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Nightmare Fuel / Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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Sheesh Mia, you don't look like yourself today.

If you thought this game would be anything like the over-the-top action of the previous games, you are dead wrong. Resident Evil is revisiting its roots, and bringing some old school Survival Horror with it...

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Trailers & Demo 
  • Just the very way the game was announced at E3 2016 - during the VR demonstration. Not only are you playing this game where you're trapped in a decaying mansion inhabited by madmen, but these monsters are going to be literally in your face!
  • Going around the ground floor in the mansion, you can check inside a fridge, a microwave and a pot on the table. Inside each are the rotting flanks of a dead animal, a dead bird and... You Don't Want to Know. You know, wholesome food for the whole family.
    • If you check the fridge in the VHS tape section, it gets even worse. A few of the chunks of meat you find in the main section aren't there, implying that they may be what's left of Andre.
    • The main game makes it worse. Clancy's immolated corpse is found in a door and Andre's body floats in the flooded basement... And Pete's corpse is nowhere to be found! (though it's implied he's the main course of the Baker's family supper).
    • If you go and look behind to look at the main door after you go inside, the door closes by itself.
  • To get the VCR tape the player has to grab some bolt cutters. It'd be nice to find them lying around somewhere other than a... you know, bisected rotting cow.
  • Every so often, in the VHS segment of the demo, you might be (un)lucky enough to catch a brief glimpse of an obviously undead woman stalking you.
  • The ending cinematic of the demo, where Clancy, helpless and tied to a chair, is presumably eaten by an undead monster.
    • Word of God explained ahead of time that none of the characters we see in the tape would be surviving their ill-fated trip into the house.
  • The ghost trailing you around the house in the demo; if you see her, trust us, you'll remember her. She appears for a few seconds and then pops out of existence. The Reveal from the released game that she's actually Mia, stalking the Sewer Gators, does not help.
  • The three mannequins upstairs, initially facing the wall but if you walk over to the desk and come back you'll see they've turned around to face you and a fourth has materialized next to the stairs. And after you collect the back door key, the fourth one will disappear... and fall in your face just as you take that last fateful corner.
  • The song used for the Tape-1 trailer is a darker version of the American folk song Go Tell Aunt Rhody which has spawned other versions. Instead of the old gray goose that is dead, it's everyone.
    "Go tell Aunt Rhody, go tell Aunt Rhody, go tell Aunt Rhody, that everybody's dead."
  • Tape-2 / Trailer 3:
    • Jack Baker looks practically unstoppable. First, he smashes his way through a wall to attack you with a shovel. Then a car explodes with him in it, and what happens? He gets out and walks towards you while on fire, tanking at least three gunshots in the process.
    • Then, it turns out the Baker family are cannibals... They do not take well to the player character not eating dinner.
    • The family's behavior is nothing but Black Comedy, with extreme emphasis on the "black". Marguerite happily bids you good morning, but her jittery hands and frantic scratching belies a more sinister side, while Lucas is chucking bits of food like a deranged child before tossing his entire plate at you. This prompts Jack to out of nowhere jam a knife through Lucas' arm and rip it off, but Lucas' reaction is to simply complain "Goddamn it, old man, not again!" It would be funny (actually, it kinda is), if not for how little of it is Played for Laughs, and is deliberately meant to unnerve you more and more. That's where any semblance of Black Comedy ends.
  • The World of Resident Evil 7 micro-clips:
  • In the latest demo update, the basement is opened up. It's filled with body bags. Then Jack Baker locks you in with what is responsible for all those bodies... What makes it worse is that most players won't have anything to defend themselves with.

    The Game Itself 
  • After you enter the abandoned guest house, the door closes and locks on its own. This is never explained.
  • Andre's death. Being impaled through the mouth on a pipe cannot be a good way to go.
    • Worse still when you drop down into the basement where he died. His bloating, decaying corpse pops out of the water in front of you as you're wading under the floorboards.
  • Pretty much all of your encounters with Mia after she succumbs to the Mold.
    • Arguably the worst part is the first time, when she vanishes, and then reappears crawling up the steps out of the basement like something out of The Ring. Then the lights go out. Then they come back on and she's in your face, snarling like an animal and with Tainted Veins all over her once-pretty face.
