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Resident Evil 6 will be a reboot.
Because let's face it, beyond only a handful of loose threads (Steve's supposed resurrection, Wesker possibly still being alive, and Ada's final role), there's hardly much to go on. If anything, we should start back from the beginning, but with a more focused storyline and a true return to the horror of the series.
  • The games were slated to change pace from the intro of RE5: When Umbrella fell, their weapons and viruses were sold onto the black market. Future games are likely world travel to stop X virus in Y location. Secondly, Wesker lost his head just after the two RPG missiles hit him in the head before the explosion; as well as Wordof God confirming he's gone for good.
  • Jossed: RE6 is picking up after RE5. No rebooting for the foreseeable future.

Wesker and Birkin will form a Big Bad Duumvirate in Resident Evil 6.
Where's the fun in that? Besides, I wanted these two to be partners again.

Leon and Sherry will reunite during some point in the game
Because the developers said the stories will intertwine in some parts.
  • Confirmed

The third protagonist is HUNK
HUNK is the one with immunity in his blood. This explains the rumour the helicopter pilot says at the end of Resident Evil 3 about how he can't die and that he's the only one to survive in all his missions. Even if it is a successful job, the rest of his team eventually succumbs to the virus while he's immune. In the beginning, he probably thought he was just deathly lucky, but only now does he realize he has virus immunity. HUNK, now a standalone mercenary after Umbrella fell, is then hired as a bodyguard since he has BOW experience.

In addition, the third protagonist states the line: "much better off as a mercenary", possibly referring to his past job as an Umbrella mercenary/agent. This line could also be a nod to the audience. HUNK is now an actual protagonist, but he's wondering if he's better off just being in the Mercenary side games.

  • To support this, look at this image of HUNK unmasked and look at this image of the new guy. They look quite similar, with the usual difference in graphics, of course.
  • In addition, there's this image of HUNK unmasked. Though, the hair is a different colour.
  • Jossed. The 3rd Protagonist's name is Jake Mueller, Wesker's "son."
  • For all we know about HUNK, he may in fact be Jake Mueller...
  • Official bio says he was born in the 1980s. Doubt USS would recruit such a young guy unless he's "exceptional". I would shoot this theory down, as awesome as it sounds.
  • Then again, he IS Wesker's son after all.

The third protagonist, the mercenary, is Steve Burnside
The mercenary has short, red hair, which may be Steve shaving his head out of practicality for his job. He is also unnaturally swift and packs a powerful punch, hinting at virus-enhanced abilities. It's mentioned that the world needs his blood, and it's implied to be expensive; it could be his resistance to the T-Veronica virus, and his antibodies are important in making a cure for the hodgepodge of viruses on the loose, or it could be the virus itself and many factions desire the virus for their own agenda. In Code Veronica, Wesker mentioned that reviving Steve was a possibility, and he may have actually done it.

His dialogue and attitude seem very much Steve as well, more so than the enigmatic and generally quiet HUNK. It immediately sounded like Steve, were Steve to grow up a little but maintain the same ego and style of speech from Code Veronica.

  • One of the lines the third protagonist says is, "...much better off as a mercenary". If he's referring to himself, then it can't be Steve since he's never been a mercenary.
    • He's already a mercenary before the events of the game, though. It could be him thinking what was supposed to be A Simple Job before B.O.W.s came and changed everything, especially when one of them seems to be specifically hunting him down.
      • Furthermore, we have no idea what Steve ends up doing after Code Veronica. Given his experience with B.O.W.s from that game, as well as the T-Veronica virus inside of him, which is consistent with the "needs my blood" line, he very well could have gone into work fighting terrorists for the highest bidder.
  • In Darkside Chronicles, Wesker mentions that he takes a sample from Steve's corpse and gives it to Javier, subtly hinting that he's not keeping Steve alive or in stasis. Unless Wesker only figured out how to bring him back to life afterwards.
    • That's what his scar is from. It's what happened to the virus collecting incision after either being returned or released from stasis.
    • Wesker saved Jill by preserving her body in cryostasis. That prolonged exposure to the virus from Resident Evil 3 and her term in cryostasis allowed her to develop antibodies to all viruses. It's possible that he always had Steve in cryostasis for testing purposes and this helped him develop virus antibodies. The mercenary also displays the same superhuman acrobatics as Resident Evil 5 Jill had.
      • And, if the cryostasis process wasn't as developed when he got Steve, it could be the reason that he's bald. Wouldn't be the first time it's messed with a subject's hair. It's just been tweaked so it just damages hair enough to lose its pigment instead of damaging it enough to fall out.
    • Except that he has visible head stubble, indicating that he shaves it rather than him being naturally bald. And on a meta level, it seems like Capcom did that on purpose just to make it harder for us to figure out who he is.
  • Jossed. The 3rd Protagonist's name is Jake Mueller, Wesker's "son."

