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Tear Jerker / First Encounter Assault Recon

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FEAR may be a game series focused on supernatural horror and intense gunfights, but it nonetheless has some truly heartrending moments.

  • At the end of the first game, the final hallucination shows the Point Man a flashback to Alma when she was giving birth to First Prototype. She's screaming at the doctors to bring her back her child, and then the camera pans down to show her last name: Alma Wade. That one moment changes the context of the entire game, and when you come out of the hallucination, you can hear Alma whispering "My baby...I know who you are..." Coupled with the music, it makes for an incredibly sad and powerful moment.
  • In FEAR 2: Project Origin, there's that scene where you finally arrive at Still Island and encounter the hallucination showing a flashback of Alma being dragged away to the Vault at Harlan Wade's orders. A little girl being manhandled by two heavily-armored troops, sobbing the whole way and dropping her doll.... Holy shit, that's sad. Then you step onto Still Island, and find Alma's Happy Place, and that just amps up how painful it all is.
    • Especially when you see how pathetic her Happy Place really is. Just a dead tree in a drainage ditch.
  • FEAR 3 has the Point Man and Fettel's flashbacks to their childhood. One scene involves Harlan Wade getting angry that the twelve-year-old Point Man couldn't defeat an adult Armacham mercenary in hand-to-hand combat, and thus beat him with a metal bucket so hard he went flying into a concrete pillar. No wonder they were so messed up as adults....
    • It's also terrible to know that Point Man and Fettel go from genuinely innocent and caring brothers to a murderer and a psychopath whose destructive tendencies are only matched by the sheer enmity between them. Throughout the course of the game you can even see the bond reforming before splintering viciously at the end.
  • In FEAR 3 Beckett's trauma over the events of the second game, particularly his confused pain and rage over being raped by Alma is more than a little heartbreaking, with his emotions and decisions being reminiscent of real-life rape victims.
    • "She's... fucking... pregnant..."

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