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Heartwarming / Dead Island: Riptide

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  • In the ending, ignoring about a billion reasons not to, the main five do go back and save the group you've been with the whole game compared to the "looking out for ourselves" attitude the group had in the first game, its quite a welcome character development.
  • Accept a quest to find drugs for a survivor to do himself in with and upon finding them your character might muse, "Can't let him kill himself. I'll give him glucose instead."
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  • Angela Guerra's Voice Recordings might be an Apocalyptic Log, but Recording 6 paints a heartwarming picture of pre-outbreak Palani. During a lull in work, Angela shows the villagers pictures of homeless men in her native Los Angeles. The villagers are confused by this, saying that they would've brought the men to their village, built them huts, and planted gardens for them. She admits that this memory made her cry, not only because this is a happy memory before the outbreak, she said that they taught her so much about generosity.

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