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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk!
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    Season 1 
  • Most of Lee's interactions with Clementine, but the scene where he bandages a cut on her finger stands out as a bonding moment.
    • Or when he pushes her on the swing in Episode 2.
    • Hell, even their first seeing each other while talking through walkie-talkies. Clem pokes her head out of her tree house and Lee gives an adorable wave.
  • When you find Irene, and she asks Carley for her gun, Lee can tell Carley to give it to her. Lee has to stay behind to get the gun once she has shot herself.
    Lee: God bless you.
    Irene: God bless you, too. (Shoots herself.)
  • Being loyal to Kenny leads to him adding after he saves you that No One Gets Left Behind, "especially a good friend."
  • The initial introduction to the dinner scene in "Starved for help". Everyone just looked so happy and it was reminiscent of the pre-walker world. Only for it to go to shit when Lee checked the bathroom. If it didn't originate from such evil, maybe things could've been better.
  • If you side with Lilly and try to save Larry during the Sadistic Choice in the meat locker in Episode 2, she is heartbroken by the death of Larry and left catatonic. Later, when the group is leaving, Lilly looks up to you and says, "Hey, we're good. Okay?" This doesn't sound like much, but considering this is coming from the usually Jerkass Ice Queen, this small acknowledgement of your support and loyalty is a little heart-warming.
  • Often overlooked: for as much as it can sometimes make him act badly Kenny has been willing to stand up to Larry, Lee and The St Johns all without weapons and just to protect his family and friends. For all the mans faults damned if he isn't a good friend and a good dad.
    • Same can apply to Lilly, or even Larry as well. This quote from Lilly is especially poignant:
      Lilly: Yeah, he's bitter and hateful, but that's all just to protect himself. And me. All he's got left in the world is me. And that goes both ways. So yeah, he's probably going to keep treating you like crap, but that's just because he still has one thing left to care about. So don't judge him. And don't judge me for sticking by him. He's my dad, and I love him.
  • Whenever someone comforts Ben.
  • Every Lee/Carley moment is this. In Episode 3, if you saved Carley, she will ask to speak to you in private. Depending on your choices, the scene starts to consist of humorous but flirtatious dialogue that gives a real fuzzy feeling to those who ship Lee/Carley.
    Carley: I've been thinking a lot. About you.
    Lee: I think about you, too.
    Carley: Our group is small.
    Lee: You're small.
    • If you agree to tell the others about Lee's past, Carley pecks Lee on the cheek, and depending on an earlier choice in the conversation, concludes with this:
      Carley: Don't call me small.
    • If you ask for Carley's opinion of Lily, she will reveal her worry about the other woman. Unfortunately, the two women engage in an argument during their escape from the motor inn which results in Carley's death. Despite that Carley's fate is inevitable, you can defend her from the accusations for being associated with the bandits, and Carley will try to get the paranoid Lily to listen to Lee.
    • Clementine, but notably Katjaa, both comforting Lee over Carley's death, and depending on your choices, you can admit Lee's romantic fondness of Carley to Katjaa.
  • In episode 3, Duck can help you investigate the missing supplies. After helping make some great progress he goes for a high five. Do it and he thinks you're super awesome.
    • Also from episode 3, Lee bonding with Clementine by teaching her how to shoot and cutting her hair. Video Game Caring Potential at its finest. It'll be really hard to give her up if she does actually meet her parents in Savannah.
      • With Lee being bitten, it would be really easy.
      • Despite the grim circumstances, pretty much all interactions with Lee and Clementine on the train are one d'aww after another. When Clem pouts about "looking like a boy" after her haircut, Lee ties her hair back in bunches and assures her she looks cute. Where did Clementine get the hair ties? Lilly gave them to her.
      • Another point involving Lilly in Episode 3 is that she reacts well to Lee revealing his criminal past to her if he tried to save Larry and she seems to not care about Lee's past:
      Lilly: He treated you like shit, knew who you were and you tried to save his life. The last thing you need to do is apologize.
      Lee: Thank you.
      Lilly: You killed a guy, so what? I bet he was a dick.
    • It comes during one of the grimmest moments of the game, as Katjaa and Kenny finally face the fact that they have to put Duck out of his misery. As they discuss who should end his life, Lee can offer to do it. Taken into account how he reveals later that he wanted kids, and how he loves Clementine like a daughter, it puts it in perspective. He knows how hard this will be, he also can see how much it would destroy either Katjaa or Kenny. So he volunteers to do it so they don't have to.
      Lee: I'll do it.
      Katjaa: No, it should be a parent-
      Lee: No parent should have to do something like this.
  • Provided Carley is saved in Episode 1, she will tell Lee to confess to the other survivors about his past. True to form, the others easily accept him and forgives him as what's done is done.
    • If Lee told Kenny, he will defend Lee after Lily tries to rat Lee out, saying that he does not care what Lee did.