The mercenary's blonde companion is Sherry Birkin
Like Steve, Sherry is also a virus infectee, specifically the G-Virus. The bioterrorists that killed the President of the United States may have gone after Sherry now that her protection is in chaos, and the best they could do is hire Steve to rescue her. That, or she Took a Level in Badass and became an Action Girl, and she now works for the U.S. Governement and is assisting Steve, if her unhesitant stabbing the mercenary with a syringe is any indication. There are also several visual indicators: She wears a blue scarf, which brings to mind Sherry's blue uniform from Resident Evil 2, has very bright, blonde hair, and is very young-looking, which fits as Sherry would be 22 as of RE6.
  • Confirmed.
    • "We have exclusive information about the blonde woman in the trailer — and she's not who you think she is." Apparently IGN is unfamiliar with WMG.
  • Confirmed via recent trailer.

Leon's companion is Sherry Birkin
In Resident Evil 2, Sherry is shown to have a somewhat matching shade of dirty blonde hair, and the woman who claims to be responsible for the events in Resident Evil 6 looks a bit like Sherry's mother, Annette. Sherry was rather intelligent for her age, and no doubt could have gone into a scientific field that dealt with counter-terrorism to try and atone for what her parents had done. This could in some way come back around and cause her to be responsible for an outbreak of her own.
  • Jossed. Leon's companion is a new character: A government agent named Helena Harper. As mentioned above, Sherry is Jake's companion.

The third protagonist is Alex Wesker
As discussed in the Steve WMG, this man appears to have enhanced speed and/or strength, hinting at virus-related powers similiar to those famously displayed by Albert Wesker. We know Alex was administered the same virus, which would explain this. We also know Alex was doing an incredible amount of work researching ways for Spencer to become immortal during the events before RE5 (from the "Lost In Nightmares" DLC). It is entirely possible he discovered a cure to the T-Virus (or whatever virus threatens the world) during his experiments and absconded with it to make money (hence his desire to sell his blood, and the reason he dropped out of contact with Spencer). Alternatively, it is possible the experimental Wesker virus itself secretely holds the cure to T-Virus infection, and this is why neither this new protangonist nor Albert Wesker were ever infected, despite the latter in particular being around zombie-infested areas on numerous occasions.
  • Wesker? As a protagonist?
  • We've never seen him before. Why automatically assume he's evil at all?
  • The notes from Resident Evil 5 and additional DLC pretty much spell out that Alex is, with mentions of experiments costing "thousands upon thousands" of lives and a quest for Immortality, which is a pretty typical villain goal, especially if you are willing to kill a whole bunch of people to get it.
  • True. However, he could still be a possible villian protagonist, or reformed (after a fashion — the mercenary's clearly a jerk). There's also the information that whoever the mercenary is, he's "related" to one of the main RE characters in some form. Assuming related is not being taken literally (as in he's not Leon's long lost brother or something), Alex Wesker most certainly is this to Albert.
    • It's a small thing, but notice that his outfit is all black and his sleeves are 3/4 length, which is certainly reminiscent of some of Albert Wesker's costumes.
  • Jossed. His name is Jake Mueller, Wesker's "son."
    • According to background data, he really is Wesker's son, and his blood is sought after because of its connection to Albert. However, he knows very little about him, so it's unlikely he has any relation to Alex.

This won't be a "simple" Shooter, but...
... Leon's part will be more "Survival Shooter" (like Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space), Chris' part will be a straight Third-Person Shooter (like Gears of War, I mean: Look at Chris taking cover), and the "Wesker child"-part will be Beat 'em Up (like God Hand, MadWorld, or Asura's Wrath).

Alex Wesker is a Girl
And she is the "bitch" Chris Redfield was shouting about in the trailer. You might also hear his radio saying that he is after the "Ace of Spades", which presumably means much the same it did in the Iraq War. So we can assume Chris and his team are in China to capture a major wanted criminal and may not have been expecting the Plagas outbreak. Assuming Spencer really is dead (or at least that the good guys still think he is dead), and so are Albert and all the other Umbrella bigwigs, it's either a totally new character or more likely Alex Wesker.
  • Alex was specifically noted to be a "he" in Spencer's reports from 5.
  • In the Japanese version, Alex Wesker is referred to as a male.