    • Then you have to fight her, avoiding her crazed efforts to stab you to death and then finally killing her with a hatchet to the neck. Except that she gets back up offscreen. Leading to her throwing you around like a ragdoll, pinning your hand in place with a screwdriver through the palm, and then cutting your hand off with a chainsaw while she's ranting about the need to "burn it all down" and "contain it". Although when you listen to what she's really saying, "Must contain the outbreak... MUST BURN IT ALL DOWN!", it becomes less scary and more of a Tear Jerker.
    • In the final encounter, you have to kill her before she cuts you up with that chainsaw. Worst of all is the Slasher Smile she sports if she manages to land the killing blow, as it looks like she's genuinely enjoying shredding you to pieces.
  • The now-iconic introduction of Jack Baker. "Welcome to the family, son!"
    • Even the glimpse of him wandering through the woods as you make your way to the old guest house at the start of the game is creepy.
    • This moment is even worse with the new context presented in Resident Evil Village: this actually killed Ethan. He's been a Mold-infused Revenant Zombie ever since this exact scene.
  • The dining room scene is worse here than it is in the trailer.
  • If Jack manages to kill you right after you escape the dining room, you'll be treated to the sight of him twisting Ethan's arm back till it breaks and then snapping his neck, taunting you for being "pathetic".
  • While running from Jack after leaving the table, you turn a corner and run down a hallway...before Jack smashes through the wall in front of you out of nowhere, in one of the game's better jumps.
  • The worst part about fleeing from Jack after you escape the dining room? Unless you're really, really good, you're almost certain to have him catch up to you and then hack your right leg off with his shovel. And then he just sits at the other end of the room, giggling and making you crawl forward to retrieve your own severed limb and the bottle of healing juice you need to stick it back on, all whilst waiting for him to decide to smash your head to a pulp with that shovel.
    • Making this worse, to a first time player he's very clearly doing this so he can torment you some more before he kills you. To a second time player it's not clear if he's doing it for purposes of sadism or if this is the last vestiges of the real Jack Baker Fighting from the Inside to give you a fighting chance.
  • By the time he meets the deputy, Ethan is already delirious enough to throw vague answers without even thinking about their repercussions. Imagine being a police officer told about disappearances in the area, and some guy suddenly runs up to the window in a place that seemed empty, admits he's intruding on private property, that people are trying to kill him and that he needs your gun (when anyone with some amount of sense knows officers don't give people weapons). And then curses at you for giving him a knife instead. The player may see this from Ethan's perspective, but in a way, it's both an Idiot Ball moment of Poor Communication Kills, yet also chill-inducing to know your own character is already starting to come apart.
  • Why does the Cop not notice Jack, who seems to appear from nowhere? Simple, according to words from Lucas - "Goddamn it, I bet it's the cop again." - he's been hanging around the estate and breathing in the mold through the air, as that's how Ethan is infected too. The Cop can't see Jack coming... because the mold - and Eveline - have infected him and don't want him to see Jack.
  • You manage to kill Jack in the garage and it's finally over, right? You find the statue you need for a shadow puzzle in the upstairs bathroom... and then Jack steps through the door and grabs you! Worse, half of his head's still missing, and you can see his brain pulsating before he regrows his face over it, gloating all the while about how he's immortal.
    • Most players wisely run the hell away from Jack after this, but if you're brave enough to stick around and defeat him, you get to see the huge, gaping wounds your weapons leave in his body, exposing his bloody bones and organs. If you're dumb enough to stick around after that, you get to see flesh and skin gradually grow back over those wounds in real time until he gets back up, casually remarking that he must have dozed off, and promptly resumes the chase.
    "As you can see, the family is only part of her gift, which —in a word— means... Heh heh heh... You're fucked!"
  • After you get the first shadow puzzle cleared, you think that you're safe. The scorpion-covered door to this part of the house was locked, so you've left Jack behind, right? Then, after a fairly nice sitting room and a little study with some creepy notes about people "turning" along with a blurry photo of something black with huge sharp teeth, you enter a different room. The bulb has burned out, with the only light being that seeping from the doorways at either end. And thick mats of gross black mold are spread all over the walls and ceiling. You make for the second doorway, eager to resume searching for the keys to get out of this place. And then something rips its way out of that mold... something almost, but not quite, humanoid. Something with big teeth, and sharp claws. Say hello to the Molded...