  • It's possible to get every member of the group to come with you to look for Clem. Even after Lee reveals he's been bitten. True Companions 101.
    • The opposite is true as well. Lee can elect to refuse all help because of True Companions 101. He's unwilling to put anyone in danger.
    • Related: If your relationship with Kenny has been mixed and you choose to reveal your bite, Kenny still agrees to let you on the boat.
    • If you sided with Kenny most (if not all) of the time, you get this result.
  • In episode 4, you come across Kenny getting drunk because it seems as if there are no boats in Savannah. But then Clementine finds one in a shack behind the house they were holed up in, and he comes out and sees it, smiles and drops the bottle at his feet.
  • Another one in episode 4, if you tell Clementine that her parents probably aren't in Crawford, Lee says it's because they're good people and they wouldn't have stayed in a place like that.
    Clementine: "How do you know they're good, you've never met them?"
    Lee: "Well... They raised you, didn't they?"
  • Minor one. This exchange when the group is voting whether or not to leave Ben for his screw-ups that put the group at risk shows how endearing Clementine can be:
    Christa: "Well, I vote we leave him. I'm sorry, Ben, I know you mean well, but all I wanna do is get back to Omid, and you put that at risk."
    Clementine: "Wait, don't I get a vote?"
    Lee: "Of course you do."
    Clementine: "Ben's nice. He's my friend. We don't leave friends behind! That's my vote!"
    Christa: "... On second thought, I think I'm gonna abstain."
  • In Episode 4, you can confront Molly on hiding the fact that she was from Crawford, and she'll tell you about her dead little sister. If you're sympathetic, she clearly really appreciates it, and will give you a hug goodbye when she leaves the group.
  • At the end of Episode 4, after Lee's been bitten, you can have Lee tell the group that he wants to go on alone and to leave him. If your relationship with individual members is high enough, they'll refuse to leave Lee behind, and will go with you anyway.
  • Episode 5 has quite a few, appropriately enough. Notably, there's the chance to make your peace with Kenny. If Lee's relationship with him has been mixed, they still end up on good terms in the end. Almost certain death has a way of making people reassess their priorities.
    • As well as the closing conversation with Clementine — overlaps strongly with Tear Jerker, but still heartwarming.
  • Choosing Ben to come with you to look for Clementine.
  • Kenny identifying with Ben, and sacrificing his life to Mercy Kill him.
  • There's a fairly subtle moment during Lee's final interaction with Clementine. Clementine has just seen her zombified parents and is, as you would expect, deeply affected. When she mentions how terrible it is, Lee's response is a simple "I can't imagine, Sweet Pea." Except, he *can*. Earlier in the season, Lee not only find the vague hints of his parent's final moments at their family store but also has to kill his own brother, who turned into a walker. Lee knows Clementine's pain deeply and what does he do? He ignores his own past sufferings. Because Clem's are that more important to him.
    • Of course Lee can't imagine how it feels, he already knows how it feels, having lost his family already. He doesn't need to imagine it to know what Clementine is going through.
  • Kind of a meta one, but the fact that most people who play the game get so attached to Clementine, they basically behave as though they were her parent. It's not uncommon to hear players rationalise their decisions with how they think they will impact Clementine. For example, saving Ben from death or being left behind because Clementine thinks of him as a friend.
    • It gets turned up to eleven in the last chapter. You can give responses that amount to your pain not mattering next to finding Clementine, and in the final sequence you can selflessly tell Clementine to leave you rather than sparing bullets to mercy kill you. Of course, if you do Mercy Kill Lee, it just shows that players don't want HIM to suffer either, and that certainly says something about their attachment to him too.
  • This confession from The Walking Dead Game Confessions Tumblr
    • The full confession for this one is pretty nice. And the confessor got both their wishes granted, as Clementine is the protagonist for Season 2.
  • "Clementine will remember this."

    Season 2 
  • The revelation that Clementine will be in Season 2 of the game. And that she is the the main character.
  • The Beginning of Season 2, Episode 1. Clem, Christa, and Omid almost seem like a functional, happy family despite the Zombie Apocalypse. It makes what happens shortly after all the more depressing.
  • Discovering that those two people on the hill at the end of Season 1 were Omid and Christa.
  • Making a pinky-swear with Sarah.
  • Somehow, the dying bandit thanking you if you give him some of your water manages to be this.
  • When being confronted by bandits Christa says she is all alone. Considering how she was initially cold to Clementine after the Time Skip, it makes it heartwarming to know that she is still looking out for her and keeping her promise to Lee even if it is risking the chance of her life.
  • If you ask Alvin for help after escaping from being locked in the shed, he won't tattle on you. Which is heartwarming enough, but if you refer to him as a nice guy, he'll say he's not but act like one, giving you bandages and a juice box. This is rather notable since the rest of the group was treating Clementine like a potential walker-in-the-making.
