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Nightmare Fuel / Dead Island: Riptide

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Dead Island Riptide

  • In the ending, the survivors who decide to stay and wait for rescue on Palanai were last seen getting overrun by the zombies. After the heroes and the other survivors escape the island on a boat, the boat was last seen six days later drifting towards another island with no one on deck. And as the camera zooms towards the cabin's door, a growl can be heard and the door knob turns from the inside but it cuts to black and "The End" pops up before it reveals the fate of everyone but it's implied that the five immune heroes turned into zombies and killed the other survivors.
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  • The grenadiers, dear god the grenadiers. These new infected that RIP OFF THEIR OWN GODDAMN TUMOROUS SKIN AND THROW IT AT YOU!
  • The trailer pulls this off with the image of a couple who become shipwrecked, zombies are closing in and their only choice is to kill themselves before they become infected.
  • No need to play the game for a dose of Nightmare Fuel. The Zombie Bait edition included a little something...if you needed something to stop you from sleeping this should do the job nicely.
  • The cover is bad enough but this is one that earns it's R rating, even the screen of it on the XBOX dashboard is disturbing. Seeing it in full booting up the Definitive Edition should only be done were you planning on not sleeping...ever.
  • Modern Warfare was cited as being disturbingly close to a American invasion to hit home for those in the United States. Well despite it's fictional setting Palanai resembles Australia, particularly up in Queensland, which can add a dose of Paranoia Fuel.
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  • The new Dead Zones are something like the abandoned houses in the first game, except the exterior and interior take the form of either a Vietnamese concentration camp with lynched bodies strung up or voodoo caves (as well as shrines dotted about the island) that would give Baron Samedi the heebee jeebies. Once you're done in them you'd be well forgiven for wanting to GTFO.
  • John Morgan's personal recordings where he recalls air support bombing villages in lieu of the outbreak, the chain of command going to hell, a zombie woman eating her own child and his superior's answer to what to do about the infected if the orders need to be spelled out for him.
  • As the game progresses your character becomes more and more of a Blood Knight. Well when some criminals try to kill and rob them they completely and utterly lose their shit, flying into an Unstoppable Rage. The Infected, who are permanently locked in this mode? That's who you're playing as. When your character snaps out of it they are freaked, it turns out the Fury mode is just that, a combination of ice, psychosis, and roid rage, and they're scared it'll happen again.

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