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There are no police

  • At the beginning of the game, Ethan gets a call from his missing, presumed dead for 3 years wife, that tells him to stay away from a location. Instead of calling the local police (Ethan evidently isn't from Louisiana), he drives there himself, alone, without a cellphone. He also isn't dettered by the wall of animal carcasses, or even the video tape of the TV show crew being murdered (in fact, right afterwards, he goes down the exact same path they did, and sure enough, finds a body.) Granted, after he's met the Bakers, he does become more proactive in his attempts to get help or leave, but why can't he use the phones Zoe calls him on to call for help? And why can't he try to use the fallen deputy's radio? This kind of stupidity is a staple of the genre, I know, but it makes much of the conflict seem manufactured, and plenty of horror movies and games have actually used the idea of rescue being as simple as getting out of the place or finding a working phone to their advantage.
    • One could assume that the Bakers' landline couldn't dial out, but the bad ending does reveal that Ethan had a phone on him the entire time. And we can't say there's no cell tower, because the "Daughters" DLC shows Lucas using a smartphone.
    • Considering how tech savvy Lucas is and the fact that he was acting under the orders a larger organization, it is very likely that most cell signals are blocked, with Lucas' phone being an exception.
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    • Speaking of the Deputy, it's SOP that Law Enforcement Officers get routine check-ups every two to ten minutes (vary depending on exact dept. policy and circumstances) when on a call, traffic stop, or simply out talking with someone in town. Within five minutes of his death, every available cop should be on their way to the Baker Estate.

So wait... if Eveline is a hallucination...

  • ... Then how come she's recorded on one of the video tapes early in the game?
    • At that point, you're basically seeing the event from Mia's point of view, and just because she sees it through the lens, it's no guarantee that the camera does. Besides, Ethan is infected too, so a infected seeing something on the tape that a non-infected might not makes perfect sense in a inception-style of way.
      • It's Fridge Brilliance in a way. Why did we not see Eveline when the Lantern tape was shown at gaming events and released on Youtube? Because we're not infected. But we see Eveline when we watch the tape through the eyes of Ethan who is infected.

Lucas´ fate

  • So...correct me if I´m wrong, but wasn´t it Lucas who turned into that giant monster with the eyes after his game? I thought that the collective hive-mind that the "mold" was allowed Jack to "hijack" Lucas body in the loss of his own and go after Ethan. The beast was spouting some really specific "Lucas quotes" in the fight which I noticed stood out from Jack´s quotes. And considering that Lucas all but disappeared after that, isn´t it safer too say that he was the source of the giant beast? Lucas did say that he was setting something up after his failed game which he wasn´t going to "spoil" for Ethan, after all... The evidence seems to point at this, it possible?
    • Entirely possible. Weirder things have happened in this series after all.
    • I believe that Lucas just flees the mansion, and the monster you fight is actually Jack, since he specifically refers to you killing his wife (Marguerite), stealing one of his daughters (Mia), and turning the other against him (Zoe). In addition, inside the hidden lab, you can find a document stating that Lucas is in fact working as a spy for the corporation that created Eveline, and was given a serum that allows him to resist her control. These revelations and his disappearance from the story seem to indicate that his escape is meant to set up a Sequel Hook.
    • The "Email Log" note in question never clarifies which of the two Baker children was informing for the company. It could easily have been Zoe, especially since she inexplicably had access to one of their codex watches.
      • It probably was Mia's. She had one on when the tanker crashed, Jack brought her to their trailer to recover, and she's never seen with it again afterward.
      • The radio chatter Ethan overhears suggests that the spy was in fact Lucas, as the soldier reporting to Redfield notes that they intercepted communications between Lucas and a "certain third party."
      • I was under the impression that the "third party" was Ethan, referring to the video messages Lucas was leaving to him. Since the next thing Chris says after saying this is something to the effect of "I think we can guess who that was. I think he's gone down to the mines, I'm going to check it out", it implies that the "third party" referred to in the preceding sentence was Ethan, a third party who was neither the Bakers or Eveline.
      • It isn't. The first entry in the email intercept you can find in the mines is dated in January of 2015. Lucas is the spy.
      • Wait, how does the date of the email make it Lucas who sent it and not Zoe? Both of them were around in 2015, and the fact that the email was sent in 2015 doesn't change the fact that the soldier talking to Chris could have been referring to Ethan as the "third party" being communicated to by Lucas(which he was in the form of video/audio messages), rather than the "third party" communicated to by the informant to the company in this email, which we have no evidence yet that Chris' people even knew about. Chris' language in response the soldier's report about the "third party" could indicate the "third party" is the individual who went down to the mines, which is Ethan. And since we have no evidence yet that Chris' people even knew of Ethan's existence up to that point, it would make sense that they'd refer to Ethan as a "third party".
      • It means the "third party" can't be Ethan, because the third party in question was in communication with the company for years before Ethan ever showed up. The sender could still be Lucas or Zoe though.
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    • The "Not a Hero" DLC finally puts this to rest. The giant monster is Jack and Lucas escapes in the base game. The entire plotline of the DLC is Chris hunting down Lucas after he rescues Ethan.