  • Your interactions with Sam the Dog are pretty cute, especially the part where you can play fetch with a frisbee. It really makes it a big Tear Jerker then when he snaps at you and you have the option of putting him out of his misery or leaving him to die a slow painful death.
  • If you ask Sarah about the book she's reading Clem has it later on when she's eating, apparently borrowing it from Sarah. It's a small, missable detail but it's nice.
  • Depending on what Lee advises Clementine to do at the end of Season 1, influences what she says when talking about him to Luke. Clem's wistful tone and look of dejection shows she misses Lee insanely.
    Luke: "He sounds like a great guy."
    Clementine: "...He's the reason I keep my hair short."
  • Kenny!?
    • [HUG KENNY]
      • Seriously, going through the Let's Plays and seeing how many times this option is taken is kinda heartwarming itself.
      • There's also the fact that reuniting with Kenny pretty much instantly de-fuses the very tense situation between cabin and lodge groups.
  • When you meet Kenny outside the ski lodge, one dialogue option allows you to give him a big hug.
    • Later, you can have Clementine tell him that Lee saved her. Kenny smiles warmly and says "I knew it! I knew he would!"
  • Honestly any time that the player can take [Hug <Character>] is heartwarming.
  • How happy taking pictures with Sarah makes her, as well as Clementine teaching her how to shoot.
  • If you take the blame for taking Sarah's picture and tipping the intruder off, Sarah overrules you and says it was her fault since she asked you to take the picture, so Carlos is disappointed in Sarah instead of you.
  • Clementine's reunion with Kenny and the fact he is willingly to give up fighting back in order to save her.
  • The scene where Clementine listens to Rebecca's baby kick as well as the Christmas decorations at the ski lodge.
  • If you took Pete's watch in Season 2 Episode 1, you can return it to Nick after expressing he expresses frustration at leaving it behind, receiving his thanks for doing so.
  • Wait long enough in answering when Carlos objects to Clem going with Luke (due to her being "just a little girl") to the bridge and you can hear Luke defend and praise Clementine, calling her a "valuable little girl" and recalling the instance when she stitched herself up in the shed as evidence that she can handle herself. You really get the feeling he believes in her.
    • Also, after they kill the walkers, there's evidence of a Fire-Forged Friendship forming:
      • If you took the smaller one, Luke hits Clem on the back affectionately. She grimaces at this and Luke looks apologetic until Clementine gives a mischievous grin back and Luke smiles back at her again.
      • If you took the bigger one, Clem and Luke low-five each other and exchange smiles.
  • Carlos is very fatherly; not only is that obvious when he is with Sarah, but treats Clementine with similar protectiveness around Episode 2.
  • Clementine giggling when Kenny mocks Walter for talking a lot. It's been a long time since we've seen her smile.
  • It takes just one line of dialogue to convince Walter to forgive Nick and later save his life.
    Walter: "Is... is Nick a good man? Or is he just like everyone else?"
    Clementine: "He is. He's a good guy, Walter."
  • It's also Harsher in Hindsight, but as for small details, the guard of the knife found in the station is engraved with the letters "WM" - Walter and Matthew. One supposes a knife makes a good alternative to a ring in an apocalyptic world.
  • In Episode 3 of Season 2, if you choose to [Keep Staring] at Carver when he tells you it's not polite to listen to people's conversations, Carver knocks you to the ground and warns you not to test him, but then Sarah angrily tells him to leave you alone...and Sarah does this even if you've been a jerk to her.
  • Choosing to comfort Sarah after she is slapped by her father and helping her trim the blueberry plants.
    Clementine: Do you... want a hug?
    Sarah: ...
    Clementine: ...Okay, well... I owe you one for later, then. You might not know it's coming though, but... I could just sneak up on you when you're not expecting it.
  • Regardless of how you treat Sarah, when you walk past Shel and Becca (assuming they went with Tavia in 400 Days), Becca will complain about Sarah being so cowardly. As Clementine walks by, she gets a very annoyed look after hearing that. Unfortunately, you don't get to tell Becca off, but it's another moment that shows Clementine cares about Sarah and doesn't really take too kindly to people talking down to her.
  • Episode 3 lets you give hugs twice, and make an offer for another. However hard Clementine has gotten by this point, this is a chance to let her still be a kid.
  • What's the decision in both seasons with the most overwhelming majority of players choosing it? Helping Sarah prune her plants.
  • When Clementine talks to Nick about the whereabouts of Luke in Episode 3 if he will come and rescue them after being imprisoned by Carver, Clem can state that she trusts the cabin group, saying "I'm with you guys." Nick corrects her saying that she's one of them (us guys), fully accepting her as a part of the group. They've known each for no more than a week and their level of trust has leveled immensely.
  • Clem helping Rebecca through her labor pains by recounting when Alvin gave her the bandages and juicebox back in episode 1.