  • Your first visit to the basement in the house is seriously creepy. It's bad enough that it's a dark, spooky basement, but it's also covered in a really nasty carpet of black Festering Fungus. Worse, you saw up on the first floor that this stuff can come to life, attacking you with horrific humanoid amalgamations of itself. So you creep slowly through the infested hallways... and nothing happens. Spotting a surprisingly clean and brightly lit corridor behind a corner, you sprint for it... and then a goddamned Molded pops out from around the corner in front of you!
  • The scene where you return to the dissection room in the basement. There is nothing overtly terrifying, no monsters chasing you, just you stuffing your hand down the decapitated officer's neck so you can get a key item. Above all else, it's the sound that really sells how horrible the experience is.
    • And let's not forget the lead up to the key retrieval part; Ethan enters Zoe's trailer, a save room, only to find it's been a little bit trashed. He opens the fridge to find it's contents devoured and the officer's severed head. The forehead has a huge sharp tooth filled mouth on it showing that the poor deputy was well on his way to becoming a Molded... Also the fact that Lucas was in here, one of the only areas in the game one could consider "safe".
  • The huge, crawling mass of centipedes that covers the inner walls as you shimmy your way between them in the Old House. Ethan's immediate reaction to having dozens of the awful things right in his face is quite understandable.
  • Marguerite's boss form. After she is reduced to black goo from your first fight with her, she mutates off-screen into a what is effectively a human spider who attacks you in the attic. The Uncanny Valley of her crawling on the walls is extremely creepy and that's not even getting into the Jumpscare that happens when she attacks you in the form for the first time...
  • Marguerite herself; her slow, hobbling pursuit of you as Mia is as bad as having Jack on your tail, and her ranting - especially the Madness Mantra-esque "I'm sick and tired over being sick and tired of your bullshit, girl." is easily as unnerving as her husband's louder lunacy.
  • You need a D-series arm to make a serum. The game is unspecific as to what that means. When you finally make your way to Marguerite's "altar", you find the mummified corpse of a little girl, and have to rip off her arm for the serum. That's more gross than creepy, though; the creepy part comes when you turn around, and see the feet of a little girl through the crawlspace entrance, running away from behind you. Exiting the crawlspace, the room beyond has been totally covered in insane spirals of writing, the previously empty area is full of deadly creatures, and the ambiance has taken a sharp turn for the sinister. It is harrowing.
    • After defeating Marguerite for the second time and on the way to her altar, you suddenly hear the sound of a piano but when you investigate, there is nobody there. In another room, a ball is thrown into your view but there is nobody there.
    • Half of one room is covered floor to ceiling in mold, and nearby on a table is a scrap of paper with four words on it. "Something's wrong with her."
    • Even worse, the story and logs don't really go out of their way to try to explain where the hell the D-Series body part came from. Other things stored on the crashed ship? One of the victims of Eveline turned into a lesser equivalent of a B.O.W. like her? Something resulting from Lucas being The Mole and having access to both the cure and potentially other stuff? We never know, but Ethan has to carry the parts of this.. thing, with him for the cure serum.
  • A subtle one and not as terrible as most parts of the game, but after Marguerite's boss fight, you can get hold of a teddy bear. If you hold it long enough, it starts to ooze out black liquid (probably mold) all over its body.
  • Lucas, the Psychopathic Manchild son of the Bakers, who gleefully builds rooms into inescapable death traps one of which ultimately killed Clancy. Some of his journal pages document how he tricked a bully into the attic and just left him up there; it's strongly implied that he let the bully starve to death. And then there's the revelation that he's Not Brainwashed, and he likes being able to kill people and doesn't want to stop; as he says this, he begins tearing out his fingernails with a pair of pliers.
