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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

  • After Rubella joins, this conversation between Aurora and Igniculus:
    Aurora: When you are but a leaf, why pretend a branch to be?
    Igniculus: You and me, we could be a tree.
  • After leaving Capilli Village for the Plains of Rambert, Aurora remembers her father.
    Igniculus: So much feeling, I wish I knew,
    Aurora, what does a father do?
    Aurora: A father tucks you into bed,
    He holds you when you are sad,
    He always knows what to do
    He is the best friend you ever had.
    Igniculus: How can one father do all that?
    Aurora: That is what fathers are good at.
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  • This gem of a dialogue sequence between Aurora and Igniculus, from within the heart of Magna:
    Igniculus: Aurora, What is love known by?
    Aurora: When it hurts to say goodbye.
  • Rubella being the only one that can put a smile on Tristis' face. His depressing speeches actually amuse her and he says that she's his only fan and the reason he's not disheartened. This shows how loving these siblings are to each other.
  • Instead of returning to the everlasting light plane with the other elementals, Igniculus chooses to stay with Aurora and save Lemuria.
    Igniculus: Aurora, I'm home.
  • The end of the game, where Aurora's party members stand up against Queen Umbra. Each of them raise their sword for one another's races, showing the bond they've grown. And the first one to do so is Genovefa. She notes that these events are greater than herself and her family, and declares with the others that she stands with the other races. Considering what she went through, it's truly heartwarming to see her forge a true bond with her new companions.
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  • While certainly bittersweet, the ending is still overall optimistic. Aurora frees Lemuria from Umbra, and returns to Austria to rescue her people from the rising floodwaters. She leads them into Lemuria, where all the various races live and grow together in prosperity. The Narrator is revealed to be Queen Aurora herself, who is apparently telling the tale as a bedtime story to her own daughter.
    And Lemuria began to grow again
    Each of us leading, together.
    Soon it will be your turn, Princess
    To leave on an adventure.

    Now, my dear, the fire has died,
    The night is dark and deep,
    Close your eyes, let go
    And drift off to sleep.
  • It's shown that after the events of the game, Robert and Margaret got married and had a child named Reginald, as seen here.


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