  • Rebecca giving birth to the baby. You can even tell her he looks like Alvin.
    • The moments after the baby is born. It's not breathing, and all seems hopeless...then it coughs and starts crying.
    • Rebecca, Clementine, Kenny, and the baby sharing a tender moment. After so much trouble, it's nice to see them quietly, happily get along.
  • After a comic relief sidequest of trying to catch a racoon, it turns out it's a mother who was looking for food for her babies, life going on completely separate from the Zombie Apocalypse. Clem can then say she's happy they failed.
  • If you saved Sarah in the trailer, she asks Clementine why she did it. The player can tell her that she did it because they were friends (bonus points if you were friendly with her during the first three episodes).
  • Jane gets an almost universally-missed moment at the gift shop: if the player remains silent, she lets go and tries, though still in vain, to save Sarah regardless.

Episode 5 - No Going Back

  • Any of the interactions with Alvin Jr.
  • Luke's toast at the campfire.
    Luke: To the loved ones we've lost along the way... and to the hope that we see them again... some day.
    • Heck, pretty much anything at the campfire. This is the one time where everyone (if you convince Jane and Kenny to join in too, and with the exception of Arvo) is finally smiling, joking about and just generally at peace. Poking fun at Luke and Jane's...erm, "kissing stuff", Bonnie's admission of finding Luke attractive (Clementine can do the same depending on what option you choose)...probably the most heartwarming moment of the episode.
  • If you shoot Kenny, he apologizes for everything he's put Clem through and reassures her that she made the right call by killing him.
  • Finding Wellington with Kenny, if you let him kill Jane. After being told that no-one is allowed in, Kenny makes a plea for them to take in Clem and AJ and leave him so they can live in safety. Whether you accept or refuse, the result is quite heartwarming.
    • Even the gatekeeper at Wellington is visibly touched, as she almost starts crying at Clementine's emotional attachment to Kenny, and even gives them a second bag of supplies even though she's only supposed to give them one.
      • Wellington by itself could count. We've seen some real shitholes in the The Walking Dead canon from insane dictatorships to cruel "survival of the fittest" dystopias. The games psychs you out too with the guard firing off a warning shot and ordering Kenny and Clementine to disarm as they approach. But then they talk to the guard and find out that there just isn't any room left for them, which Wellington is really sorry about. The guard tosses down a bag of supplies anyway so they at least have a chance of surviving long enough for a space to open up when Kenny starts begging for them to just accept the children. After getting the okay from her superiors the guard makes an exception for the children and lets them in while leaving Kenny the bag of supplies she tossed down as a parting gift. Even if Clementine refuses to stay the guard will take pity on them and give them a second supply bag so that they have a fighting chance as they walk back into the wilderness. In a world as cynical as The Walking Dead it's nice to see that even with things as desperate as they are that not all humans are selfish monsters out for their own gain.
  • Returning to Carver's camp with Jane, if you choose to save her life by killing Kenny. After making uneasy amends with Jane after Kenny's death, Clementine reaches the hardware store with Jane and AJ in tow, every one of them safe and sound. In the best possible version of this ending, the two let three other survivors into the perimeter to stay with them, making a start on forming another group and presumably restarting one of the only safe human settlements left.
  • Clementine's Flashback (or Dying Dream in some interpretations.) It's both heartwarming and heartwrenching to see Clementine and Lee together one more time.

    Season 3 
  • The bonds you may choose to build with Clementine, Tripp, Conrad, and Eleanor.
  • If you stay with Clementine at the end of Episode 1 and then say that you did so because you couldn't leave her on her own, Clem say that Javi did so because he's a "good man."
  • Clementine befriending Gabriel after Mariana is killed and Kate is severely wounded.
  • If Javi agrees with Conrad to take Clementine hostage, Javi can tell Max that he considers Clementine his friend and he is not happy with his actions currently, surprising even Clem. This pops up the usual "Clementine will remember this".
  • After Clementine tells the group her history with the New Frontier and losing AJ to the group, Javi can give her a Cooldown Hug.
  • While most members of the New Frontier can be complete assholes, other members like Max, Lonnie, and Rufus are somewhat reasonable, showing at times that they aren't completely comfortable with what they're doing.
  • Although the circumstances behind it are tragic, a flashback in episode 3 shows that AJ's first word was "Clem."
  • Three words: "He lived, Clem". Never have such words sounded so beautiful.
  • The opening flashback for episode 4 has Javi meet a young fan of his who asks for his autograph, but he quickly learns she wants to sell the ball he signs. Despite knowing this, Javi can still sign it for her and she runs off excited that she can probably make 10 bucks off it. It might make Javi feel like crap knowing he's only worth 10 bucks, but as David points out at least he made a young fan happy.
