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The Family are former test subjects of Umbrella
They were experimented on and managed to remain partially human, but not quite, sort of like Ganado-level zombies.
  • It is very likely the Baker family were test subjects for the G-Virus' healing factor. Them forcing other people to be cannibals with them might be so that they can make others have the same healing factor and lose some of their own humanity.
  • Jossed. The only B.O.W is Eveline, and she's just mind controlling the family. Furthermore, she's not an Umbrella experiment but was created by someone else.

The Family's Property Was Near an Abandoned Umbrella Facility
The Picture of an Umbrella Helicopter in the demo makes me think their property was near one of their facilities. There's a chance whatever they were working on seeped into their water supply, or perhaps one of them stumbled upon the facility long after Umbrella had fallen and was contaminated by something left behind (Umbrella was always a bit careless with their experiments), causing their mutations and insanity.
  • Jossed. The Bakers are being mind-controlled B.O.W was on a tanker that washed up in the bayou near their plantation. There is a lab in the old abandoned salt mine nearby, though.

The game won't include previous characters but would involve the mythos of the old games in a way we didn't expect.
Let's say the woman in the wheelchair happened to be a relative to one of the original founders of Umbrella, or even a paramour. Or possibly the house belonged to one of them but was abandoned/sold after the US government shut down the company. The "Family" could be test subjects who abduct other people for experiments (as in, "Welcome to the family," from the end of the demo). Or...
  • Jossed.

"Clancy" is in fact Billy Coen, having changed his identity to get a job.
The Father seems to be a former Special Forces, perhaps it could be part of Billy's story arc?
  • Let's hope not, since Word of God has already confirmed that Clancy does not survive the events of "Beginning Hour," and Billy would've certainly put up a lot more resistance than this poor fellow did.
  • Jossed. Clancy is nothing more than the camera-man of the Sewer Gators team, and he actually endures a hell of a lot before he's killed.

Ada Wong will show up and be very important to the plot.
The Tape-1 teaser begins with "She's back." Who else could it be? Especially after Ada went off the grid again at the end of Resident Evil 6. She might even be the woman on the phone that you find if you get the Fuse on Beginning Hour.
  • The woman on the phone sounds more like Alex Wesker to me. Ada is a possibility, though. Alternately it could be Jill. Think about it, we had Ada in 6, we had Claire in Rev 2; Jill is the only one we haven't seen in 7 years (4 if you count Rev 1).
  • Neither, or none, is correct. "She's back" refers to the wife of the Baker family. She is the one chasing you around in the second gameplay trailer.
  • Jury's still out on Ada being the woman on the phone, but the "She's back" in the trailer refers to Mia Winters; Ethan's wife who has been presumed dead for three years.
  • Jossed. The woman on the phone turns out to be Zoe Baker, the family White Sheep.

The game will star a character from the Gun-Rail series of games.
Given that this game takes place in the first person view, it makes sense that the protagonist will be one of the hero's from those games, instead of the known ones like Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, etc. If they are in the game, then they'll likely be NPC characters to advance the plot.
  • Jossed.

The Molded are made from Uroboros parasites

Natalia is the Big Bad.
As mentioned above, the trailer begins with a simple "She's back." There's at least one other candidate on the table, one with a history with Umbrella experiments and who came back from the apparent dead. The one who's "back" could just as well be Alex Wesker herself.
  • Aside from the "She's back" reference being almost certainly about the wife of the Baker family, Alex Wesker is probably the least likely candidate regardless. If that storyline is followed on, it will be in the next Revelations game, instead of the soft-reboot main game that RE7 will be.
    • As noted above, there could be small, seemingly meaningless hints and nods in the background letting the player know that these plotlines are still ongoing. And on the subject of Alex Wesker, we'd likely be talking about the copy of her consciousness inside of Natalia (Dark Natalia) as opposed to the real deal unless Alex has even better Joker Immunity than her brother did—you don't tend to walk off taking a RPG to your exposed core, especially when you're an Uroboros infectee.
  • Jossed. The Big Bad is E-001, or "Eveline"; a girl infected with a genetically engineered fungus that has allowed her to become a Hive Queen.

