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Heartwarming / Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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  • Spider-Man 2099 agreeing to save Mary Jane.
    Amazing Spider-Man: I owe you, Miguel. Big time.
    Spider-Man 2099: Shockin' right you do. But... maybe this'll help even the score for everything the world owes you.
    • Prior to that, when Peter finds out that MJ will die, Miguel attempts to tell him the importance of maintaining the future over the life of one person. Peter's response is angry, yet extremely heartfelt:
    Amazing Spider-Man: My future is meaningless without her!
    • Followed by, upon being saved, Mary Jane (apparently catching on to where Miguel really came from) telling Spider-Man 2099 he's worthy of the Spider-Man name and Miguel responding that Mary Jane has no idea how much that means coming from her.
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    • When Miguel saves Mary Jane and she asks if she can talk to Peter (at first thinking he has a built-in cell phone in his mask), Miguel responds that they can do that when this is over, and that they'll have their whole lives together. A nice statement on its own, but especially given that the way he phrased it sounded like Miguel knew enough about their future to use those words specifically.
  • The great lengths Miguel goes to in order to make sure Peter's life is saved.

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