The G-virus might be involved.
The G-virus is still going around, if Degeneration and the t+G experimental virus in Dead Aim are anything to go by. We know that Umbrella did some experiments and analysis on the G-virus after HUNK delivered them a sample in 2, but we don't quite know what else they did beside combining it with the t-virus. If the Progenitor virus can eventually be refined into advanced strains like Uroboros, who knows what else Umbrella could've devised before they folded. The Javo looks like it could be an evolution of the single eye G-virus-infected hosts sport. Additionally, Sherry Birkin had a G-embryo implanted in her during 2. While she was given the G-vaccine soon after, the vaccine only suppresses the virus's effects, and doesn't actually eliminate it (which could possibly explain her newfound athleticism).
  • Her newfound athleticism might also be a result of, y'know, not being twelve years old anymore. Most of the women in this series are quite athletic.
  • Given how this is completely plausable human acrobatic in the Resident Evil universe, I wouldn't say Sherry's athletcism is abnormal.
  • Sort of confirmed. Sherry's G-Virus gives her an uncommon healing factor.
    • And one of the bases for Carla's creation of the C-Virus was the G-Virus.

Ashley Graham between 4 and 6
Ashley Graham is confirmed to be in the game and is in the Mercenaries section as the sidekick. Since RE6 is set during 2008, Leon probably taught her self-defence and gun safety in order to allow her to protect herself (and make the Secret Service's job easier). She is also seen using a syringe on the Merc, suggesting that she became a medic or doctor, probably joined BSAA. Since co-op is confirmed, Player 2 will be in control of her, so she definitely took a level in badass. However, I have no idea why she's with the Merc, but since he's a cure to a virus, she was probably taking his blood to help create a sure. However...
  • That's not Ashley, that's Sherry Birkin. Plus, it seems like the term "ten years" is more of a rough catch-all time period, seeing as this can't take place in 2008 if it's set after 5 (which took place in 2009), not to mention that the the official Xbox Marketplace description states that it is set in 2013. Either the story writers goofed with the dates, or this really is an interquel (which seems unlikely, seeing as there was no hint of a global bioterrorism outbreak in 5).
    • Who's to say that 6 DOESN'T take place before 5?
    • I did note that (hence the words "or this really is an interquel"), I just said it was unlikely (from my point of view). We don't know the full scope of things yet, so there's no need to get riled up. The WMG currently at the bottom of the page which mentions Revelations does bring up an interesting point...
      • RE6 does indeed take place in 2013.

What is Ashley doing back in Not-Spain?
At several points in the trailer, you can clearly see certain landmarks and locations from 4, such as Saddler's mansion. Unless she was captured again, I doubt she'll be there willingly. Perhaps she got herself captured in order to investigate, or has an internal tracking device now?
  • Jossed. None of the game takes place in Spain, no places from RE4 are visited again, and the game does not feature nor mention Ashley.

The game has 3 different modes
You can play the survival horror (Leon) game, the third person action (Chris) game, or action horror (Jake) game at any time, switching when you're stuck. Go further in one mode, unlock a gun, use it in another.
  • Kind of sort of Jossed. They aren't modes per se, but a different type of survival horror was in mind for each segment. Leon's is called "Gothic horror" said to resemble earlier iterations of the series. Chris's segments were called "military horror", likely similar to RE5. Jake's section involves being chased by an unrelenting monster, like Nemesis. They aren't different story modes, though, simply different campaigns.

The "Bitch" Chris refers to is Alexia Ashford, the Veronica virus returns, and the third protagonist is Steve
The Veronica virus is the only virus that requires direct injection in order to spread it. That explains why a syringe bomb was created. Alexia Ashford isn't the main protagonist, but someone has took her research on the Veronica virus and has expanded it. This explains why the protagonists seem to be fighting able-thinking, gun-using humans; the Veronica virus allows mind control for the host. If it really is the Veronica virus, then it fits in that the protagonist is Steve, who is now immune thanks to experimenting, and is familiar with this supposedly new strain of virus.
  • Double Jossed. The "bitch" seems to be a new villain, and the third protagonist is Jake Mueller, Wesker's "son."

