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Quotes / First Encounter Assault Recon

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"It's really a simple choice: you can either listen to the expert advice you're being given, or you can brace yourself for the assfuck of the century. 'Cause it's coming. You mark my words on that."
Harlan Wade, in a warning that nicely summarizes the events of the F.E.A.R. trilogy

"Alma Wade was eight years old when they put her in the Vault. Her own father stuck her in a suspension tank in an induced coma, knowing she'd probably never wake up again. Well, she did, right after she gave birth to the first prototype. She was 15. The second prototype was born a year later. She woke up for that one too. She didn't like them taking her babies away from her. A few years after that, they decided she'd become too dangerous when they realized she was influencing the second prototype's actions, even though she was completely unconscious and locked away deep underground in a telesthetic suppression field. So they turned off her life support and sealed up the facility. Just left her to drown in the amniotic fluid in that miserable little tank she's been floating in since she was a little girl. Well, her heart shut down, but her psychic signature didn't. Not many people can just refuse to die. ... Harlan Wade was right. We make our own monsters, and they come back to haunt us."
Terry Halford (a.k.a. "Snake Fist")