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Heartwarming / Resident Evil

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Please only use this page for series-wide heartwarming moments. Put other heartwarming moments on their own pages.

  • The fact that, in spite of all they go through, the characters in this series keep coming back for more because it's the right thing to do and so other people won't have to. Despite living in a world where the apocalypse is just one dropped vial away and there are people who are actively out to destroy it or twist it to their own ends, they see something worth fighting for. Despite losing people and knowing they're going to keep losing people, they still form genuine and heartfelt friendships and are better for it. It's enough to take Resident Evil from a Crapsack World to a World Half Full.
    • For that matter, outside of the outbreaks, life is still going on in the REverse. We catch glimpses of people living everyday lives in peace, as if to say that the cleanup efforts and drive in combating bioterror is working. The protagonists go through hell but the storylines go out of their way to show everything they've done matters. Umbrella eventually falls, Wesker is gone, Simmons and Carla's conspiracy is no more, and every major victory the heroes get means something in subsequent games.