The game is split by protagonist AND by the type of virus that takes the spotlight
Leon's gameplay seems to be more focused on generic T-Virus zombies with the occasional unique zombie. Chris's gameplay appears to be back in the Resident Evil 4 setting and with plagas. The third protagonist appears to be up against the more fantastic-looking G-Virus monsters. Perhaps the final boss is an antagonist who has taken on all the different viruses into their body.
  • Chris's section actually takes place in China, but hey, technicalities. Seeing as this is a series of random, global viral outbreaks and several viruses (the t-virus, G-virus, Progenitor virus, and T-Veronica virus, among others) have passed hands quite frequently, it's very well possible that we're looking at various strands being active at the same time.
    • In the latter half of the trailer, you see Chris's team in a village-like area with a castle that resembles Saddler's in the background.
  • Jossed. The C-Virus is the only prominent virus in the game and the stories are connected.

The "Bitch" Chris is referring to is Jessica Sherawat from Revelations
At the epilogue montage in Resident Evil: Revelations, it's revealed that Jessica and Vester were working together on some undisclosed secret plan, with Vester giving Jessica a sample of the T-Abyss virus. If she is the person they are chasing, that could explain Chris's anger towards her; his partner mentions that Chris's "personal vendetta" isn't going to help, that would suggest at the very least he knew the person they were after.
  • Jossed. The villainess is Carla, who Chris believes to be Ada.

There will be a reference to Fong Ling
With the use of multiple characters in this story, there is a chance that they might throw out references to the other non-main series games. If this is the case, then there's a good chance that the reference will be about Fong Ling. Part of the game is set in China and she works for its government, plus she has experiences in these matters.
  • It would be nice to see the branch titles receive more recognition, as unlikely as that sounds.
  • Jossed. Fong Ling is not mentioned.

The identity of Chris's partner...
Is Ark Thompson. According to Resident Evil 0, the game is canon. The characters do, as far as the graphics Survivor show, look similar. Plus, it'd be quite the fandom nod if he played the calm and collected to Chris's emotional self as seen in the trailer.

Something bad will happen to Jill
Jill has immunity to viruses as stated in Resident Evil 5, so she'd be a prime candidate to help fight off the outbreak. The third protagonist is implied to have immunity and is hired over the trustworthy former BSAA agent. Given her personality, she doesn't seem to be the type to take a break from helping Chris unless after being saved her body was too weak. She is either...
  • Dead prior to the game, possibly killed by the antagonist, giving Chris a pretty radical personal vendetta.
  • The antagonist, perhaps what happened in Resident Evil 5 is still having an effect on her
  • A specimen being used for study by either side of the battle, given her immunity
  • Jossed. Jill does not appear and is not mentioned in the game.

Chris and Jill got together between the last game and this one
  • They may have even gotten married - the reasons Jill may not be involved in this mission is either because she's still recovering from the events of the last game and is on leave. However, if she and Chris are together, she could be pregnant with Chris's child and thus on maternity leave.
    • It's also possible that they're simply in different areas, seeing as it's a global crisis this time around and Revelations already shows that Chris and Jill are able to work competently with other BSAA members. BSAA might've just split up their best members and sent them separately to the biggest viral hotspots on Earth.

The villainess seen in the recent trailer is Ada.
She seems to have a red color scheme to her clothes as well as having dark hair and somewhat Asian features. It would also explain Leon's desire to want her alive over Chris who simply wants her dead. Ada's mysterious connections at the end of RE4 were never revealed. It could be we're finding out about that now.
  • Confirmed by the E3 2012 trailer. She's working for Neo-Umbrella.
  • Or at least Ada is in the game, while an entirely different character may be framing her.
  • Jossed. Though this is what the villains want people to think.
    • Major Spoilers: The "Ada" Chris wants dead is her Evil Doppelgänger, Carla. The real Ada is offering help to the protagonists.

Claire Redfield will make an appearance.
True, there's no info that even suggests she'll be in Resident Evil 6, but since two out of three main characters from Resident Evil 2 are in this game, there's a good chance that she'll either play a part in the plot, or at the very least make a cameo (maybe showing off the red jacket Claire gave Sherry). It's obvious Sherry was very close to Claire at the end of RE2, and it would be a great opportunity for a reunion. Who knows, maybe this time Sherry will be the one rescuing Claire in a TerraSave aid/evac gone wrong or whatnot.
  • Jossed. She does not appear, though she is mentioned for the first time in a game since Code Veronica.

