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YMMV / Dead Island: Riptide

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  • Anticlimax Boss: Compared to Ryder White and his waves of undead soldiers, Harlow is almost effortlessly defeated. You just have to survive against what amounts to a normal opponent with a chainsaw for a little while until you enter a near-permanent Fury mode, and Harlow is vulnerable to stun mods.
  • Ass Pull: There's a sequence in the story where Logan suddenly has a Light Anti-tank Weapon, which you can claim after the fight if you like. You'd think that'd be something the game would want to expressly note that he found, but nope, he just suddenly yanks one out of his backpack and it's one of the only weapons of its type in the entire game. That might've been useful before now, Logan...
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  • Broken Base: Reviews and opinion of the game are mixed, from a worthy addition to marred by being the same or buggy. The Zombie Bait edition which included a woman's torso; just the torso, was also mixed, with some seeing it as a worthy collectors edition, others seeing it cheesy, and still more thinking, "What the hell is that? What the hell man?"
  • Complete Monster: Frank Serpo, a pathological backstabber and manipulator whose only loyalty is to himself, is the frontman of a mysterious organization that seeks to weaponize the zombie virus and control outbreaks for their own ends. During the outbreak on Palani, Serpo usurps government and military control of the situation from Colonel Sam Hardy and shuts down any humanitarian effort by the military. At the beginning of the game, Serpo has the immune experimented on with a mutagen before leaving them when zombies attack their ship. When the immune help the survivors of Palani find refuge and seek help from the military, Serpo only wishes to collect the immune for more experiments. When they insist on him taking the civilians, this leads to a standoff that ends with Hardy being shot. When his helicopter crashes, Serpo leaves his men to die, shooting one of them to distract the zombies. He's also responsible for Harlow Jordan's death, having her caught and experimented on with mutagen, driving her mad, and trying to convince the immune that she's a terrorist and should be killed. Moments before his death, Serpo tries to coerce the immune to come with him, and freely admits to orchestrating the outbreak.
  • Goddamned Bats: Screamers become a frequent random encounter once you reach southern Henderson. Even at high levels, they're resilient enough to withstand a lot of punishment, and their scream is an unavoidable, surprisingly lengthy stun.
    • However with a strong elemental weapon, if they are hit with a poison/bleeding/electric effect, they will mostly die while the player is stunned.
    • Special named enemies make an appearance, sometimes as part of a quest. A Brute with more damage and health may be manageable, but what about a Nigh Invulnerable Infected or Butcher?
  • Good Bad Bugs: Like the game before it, Riptide has a sweet weapon duplication glitch. Fill up your quick inventory with weapons, then drop the one you want to dupe. Equip your fists and hold the item pickup button and deposit it into Henry Boyle’s storage and take it out again. You can now drop the weapon you’re holding as many times as you want, for backup uses or just to sell them for easy money. Enjoy.
    • Grenadiers are pretty nasty opponents at long range, but they have one crippling weakness. For some reason, if you get into melee range with them, they will completely stop attacking you and just stare menancingly at your weapon meeting their face. This lack of retaliation almost pushes them into being Fake Ultimate Mooks.
  • Inferred Holocaust: John's diaries reveal that Banoi was nuked in order to contain the infection, meaning any survivors that you had left behind there are most definitely dead now.
    • This is actually something that's treated inconsistently within the game itself. At the start of Riptide, it's an article of faith among the survivors that Banoi was nuked, but it's eventually revealed that the bombing was a lie Hardy used to motivate the survivors to get to Henderson. This is further confused by the post-credits sequence, where a news report says that both Banoi and Palanoi are the site of major rescue operations and the government is trying to cover up the existence of both outbreaks. And it turns out the survivors are carriers and possibly spread the infection further.
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  • Tear Jerker: Like the first game the trailer for Riptide is tough to watch.
  • What an Idiot!: Hardy, you were warned not to climb up the ladder or else you would be shot to death. Did you think the guy was joking around?

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