Chris appearing in the ending

  • Chris's appearance in the ending brings up a whole lot of questions. Why is there a modified Umbrella logo on the helicopter, for example. Especially since Umbrella's been gone for almost two decades already. I guess the "Not a Hero" additional content will shed some light on this, especially with its Spring 2017 release happening at the same time the Vendetta film is released, as it takes place during the time skip between this game and the previous ones.
    • There's also likely to be some information about this when the Heavenly Island manga concludes.
    • That's the Umbrella Corps logo; they're an organization made to clean up Umbrella's mess, in a word.
      • More specifically, the logo for Umbrella, Co. which owns the Umbrella Corps.
    • The "Not a Hero" DLC explains that the remnants of Umbrella were reformed into a PMC dedicated to combating bioweapons and cleaning up the old Umbrella's messes.

Who´s hand is that?

  • After looking at it over and over... Is it possible that Ethan got a whole different hand stapled on his stump entirely? The codex attached to it seems to hint that they´re genetically tuned in to specific people... And considering that Ethan was called "daddy" by Eveline's hive mind, then would that mean it came from her supposed "father figure" that was assigned to her? Is it really Ethan´s hand or does it actually belongs to the guy seen on the ship? The original owner of the codex attached to it?
    • Doubtful, considering that Alan was completely dissolved by Eveline, and it would be tough to keep a severed hand in good condition for three years.
    • The thought just crossed my mind since the massive cut Mia gave him when she stabbed through his hand was nowhere to be seen afterwards, which made me wonder if it really was the same hand.
      • If you look carefully, the cut disappears immediately after the tutorial tells you how to use a healing item.
      • Ahh, yes... when his mold-induced healing factor kicks in. My mistake, thanks.
      • Actually, the item description of the First Aid Med states it "closes wounds and promotes cell regeneration" which can be seen when Jack Baker chops off Ethan's leg when he tries to escape through the hatch.

Zoe's fate

  • So...what happened to Zoe? Considering that she appeared within the Hive Mind as a observer if she wasn't cured... hints that she was indeed infected, but when the soldiers showed up, she was nowhere to be found. So... did she off herself before the Mold could turn her into one of its puppets?
    • All we know is that if you cure Mia, the Umbrella Corps doesn't find anyone alive at the mansion. Contextually, it seems likely that Eveline killed her.
      • If you choose the other ending Eveline kills Zoe almost right away on the boat. The same probably happens to her when left at the boathouse as well.
    • When Ethan leaves Zoe behind after choosing Mia, he tells her he'll send help. She shouts after him "Don't bother! There won't be anyone left to help!" implying she either intends to kill herself or that she knows Eveline is going to kill her. Considering Eveline does kill her if you choose Zoe, the latter is more likely.
    • Zoe earns her happy ending through Ethan, the new Umbrella, Chris and mainly her uncle Joe Baker.

Why does everyone think Clancy is the player in the demo?

  • They clearly are two different people. Nothing during the 'Happy Birthday' tape suggests that it was him (outside the footage he shot, of course), and the character in the demo lacks the wristband Clancy wears.
    • When you insert the tape, his name will pop up in the loading screen along side the "Happy Birthday!" title and the "Can trespassing idiots solve puzzles?" description.
      • Clancy and the Player Controlled character in "Beginning Hour" are two different characters. Clancy is controlled in the "Derelict House Footage" VHS, the "Happy Birthday" VHS, and the "Bedroom" DLC mode. The Beginning Hour Protagonist is just a random guy, referred to as a "piece-of-*** hippy" by Jack in one of the in-game notes, who (if you get the "True Ending" of Beginning Hour) escapes the Guest House, and tells the police what happened, which they disregard due to LSD being found in his possession.
      • Jack's mention of a piece of shit hippy refers to Clancy (he had long hair). The events of the Beginning Hour demo likely aren't canon at all, given the unexplained supernatural things in it, as well as the different layout of the Guest House and basement; too different for simple "hallucinations" to Hand Wave away all the discrepancies.
    • The "End of Zoe" DLC gives a conclusive answer to this question.