Wesker is back and he's pissed.
Yeah he died in Resident Evil 5. This is Capcom and Wesker's first death. Dr. Wily, Sigma and M. Bison have walked off stuff worse than this. Don't be surprised when you find out that Wesker infused Ada Wong with his DNA and the C-Virus mutates her into Wesker.
  • Jossed. Wesker does not appear.

Sherry will become a Tragic Monster.
Remember back in Resident Evil 2 (as well as Darkside Chronicles) where William Birkin mutated into 'G'? Chances are, poor Sherry may end up suffering from the same fate as her father.
  • Unless I'm remembering things incorrectly, the G-vaccine only suppressed the G-mutation from the G-embryo placed inside Sherry back in 2. Given the heavy focus on genetic experimentation in this series, there's probably some way to induce the mutation once more to a stronger effect that could somehow reverse the effects of the G-vaccine.
  • Jossed. Sherry is fine at the game's conclusion.

The leaked reveal that "Ada" is a clone... this game's "Jill is the Birdwoman" twist.Building off the WMG a few posts up, and assuming the leak is accurate about the woman that looks like Ada being her clone I'm guessing it'll be treated the same way, i.e.: (1)Trailers imply Wesker's place as the villain was taken by a recognized character instead of a potential new guy. (2) Player/heroes go through 75% of the game thinking as much. (3) Dramatic reveal with "Ba-ba-bum" included. (4) Kill clone, rescue Ada who maybe goes good, being absolved and all (5) Heroes get to da choppa and fly off into the sunset.
  • Why? Because even though this'll probably be Jossed, right now I honestly can't think of another reason to have an evil clone of the series' most morally ambiguous character as the villain.
  • Sort of confirmed, though no character but Ada gets the full story during the game.

Sherry and Jake will develop a mutual case of Rescue Romance.
Both are captured by a bad guy at least once in the game, and while Jake does seem to be the more powerful one, Sherry is responsible for his safety and helps Leon free Jake from at least one claw monster. After repeatedly saving one another, Jake stops talking about how much more money BO Ws will cost and just start truing to hang close to Sherry.
  • Well, they certainly are receiving a fair amount of shiptease.
  • Jossed. There are some Ship Tease moments, but they ultimately just say goodbye and go their own separate ways.

Ada is a clone, and Carla Radames is the original.
Ada was cloned before the events of Resident Evil 2 and was trained by the unknown organisation to spy on the events in Raccoon City, and would soon be involved in many different missions such as the events in Resident Evil 4 to retrieve virus samples. However in Resident Evil 6, Ada is either deemed to be no longer trustworthy or no longer useful and is framed by the very same organisation she works for (that is revealed to be Neo-Umbrella), in the hopes of a diversion to point the heroes towards Ada and away from Carla Radames, the original 'Ada Wong'. Because Carla Radames is actually a blonde, yet Ada's appearance is taken from the original, it is easy for Carla to simply dress up as Ada Wong, commit terrorist acts, and frame Ada at the same time.
  • To further prove this point, watch the E3 trailer where "Ada" is speaking with Simmons about their objective. Listen to the his phrasing. "The major cities around the world will suffer the same fate... at the hands of Neo Umbrella's very own Ada Wong." The way he says it implies that this is actually an imposter (Carla?) acting as Ada.
  • Or maybe, it really is Ada! But she pulls a reverse impostor on Neo Umbrella. Maybe she is posing as Carla who is posing as her, so she can relay information to the good guys.
It might be important to note that the Ada speaking to Simmons was wearing a red blouse, and the other Ada is wearing blue.
  • Jossed. Ada is the real Ada.
    • Actually the first troper nailed it pretty accurately. There are two Ada Wongs in the game, Blue Ada Wong, the one committing all the mischief is actually a mutated Carla, real Ada Wong keeps saving you.

Something bad happened to Jill.
From what we have seen, this Chris is very different from his previous incarnations. He is grim, and more prone to anger. Either Jill is in a catatonic state, Or has died, (a side effect of her brainwashing, being in a tube shouldn't be good for your health) leaving Chris as an emotional wreck. Everyone knows Jill was his closest friend, but is now dying/dead. In 2012, after Carla/Ada infects his men, he and Piers are forced to kill their mutated comrades. Memories of Jill resurface (or maybe she is somehow responsible for Jill's demise), and he is pushed over the edge. He blocks everything out, his friends, his memories, and is left in a drunken stupor. The only reason for his return to the BSAA is to enact his personal vendetta against Carla/Ada.
  • Jossed. Jill does not appear in the game, nor is she mentioned.