    • That Kaizo Trap room that killed Clancy? You get to see it in one of the video tapes. Clancy's trapped in a room, seemingly with a video camera strapped to his head, and no light other than a candle. Then he stumbles upon the objective of the room after walking into a trap that sprays water on him and extinguishes his candle while also turning on the lights; he has to light the candle and stick it on the cake in the room. A lot of the traps start off somewhat petty; the aforementioned sprayers, a clogged toilet, and an effigy on a stick that must be burned that reads "You". Then they start getting sadistic. First Clancy has to inflate a balloon with an open gas valve but the balloon is full of nails, one of which pierces Clancy's hand when it pops, and a quill pen that Clancy has to pull out of his stomach. He then has to take that quill to a wind up clown. Winding up the clown before this causes it to make sketching movements to spell out a password to unlock a door. However, giving it the quill causes it to grab Clancy's arm, start laughing maniacally and carve the word LOSER into his arm. After all that, Clancy finally gets the water valve he needs to turn off the sprayers, light the candle and put it on the cake. Only the cake is a bomb and putting the lit candle on it sets it off. This has the side effect of lighting the gas from a cask the clown's winding key was in and setting the whole room ablaze and guess what? The hallway's sealed now leaving Clancy no way out and condemning him to spend his last moments screaming and whimpering in fear as he burns alive. Try turning the valve to turn the water back on? It snaps off. Holy shit, Lucas. And if you don't think to watch the "Happy Birthday" tape before you enter the room in question, all this can happen to Ethan, too.
  • In the boat house, you encounter Jack Baker after his apparent death in the basement. However, he has transformed into a grotesque, misshapen monster with face-shaped growths and bulging eyes all over his body.
  • Eveline, AKA E-001, the Big Bad of the game. She's the reason the Bakers went crazy in the first place, and everything about her is utterly terrifying.
    • Her backstory, documented through notes found in the game, is that she was genetically engineered since she was a fetus to become a new form of B.O.W. The Connections designed her to be the ultimate subversion agent, being able to pass herself off as human while being able to infect people's brains with a special fungus that is symbiotically linked to her, allowing her to control their minds. Unfortunately, she escaped confinement and sank the ship she was being carried on and forced the only survivor, Mia, into being her "mother". The Bakers then found them, and thus the events of the game were set into motion.
    • Once you finally confront her at the end, you inject her with a special neurotoxin designed to kill her. Once that happens and the illusion is broken, you find out that her true form is that of the elderly woman you've seen throughout the game, due to a side effect of her mutation causing rapid aging. You then watch as she undergoes necrosis and melts into a pile of black goo...only to mutate further and suddenly her face and essence starts attaching itself to the walls of the room until the entire place is consumed by her presence. Her final form is a giant, tentacled fungus mass the size of a goddamn Kaiju. And you can't kill her except with a special weapon dropped by an approaching military helicopter.
  • Fungus is already a repulsive substance, to begin with. This game will make you fucking terrified of the stuff by the end due to its copious thematic usage throughout the story.
  • Two specific aspects of Lucas's Death Trap qualify:
    • The Monster Clown animatronic at the beginning of the trap. When you first enter, you notice a dark figure just a bit before you. Walking forward brings you face to face with this shit. You might be inclined to keep checking on it as you go through the puzzle, just to make sure it's still there and not coming after you. Its design invokes not only your classic creepy clown but a creepy clown who has been flayed alive. Its unnatural, jerky movements and tinkling circus music after you find, insert, and use its wind-up really add to the creep factor. After you give it a finger and a quill (with the tip of that quill covered in your blood - thanks, Lucas), it unexpectedly grabs your wrist and holds you there as it uses the quill to scratch "LOSER" into your arm with it laughing maniacally and your character screaming. Thankfully, that's all it does. It never actually gets up and attacks you.
    • The intended end result of the trap plays out as this. You are forced to experience first-hand your player character's panic and terror as they are trapped in a burning room, which is likely to play out with you first trying to escape the room, only to find that it's impossible to tell where you are with the flames already huge and spread all over the room (thanks to the oil the trap forces you to spill as part of finding out a passcode), and resorting to cowering in a corner before finally, mercifully dying. The screams of pain and fear your character emits are all too realistic and it's easy to feel panicked and desperate yourself to escape if you're experiencing it for the first time and don't realize your character is supposed to die in this part. The very worst part is that it is an unwinnable "game" of Lucas' own design. The hallway that you entered the room through gets closed off and the valve that you used to turn the water off with just breaks off. The player can literally do nothing but wait and watch their character slowly and horribly burn to death.