The order of events between Beginning Hour and the main game

  • A friend and I have been stumped on this for a little bit. In "Beginning Hour", the house is a mess - there's a bisected cow with a pair of bolt cutters stuck in it, there's creepy sculptures hanging on the ceiling of one of the rooms, there's a lot of mold near the Basement... But in the opening of Resident Evil 7 proper, going back through this house, there's none of that. Sure, it's still a bit unkempt and gross, but there's no mold, there's no bisected cows, even the mannequins are gone. As stated in the Headscratcher above this one, the main player character in Beginning Hour is not Clancy (Except during the VHS segment where you play as him.) In the True Ending, The unnamed protagonist escapes and tells the police, but they search the place and find no evidence of murder, and no video. They also find the protagonist has LSD on their person, which led to his story being discarded. So with that in mind, obviously the Bakers cleaned up the place between Beginning Hour and the main game, right? The only thing that doesn't match up is The fact that the VHS is easily accessible from the attic in the main game, even though the demo's True Ending says that the police couldn't find it. I'm not sure what the deal is there, so it's hard to tell where Beginning Hour takes place in the game's timeline. I mean, "Beginning Hour" suggests it takes place before the game proper, but... you never know.
    • It is possible that the events of the Beginning Hour demo aren't canon at all, considering that the player has Ethan's model and the Guest House's layout is fairly different in the basement.

Twenty missing is a statistic

  • First a ship goes down in the bayou, far enough from just about anything that no one know it happened and the company want it to stay that way. So they don't send a salvage team. Believable. The Bakers find Evelyne and Mia. They don't tell anyone in town, don't get a medic or something. Weird. At some point however Marguerite is diagnosed with some fungus growing on her brain. Apparently they just drop from existence some time later. No medic put two and two together, in a world where it's a known fact engineered horrors are running around. Over the next three years, twenty persons disappear near the Baker house. At this point, it would be perfectly reasonable to call a really thorough investigation of that place. What kind of sweep the police did in the houses before and after the events of beginning hour is best left to imagination since they found literally nothing. How exactly did the mystery of the Dulvey haunted house stayed a mystery for 3 years?
    • Fungal brain infections aren't uncommon, and most often crop up in conjunction with sufferers of meningitis. Since every other bioweapon in the series stems specifically from viruses or parasites, a fungal infection wouldn't be an automatic bright red flag for even the most conscientious and knowledgeable in-universe doctor. At the same time, even if the best ending of "Beginning Hour" is canon, the Bakers' mansion wouldn't be part of the search because they checked it and it was empty. This is especially true given the size and composition of the area; look at the drive Ethan has to take to get there in the beginning of the game. It'd be a lot more likely that the people in question were lost in the swamp.
    • For the "why didn't the Bakers tell anyone that they found a woman and a girl" part, the Daughters DLC shows that a huge storm had just passed through the area, causing massive flooding which likely knocked out phone lines and then the Bakers get infected almost immediately.

Why did Chris name his ultimate BOW-killing weapon Albert?

  • Seems kinda an odd choice given Albert is the the first name of his former arch-nemesis. And that they didn't really have that whole "worthy opponent" thing going on so much as hating each other entirely.
    • It's been suggested that the gun was itself formerly owned by Albert Wesker and Chris kept it as a trophy.
      • Unlikely, given that Wesker had his Samurai Edge with him during the last fight of Resident Evil 5, and it likely went down in the volcano with him. The gun received in Resident Evil 7 is also a new type of an anti-bioweapon weapon, not just a police handgun.
      • The fluff text on it in-game refers to it as a "replica", but it is a near-perfect recreation of Wesker's heavily-customized Samurai Edge (save for the different Laser/light module and the supressor mount, which was only mentioned in auxillary texts and never made an in-game appearance. It's been confirmed that Kendo (the gunsmith who made the Samurai Edge pistols) also made Leon's handgun from Resident Evil 4, so maybe Chris had him make an anti-BOW gun, so he just recycled the design for Wesker's Samurai Edge.
      • The bonus weapon received in a New Game Plus is not the same as the one received during the boss fight. That's what the "replica" part in the description refers to, likely.
      • The "Albert-01" and "Albert-02" weren't designed by Chris - they're Blue Umbrella weapons. It isn't the pistol itself that is magically lethal to the Molded, but rather that Chris chucked it out the helicopter with a load of Mold-killing "rapid-acting mycetotoxic rounds" in the magazine.