Jill and Claire will appear in a timely rescue sequence, guns blazing.
Chris and Leon will be in a pinch, nearly being killed by a powerful B.O.W.. But then Jill and Claire jump in and save their sorry behinds. Chris and Jill will have have a fleeting moment when they gaze into each others eyes, but will quickly turn to focus on the task at hand.
  • Or the two women could be in a DLC mission working together. That'd be cool too.
  • Sadly jossed. Neither one appears.

Claire and Jill died before RE 6...
...And that's why Chris became a depressed alcoholic at the beginning of his scernario.
  • Not all that likely. The men Chris lost under his command (they were all men, you can see as Piers shows them to him) six months previous are probably the reason for his depression.
  • Jossed. Neither Jill nor Claire appear in the game and Jill isn't even mentioned. Chris's depression comes from the loss of his squad in Edonia.

The world will be destroyed at the end.
  • It's a feeling I have, given how big the game is and how destructive and action-y it all looks, not to mention the monsters are smarter and faster. Plus the fact that Jake has the blood that could stop the infections, but refuses to give it up unless he's uber-rich.
  • Jossed. There is no Apocalypse. The heroes once again save the day.
    • And it's implied that Jake's given up on money and is more than willing to help people.

The Real Big Bad is President Adam Benford
  • 3 sets of Heroes, 2 major bad guys. Someone must be pulling the strings, and who better than the man at the top? The Person Leon shot was possibly a clone. Due to Carla/Ada, it's been established Clones exist, and who would have better access to clones than the president?
  • Jossed. The real big bad is Carla.
    • Derek Simmons also holds this position, to the point that Carla and Simmons are against each other as much as they oppose the protagonists.

Leon Kennedy has PTSD and a flashback to the days of the T virus
  • Leon Kennedy has an acid flashback when he is supposed to be guarding the president. Leon goes nuts and shoots the president and the rest of his game is his own schizophrenic breakdown.
    • Then Ada's relation to him in this game would be very boring.
  • Jossed. Leon's mental health is fine.

The "No Hope Left" label will change at the end.
  • When all (or one) of the campaigns are completed, the label "No Hope Left" will warp into "There's Always Hope".

Jill did not appear in Resident Evil 6 because Capcom is worried about how fans will react to Jill... Redfield.
  • In ties with the Epileptic Tree in the pre-release section which states that Chris and Jill got together sometime between 5 and 6. I mean, in both bar scenes (intro cutscene and epilogue) Chris seems to be wearing a necklace. Who knows if that's a locket or just a pendant.

The Republic of Edonia is the Eastern Slav Republic after a name change.
  • Belikova's ouster and the joint U.S./Russian intervention into the ESR did little to address the underlying causes of the civil war in the country. As soon as a new government was formed and the Americans and Russians disposed of her B.O.W.'s and left, tensions flared up again and war broke out once more in late 2012. And since Belikova had already had the Elders of the rebel movement disposed of, the new leadership of the rebels had nobody to rein them in and were all too happy to throw in their lot with Neo-Umbrella, thus gaining access to cutting-edge B.O.W.'s and the C-Virus instead of the outdated Lickers and Las Plagas they had been using before. Hence, why this time it is the B.S.A.A. that intervenes instead of America or Russia: Lickers and Plagas are things that are now well-known and modern militaries can deal with them, but the new mutations with unknown abilities that have appeared on the battlefield are better handled by a unit that is specifically formed to handle situations like this.
  • For a simpler out-of-universe explanation, having two separate countries in the same general area suffering two civil wars with heavy use of B.O.W.'s seems unnecessarily complex.
Deborah survived.

A B.O.W. killed by a fall? Please, by that point she'd been shot, blown up, hit with a rail car and stabbed with her own stinger. She should have laughed off being dropped which is just what she did. The reason she didn't show up again is because she had no way to get to China for the final showdown (which took place over the span of a single night so she would have had to know where the final fight was taking place before the fight started to get there before it ended) and she regained enough of her sanity not to pursue her sister.

Claire doesn't know that Chris is alive
This is the only explanation I would accept for why she didn't drag him home and knock some sense into him. Thus in Resident Evil 7 Claire and Chris will be reunited and Claire will not be happy. Assuming Leon doesn't break the news first.