  • In a way, Ethan himself. While he's initially freaked out and is always under tension, by the end of the game he's killed the Molded, the Baker parents, and Eveline mostly by himself, and come out relatively intact for all of his trouble. Sounds fine, but he's still infected by the end no matter what you do, and as the story progresses, he also gets more aggressive as he tears his way through everything to the point of seething vengeance against Eveline. This is part of the symptoms of those infected by Eveline's mold, even if he seems well-adjusted by the end.
    • The fights with the insane Mia including at the tanker on the bad ending path have her muttering about how Ethan was "always watching her" as if he wasn't entirely honest about something either...
    • It doesn't help that if Umbrella Corps are still antagonistic towards the world and haven't undergone a Heel–Face Turn, Eveline may be destroyed but Ethan still exists as a living strand of the Mold, effectively a Sherry or even Jake-tier human B.O.W. with unpredictable results in the future.
     Downloadable Content 
  • Bedroom straps poor Clancy down as Marguerite attempts to feed him a pleasant dinner, and he has to escape without her noticing. Because if she does, she sprouts a centipede from her mouth and eats your face.
    • You have the option to eat her food. This can kill you as Clancy chokes on his own blood and dies.
    • At one point, her and Jack can get into an argument, before she flips out and repeatedly stabs Clancy out of rage, only stopping because Jack apologizes.
  • Ethan Must Die is a combination of this and Paranoia Fuel. This mode, aside from being named after an infamously hard mode in Devil May Cry, is Capcom's love letter to Nintendo Hard games like Dark Souls. As Ethan, you are trapped in a hellish dimension and must fight Marguerite's spider form in the greenhouse. The catch? You can only take about two or three hits at most before dying, and you have to navigate a version of the house crawling with Molded, booby traps that are numerous enough to make you think Lucas designed the house, and Jack, with no starting items. You have to find items inside crates littered around the map, but even those can majorly screw you over by providing you with things like a gun without ammo. There's also rare crates that either have a chance of containing a good item, or a bomb. In order to win, you must use unconventional tactics and be extremely observant. And to make matters worse, every time you die you hear Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and when you reach the locations where you last died, there are small memorials there to mock you.
  • The aptly-named Nightmare is this game's equivalent to Mercenaries Mode, and can be summed up as "Five Hours At The Bakers'". As Clancy, you must survive 5 waves of enemies and escape, all the while utilizing scrap to buy weapons and healing items for yourself. And at the end of every wave, you must fight a massive horde of Molded, or have a boss fight with Jack. Worse still is that there's an even harder version of the mode called Night Terror.
  • 21 has Clancy strapped into a chair opposite another surviving victim, named Hoffman, and forced to play a "friendly" game of blackjack by Lucas. Except the loser of each hand gets an increasingly worse punishment from the sadist in charge.
    • Round 1: The loser gets the fingers on their left hand chopped off, starting with the pinkie and ending with the thumb.
    • Round 2: The loser is tortured with electricity until the voltage hits maximum, at which point it's an execution.
    • Final Round: After you beat Hoffman and get him electrocuted to death, Lucas decides that he's not satisfied with Hoffman's "weak" death and challenges you himself, using Hoffman as his meat puppet, crudely imitating him all the while. The final punishment is the loser having their face rammed into by a buzzsaw. And when you do win, you get to witness that Hoffman is Not Quite Dead for all of about 5 seconds before the buzzsaw slices his head in half vertically.
    • The Survival modes aren't much better, pitting you against Hoffman over and over again. Once you start getting near the end, though, special bosses start appearing, and things get weird. You get to face things like Hoffman wearing a giant sports mascot head that has a Trump Card enabling him to run away, with the Final Boss being Molded Hoffman. Survival+ has a more horrifying Final Boss: Zombie Hoffman. That is to say, Hoffman who is very clearly dead and bloody, with an eerily distorted voice and various weapons embedded in his head.
    • In Japan, the game had a censored version created to meet the D rating from CERO (equivalent to the ESRB's M). To meet these requirements, the punishment in the first round of 21 was changed to be far less disturbing, where instead of having a finger lopped off, it gets forcibly broken instead.