In Regards To The Tapes

  • So, with the understanding that this is a video game where real life logic isn't necessarily needed, I still must ask how on earth the tapes are supposed to work or be logically defended. The first one where the TV crew had cameras with them makes sense, and the Mia tape exploring Marguerite's part of the house makes sense for the same reason, but the part where Mia is on the ship does not. Care to explain?
    • Given that the Old Videotape doesn't have the same old VHS effects when playing like the other ones, it can be assumed that we're not watching the actual tape itself. Mia watches a tape that has something relating to the incident and her real occupation and it then triggers a flashback as she remembers, and we're playing through that flashback, not just a video tape. The ship section also switches to third person in the end, something a recorded video tape couldn't do.
    • That could be defended as the idea of the hive mind using Mia's memories and physically putting them onto the tape to remind her amnesiac self. Other than that, no clue.
    • It can still be logically justified as a video Mia's organisation made her record in the event that she died or was otherwise incapacitated so that there would be a chance of finding out what happened on the ship. Perhaps there's superior VHS production/editing equipment on board which allows Lucas or Eveline to create the tape from the digital source sans-VHS effects. Or the lack of VHS effects is a hallucination.
  • How exactly does a tape manage to survive an entire room bursting into flames around it as its soaked in kerosene?
    • Perhaps something to do with the fact that it's described as being covered in black mold, which might have protected it? Not quite sure, myself, but it's a thought.
    • Or it could just be that he didn't had to carry the tape on him for the recording, he could just use whatever camera Lucas strapped on poor Clancy's head, have it record, connect it to a VHS-recorder, hit record and then just get the tape out once the cameraman was done. Shame on wasting a good camera but hey, he got the tape.

I'm pretty sure that's Chris

  • So... I'm still curious as to why people are still doubting that it is the real deal greeting Ethan at the end. I mean Chris Redfield is literally spelled out during the credits.
    • If it isn't Chris and we were meant to think he was, it would be kinda stupid to then reveal the mystery in the credits, of all places.
      • They could have just credited him as Redfield in that case.
      • Which would still tip people off as to what the twist would be. Also note the section of the credits devoted to the Japanese dub mysteriously lists FIVE voice actors for him.
  • People keep pointing to how different he looks in this game compared to his prior appearances, but it's not unthinkable that they've simply hired a new face model to portray him this time around. They've done it at least once for nearly every character (most recently and noticeably with Ada in RE6) and so far it's always gone without much comment from the fanbase.
    • The "Not A Hero" DLC confirms it's Chris.

Ethan's infection

  • If we're to assume Ethan got infected at some point, when did it happen? During the initial fight with Mia, he loses his hand yet stops bleeding very quickly (heck, even earlier when he was being stabbed repeatedly it doesn't seem to slow him down too much). Was he already infected by that point or was the lack of bleeding simply for gameplay purposes and he was infected once the Bakers got a hold of him and stapled his hand back on?
    • Personally? After going through the prologue over and over, the only possibility of the origin of his mold-infection, would be the First Aid Meds he picked up in the bathroom. After all, the labels say "for closing wounds and promotes cell regeneration", what else does that in this setting? The first stage infection of the Mold. And considering that the game itself utterly refuses to let you advance unless you pick them up or if you refuse to use them after Mia´s initial attack, it becomes painfully obvious how Ethan got infected with the Mold, especially considering how fast his arm stump stopped bleeding after Mia cut his hand off with that chainsaw. that at that point, he had been infected already, considering that it was the very same hand he used that First Aid Med on a mere minute before to fix up the massive cut through it earlier. It also becomes a case of Fridge Brilliance regarding why Mia attacked him in the fist place. After all, Eveline wanted him to be the "father" in her "family", meaning that she would have to infect him first and what better way to do so than force him into a situation where he willingly would unknowingly infect himself through a ''very'' conveniently placed first aid med which is just standing there on the shelf in the only unlocked room in the corridor which happened to be exactly what he needed to patch up a massive gap in his hand along with other cuts made by a mad attacker? Heck, there was even two of them just to make sure that he wouldn't get suspicious about the whole thing and not pick the first one up... Eveline is a sneaky little schemer when she wants to, considering that Ethan fell for it flawlessly, hook, line and sinker.
      • You can advance through that part of the game without using any of the First Aid Meds, and through the entire game actually. There's even a trophy/achievement. The First Aid Meds are just normal medicine by themselves, and the Mold infection is spread through the black Mold goo, as demonstrated in Bedroom and heavily implied in the main game.
      • Very well... He breathed in the spores of the Mold when he entered the house, getting infected that way. (That is a property of mold in general after all, if it gets dry and crumbles, it releases spores. and the guest house is particular dusty...)