  • If Clementine followed either Kenny or Jane at the end of the previous season, her guardian is proud at how protective Clem is towards AJ and exclaims that she is a great mother. In the former's case, we see how calm Kenny is since the end of season two, apparently having found his inner peace since then. The flashback with Kenny ends with Clem saying "I love you" to Kenny".
  • Following her exile, Clementine is visited by Ava whom snuck out of camp to give Clem some supplies, one of them is a drawing from AJ. A tearful Clem can thank Ava for the wonderful gift as it is the only thing she has to remind her of him. Ava then gives Clem some last minute advice on how to survive and guide her to the nearest town. If Clem mentions about Lee, Ava tells her that he might be gone but he will always be in Clementine's heart.
  • If Conrad is still alive at this point, he will tell the group that he is not going to follow them with their plan and will try to leave the city in order to find "the new Conrad", apparently having found inner peace with his wife's murderer dead. The others respect his decision and Tripp gives his best friend a hug before he leaves.
    • If Conrad survives till the end of the season, he is last seen reading a book his late wife used to read, finally found the inner peace he is looking for.
  • Despite their past animosity, when David decided to leave town with his family, he allows Clementine to join them as she had protected his family.
  • Even after everything he has done, Javier can refuse to give up on David even as he attacks him over his possible relationship with Kate, choosing not to fight back, instead simply telling David he loves him even as David beats the hell out of him. It doesn't work, sadly, but the fact that Javier would even try shows that he really does love his brother, in spite of his flaws. The prompt you can potentially get depending on what you said to Salvador earlier cinches it.
    You kept your promise to your father.
  • Even despite everything she had done, in the 5th episode you have the opinion to forgive Eleanor for her betrayal of Javi and his friends.
  • If you killed Conrad in Episode 2, then Clem's reasoning for choosing Javi to go through the walker herd in Episode 5 is that she can "always depend" on him.
  • Before returning to Hilltop at the end of the season, Jesus wishes Javi is a good man and wishes him good luck.
  • The ending of the season, with Richmond saved and Javi's group taking a moment to mourn those they've lost. Everything is calm - no more walkers, bandits, or anything. But Clementine's journey isn't over yet, she still needs to find AJ. But before she leaves, she asks Javi for one more favor: a haircut.
    • During this quiet scene, our two protagonists take a moment to say goodbye. Javi can reveal Gabe's crush on Clementine. And overall it feels as if the story in a meta sort of way is handing the reigns back to Clementine for the final installment. And at the very end, Javi can make Clem promise to bring AJ back.

    Season 4 

Episode 1

  • Clementine's determination to protect AJ. We only saw glimpses of it in Season 3, but their interactions throughout episode one shows that if it comes down to it, Clementine will protect him with her life just like Lee did for her.
    • And AJ is just as equally caring and protective of her, going so far as to hold Marlon at gunpoint the second he suspects he has done something to her.
    • It says a lot that almost all the dialogue choices with AJ involve Clem being more soft-spoken (if maybe a little stern) to him while most of the others consist from kind to being a Jerkass.
  • The beginning scenes of Clem trying to play with AJ and have fun with him, especially when she pulls up the broccoli toy.
  • Louis singing "Oh my Darling Clementine". It's a really sweet thing, and Clem can comment that she loved that song.
  • AJ bonding with the other kids, especially when apologizing to Ruby for biting her. If he's sincere, Ruby is understanding of why he reacted the way he did and forgives him.
  • Violet's small smiles when complemented by Clem and soft-spoken awkwardness when alone with her are an adorable stark contrast to her usual scowl and standoffish sarcasm. Furthermore, Brody remarks that she hasn't seen Violet open up to anyone like she has to Clem — presumably since Minerva.
  • AJ's drawing for Clem, with his writing saying, "Me protekting Clem".
  • The “burp” dialogue choice. It’s one of the few time in which we get to see kids just be kids.
  • Marlon helping Clem take a step in overcoming her fear of dogs by letting Rosie get to know her. During the choice outcomes, it shows that Marlon was glad you trusted him to help you with Rosie.
  • If you allow Tenn to draw you in his picture, he happily draws a smile on Clem's face and gifts the drawing to her.
    Clem: This is yours.
    Tenn: (with a smile) It's ours.
    • Despite his sister's deaths, he's not scare of death and believes that when they die, they were sent to a better place.
  • If you let the stranger go, AJ confronts you about it, and you can have the option of telling him that he's allowed to speak his mind and have his own opinion on calling out Clem if he wants. It shows that even though he's a child, Clem still treats him like her equal.

Episode 2

  • The romantic options for Louis and Violet.