  • The whole premise of Daughters. You're Zoe, on a rainy evening as a hurricane finishes sweeping past your little parish. A nice, normal night... until your father brings home a little girl he found washed up in the bayou, the second such survivor from a shipwreck. You try to be a Good Samaritan and fetch her some dry clothes to wear, going up to your brother Lucas' old bedroom. And when you put the clothes down, she wakes up, sneers at you, and says three little words: "They're mine now." Then the lights go out, and she escapes in the dark, leaving you to stumble your way around in the dark, at best with just a single lighter to show your way. You hear your mother in the bathroom, but when you go to her, she starts ranting madly... and then whirls round and lunges for you with a mouth full of centipedes! Your father rushes in to save you, sending you racing down to the garage for rope to hold her down, but when you get back he's trying to drown her in the bathtub. Then, he starts ranting crazily before stabbing himself in the chest and sending you running for your life from your own father. You manage to outmaneuver him, finding the missing piece of the Cerberus-lock on the front door in the process, but he captures your brother Lucas. In the main hall, your mother finds you, thrusts a car key at you, and begs you to escape, screaming at some invisible person to leave her family alone. From there, you have two choices on where to go.
    • If you run out the front door, you head for the trailer in the front yard. There, you find your previous guest unconscious, with a note scrawled nearby and a creepy mummified fetus-thing in her grip. As you look at it, a voice from behind calls you "sister". You turn around, and that freaky little girl is there again. Then you pass out. And then you wake up, seemingly on a nice, normal morning... only to find out that, no, it wasn't all a dream.
    • If you head for the garage, you have to outmaneuver your father again, listening to him rant, rave and laugh like a maniac. But, finally, you reach the car and get ready to drive for help... that freaky little girl is there again, moments before your parents grab you, haul you out of the car, and beat you to a pulp.
    • If you go up to the attic and type the password into Lucas' laptop, you'll find a text that says "All I did was look in on Zoe while she was doing yoga, and she calls me a pervert. Fuck you!" It's possible that Lucas may or may not have been incestuously fixated on Zoe, and for all we know, he could've actually acted upon it during the 3-year period that Eveline took control of Jack, Marguerite and Mia. That in and of itself is nightmare fuel.
  • The first footage of the Not A Hero DLC has been shown, and it ain't pretty. You play as Chris, who's been ordered to investigate the mines near the Baker house in order to capture Lucas, who escaped during the main game. You'd think a hardened veteran like Chris "I Punched a Boulder Into Smithereens" Redfield would think nothing of dealing with more monsters. Nope! He's legitimately freaked out by the Molded, especially as he's surrounded by them. At the end of the Gold Edition trailer you see him fighting against Lucas, almost getting stabbed to death in what looks like an ambush.
    • The first encounter with the "Mama Molded" boss. At first it just seems like a bigger version of the Fat Molded, then you attack it... and your Heads-Up Display reveals that it regenerates faster than you can hurt it.
    • On the topic of the new Molded from the DLC, The Little Crawlers and the Fumers. Little Crawlers look like Migi without the rest of his host body and the Fumers look like tall emaciated human corpses and function similar to Regenerators.
    • The final boss of the DLC is none other than Mutated Lucas himself, with the mutamycete taking over after Chris puts a pistol round into him. The worst part is you're treated to a pleasantly relaxing front row seat of his mutation. And from the sound of his voice, he's enjoying it.
  • The End of Zoe is the final DLC for the game, and details what happened to Zoe after the events of the good ending. For starters, Eveline still found out about her betrayal and calcified her like the bad ending, but instead of crumbling her to dust, be it because she was more focused on her "mother" and considered Zoe an afterthought or because she was running low on time to prepare for Ethan and Mia boarding the ship, Zoe was left frozen in fungal stasis. Then a mysterious bearded man comes and takes her away, claiming to be related to her.
    • Thankfully, the DLC reveals the man is indeed Zoe's uncle, and makes it clear he will do anything to protect her.
    • Joe Baker finds Nightmare Fuel as well. His niece is slowly dying due to a viral fungus, his brother's home has been destroyed by that same fungus, government agents he suspects to be the original Umbrella Corporation are tracking down any remaining traces of Eveline, Molded monsters are still around and worst of all, one of them is his brother, Jack.

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