How the Mold works within the story

  • Near the end, we can find a bunch of files detailing how the mold and the E-series work. The thing is... Those files contradict or, at the very least, are different from what we see during the game. For starters, the files we can find tell us, for example, that once the mold infects a host, it starts having hallucinations about Eveline almost inmediately, which isn't the case for Ethan, since it takes some time for him to start having them, and specially considering Eveline wanted him to come to become her new "daddy". Then, we have information about the serum and its effects on the hosts: it says it will cure them if the infection hasn't spread enough but, since it acts extremely fast, it's almost guaranteed to kill the host instead of curing it. Now, taking into account that the infected get superhuman strength during the last phases of the infection, and Mia seems to be much stronger than your average human being, how can she be cured after three entire years? And this raises more questions: it could be poossible to explain Mia not being completely mind-controlled by Evie during the game because the girl wants a "mother", and it would be pointless if she was just another puppet. Now, why can Zoe still act by herself? Why hasn't she been fully controlled by Eveline after three years, specially when she's been acting against Evie the entire time? In fact, how could any of them resist for so long, when we see in the tanker flashback and the files that the fungus can infect people and turn them into a mycelia collage in a matter of hours or even less? For me, at the very least, those plot holes broke my suspension of disbelief.
    • You're over thinking it way too much, and none of those constitute as plot holes. Over the course of a single night is basically immediate when compared to three years, for example. Not unlike real life infections, the Mold very likely works at varying speed and efficiency on different people, and especially so when taking Eveline's influence into account as well. The two Bakers were gone after three years and Mia was about to be. Not really a stretch. We don't know how long Zoe has been infected in the first place, and she specifically says that Eveline will kill her if she attempts to leave still infected, meaning that Eveline had some plans for her as well. Eveline can kill infected people at will as shown on the tanker, but there would be no reason for her to do that to the Baker family, Mia or Ethan as she's making a "family" out of them.
    • I'm mostly in the minority on this, but if Zoe was the informant who sent the "Email Log" message instead of Lucas, it would explain why Zoe could still act by herself, since whoever the informant was they were given an antidote by the company to prevent Eveline from controlling their mind.
      • I feel like it's been made abundantly clear that Zoe isn't the informant. Zoe's primary goal was to cure herself and escape. Why would she willingly work with the people responsible for the little monster who turned her family into monsters as well? Also why would she go with this for 3 YEARS if they weren't going to cure her? It's clear from the crude and harsh way the emails are lettered that Lucas is the informant. He was disturbed, but not in the same way as his mother and father were. Jack and Margurite for deranged and constantly hostile and angry. Lucas could think things through, set up traps instead of chasing Ethan down, and just acted with more clarity compared to his parents.

Persistent skin cut

  • Whatever the cause of the Healing Factor is that allows Ethan to reattach severed limbs and allows them to function perfectly afterwards, why does it never knit the skin around his left wrist back together?
    • One, that wound was made by a chainsaw, missing pieces are to be expected. Two, the reason that wound doesn't knit up is due to what's in it to fill up the empty space from the missing pieces. Look closely when he holds it up in the light and you can see the Mold neatly pasted in between the two halves, keeping it together. There's no knitting over that (okay, there obviously is, going by Jack's incredible Healing Factor, but Ethan's infection hasn't had three whole years to take effect).