"The Family" is related to remaining plot threads from Resident Evil 6, also taking elements from the other games.
When left to face Leon and Helena alone during the showdown in Resident Evil 6, Derek Simmons bellows about "his family" - in reference to Neo-Umbrella, seemingly — abandoning him, and the wording is particularly prominent. I have to imagine that the "Family" of this game may be related, given Neo-Umbrella, despite being a pet project for Carla Radames, is still out there.
  • I don't think you've read the files from Resident Evil 6. The "Family" Simmons mentioned is completely separate from Neo-Umbrella, and it was a shadowy organisation similar to the Court of Owls or the Templars. That said, it's entirely possible The Family might play a part in Resident Evil 7.
  • Neo-Umbrella and The Family are different things. The Family is a shadow organization within the United States government, and they're hell-bent on keeping the world as stable as possible, as well as ensuring the US's high political status. Neo-Umbrella was originally the made-up terrorist organization that Simmons blamed all of his own bioterror attacks on. When Carla Radames developed a vendetta against Simmons and went rogue, she took the name for her own terrorist organization. Neo-Umbrella is also not "out there," so to say, anymore. They are entirely gone after the end of RE6. It's also very unlikely that RE7 will have anything to do with Simmons's The Family, and the story will instead be focused on the Baker family and their horror house, them being just "a family" instead.
  • Jossed. The Big Bad is tied to an unidentified company involved in bio-warfare projects, but The Family itself is never mentioned.

Las Plagas is the driving force behind the plot.
Creepy unwashed people who eat rotten food and randomly assault strangers? That's exactly how RE 4 starts. Since Plagas infectees can still speak and retain some autonomous thought, they'd be an ideal way to connect a Closed Circle or Hillbilly Horrors plot to established RE canon. Also serves as a partial explanation for Nigh Invulnerable enemies. If the player's infected, then it even opens the doors to hallucinations and other (kind of overblown) imaginary drama.
  • Jossed. It's a new form of genetically engineered fungus created by an as-yet unidentified bio-warfare research project.

Sheva Alomar is the voice on the phone.
Based off the newest teaser "Mysterious Caller". She's the only character in the series with an accent even remotely close to that so if it's not her, it's a new character. Then again, it doesn't sound like the same voice from the demo....two callers?
  • Jossed. The caller is Zoe Baker.

Lucas will be an over-protective "big brother" of sorts to Mia
Similar to Songbird and Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite, Lucas will want to protect Mia from anything he perceives as a threat to her. But this will lead to him becoming too protective and thus putting him and Ethan at odds. Mia is heard begging "Please don't hurt him!" in the trailer. Is she begging Lucas (or Jack or Marguerite) to not hurt Ethan? Or could she perhaps be begging Ethan not to hurt Lucas as he's only trying to protect her?
  • Jossed. Mia's pleading in the trailer is, in-game, directed at the Big Bad before she is mentally compelled to attack Ethan.

The bearded man is a ninja and was following you the whole time.
He managed to drop the edited note in front of you, and did all the spooky stuff while you weren't looking to troll you. He was planning to pop up and deck you the whole time, but couldn't think of a one liner till the last moment.
  • Jossed to the max. Providing that it is Joe Baker, the brother of Jack Baker, that this silly WMG is talking about.
    • This one dates back to the release of the demo. Still Jossed to Hell and back, since the "bearded man" it refers to is Jack Baker, and he shows himself to be really, really good at sneaking up on people throughout the game, no ninja-ing required.

     Post Release 
The game will have multiple endings
You can go down certain story branches based on what puzzles you solve or when you solve them.
  • Partially Confirmed. The game has two endings, a "good" and "bad" one. However, reaching one or the other is simply dependent on whether the player chooses to give the serum to Zoe or Mia.

The game will involve the established characters and plot
It's not unthinkable that the gameplay shown involves a team of Decoy Protagonists, and what we've seen so far details their doomed expedition into the house before switching to a more familiar hero for the rest of the game. Why bother setting it in the series' continuity if they aren't going to use it in some way?
  • Whether or not we'll see any familiar faces in the game at all is still up the air, but the characters we've seen being Decoy Protagonists has been confirmed by Word of God, along with the real protagonist being an entirely new character.
  • Partially Jossed, Partially Confirmed! A soldier identifying himself as "Redfield" comes with an Umbrella Corps unit and gives you a specialized anti-bioweapon magnum during the final boss battle.

