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  • There's a moment near the end where you meet the real Jack Baker inside Eveline's Hive Mind. He talks to you for a while and tells you what's been going on, but despite everything Eveline has put him and his family through, he has the clarity to understand that she really is just a scared, lonely little girl who wants a family. And while he knows she has to be stopped, even then, Jack doesn't seem to truly blame her for everything that happened the way Ethan had. He's not interested in revenge, either—he only wants his family to be freed from her so they can truly die. Even after everything, and in stark contrast to what Evie made him into in the real world, this is a man who has no desire to bring harm to anyone, and it's visibly apparent that he hates that the only option to save the Bakers is for Ethan to kill Evie. It's a quiet moment, but it's equally awesome.
    Jack: my family. Please.
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  • The canon ending: Ethan and Mia, his wife, are rescued. Especially for the latter, who had gone missing for three years.
  • The sheer level of dedication Ethan displays for his wife. He seemed to hold out on the possibility that Mia was still alive after she disappeared for three years and was willing to follow up a lead allegedly sent by Mia. Even when Mia attacks him in the beginning, it's possible to carry out Ethan's devotion to Mia by him choosing to cure Mia instead of Zoe near the end.
  • A strange example considering the subject matter, but after all of the trailers, promotional material, the game itself and the rest of the relevant DLC focusing on depicting Jack as an incredibly brutal and sadistic maniac, it really is heartwarming when the start of "Daughters" shows the real Jack pre-outbreak, heading into a huge storm to rescue injured people all by himself, and letting them stay at his home while joking about always wanting to run a bed-and-breakfast.
    • Without that incredibly unnerving grin, Marguerite also looks like a totally different person.
    • Even Lucas is shown to have once been relatively normal, if still troubled, before Eveline's influence drove him off the deep end.
    • The fact alone that both Jack and Marguerite are desperately fighting back. Both have moments where they regain autonomy and yell at Eveline to leave them alone and—specifically—to stop tormenting their family. Jack and Marguerite, more than anything else, want to keep Zoe and Lucas safe.
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  • Despite the guy treating him with great suspicion (and in fairness, Ethan gave him plenty of reason to be that way), Ethan shows nothing but sympathy for the murdered deputy. When coming across his corpse, he comments "Poor deputy", and when he's later forced to reach into the corpse's severed neck to retrieve a key, he gives a remorseful "Sorry, buddy".
  • One of the items you can find around the pre-infection house in Daughters is a wall ornament that Zoe made as a fourth grader, bearing a little clay picture of her, her parents, and her brother standing side-by-side together and smiling. Awwww...!
  • It may be subverted by the DLC proper, but the End of Zoe trailer has a single sentence that counts as one brilliant Hope Spot, a suggestion that Zoe will live and she won't be all alone. Just eight little words:
    Joe: "We gonna fix this, Zoe. You're my family."
    • Come the DLC proper, turns out that Joe Baker's every inch the devoted family man the trailer made him out to be. He might be rough around the edges and quick to start a fight, but he's quite sincere in his desire to help his niece.
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  • The End of Zoe shows us that Blue Umbrella may share their predecessor's name, but their methods are much more humane - when Joe Baker interrogates the Gas Mask Mooks who were retrieving an infected Zoe, it turns out that they were trying to save her. What's more, one of them even tells Joe what he needs to do to save Zoe, despite being tied up and interrogated by Joe.
  • At the very end of End of Zoe, Blue Umbrella shows up again, this time led by Chris Redfield, to rescue Zoe and Joe. The last we see of them, Blue Umbrella's researchers are giving Zoe a clean bill of health.
    • Especially poignant is the way Joe comforts Zoe and encourages her to keep in mind that her family weren't themselves after they were infected.
      Joe: Ya gotta know, deep down somewhere, they were still your family and they loved you. Especially your daddy. Even in his final days.
    • And the whole reason Blue Umbrella's agents were looking all over for Zoe? Well...
      Ethan: Zoe? Zoe, are you there?
      Zoe: It's you! I don't believe it. You actually made it!
      Ethan: We both did.
      Zoe: You didn't forget about me.
      Ethan: I told you I'd send help. And I always keep my promises.
      Zoe: Thank you, Ethan.
  • Despite his previous jerkiness, Pete is nothing short of heroic in the KITCHEN demo; he tries to free Clancy rather than fleeing alone (which might have improved his chances of survival)—even saying 'We gotta get outta here'—and then, after being stabbed, his last act is to tackle a knife-wielding, homicidal, infected Mia away from Clancy, losing his life rather horribly as a result. It's especially meaningful considering not only his initial dismissiveness of Clancy, but the fact that his dialogue indicates he didn't know him very well. Even if it ended up becoming a Senseless Sacrifice, Pete willingly threw himself into a fight he had to know he couldn't win (he'd already been stabbed and his hands were still tied) for the sake of a guy he barely knew.


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