E-001's Creators

  • So, did the revived Umbrella that Chris works for create Eveline? I thought that it was heavily implied that the third party that Lucas worked for were the ones who did it given that the e-mails you read are right next to the lab where they run down the whole mold program, and that Umbrella had found out about their operations and were trying to sabotage/steal the other company's work.
    • Eveline is created very likely by Tentsu, given their labeling on the serums. The new Umbrella, Co. that the "Redfield" character works for is a middleman for the various pharmaceutical companies, including Tentsu, by seems to now have turned on at least that particular company.
    • The "Not a Hero" DLC reveals that Eveline was created by a criminal organization called Connections, and that the new Umbrella is trying to bring Connections down and stop their bioweapon research.

Why are the D-Series there?

  • I feel like this one is because that I missed something, but why does the Baker family have a D-Series baby and a child hidden away? Did they come with the tanker wreck? Is that why there was an empty Codex responsive box (the one with the garbled note under the lid) on the ship? Did Eveline have someone fetch the two from the salt mines/tanker?
    • Knowing her family obsession, she might have seen them as "little sisters" and wanted them part of the family as well, like how people keep urns with someone's ashes around in the house. Sentimental reasons.
    • One theory suggests that Lucas was given the D-series head, and maybe the arm, by the Tentsu agents that contacted him. This is backed up by the fact the head is found in a briefcase carried by Lucas.
    • The same briefcase was also given to Marguerite for "safekeeping" which definitely did not received from Tentsu, but Eveline. It's more likely that Eveline gave Lucas the head as she had given Marguerite the arm, since Lucas who was part of her "family" despite not being under her control, should have appeared as far more trustworthy in her eyes since despite not having to keep him under a leash, he still willingly wanted to be part of her "family", which in a way, might have been the reason for her being so lenient on Lucas and his "games".

Lucas's bedroom

  • Why has Lucas never redecorated his room? It looks exactly the same as when he was a child. He's created puzzles all over the rest of the house — so why leave his own room completely untouched for most of his life?
    • Sentimental values? That aside, the Baker Estate is huge, and considering there's a guest house attached to it, he might have just not bothered with his room and simply moved out to a larger one. It seems more that his room was kept the way it was thanks to Marguerite and for sentimental reasons. (A lot of parents keeps their children's rooms the way they were when they moved out from it.) Lucas just moved out of the room for a better one, that's all.
    • It's established in the "Daughters" DLC that Lucas no longer lives in his old bedroom, so it's essentially been unoccupied all this time.

Why didn't anyone even consider that Ethan might be infected?

  • When there was just two doses of the serum, no one involved even paused to consider that maybe Ethan would need a dose too.
    • Ethan didn't seem to actually realize that he was infected and Mia didn't get her full memories back so she had no idea how the infection worked. Meanwhile, Zoe had every motivation to ensure that she got herself cured first.
    • Well, they probably know he's infected given his healing factor but choosing between him and Zoe or Mia is like choosing between a stage 1 cancer patient or a stage 4 cancer patient. Ethan has only been infected for a few hours whereas the others were infected for 3 YEARS. With Mia actively turning into a monster like the Bakers at the drop of a hat, the almost fully in control Ethan doesn't need the antidote as badly. given that Zoe and Mia have to take the medicine in order to leave the house without calcifying (it doesn't help in Zoe's case), reinfection was unavoidable once they got to the ship, so the point is moot anyways.

Eveline and Ethan

  • Given what Jack was monologuing when he took the third dog's head emblem, it would seem that Eveline wanted Ethan to be her new father, which would also explain why that email got sent to Ethan. But it seems like Eveline didn't even give Ethan a chance of being her father before she was trying to get Mia (and everyone else) to kill him.
    • She might have tried to convert him faster by having him injured and then let the Mold inside of him spread at accelerated pace in order to heal up the injuries received. It is also not clear if Eveline even define "death" like a normal person would, considering that she's a Hive Queen of a Hive Mind, which would make "death" a even looser and vaguer concept for her, evident in how Jack and Zoe still existed in the Hive Mind even after their supposed "deaths". As the saying goes,"There's more than one way to drown a cat".

The Baker residence and Tentsu

  • Tentsu was having Lucas (or maybe Mia) keep on eye on Eveline for them. So why didn't they keep any security personnel nearby in case anything went wrong? Or have any security equipment up to notify them about trespassers like Ethan?
    • One: Eveline would have noticed. and two: considering that there's way more than twenty Molded (Twenty or so names of "turned" on the missing people list), the odds are high that if there was a security force in the mines, then they would have already joined the Molded and their numbers before people started going missing in the area.
    • A darker motivation could also be they were quietly observing how Eveline would behave in the wild as she deteriorated, which is why they enlisted Lucas' help. A few random tourists and drifters is a small price to pay for all that data.