The "Redfield" that comes in alongside the Umbrella soldiers at the end isn't actually Chris but Hunk
It's rather weird that Chris would actually work with Umbrella, even if they're supposed to be a new Umbrella (as indicated by the blue logo. Additionaly, his appearance matches previous appearances of Hunk, and he even wears a gas mask when he first comes down the rope.
  • One one hand the fact his face and voice are different can be accounted for by first Chris has had multiple voice actors in the past, and RE VII was made using new rendering techniques involving photogrammetry, which could lead to new models. On the other The CG movie Vendetta also features Chris, and his design matches the older games.
  • It may very well just be an effort by Capcom to move away from Chris' exaggerated physical features in 5 and 6 that led to much backlash and ridicule.
    • Jossed. The above bullet point is exactly what it is. The game's director finally came out and confirmed that the "Redfield" who rescues you is none other than THE Chris Redfield, and the different look is indeed from a new facial model they used to suit the more photorealistic graphics.
      • Furthermore, for those who DID NOT PLAY Umbrella Corps, they do not know why Umbrella became what they are so those players are way out of the loop.

"Welcome to the family, son" is said because the demo character is infected.
He's infected with the same virus as the Family and will appear as an enemy in the main game.
  • The Family wasn't infected with any virus, nor does that line refer to them. It refers to the Baker family in RE7.
  • Partially Confirmed, Partially Jossed. The demo character does not survive the demo, turning up dead in one of Lucas' death traps. However, the Bakers are deliberately trying to find compatible hosts to infect, as doing so brings the infected into their Hive Mind and thus their "family".
  • The demo character canonically survives Beginning Hour, contacting the police but being caught with LSD. Clancy, the protagonist of Derelict House Footage, is the one who died in the death trap.

A previous player character will show up either in a major supporting role or toward the end to save your ass.
Likely because they're either on the BSAA rescue team or were Working the Same Case the whole time. Since there's a good chance the game will gain a least a little spectacle and action by the end (a la Alien Isolation) and since every Resident Evil game ever ends with something going boom, having a previous protagonist as a Hero of Another Story wouldn't seem out of place at all. Every scene involving them would be able to emphasize how different the new game is and how in-over-his head the new protagonist is by comparison. It would also be a great time to kill that old PC off, preferably right after a Passing the Torch moment. An unexpected Big Damn Heroes is what immediately comes to mind, which could either be the climax of the third act ramp-up or be the first thing to kick it off. Having an old PC on your side for the endgame could be treated as an 11th-Hour Superpower where (similarly to the Mike sequence from 4) it feels like an amazingly cathartic inverse Escort Mission. Or alternatively, that old PC could show up somewhat early, kick ass for about five minutes, and then get unceremoniously killed or severely injured and spend the rest of the game as The Load while the new guy must step up to the challenge. It'd be a great way to tie game into the main series while still keeping its identity, and viewing an old PC through the eyes of someone who'd be a disposable civilian in any other game in the franchise would be the perfect chance for some meta humor and/or callbacks.
  • Partially Confirmed! A soldier identifying himself as "Redfield" shows up with an Umbrella Corps unit to play a role in the game's climax.
    • Completely confirmed, at least for the Not A Hero DLC part.

Mia is the Baker's daughter
In the trailers, during a message she leaves for Ethan, Mia apologises to him and admits "I did lie to you". Perhaps Mia is the daughter of Jack and Marguerite and, for whatever reason, Mia broke contact with them and lied to Ethan about her past. When she disappears, she has in fact been kidnapped by the Bakers who have "taken her home". This would explain why the Bakers haven't killed Mia during the 3 years she's been gone. In the demo, a photograph in the living room shows Jack with two children of a similar age, a boy and a girl. The boy is obviously Lucas but that leaves the question of who the girl is. Mia seems a good fit. Or alternatively...
  • Partially Confirmed, partially Jossed. Mia isn't their biological daughter, but they think of her as a daughter.

