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Drinking Game / Resident Evil 7: biohazard

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Welcome to the family, *hhurp*, son

We ain't Lucas, folks - here there be spoilers. Stay Away!

  • Double everything if you're playing this in VR. (You're going to need it.)

  • Take a drink each time a character miraculously recovers from near fatal wounds.
    • Take two if it was caused by themselves.
      • Take one if you think they're dead.
      • Take two more if you turn out to be wrong.
    • Take two if it was Ethan.

  • Each time you pick up a new weapon:
    • Take a sip if it's the knife or a pistol.
    • Take a drink for the Burner.
    • Take a shot for every Shotgun.
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    • Down the bottle for the Grenade Launcher.
    • Pop the Champagne if you buy the Magnum.
    • Take a drink when you get the P90.
    • Take a sip for every Remote Bomb you get.

  • Take a sip every time the words "family", "gift", or "Ethan" are said.
    • Upgrade it to a drink if it's written down somewhere.

  • For those who are brave of heart and strong of liver, take a sip every time you miss a shot.
    • Double it if you die during the fight

  • Take a drink if you survive a fight by blocking.

  • During The End of Zoe, take a drink every time you fail to complete a combo.

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