    • Louis, who in the previous episode was openly flirting with Clem and is overall a pretty laidback person, becomes a total dork once she flirts back. Should you call him cute, he'll sputter out a flustered "Yay!" Carve a heart around him and Clem's initials on the piano and he'll turn into a rambling mess. Tell him you have feelings for him, and (should you have said during the Truth or Dare game that you had feelings for someone) he'll say he was hoping you did and give an enthusiastic, "Holy shit! It's me!" He'll go on to say, "Figured out what to call the song... "Clementine". You know, because I like fruit. And I like you even more, so... there." Have Clementine kiss him a moment later and he'll let out a shy chuckle. If she replies that she likes him too, you can practically see him blush as he responds, "I'm glad... really, really glad."
    • For Violet, the two go to the highest point on the school and end up making up their own constellations. Violet will then suggest Clem name people who fit the characteristics she ascribes to the constellations. If Clem ascribes both the fish and the knife to Violet, the latter sweetly points out not all of them can be ascribed to her. Clem can then admit her feelings for Violet, with the various choices all being heartwarming. If Clem kisses her, Violet surprisedly utters “Holy shit!”, much to Clem’s amusement, before she says it again in a pleased toned and holds Clem’s hand as they watch the sky. Violet's happiness if Clem says she wants to be her girlfriend, and being understanding if Clem says she wants to take it slow or isn't sure of her feelings are equally sweet.
  • Louis at the beginning is pissed at Clem and AJ for AJ's murder of Marlon and agrees to make them leave. However, the second he sees AJ injured from being shot at by Lily and Abel he does a complete 180, warms up to them more again, and eventually apologizes to Clem for the way he acted to them at the beginning. If you have Clementine tell Louis that she missed him, he will reply that he missed her too.
    • Before AJ and Clem are sent out, Louis demands to have AJ's gun, as he can't trust him with it anymore. You can tell AJ to give it up. Even still, Louis is so much of a Nice Guy that once you reach the woods, Louis will give the gun back so they aren't defenseless. Even grief-stricken and betrayed, Louis still can't help but show kindness for the little guy.
  • Violet sticking up for Clem and AJ when the group of kids become A House Divided. She's nothing but gentle with AJ and is very upset when the vote goes to kick them out of the group.
    • Speaking of the vote, Violet mentions that it was 3 against 5 in support of Clem and AJ staying. We know both Violet and Tenn voted for them to stay, but who was the third? A former Telltale writer confirms that the third vote belonged to Aasim, which makes sense if the player is attentive to how he reacts during/after the Marlon confrontation and during the funeral.
  • It's small, but Violet can have some tender moments regarding Louis. Even though she thinks of Louis as annoying for the most part, he's still one of her best friends. Should Louis get shot, she'll confess that the idea of him being killed scares her. And should Clem save Violet instead of Louis, Violet is genuinely terrified for Louis's wellbeing. The way her voice cracks when she cries, "Goddammit, Louis!" says it all.
  • The game of truth or dare the kids play. Once again a moment where children get to actually act their age even if it’s only a short amount of time.
  • If you tell AJ that his murder of Marlon was wrong he ask her if this makes him a monster and if he will die Clem can tell him that he can be forgiven and that she will help him atone.
  • This short but incredibly wonderful exchange between Clem and AJ
    AJ : I love you, Clem.
    Clem: I love you back.
  • While stargazing with Violet, there's an Easter Egg where you can see Kenny in the stars. After you connect some stars to form his iconic mustache, he forms as a constellation and winks at you before fading away while the alert marker tells you that "He will remember that."
  • Clem can drop her grudge against Marlon and say he wasn't a villain.

Episode 3

  • If you increased your relationship with Rosie enough, when Clem goes to greet her down in the cellar and goes to pet her, Rosie can eagerly stand up and happily accept it. A marker afterwards says, "She's my dog now."
  • AJ being protective of Tenn when Willie says that what happened was all his fault.
    • Later, AJ admits that he is mad at Tenn for walking out in the open since that was a stupid idea, he does say that he knows that Tenn doesn't understand how to survive like they do, so he and Clem would teach them how. AJ says that Tenn might be his first best friend, causing Clem to playfully tease him in asking why she wasn't his first best friend. AJ then amends this to Tenn being his second real best friend while Clem is the first.
  • The scene where James has Clem don his mask and enter the Walker-infested barn takes on an almost religious quality once she rings the chimes, and is equal-parts Tear Jerker as it's meant to inspire a Heel Realization both in the player and Clem in-universe.
  • Violet can give Clem a pin that either has a picture of a clementine, or a starry sky.
    Violet: So you won't forget that night.
    Clementine: I never will.
  • Clem and AJ have incredibly sweet sibling/mother and son moment playing with beach ball he found. After they playfully bounce it around for a while, Clem kneels down to call him in for a hug. He runs to her embrace, and the two repeat their ”I love you” lines to each other from the previous episode. This is all the more heartwarming since this occurs after a potentially terse conversation that AJ can angrily storm off from.
  • Clem and Violet dancing together before the party, especially since Vi has just learned her old girlfriend is still alive, but reaffirms her commitment to Clem.