Mia is NOT the Baker's daughter. But they believe her to be. The Ghost Little Girl is actually their daughter
What it says on the tin, really. The Bakers have been holding Mia captive because they believe her to be their daughter even though she isn't. The photo of the helicopter in the Demo shows the Bakers were suspicious they were being watched by Umbrella. What if Umbrella kidnapped the Baker's daughter to use her in experiments? Years later, the Bakers mistakenly believe Mia is their daughter due to her looking similar and being the right age. In truth, their daughter is the ghostly little girl seen in the marketing. Whatever Umbrella did to her led to her current state and her still being a child (in appearance at least). Umbrella, or someone else, could even have been the ones to release the virus that infected the Bakers as a way of covering Umbrella's tracks.
  • Partially Confirmed, partially Jossed. Mia isn't one of the Bakers, but neither is the ghostly little girl; due to their mutual brainwashing, the Bakers have "adopted" her as one of their own. Likewise, the ghostly little girl is an "adoptive" daughter — in fact, she's the Big Bad!

The source of the madness isn't a virus — it's some kind of fungus
While RE 7 is definitely looking to shake things up a lot, a switchover from the Mad Science viruses of the past games to straight-up supernatural doesn't seem like a logical change, especially with the teasers that a past character is going to appear. But, let's look at the basement: it's covered in rampant fungal growth, and that mold seems to be spreading everywhere — note that in the 3rd teaser, a few quick shots show what looks like mold rapidly growing over something. Even the hideously mutated creatures in the basement, which rip their way out of the mold, have been revealed to be called "the Molded". According to a teaser conversation with the game's creation, that refers to how they were created by the Bakers in some way ("molded" meaning "to be shaped") — but it also references their connection to the mold and to being covered in mold (a sort of engrishy take on "moldy"). Given that the Mother Virus that gave rise to Progenitor and T and all the other viruses was revealed in Resident Evil 5 to come from a flowering plant in Africa, and how fungus-zombies have come into the public eye recently (for example, The Last of Us), that the Bakers are victims of some kind of mutagenic fungus actually makes a lot of sense.
  • Further, this doesn't invalidate the theory that the Bakers are some Umbrella experiment, because Umbrella actually did canonically do some experimentation with non-viral bio-weapons. Umbrella USA used a prototype of the NE-Alpha parasite on Lisa Trevor, and Umbrella Europe created the titular Implacable Man of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis by infecting a T-103 Tyrant with an improved NE-Alpha parasite.
  • Confirmed! The Big Bad's powers stem from a genetically engineered fungus that it produces from its body. This is hinted at early on by a note you can find in "Grandma's Bedroom", where a doctor tells Mrs. Baker (presumably Marguerite) that the X-Ray of her head has revealed fungal growths in her brain. The lab reports on the E-Strain B.O.W project you find in the salt mine lab confirm that the B.O.W is host to a "vicariant evolution" fungus that the creators have dubbed the "mutamycete".

The VHS tapes are from Go Pro cameras
  • There are laptops in the house so is not far fetched that they convert the footage to VHS tapes. As for the reason WHY they who'd do that is maybe they want to be old school.
    • Does not matter which those VHS tapes are from as everything is so advanced by then even though the settings if the game is Rural.

The Umbrella in this game is the Good Counterpart or at least The Atoner that distanced itself from the original, Neo, and "New Umbrella" mention in Vendetta

Think for a minute: Umbrella and its incarnations had been enemies for the BSAA, Leon's agency, Claire, and other protagonists for a long time. But the current one appears to be working with the BSAA. There are two factors here: 1. The company Mia and Lucas work for appears to be a new evil megacorp heading to its Central America branch. 2. The company mentions "H.C.F", which was Wesker's private army company. Which means the new incarnation of Umbrella is innocent in this game.

  • Jossed. The Umbrella in Resident Evil 7 is the newly formed new Umbrella, Co. from Umbrella Corps, which acts as a middleman for various bioweapon-developing companies and very likely developed Eveline themselves as well. Just like the original Umbrella, they are not related to Neo-Umbrella at all, and are very much the same company referred to as a new Umbrella in Resident Evil Vendetta. They are very much not good, and are not working with the B.S.A.A. at all. If they made Eveline themselves, then the H.C.F. mentions makes them very much the old rival company of Umbrella from years back.
    • That is, if Umbrella Corps is even canon, while that game is just a final send-up to the actionized second-generation Resident Evil third person gameplay as a versus shooter and horde mode.
      • The story section of Umbrella Corps has been proven to be canon even by Word of God, before the game's release.
      • Jossing jossed and confirmed for Atoner part. First off, the game implies that Umbrella wasn't responsible for the creation and a recently revealed Japanese scan reveals that this Umbrella is indeed The Atoner after being reconstructed as result of USA laws.

