat the score the two of them set because of how happy they were.
  • While wandering around the village, Boruto notices Gaara, Temari, and Shikadai together. Boruto runs up to them and asks Gaara to tell him any cool stories about his father. Temari then tells him about the time Naruto, Sakura and Sai helped Gaara learn how to work in pairs. After the training Gaara told them that the training helped him learn how to fight in impromptu pairs. Naruto expressed his confusion as he felt that everyone worked so good because they were allies. After the story ends, Gaara tells Boruto and Shikadai that they should strive to make allies that they could trust like he and Naruto did.
    • After Gaara leaves, Shikadai notes that Gaara's eyes are gentler when he talks about Naruto. Temari then notes how Shikadai can notice things like that but he can't notice that Gaara looks gentler when he talks to him since they're family.
    • Even though Boruto doesn't completely understand what Gaara meant by the word "ally," he'll still keep it in his heart and will make sure he won't forget it.
  • Sarada, Mitsuki and Rock Lee trick Boruto into seeking out Kakashi and Guy to teach him that learning from your elders is important for the growth of a ninja.
    • Guy tells Boruto the story of when Naruto and Sakura asked Guy to spar with them so they could get stronger. Guy pointed out that rushing wouldn't be good for their growth but they responded with that despite that rushing isn't good, they couldn't just wait around and do nothing. Guy admired their drive and accepted their request.
    • After the fight, Guy realized that they pushed him really far and notes how he couldn't wait to see how Naruto and Sakura grow.
  • Naruto taking the time to spar with Boruto.
  • In the "Finding Himawari" sidequest, Himawari is missing and naturally, Hinata is worried. Boruto decides to help look for Himawari and runs around the village asking people about the whereabouts of his sister. In the end, Boruto finds Himawari at the Graveyard, visiting her deceased uncle Neji.
    • After receiving a clue to Himawari's whereabouts from Sarada, Boruto heads to the Hokage's office and asks Naruto about Himawari. After Naruto explains what Himawari was doing there, he asked if something was wrong. After Boruto explains the situation to him, Naruto immediately begins to freak out and was about to drop everything to help. Boruto replied that it wasn't necessary and he can handle it. Naruto agreed to stay in the office but told Boruto to come to him if he needs help.
    • After Boruto and Hinata find Himawari visiting Neji's grave, Himawari asks Hinata who was stronger: Naruto or Neji? Boruto finds that a dumb question and tells her that their father's obviously stronger since he's the Hokage. Hinata instead tells them a story of a sparring match that Naruto and Neji had after the Invasion of Pain arc. Neji got the upper-hand in the fight and revealed that the fight was to teach Naruto that no matter how strong you get, you should never get too cocky or let your guard down.
    • Hinata ends the story by telling Boruto and Himawari that while Naruto was the stronger of the two, Neji was important in leading him to his true strength. Naruto arrives and added that Neji was a strong ninja and that everyone had to continue moving forward so that they wouldn't disappoint him.
    • At the end of the mission, we find out why Himawari was running around the village. She brought flowers for Neji's grave and vegetables so she could make her father ramen...all from her own allowance. It's small but it shows that Himawari loves her family.
    • The whole ending to the sidequest. Despite Boruto pointing out that Naruto does not like vegetables, Naruto eagerly chows down on Himawari's vegetable ramen, with Hinata telling Boruto that a parent will always love what their child gives them. Boruto and Hinata then ask if they could have some of her ramen too and Himawari happily complies. It's a nice moment that shows how close the Uzumaki family is despite Naruto's work as Hokage.


  • The fact that the main cast of Boruto, including Himawari, are added to the final Ultimate Ninja Storm video game by the Expansion Pack. It's not just Naruto and Sasuke whose heirs will get to fight alongside their parents.


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