    • Even more heartwarming is after they finish, Violet tenderly hugs Clem, and Clem leans in and closes her eyes with a blissful smile on her face. After so many years of heartache and loss this is one of the first times she seems truly at peace and happy.
  • If you romanced and saved Louis, he will propose for him and Clementine to have a little date, to which he brings candlelight and apparently read up on magazines beforehand on dating, which is adorable in itself. He asks Clementine about what she looks for in a guy and shows his vulnerable side as he is nervous to hear her answer, then regardless what she answers assures her that he has "plenty of it". Clementine's smiles and chuckles at Louis during this and the teasing they'll share at some of the options is just adorable.
    • When he first proposes the date, Clementine can comment that she never thought she'd go on one. Louis tells her, "Really, never? Have you met you? End of the world or not, someone would've at least tried to sweep you off your feet." Clementine can only give a flustered, "All right, all right..."
  • Depending on who you saved, both Louis and Violet will talk very fondly of each other to Clementine when going to her room. Louis will talk about how Violet usually finds him annoying, but that when he does manage to make her laugh, it's worth it, and he knows she'd always bring out her meat cleaver to protect him. Violet will talk about how she initially disliked Louis for his showy personality, but then realized how incredibly much he cares for his friends and will tell them every day, perhaps even sing about it.
  • A subtle one, during the party thrown before the battle with Delta, Either Louis or Violet will be asked by Tenn to play/sing a song that Minnie used to perform. Regardless of whether it's Louis or Violet, they will look somewhat nervous prior to beginning and look at Clem, who gives an encouraging smile and nod. This gives Louis/Violet the confidence to begin.
    • An added one for Louis before he starts.
    Louis: This is for you, Minnie.
  • The entire dream-conversation between Lee and Clem, in which he offers her advice, expresses his approval of her determinant relationships with either Louis or Violet, and concludes with him taking a look at her grown-up self and expressing pride in the woman she's become.
    • It's also heartwarming in the sense that it feels like Lee is also talking to the players, who have journeyed with him and are now going through the game with Clem.
    • Also sweet when Lee asks about AJ with Clem proudly saying that he would have liked him.
    • For the options, when Lee admits that he had to improvise a lot, Clem can comment that he had to since he was stuck with an eight year-old girl. But Lee corrects her and says that while she was a handful, Clem was the thing that helped him keep going.
  • After spending almost the entire episode resenting Tenn for indirectly causing Mitch's death, Wily finally forgives him and apologize for pushing him.
  • Once again, the kids share another bonding session in a form of a party, hoping it will lighten up the mood for their incoming battle. Either Vi or Louis will sing a song or plays the piano to soothe everyone.
  • While equally just a Tear Jerker, the fact that AJ admits he wouldn't be able to kill Clem or leave her behind if she was bitten and asks if she could bite him too so that they would at least still be together. It goes to show just how much AJ loves Clem.
  • Clem can repeatedly insist that Minerva is not at fault for being brainwashed or beyond redemption when even Violet considers her as such; and even after finding out she killed her own sister to prove her loyalty to the Delta, Clem can lament that circumstances forced them to be enemies and apologize for attacking her while breaking free.
  • When James meets the Ericson kids for the first time, he expects they will be creep out by him. After a moment of silence, Wily suddenly blurts out how cool James' mask is. James finds this unexpected and later mentions that this is the first time he felt accepted. Clem can also invite him to join them after their task is complete.
  • If you let Louis get captured by raiders at the end of episode 2, and when Clementine finds to her horror that said-raiders cut out Louis' tongue, should she choose to blame herself for not stopping the raiders from taking Louis, Louis firmly shakes his head "no", assuring Clem he doesn't hold her responsible for what is arguably a fate worse than death.
  • You get a heartwarming moment with Louis/Violet in the dorm room even if you didn't romance them. If you stayed friends with and saved Violet, she gives Clementine a pin with a literal clementine on it. Clementine chuckles and Violet says it's like a name badge and will look good on her jacket. If you stayed friends with and saved Louis, he will tell Clem that she's his friend, "Hell, maybe my best friend, these days." and that he will "step up" and do whatever he can to protect her and AJ.

Episode 4

  • Depending on who you romanced, Violet/Louis will initiate kisses with Clementine and hold her hands at different parts of the final episode. During the ending, either of them kisses Clem on her cheek when she asks them to be careful when going out. The fact that it's possible to have Clementine alive alongside both AJ and her love interest is really heartwarming and unexpected for a Walking Dead game.
  • If you had Clem indulge in Louis' "I'm basically a ninja" joke in episode 1, calling herself a ninja too, this gets a Call-Back when the group prepares to flee at the beginning of the episode (provided you romanced and/or saved Louis).
    Louis: Right behind me?
    Clem: Yep, just like the ninja I am.