Some of the characters will reappear in sequels
Namely, Ethan as a hero and Lucas as a villain. The plot left the matter of Lucas's escape dangling (though this may just be resolved in future DLC content, it seems likelier that they'll just reappear later a la Wesker. As for Ethan Winters, it's possible they'll get to reprise their role as protagonist since it wouldn't be too hard to justify them getting enlisted to help with fighting the company that created Eveline, considering that Chris seemed impressed with him, the horrors Ethan found happened as a result of Eveline that might spur him to action again the company, and the possibility that the game can justify his Healing Factor and any additional super powers as a residual effect of contact with Eveline and the Bakers. Although it is possible for Mia or Zoe to also turn up in a future installment, the Multiple Endings that can get them explicitly killed might complicate that. Zoe Baker might just get DLC to answer what happened to them if Ethan gives Mia the serum and Zoe stays behind, possibly combining with the above suggested DLC answering what might have happened with her brother.
  • Having Ethan join up "the fight" as a member of an anti-bioterror group and be trained would defeat the whole purpose of his character. He is supposed to be just an every man with no actual combat training, and who just gets involved in the incident by accident.

Zoe's ending
In the Good Ending, Zoe chooses to be left behind when Ethan is forced to use up one of the two serums meant for her and Mia to kill Jack and then cures Mia with the remaining serum.
  • She is later seen in Ethan's dreamworld alongside Jack, which combined with her obvious despair and heartbreak that she couldn't be cured and get to leave after all may indicate that she has been Driven to Suicide and is appearing to Ethan as a spirit, as is her father.
  • Alternately, she might have been killed by Eveline the same way she is in the Bad Ending, only off-screen.
  • Assuming that she did not die, she could have very possibly been saved, either with Eveline's defeat causing the infection to die off naturally inside Zoe and effectively cure her or with the Heel–Face Turn Umbrella rescuing and curing her at the Winters's insistence. That's also assuming that Eveline's death does not just kill the infected hosts along the fungus...
    • Or if Eveline's death does not kill off the Mold and its Hive Mind in the process, forcing it into picking another succesor for that throne. If Zoe is alive, the risk of her becoming the Mold's next Hive Queen might be pretty high, if not, then that role goes to Ethan as a "Hive King" instead.
  • Everything tossed into the trash can and burned, Zoe earned her Happy Ending in the End of Zoe DLC, thanks to her uncle Joe Baker and the new Umbrella, Chris Redfield being one of them and most importantly Ethan who kept his promise even though he, Eveline and Umbrella know nothing about said Joe Baker.

The next game will be about Ethan escaping from Umbrella's confinement
Given that what Umbrella did, it will be likely that Ethan and (if possible) Mia will be either slated to dissected or experimented upon by Umbrella. Ethan (and if possible) Mia must escape from Umbrella.
  • Jossed to the max. For those who DID NOT PLAY Umbrella Corps, they are obviously confused about this Umbrella. Umbrella is now In Name Only, according to Veronica who is Chris' Mission Control in the Not A Hero DLC.

Or, it will feature new character, and Ethan is either NPC or mentioned in passing in a plot that will connect the next game with this one and opens more light on the next generation of global bioterrorism.
  • Most definitely new and it will be connected in some way to keep things in canon.

In Resident Evil VIII, Ethan will join Chris Redfield and track down whom is responsible for creating the Big Bad that destroyed his marriage and so many innocent people to get his ultimate revenge.
  • Unlikely, even impossible, given that the company in question is very likely Umbrella, Co. themselves.
    • Is it? I thought the "third party" that Lucas was sending e-mails to were also the ones who created Eveline; since you find his e-mails to them in the same lab you find the machinery needed to create the neurotoxin, and you find a photo of an Umbrella chopper with a note questioning if Umbrella had been watching them nearby the mines. I thought it implied that whoever created Eveline was a competitor organization.
    • Umbrella is not reponsible for Eveline. It is actually The Connections.

Oliver didn't starve to death in the attic
By May, Lucas decided to let him out as the prank had gotten boring to him. A traumatized Oliver made up a cover story out of fear of Lucas's wrath. The horrid smell was from Oliver's excrement, a result of the months he'd spent up in the attic. This explains the lack of Oliver's skeleton in the attic, lack of legal action against Lucas, and why Jack insists his son was no killer until Eveline showed up.