What exactly triggered the email being sent to Ethan?

  • Eveline might have caused it to be sent because she wanted Mia to be her mommy, and Ethan is Mia's husband. But Eveline has been with Mia for three years, and there's nothing to suggest that Eveline recently learned about marriage and/or learned that Mia was married to someone. On the other hand, if Lucas sent the email, what would his motive be?
    • It may have just been Mia managing to resist Eveline's control or at the very least preventing her from finding out about Ethan until the game's events.

What's the point of giving Ethan the smartwatch?

  • Why, after sewing back on Ethan's hand, do the Bakers feel the need to give Ethan the smartwatch that ends up being part of what he needs to kill Eveline? Since all they plan on doing is keeping him there until he's infected as "part of the family", the smartwatch has literally no use towards that goal.
    • The Bakers did not give Ethan the codex, Zoe did, which is critical to activating the sealed crates Eveline's creators left behind. The Bakers probably didn't realize the importance of the codex.

The speed of the infection

  • In Gradma's room, you find a letter of a doctor about fungus in Marguerite's head, which implies the infection grew slowly enough that she had the time to get worried about it and go see a doctor who scanned her head, yet the Daughters dlc shows the infection taking hold in a matter of minutes. Isn't there a problem?
    • It could have very well been that the initial infection caused them to go crazy immediately, but you can see that they were still able to resist Eveline's control. In addition, the lab documents state that Eveline needs to gradually break down her targets' mental defenses before she can fully control them. It's very likely that after that day, Eveline just erased their memories and had them behave normally while she cemented her control over them.

Use this protocol

  • Any reason why Chris didn't shoot Eveline himself? Why throwing a gun at a civilian is how you make sure Terr doesn't end with orist?
    • If I had to guess, maybe Chris just thought that Ethan would have a better shot taking her down since he was closer. They were on a helicopter so they could potentially end up missing most of their shots, and they couldn't afford that possibility.

Evie's powers

  • Zoe apparently spent three years running away from her crazy family while infected and trying to find a cure, yet Eveline never bat an eye to this until she tried to leave. Daughters show she knew what Zoe was up to the whole time, and files scattered around the mansion mention how her parents (under Evie's control) hated her for rejecting Evie. Evie also seems to sense what they think and the smallest negative thought about her is a death sentence. So why did she wait three years to kill Zoe? On top of that, why doesn't Ethan fully succumb to his infection if Daughters show it takes hold of the host almost immediately? Evie seems to have a goddamn hard time trying to control him in the ending, but doesn't have the same problem with other infected like Alan.
    • It was very likely that considering the way Eveline taunted Zoe in Daughters, she was keeping her around out of spite to continually remind Zoe that her family is now under her control. Plus, Zoe would never be able to leave the mansion anyways since Eveline could destroy her at any time. As for Ethan, the lab documents implied that the speed of the infection varied between individuals, so it's likely that Ethan just had the good fortune of being more resistant to the infection than the Bakers. Perhaps Eveline's control has also weakened in her advancing age.
    • It's also completely possible that whatever it is that allows Zoe to resist allows Ethan to resist too.

Did Lucas actually kill Oliver?