    Louis: The ninjas we are. [AJ smiles at them and (if romanced) Louis kisses her]
  • When Clem, AJ and Tenn later reunite with Violet or Louis, they all share a loving group hug.
  • If the group reunites with Louis and he was romanced by Clem, he briefly turns into a complete hopeless romantic.
    Louis: Thought I lost you. [Grabs Clem's hands]
    Clem: Only for a minute.
    Louis: Longest damn minute of my life.
    • It then cuts to AJ smiling and rolling his eyes at them.
  • In Violet's case, it's more subdued but equally sweet as she also grabs Clem's hands and says she couldn't believe she were dead and she had to try and find her. Clem softly replies, "You did find me."
  • Clementine's following conversations with either Violet or Louis. With the former, Clementine will talk about her old treehouse, and the two discuss renaming Ericsons together. With Louis, he will tell her how his parents were going to build a house before they divorced, and they discuss how his dream house would look like, in a manner sounding like they're talking about having a home together.
    • If you ask Louis what he'd choose to add to his house himself, he'll say a grand new piano, with the following exchange:
    Clem: Yeah, you could teach AJ to play.
    Louis: And you too, if... (shyly) you want...
  • If you saved Violet in episode 2, leading to Louis getting his tongue cut out, the ending shows that he managed to recover his upbeat attitude, and will even give Clem a playful note to show he's still himself. In the case where you romanced him but saved Violet, the note will be of flirtatious nature, followed by him playfully kissing Clem on her cheek. The fact that he and Clem are still dating and flirting despite what happened to him is very touching.
    • According to canon game files, the note is Louis asking Clementine to be his girlfriend. Aww.
    • The opposite is also true for Violet if you chose to save Louis instead of her. Had she been romanced, but not saved, she gives fond passing glances to Clem before bashfully averting her gaze when caught, and gently leans over to kiss Clem on the cheek — showing they manage to rekindle their romance. Violet also realizes how horrible her words to Clementine on the boat were and remorsefully apologizes for what she said, telling Clem how Lilly's group and Minnie started to get into her head. She even manages to joke with Clementine about both of their conditions at the dinner table.
      Clem: How's your eye?
      Violet: Between my patch and your stump, we almost make a full pirate.
      Clem: (Smiling) Arrrr.
  • If you romanced either Violet and Louis and kept them alive to the end, the end credits will say, "You left Violet/Louis feeling loved."
  • If Lilly survived until this episode, she and Clem have one final confrontation and duel of worldviews which can end with Clementine standing down and wishing Lilly luck and peace. For the first time this whole season, Lilly's bravado collapses and a look of honest-to-god shame comes over her, and for a moment she looks like the well-meaning woman the audience all knew so many years ago. The sentiment is captured, in true TWDG style, with a single caption:
    Lilly won't forget that.
  • As Clem succumbs to her walker bite, she guides AJ through the barn the same way Lee did at the end of season 1, and when AJ kneels down to comfort her, Clem lovingly puts her hand to his cheek.
    Clem: You're such a cutie... How did I get so lucky?
  • Clem's dream of when she went to go save AJ. As she gets him into the car and cleans him up, AJ starts talking to her, recognizing her. When Clem realizes this, she almost breaks down into happy tears that AJ hadn't forgotten about her.
  • Tenn gets a grave at Ericson with a yellow flower placed in the stones.
  • AJ getting to play on the tire swing that Clem had set up as a surprise. One of his dialogue options is to ask Clem if she ever got to swing, and she'll reply with a smile that it was long ago, likely referring to when Lee pushed her on the swing.
  • Aasim and Ruby become a couple, despite earlier in the season where Aasim seemed more like a Hopeless Suitor. In the final scenes of the game, he and Ruby do seem genuinely happy together, with them holding hands and Ruby feeding him some food during dinner.
  • Clementine is bitten and tells AJ that he has to kill her or leave her. So what does AJ do? Take a third option and, rather than shoot or leave her, he takes off her leg instead and she lives. Clementine has raised a smart boy!
  • The ending in which almost everyone survives and Clem has a new home with a family she loves. She truly fought for and earned her happy ending. Even better when most of the players are expecting Clem to have died in the final season, only to be shown happy and content at the end of her journey.
  • Tenn's ending, should the player decide to not trust A.J, is sweet and ironic at the same time, as Tenn asks A.J to be like an older brother to him and teach him how to survive.
  • Clementine and AJ's final conversation, where AJ can comfort Clem and tell her she did a great job parenting him, ends with AJ practically staring at the camera as he says, "Thank you, for everything." Clem returns the sentiment, and you get an epilogue where AJ can explore all your collectibles, you can set up the ones you found in Chapter 4, and finally, after you put Clem's old hat on the desk front and centre, Clementine's story ends on four words: "Thank you for playing." Even better, the team that finished the game is called the "Still Not Bitten Team."