The Redfield at the end is the real deal
. The big issue with the appearance of "Redfield" at the end of the game is that the chopper logo is clearly based on the Umbrella logo. But, what if the various survivors of Umbrella's employees got together and refounded their company, this time as one dedicated to fighting B.O.W warfare? In a world crawling with bio-terror outbreaks, there's certainly room for more organizations dedicated to fighting them, especially after the controversies surrounding the revelations of criminal corruption in both the B.S.A.A. and Terra-Save. Furthermore, Umbrella had a mercenary group it officially employed to "clean up" bio-terror outbreaks, which was shown in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. If such an organization reformed, after the disasters of the B.S.A.A., it's plausible that Chris may have signed up with this new "Umbrella mk. 2" to both fight bio-terror and to keep it from reviving its old business practices.
  • There is one issue with this theory. The Umbrella logo on the chopper actually matches that of the Umbrella Corps, a mercenary bio-terror salvage unit who starred in their own lackluster self-titled game earlier. The Umbrella Corps are mercenaries who visit bio-terror outbreaks or raid bio-weapon labs to retrieve samples and sell them on the black market, and in their own game's lore are established as having been the modern iteration of the "rival company" that Albert Wesker originally sought to defect to way back in the first game. Now, the Umbrella Corps game is arguable in terms of continuity, especially since nobody seems certain if the discontinuity is canonical or purely fan rejection, but if taken as canon, that's a big sign that either this "Redfield" is an imposter... or that Chris has gone off the deep end.
    • The logo isn't actually specifically of the Umbrella Corps, but the Umbrella, Co. company that owns the unit. It is unlikely company is the former "rival company" and it's more likely that the old Umbrella's rivals have evolved into the Tentsu company instead. Umbrella Corps is canon by Word of God. It's also noteworthy that the reception of a game has never affected its canon status in the series. The upcoming story DLC Not a Hero seems to be hinting at either option: either it's actually Chris who's not a hero anymore or just an impostor and not the hero we know.
  • The unit shown in the ending is an armed clean up Umbrella Corps unit working for Umbrella, Co. but they are owned by the company and not an anti-bioterror military force like the B.S.A.A.
    • Confirmed. Director Koushi Nakanishi has confirmed that he is, in fact, really Chris.

Ethan got in contact with Umbrella Corp before the beginning of the game
  • Near the beginning of the game Mia demands of Ethan "What are you hiding from me"? At the end of the game Ethan says to Redfield "Took you guys long enough". Together this would imply that 1) after Mia's disappearance but before Mia's email Umbrella Corp contacted Ethan, and 2) it was Redfield that Ethan was talking to on the phone in the very first cutscene. While this theory appeals to me gut, it has two problems: 1) Ethan has no clue what's going on throughout the game, and 2) he hares off to the Baker's residence armed only with a flashlight.
    • Unlikely, as "What took you guys so long?" is just Ethan being the deadpan snarker he is.

The "Chris Redfield" that appears at the end is Chris Redfield.
The guy called "Chris Redfield" that is in the ending, his name really is Chris Redfield, but he isn't the Chris Redfield from the other Resident Evil games they simply share the same name.
  • Jossed. He really is the Chris Redfield.

Marguerite isn't in the Hive Mind because she's completely gone.
When Ethan is trapped on the ship, he has a conversation with Jack through the Hive Mind. Zoe is there, but Marguerite is not. Maybe the reason why Marguerite isn't there is because she's been so severely infected that she's just been completely absorbed into the Hive Mind. There isn't an individual component that can be uniquely identified from the larger body, like Jack's or Zoe's individual personalities. There's just nothing left of the person called "Marguerite". This is kind of supported by the Daughters DLC, which shows that she was the first to be infected by Eveline, and very badly at that.
  • That would explain why Jack is so heartbroken during the final confrontation with him in the Boathouse... He can't find Marguerite thought the Hive Mind anymore due to her being completely absorbed into it after losing the one thing that allowed her to remain as herself. Her body.
  • Alternatively, given both Jack (and Zoe, as per the ending where Ethan tries to rescue her) calcify as they die, before appearing in the Hive Mind, it could simply be that Marguerite is just too embarrassed and ashamed to show herself while Ethan is around. Her change was just as drastic as Jack's from a psychological standpoint, but arguably worse physically, after all.
    • It's also possible that Marguerite isn't in the hive mind because 1) the serum wasn't used on her and 2) she crumbled when Ethan killed her. With Jack, Ethan uses the serum but Jack doesn't crumble and remains calcified. In the 'bad' ending, Zoe calcifies after being given the serum and yet we never see her crumble. This suggests that the serum trapped them in a 'purgatory' type situation where they still exist but aren't free until Eveline is defeated (Giving Jack's "free my family" more meaning). With Eveline's death, it's possible they could either return to normal or finally die. Marguerite, on the other hand, was never given a serum and therefore died instantly.

