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Heartwarming / First Encounter Assault Recon

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Despite all the horror and gore, FEAR still has quite a few heartwarming moments.

  • Child Alma constantly helping you throughout the events of Extraction Point. Especially in the subway stage, when the player is hopelessly suppressed by half a dozen Replica wielding deadly-accurate nail guns, and she turns up to clear the way for you.
    • "You are safe now." Alma might be a monster now, but there's at least a part of her that still has good in it.
    • Same goes in Project Origin. She takes an early interest in Becket saving his life twice in the operation by stabilizing him, points out where you need to go, more than once a lone enemy attacks you only to vanish with a corpse found at the end of the hallway and save you when you would die without assistance. Then she gets obsessive.
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  • Also from Extraction Point, after fighting through squads of Replica forces and murderous Shades, and a long and nightmarish hallucination sequence right out of a Silent Hill game, there's a weird vision of Child Alma and Adult Alma walking towards each other, a flash of white light... and suddenly you're in the hospital again, Betters is able to contact you and says that the evac chopper is almost there, and more significantly you're in a normal hospital, all the bloodstains and corpses have vanished. It seems like things are finally looking up... well, it's a good feeling while it lasts.
  • Pointman's ending in the third game, despite being horrifically disfigured, Alma looks like she has finally found peace and salvation after enduring those unspeakable torments for all these years, and then she dies...
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  • Jin's affectionate attitude towards the player in the first and third games. After being bossed around all night, ambushed by columns of super-soldiers and spooked to no end by countless paranormal activities, it's comforting to know that someone still cares about your well-being.
  • The end of Perseus Mandate, where after you and Raynes make it aboard the extraction chopper, the late Steve Chen appears on the helicopter to briefly say goodbye to both The Sergeant and the player.

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