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Heartwarming / Resident Evil 6

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  • Sherry and Jake's campaign in general. The children of the greatest villains of the series slowly become Fire-Forged Friends, and the amoral, cynical mercenary Jake who has an incredibly Dark and Troubled Past slowly undergoes serious Character Development, mellowing considerably under Sherry's influence.
    • Sherry makes Jake promise that if Simmons turns out to be a traitor and the rendezvous is a trap, regardless of what happens to her, he will run. When time comes, however...
    Sherry: You promised!
    Jake: I lied.
    • After defeating Ustanak in Jake's final chapter:
    Jake: You saved me. You know that, don't you?
    • At the beginning of their campaign, Jake asks for $50 million for his world-saving blood. In their ending, Jake texts Sherry saying that he lowered the price to $50.
  • In Leon's final chapter, he protects an unconscious Ada from a mutating Simmons, going so far as to shield her from a hail of spikes with his own body. When Ada wakes up she gives a sarcastic remark, but she also touches Leon's hand on her shoulder, like a silent little thank you. The dialogue and the context makes it even more heartwarming, though; Leon had recently been told Ada was dead, and while she's knocked out, he tells her that if she's the real Ada, she can pull through. The relief in Leon's voice when he makes his own sarcastic joke in response seals it. The whole scene is reminiscent of their final scenes together at the climax of Resident Evil 2. Not only that, they play a reprisal of some of the music in Resident Evil 2, specifically the music from the part where Leon and Ada are in the security office and Ada is telling him to leave without her.
    • Helena being exonerated at the end of the campaign, after being hell-bent on avenging Deborah and was willing to turn herself in after defeating Simmons.
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  • After spending a good portion of the game acting cold towards Piers, Chris tells him he would be honored if Piers took over his role in the BSAA once Chris retires. Sadly, things don't turn out that way.
  • Jake Muller, mercenary and money lover, just seems to be a cocky Jerkass. One of the game's producers in an interview stated that he does all of those things to support his (single) mother. Awww.
    • Well, she died before the events of the game, but he did become a mercenary to support her.
  • The credits song at the end of Jake and Sherry's campaign definitely qualifies. Starting while Jake and Sherry are escaping together after beating the Ustanak for the last time, the lyrics are incredibly sweet, and considering the song is sung by Jake's voice actor himself, it's as if the song is Jake putting his feelings about Sherry and everything they went through together into words. Heartwarming indeed.
  • Unlockable documents reveal a rare compassionate side of Simmons. It is reveal that he allowed Claire to keep in contact with Sherry over the years, with her being Sherry only comfort and emotional support. Sherry in turn idolized Claire and hopes to become a strong and dependable woman like her.
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  • Leon and Sherry reuniting for the first time in years. The two even share a moment of reminiscing their time together in Raccoon City. In addition, while Sherry is in disbelief after hearing from Leon about Simmons, she fully trusted him even though she was ordered not to trust anyone, because Leon is more than just anyone. Looks like Claire isn't the only parent figure Sherry has.
  • For most of the game, Chris is hell-bent on getting back at "Ada Wong" and Piers failing to calm him down. It wasn't until he meet Leon and the latter is able to talk him out of revenge. Despite their lack of on-screen interaction, it is clear that Chris has a lot of respect for Leon and takes his advice.

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