Zoe will have a boss fight in 'Not a Hero'.
Her fate is left ambiguous in the 'good' ending which is likely canon. Given that, Redfield will probably end up encountering her at some stage during the dlc. By now, due to despair and distraught over being left behind to basically die, she'll probably succumb to Eveline's mind control abilities and eventually transform into a monster like her parents, ultimately being the main boss fight in the dlc instead of Lucas who will probably just be taken into custody.
  • Jossed: Zoe is immobilized in a partial fungus chrysalis out in the swamps during the time that Not A Hero is taking place. The DLC End of Zoe runs more or less concurrently with Not A Hero, and revolves around Zoe's uncle Joe finding the machinery and ingredients needed to fashion a cure, which he gives to her by the DLC's ending.

The DLC's title 'Not a Hero' foreshadows Chris Redfield's Face–Heel Turn or Fallen Hero status
.The title of the upcoming DLC seems rather odd for a story about Chris Redfield's mission, considering that he's a mercenary who's job is to supposedly clean up the mess that Eveline's mutation had caused by the end of the game, and Chris did arrive to his mission from a helicopter with a new Umbrella logo on its side. While the intentions behind the new Umbrella Corps is unknown, it does seem rather odd that Chris would want to be affiliated with a company that just so happens to share the same name and logo (albeit with a different colour, from red to blue) as the one that had caused many, many disasters ever since the beginning of Resident Evil 0 and 1. Perhaps something bad has happened to Chris after the events of Resident Evil 6 that had motivated him into joining Umbrella Corps, and the title of the DLC hints that Chris is basically done with playing the hero and is starting to take on questionable, or outright immoral acts, in order to carry out his new objectives.
  • There is a replica weapons manufacturer that specializes in Resident Evil whose works on the seventh game's guns suggest that this is the real deal Umbrella, rebuilt, made up of people who were not just evil or crazy but just those doing a job, or actually wanted to stop outbreaks like the Chris we know did. So what about the title, Not a Hero? How about this? Chris had gone from a standard gung ho GI Joe character to one who is plagued by self doubt, guilt and conflict over whether anything he does is worth it or that he can atone for those who had died in outbreaks, or the deaths of who he worked with. Maybe Chris himself sees himself as not a hero, at the very least a Humble Hero who wishes he could have saved fallen STARS members, fallen BSAA members, ect. No amount of good he does will let him attone for it.
  • Jossed: Umbrella hired him specifically to help them.

The third paid DLC will also feature a returning character.
We know very little about the third paid dlc but there have been rumours that it will feature a new character not in Resident Evil 7 and will be set in a new location. If this is true its very likely that character will be female given that both the main game and 'Not a Hero' have male leads. Furthermore, Alyssa Ashcroft was one of the few past characters actually mentioned in Resident Evil 7 and she writes for the Dulvey local newspaper, meaning she lives in the area. It wouldn't be a stretch to see her as the protagonist, especially since she's a journalist who wrote about the missing persons that were killed by the Bakers.
  • Jossed: The final DLC is End of Zoe, which only features Zoe and her uncle Joe.
    • THE Chris Redfield did show up in during the last cutscene, however.

Ethan was infected the moment he picked up Mia's Drivers license
As we know from one of the Demo's many "Bad" endings, the slightest scratch is enough to infect a person. The description of the drivers license states that it's covered in a black goo, and Ethan probably unknowingly inhaled hundreds of mold spores just from the simple act of giving it a once over.
  • The infection most likely came in full effect the moment Ethan enters the Bakers' residence.

