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Heartwarming / South Park: The Stick of Truth

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  • Butters immediately being your friend.
    • When fighting Butters if you sided with Kyle, one of the things he says is that you and he can still be friends when you're not playing the game.
    • Also his Healing Hands ability in battle, where he pats you on the back and tells you what a good guy you are and that he is your friend.
      • Not only that, but the only time your character smiles in the game is when Butters is using this power to heal you.
    • Also the fact you're also next door neighbors with him.
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    • Butters also has become the favorite team mate among many players, both because of his personality and also being very effective in combat.
    • When you first meet Dougie, he notes that Cartman doesn't let him play with them due to being a ginger, but Butters takes him along for questing as his squire.
    • The first thing he posts on your Facebook wall is a warning that the other kids can't bully you for not having friends anymore.
    • At the start of day two, he sends a message saying he enjoyed playing yesterday and hopes they can play again today. The post gets some likes from some of the other friends you made.
    • Even Butters' "Born Victim" perk (where enemies will more likely attack Butters than the New Kid) has a heartwarming ring to it, in the sense that Butters is gleefully following the New Kid into battle, probably knowing that foes will more likely target him than the New Kid, and doing so out of a desire to protect the New Kid from whatever punishment he'd ends up suffering from their opponents, in short: Butters may be using his own Butt-Monkey status to protect the New Kid from harm. Now THAT is selflessness at its core.
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    • The New Kid also has a decent moment with Butters during his idle animation, where he pulls out his phone and starts fiddling with it, might not seem like much at first, but when Butters is around, he will verbally respond, revealing that the New Kid was texting and tweeting Butters to communicate with him, even texting to Butters asking for his number. This gives an indicator that Butters may be the only party member (possibly even the only friend in general) that the New Kid is comfortable giving any friendly communication toward, aww....
  • The fact that Cartman and the other kids just go along with Kenny being a Wholesome Crossdresser princess, since they're usually a bunch of assholes.
    • Special mention goes to Cartman, who really opposed to the idea during the Black Friday trilogy, (which is the prequel to the game) not because he was playing a girl, but because he didn't want him have a noble title. Now, he finally recognizes him as a princess, and allows him to rule by his side.
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    • Karen, Kenny's sister, calls Princess Kenny "her sister" in dialogue she gives to the player character. Awww. (She also tells you that Kenny thinks you're cute.)
    • Kenny keeps fishing for likes on Facebook, posting "Who's the fairest of them all?" wall posts. He gets tons of likes instantly.
  • Cartman's rewarding the New Kid with new titles as thanks for his help. Seems like Cartman genuinely likes the New Kid, huh? If you decide to side with the elves during the School Assault, Kyle will say he regrets ever doubting you and awards you with your promotion to Commander. Cartman still promotes you to King.
    • As a whole, Cartman's relationship with the New Kid as a whole may be one of his biggest Pet the Dog moments in the franchise's history: Cartman takes in a kid who starts out with no friends and no memory of his past and has him become essentially their LARP game's main hero, (which already says a lot, if you consider the type of kid Cartman usually is) and doing what he can to make the New Kid feel welcome in town, with Cartman only playing the New Kid's Mentor until the later half of the game where he becomes available as a party member. While Kyle suspects Cartman just sees the New Kid as an unwitting trump card, even if that was the case, Cartman clearly providing the New Kid with a lot of incentive to make him want to stay on his side.
    • Another good example of this is seen in the final boss fight with Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny, at the start of the fight, Cartman simply stands by the sidelines and says a single line of encouragement to the New Kid, but once all the other party members exhaust themselves countering Princess Kenny's most powerful attacks, Cartman immediately takes the place of the other party members to help the New Kid with the fight, showing that while Cartman doesn't want to risk his own skin, he at least cares enough about the New Kid that he doesn't want him to have to fight Kenny on his own.
    • And while this may be just a form of Gameplay Story Segregation, Cartman's treatment toward the New Kid remains the same even if you pick the Jew class, or customize the New Kid as a black kid, or a ginger, or any other minorities Cartman is usually bigoted towards. You know the New Kid's doing something right if Cartman thinks he's awesome enough for him to deliberately put aside his discriminatory views to treat him with respect.
  • If you end up fighting Stan and take out his dog Sparky first, he'll cry "No, no, NO!"... and get an Attack Up.
    • It helps that the buff is called "Stan Is Mad As All Hell". He's legitimately upset about all this.
    • A blink and you'll miss it moment; when fighting against Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny one of the special attacks involves summoning the Unicorn as a Nazi zombie. Stan decapitates it if the attack is performed successfully, and afterwards looks guilt-ridden for killing an animal. Trey and Matt did not forget he's a Friend to All Living Things.
    • Also if you end up fighting Stan, if you don't take out his dog Sparky first, when Stan is almost dead, Sparky will lick Stan's face and play with him and Stan's health restores.
  • At some point in the game, you fend off a gang of female bullies that are tormenting Annie. After driving them away, she thanks you and becomes your friend. For bonus heartwarming points, you're able to do this immediately following the tutorial sequence, which effectively means that one of the first things you can do after Cartman teaches you to fight is use what you've learned to protect a girl you barely know from a pack of bullies.
