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Heartwarming / Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings

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Unmarked spoilers below!

  • The last sequence of Chapter 9, wherein the twins inspire Roger to stop wallowing in his misery and restore the Heavenly Flower Garden, and the three finally reunite with Honette in the Heavenly Flower Garden's atelier. Everyone involved cries from the sheer catharsis of meeting their beloved family after all this time.
  • After overworking and burning out, Lucia runs away from home; it falls to the twins to find her. Having read Lucia's workbook, the twins know Lucia hates working and is succumbing to the pressure of heavy workloads and maintaining Atelier Borthayre's reputation; after they get her to tearfully admit as much in person, they reassure her that as childhood friends and family, it's okay for her to rely on them if she needs help, and that she need not cast away her pride as the heir to the vaunted Atelier Borthayre or her need to be a role model for the twins. Lucia thanks the twins, and the crisis ends, deepening the already strong relationship they shared.
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  • The end of Chapter 10, after the twins reconcile and report to Honette. The whole family then fulfills another promise Roger made to Honette to take the family on a vacation through the Mysterious Paintings, complete with a heartwarming vocal track.
  • Firis' level 70 friendship event: early on, Firis is established to feel guilty about leaving her and Ilmeria's atelier to go traveling, and believes that Ilmeria resents her for it. After the twins strong arm her into finally asking Ilmeria about it, Ilmeria tells her that she does not resent her at all. The tension melts away as Ilmeria tells her that she understands Firis' love for travel, and that she'll wait for her to return so they can run an atelier together.
    Ilmeria: "But wherever you go, and whatever you see, in the end make sure you come back to me."
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  • Alt's level 80 friendship sequence: after recreating the fertilizer recipe that he and Plachta first created 500 years ago, the twins take him to Firis' tent, where he presents Plachta with their creation. The two share a joyously tearful reunion, captured by CG, where they reaffirm their childhood dream to use alchemy to make people happy and where Alt swears on the bottle of fertilizer that he will never lose his way again. For both of them, this is a reconciliation that they've wanted for years, and for Alt (Luard), the final boss of Atelier Sophie, this represents a happy end for his character arc through the Mysterious series, where with the help of the twins, he has found redemption and friendship at long last.
    Alt: "After 500 years, I've suffered, and I've hated. But in the end, that led me to Sophie, and Firis, and both of you special girls. This is the start of a new era. An era in which alchemy will be used to save people. If I can make the smallest contribution to that. If I can see just a little of it for myself... Then all these long years of life will have been worth it."
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  • The end of Sophie's level 70 friendship sequence, where she finally fulfills her goal to make Plachta human again, and Plachta greets her:
    Plachta: "So this is your warmth. We've been together a long time, but this is the first I've got to experience it. You're so warm. So warm, Sophie!"
    Sophie herself can't help but cry from the sheer catharsis of her accomplishment.
  • The end of Sophie's level 80 friendship sequence, where she and Plachta reconcile after a fight that starts when Plachta offers to part ways with Sophie so she can find her own happiness. Sophie affirms to Plachta that Plachta's presence in her life is what makes her happy, and the two promise to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • The scene where the twins finally synthesize the Pastels of Unity, and Ilmeria, Alt, Firis and Sophie all come to congratulate them for successfully synthesizing the pastels. The twins cry from the catharsis of knowing they've successfully saved their mother from vanishing, and the four veteran alchemists all give the twins their best wishes and compliments.

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