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The game just plain wins at these.

  • Pogo's chapter is essentially him just trying to make Bel as comfortable and safe as possible, including fighting a cult and a T-Rex to make sure she's alright, Precocious Crush or not.
    • And at the conclusion of his chapter, when all is said and done, the first actual word he says - the first word spoken by the human race - is "LOVE!"
  • An especially good example is the end of Mechanical Heart, where Darth finally overcomes his Fantastic Racism and befriends Cube.
  • The fact that you can save Watanabe's dad in the Ninja Chapter can be heartwarming on its own because of how they're treated in every other chapter. (Though it ruins the Pacifist Run because you have kill the man who is about to kill them.)
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  • Despite everything, that little boy never stops believing in Oersted.
  • Ultimately, the final ending where everyone is resuming their lives normally after all those multi-dimensional hijinx, and at least freeing Lucretia from the terror of the Demon King. With appropriate heartwarming music as well. Even Oersted, who — while running into Tear Jerker territory — at least gets Dying as Yourself and Heel–Face Turn statuses.
    • Pogo returns in time to witness Bei give birth to their child.
    • The Xin Shan Quan inheritor reopens the school and trains a new generation of martial artists in the memory of his/her master.
    • Oboro becomes a bodyguard for Sakamoto Ryoma, and helps safeguard the future of Japan.
    • Sundown Kid returns to his lonely life as a drifter, only to encounter Mad Dog once again. However, the ending implies that this encounter might be more peaceful.
    • Masaru closes up his gym and hits the road as a travelling warrior, looking for the next challenger.
    • Akira reunites with the other children of the orphanage
    • Cube reunites with Kato, his creator, and sees Earth for the first time in his mechanical life.
    • While there is no happy ending for Oersted, the Epilogue shows life returning to Lucretia, implying that the curse of the Demon King is broken for good.

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