    • Annie Knitts as a whole, really. She takes the New Kid to meet the girls in their private meeting hall (the only other instance of this being with Stan and Wendy), and considers him an honorary girl. During the assault on Clyde's keep, Annie charges the front gate right alongside you.
  • Near the end of the game, you receive a message on Facebook from Bebe announcing a slumber party, which everyone who can see the message is invited to. The girls like you enough after everything you've done for them to invite you to their get-togethers.
  • Nazi Zombie Chef coming to his senses. His friendship with the kids was so strong that it overpowered the Nazi Zombie virus. Sadly, Clyde lights him on fire, forcing you to use a fart to blow him up.
  • It's pretty sweet that even though Clyde is making an evil army of the dead, when the boys confront him, they're more concerned (correctly) he's dealing with something far too dangerous. And even though Clyde and his army of darkness are the "evil" ones of the game, Kyle still refers to them as "our friends." However, they seem to drop it after what he did to Chef, not batting an eye over Cartman pushing him down his fortress.
  • The boys throwing the Stick of Truth into the lake, banishing the artifact into the void for all of eternity. Pretty sweet when they consider their friendship more important than something they've been viciously fighting over for so long.
    • There's even a somewhat similar scene somewhat earlier on where the boys says as much, but the cherry on top? They said this in response to Big Bad Government Guy, who tried to convince the New Kid to turn on his friends and work with him instead. But the boys tell the old man their friendship is stronger than the Stick of Truth, this shows how much trust they're placing on the New Kid while indirectly reassuring him that he can put his trust in them just as much.
  • During the assault on the tower, Ike the Pirate Captain will launch a firework. He's stopped by a Cyclops and punted to the ground. Once you launch the rocket and take out the cyclops you get a friend request from Ike.
    • This actually also helps make Kyle and Ike's team-up against Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny all the more heartwarming as it serves as a good example of two brothers working together to help out the New Kid, someone they mutually consider a good friend.
  • Playing Hide and Seek with the Kindergarteners.
  • Ike can be found playing pirates in the playground behind the street the boys live on. If Stan, Kyle, or Jimmy is with the New Kid as he walks through the park, they'll greet Ike with "Ahoy, Maple Beard!"
    • Hearing Ike say "I am the Pirate King!" is its own kind of adorable.
  • At the final battle, Kyle will use Ike in order to stop Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny from healing himself. After the attack is done Ike runs off crying and Kyle immediately runs after him to comfort him.
  • When the group runs into Randy during the final dungeon, he happily calls you "My favorite kid!". The fact that he does it right in front of his son makes it a little less heartwarming, though.
  • After the New Kid tells the gang off and leaves, for any given reason, it's nice and sweet to see him playing with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Jimmy, and Butters again the following day, suggesting that they made up and are still friends. It's something that gets carried over to The Fractured But Whole, where the New Kid can play superheroes with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Jimmy, and Butters, along with other characters who were merely NPCs, even ones who were enemies during the main story.
  • The New Kid's mom is a really nice woman, and one of the sweetest moments is when she tucks your character in after he goes to bed.
  • Considering how some of them can be Vitriolic Best Buds at best, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle's Seinfeldian Conversation about Salsa Verde near the end is strangely heartwarming.
  • As a whole, the New Kid's overall journey throughout South Park may be one of the franchises biggest examples of Earn Your Happy Ending. Think about it: this kid starts out moving to a new town and suddenly is told by his parents to go out and make friends (and is even straight-up forced to by his dad if you delay going outside long enough) and the New Kid is then drafted into a LARP game by Cartman and ends up spending most of his time doing just what the people in town tell him to do. But after going through several different flavors of hell, the New Kid eventually finds himself having befriended the majority of people in South Park, with almost every kid in town wanting him to hang out with them, most of the adults treating him with a high amount of respect and friendliness, and even getting some friends in high places in Canada. There's still the concern of whether the U.S Government will go after him again, which may be explored in The Fractured But Whole, but even if that doesn't get addressed, the New Kid has grown powerful enough by the end to the point that he can now hold his own against most of what they could send after him, and even if he can't fight them off on his own, he's made some very powerful friends more than capable of helping him out and the 4 main boys themselves have experience outwitting government agents, ensuring that he at least has some protection in case the government makes another attempt to capture him.
  • A few of the buddies in the game have special abilities they can use outside of battle. Butters uses his "Healing Hands" ability to help people that are hurt, like the kid who has the silver key, or Wendy as she assaults Clyde's Keep. In keeping with the nature of the game, all Butters really does is say a few reassuring words to them, and it picks them right back up.
  • After you've completed the "O Canada" quest, the princess of Canada will post: "You are a true hero of Canada!"
    • She was also willing to help you with your quest of translating the abortion records behind the prince's back, since he wasn't intending to keep the promise to help you.
  • Terrance posting: "Remember: Nagasaki!" as you're preparing to attack Clyde's lair is strangely heartwarming in that they're showing support, even if the attack itself is hard to take seriously.
  • For all their scorn of the game, the Goths genuinely seem to enjoy playing it.
    Firkle: I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.
  • The Goth Kids are much nicer to the New Kid if he talks to them in goth clothes after recruiting them. Say what you want about their attitude towards others, but they care about their own.
    Henrietta: Make yourself at home. You're safe here.
  • Butters appears to have some fans among the Kindergarteners: one of them tells you that they want to be a hero when they grow up, "just like Paladin Butters!"

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