The Agent is Piers.

Piers, in the six months between the Edonia mission and the Lanshiang outbreak, was given secret assignments to perform while Chris was missing. His participation in these assignments was not to be known about, so he took part under the cover of "Agent". The proof?

  • The Agent has the same throw, counters, and roundhouse kicks as Piers.
  • The Mercenaries loadout for him has the remote bombs, which Piers has in the Mercenaries. Since the Anti-material rifle could be linked back to him, and because it might be unwieldy depending on the mission, he just opted for a semi-auto sniper rifle.
  • As an homage to his captain, he used Chris's neck-breaker in place of his own version. He also used Chris's 909 handgun for similar reasons, but used the survival knife instead of the Combat knife because it was more compact.
  • The Agent's coup-de-grace is a hammer punch, to pretend that it wasn't Piers under the mask (Piers used a uppercut for the coup-de-grace).

To cover for the loss of the Agent in future missions, as Piers is dead, the reports on the C-virus outbreak claim that he ended up working with Carla Radames and dying in the aftermath of the attacks caused by Neo-Umbrella in China. Unfortunately, since Ada Wong is framed for Carla's crimes in the beginning, the Agent is retroactively inserted as accompanying Ada/Carla during any encounters she had with field agents who were working in the midst of C-virus outbreaks, like the DSO (Leon and Sherry), the USSS (Helena), or the BSAA (Chris and Piers). This is due to confusion in when the real Ada was met and when it was Carla, and the official reports cannot make the distinction between them without one of the two women testifying and clarifying.

This is probably the most likely scenario for the Agent's backstory. The less likely possibility is that the Agent was created in response to criticism over Ada's lack of a co-op partner, and reused existing animations or assets to create.

Carla is alive.

And she will come back: powerful, snarky and calling the heroes colossal imbeciles for believing she actually died.

The mutation made Carla's body take over the entire aircraft carrier, and Ada definitely didn't destroy the whole white goo, so there was still some Carla behind when she escaped. As we've seen with Simmons, the subject of the Jake-powered C-Virus mutation can go back to their "human" form, so there's nothing stopping Carla from going back to her human body, even if it's still somewhat mangled as a result of the mutation.

But there's still one thing no one took into account: Carla's current form was created by using the C-Virus. She has it in her body for years, she's perfectly adapted to it. If Simmons, without any high-speed-healing virus in his system, was capable of sustaining a human form so close to his original one after being injected, just imagine what Carla can do. She may even have the capacity to go back to her human form, without the deformations Simmons had, and draw power from the virus, becoming a Wesker-like person.

And, as we've seen throughout the game and in Ada's ending, Carla has a lot of cards up her sleeve, some of which we probably haven't even seen yet. The woman was ready for everything, she's more likely than not to have planned some way to beat death — probably by using the C-Virus in her body in some way, combined or not with the Jake-powered form.

At last, Carla is currently the best candidate to take over Wesker's legacy as the resident (evil) Big Bad. It would be great. (her presence in the multiplayer modes may even be a reference: Wesker had this role in 4 and 5, she's taking over from him)

Jake will join B.S.A.A. eventually.
After his mother's death and prior to the events of the game, he had no real purpose in his life. He lived by habit, mindlessly accumulating money he didn't really need, had no family, no friends and no valuable skills aside of killing things. During the course of the game, he certainly acquired a hatred for bioterrorism, a (possibly subconscious) desire to prove himself different from his father and, the most importantly, new friends, someone who he can rely on. In the ending, he's perfectly willing to kick some B.O.W's assess for such a nominal reward as an apple, so we can say he found himself a profession of a monster-slayer.

Sure, he's a bit of loner, so he's going to walk the earth for a while (or, perhaps, clean Edonia from bio-threat), but sooner or later he'll drift to one of B.O.W.-fighting organisations, and chances it will be B.S.A.A are the highest: they're covering him already, he's likely to run into them on his missions, he's got more reasons to trust them than, say, US government, his strength, skill and experience would be much appreciated there, and he can get detailed information on the viruses, his father and his legacy there.

Also, it would be a delicious irony of him joining an organisation that was basically created to oppose his father, and possibly even becoming Chris's subordinate. Both Chris and Jake were heavily affected by the events of the game and have a complicated attitude towards each other, it would be interesting to see them as partners next time...


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