Zoe stole Lucas' cellphone
The Daughters DLC establishes that Zoe cracked the password to Lucas' laptop by looking over his shoulder while he was using his phone, noting the unlock code as 1019 and that because he's sometimes shortsighted, he set the laptop to share the same password. It's more than likely that, sometime between Jack abducting Lucas to share the gift with him and Zoe hiding semi-permanently from the rest of the family, she managed to use the initial confusion of the infection to nab his phone for future use. Lucas probably dropped it in shock when he saw Jack's bizarre new aspect. This explains how she's able to dial Ethan on the landlines in the main game; we wouldn't expect her to be able to do that just using another landline on the Baker estate, since they all share the same phone line. Then, when Lucas captures both Mia and Zoe, he's happy to finally have his phone back from her to pester Ethan with and hey, who doesn't like mobile internet browsing, right? But shortly thereafter, he gets bored with it and falls back on using monitors and loudspeakers to communicate with Ethan and (presumably) his laptop for any browsing he might feel like. This might come into play for either or both of the final two episodes of DLC, Not A Hero and End Of Zoe.
  • Or Zoe simply used her phone from her trailer.
    • I'll say again, the landlines on the estate probably all share the same line, especially as they're implied to be a rather poor family, so why would they be able to afford different lines for different parts of the homestead? And also, Zoe calls Ethan when he's in the trailer. But the thing that clinches it for me is that Lucas doesn't call you before he abducts the girls. If he was able to use another landline before that point, he most likely would have, but in actuality it was when the cell came back into his possession, that he decided to start trolling.

The technological aesthetic in Resident Evil 7 is justified
Because as of Resident Evil 6, both USA and China are ruined because of a major BOW attack, technological progress isn't as fast as the real world, and this results in how tapes still used and cars isn't looking as advanced as in the modern era.
  • Not confirmed or denied either way, but the part of southern Louisiana that [fictional] Dulvey is analogous to does have quite a lot of poverty, meaning things like appliances and vehicles tend to see use for a much longer time than they do for those who can easily afford to replace them. Besides, the canon film Vendetta takes place after 6, and shows numerous locations around the world where tech is about as modern as it's ever been.
    • Also, modern cellphones are seen every now and again, and it's possible that Ethan just has a taste in older cars.

Joe is Jack's brother
He looks exactly like him, albeit older. Joe is Jack's older brother who also served in the military and keeps to himself in the swamp. He fought in Vietnam but became more peaceful afterwards, hence the peace sign and bullet around his neck. He wasn't affected by Eveline as she didn't know he existed and he watched over the Bakers during the three years, especially Zoe who wasn't as affected. Zoe stayed with him from time to time to get away from Eveline and he never reported what happened as he knew the entire family would be wiped out and everything covered up.
  • Confirmed: Joe is indeed Jack's brother.

The next game will be set in the town of Dulvey
In the same way that 7 is heavily influenced by Remake/Resident Evil, 8 will be influenced by 2 and the setting will be the nearby town of Dulvey. In End of Zoe the mold is shown spreading through the bayou at a rapid pace, with Joe noting something along the lines of it being the tip of the iceberg. The mold will spill into Dulvey, causing chaos and we will play as a new character (although characters from 7 could appear). Blue Umbrella and The Connections may play a bigger role.

Zoe is Joe's daughter, not Jack and Marguerite
Maybe Joe just didn't think he would be the right kind of guy to raise a daughter, so he left her to Jack and Marguerite to raise. This explains why Zoe had partial immunity to the infection (not suffering from mind control, inherited from Joe who doesn't seem bothered by the Mold at all), why Zoe and Lucas are so disturbingly different, why the family found it so easy to reject her and why Joe is so protective of her, while not really showing the same concern for Jack, Lucas or Marguerite.

Ethan will at one point after the events of End of Zoe receive a modified 'civilian version' of the AMG-78 to replace his severed hand
He kinda deserves it after all he's been through, and considering he's most likely been cured, the severed one has probably been rendered useless.

Ethan receiving the Albert-01r is canon
The canon version is a non-functioning version, however, or one that functions exactly like the Samurai Edge. He's given it as a memento to remember his triumph over Eveline or a reward or thanks for how much help he (accidentally) was in dealing with the E-Series.

Lucas isn't dead
We never see him calcify and his body is just left there, plus we've seen the Bakers survive worse and he's clearly more resilient than the normal molded.


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