  • While it seems like he did, the fact the Bakers never found out about a corpse in the attic, never heard the boy's screaming, or went to investigate says otherwise. Also, there's no corpse up there. Boys Lucas' age are also known for writing out their violent fantasies, especially when troubled.
    • Who said Oliver was real? He could have been one of Lucas' imaginary friends for all as we know.
      • If Oliver wasn't real, there would be no meta reason at all for having had the diary entries say more than the implications that Lucas was always eccentric (if "he killed another kid" wasn't meant to lend credence to his having always been violent/the earlier mention of his having been a "bad seed", "he fantasized about killing another kid" would have been redundant with "he got a CAT scan when he was small" and "other kids keep calling me crazy") and that he modded the attic remote lock into a lamp. Nobody ever said that Jack and Marguerite never found the body, meanwhile - given that they're obviously heavily "family comes first/look after your own" in mindset, it's more likely they tried to cover everything up because they didn't know how to better handle Lucas's issues and didn't want any trouble to come to their kid or their "quiet, wholesome salt-of-the-earth family people" way of life.
      • It's true that nothing states that. But if they DID find Oliver and decided to cover it up, Jack's statement in the Hive Mind that Lucas isn't a killer would be a hilariously blatant lie that he has no reason to tell rather than Dramatic Irony. It's possible Lucas found a way to hide the whole thing from his parents. And he could have simply disposed of the corpse later. Not to mention, the whole plot kicks off because Jack went out into a storm to rescue strangers. I'd say their mindset is a little more altruistic than just "look after your own."
      • I don't think it'd be a lie that he considers as such so much as a vehement denial - e.x. "he didn't know what was doing back then, he was only six-ish", "Lucas made up a story about how it happened and I believe it/made myself believe it", and/or simply being used to feeling the need to defend Lucas to others when "rumors" about him started going around; and "he was a good enough person to go out on his own to rescue strangers from a storm" doesn't necessarily equate to "he was a person with good enough judgment/had his priorities stacked in such a way as to accept that his own son was basically evil and turn him in to the authorities when he was really young"; the Bakers are good at giving off the impression that family is the most important thing to them. That said, "Lucas just found a way to sneak the body out when the smell he mentioned in his diary started buggin' him too much" is also plausible.

In the Daughters DLC, why is Zoe so SLOW?

  • Her sprint speed is just pathetic.
    • Several possible reasons. If she was smoking before the incident (as opposed to after purely because of the stress) that's not going to make her a great endurance speed runner. More importantly, Zoe is not an empowered protagonist like Mia or Ethan (and not motivated yet by a Trauma Conga Line like Clancy was to encourage rapid movement). She has no access to firearms, and her only means of physical self defence is using a broken bottle against Jack. She is a victim of events in the Daughters episode, so her sprint speed reflects this. It also evokes the common nightmares of not being able to run, fight back or move fast enough in other ways to protect yourself or loved ones, and the way these nightmares can reflect on how such horrible situations would play out in reality because certain people aren't built for running, period. Finally, in addition to all of those ideas, if Eveline was able to infect Zoe right from her creepy first words on the bed, it's possible Evie is able to restrict her running speed all the better to force her to watch her family being assimilated into this sick new family. In fairness, Ethan and the other protagonists are not much faster than her either; it's common in survival horror to be unable to reach Usain Bolt levels (to maintain the tension) and especially in Madhouse difficulty, Jack can easily catch up with Ethan at full pelt.

Why did Umbrella Corp show up a day after Ethan got there?

  • Was Ethan in contact with them? Were they monitoring his email or phone? Was it just coincidence?
    • They've been monitoring them for a while, as evidenced by the picture of their helicopter with the caption stating its been watching the lab in the mines for a few days now. Presumably it wasn't until Ethan went in and things really started to hit the fan (giant visible monsters, for example) that they had concrete evidence something was going on and could spring into action.
      • So was it coincidence that the email to Ethan got sent at around the time Umbrella Corp started monitoring the Baker farm?
      • Umbrella was actively intercepting all of the e-mails going out of the Baker household, which is how they were able to find out about Lucas. It's very likely they also saw the email sent to Ethan.

Zoe Surviving for Three Years

  • In the "Daughters" DLC, we learn that Zoe had in fact been surviving living in the mansion with her crazed family and Eveline for three years. But, how exactly would she have survived? Daughters and events in the main game make it obvious that the family isn't fond of her and that she had to skirt around them for the entire three year period, but her trailer is literally right outside one of the house's main doors and The Family has been seen patrolling it's area before. How did she manage to avoid contact? How did she feed herself - given that her family's diet took a drastic turn into unpalatable after their infection?
    • It seems more like she was treated like a black sheep, but the Bakers weren't actively hostile against her.

Zoe's Diet

  • Okay, so Zoe spends three years on her family's estate, avoiding them, keeping to herself, helping strangers, and trying to survive. That's all well and good and all, but how the hell DID she survive. She's the least infected of the family and isn't under the normal mind control. Okay, so maybe Evie was taunting her and just didn't care as long as she was cowed. However, what the hell did she eat? One of the notes says that the food the family feeds you accelerates the transformation. Even if we assume that Zoe could eat that and not go absolutely insane from it, there's no way that she would be able to stomach it. She can't eat fish or birds because they get infected and die near the house. She can't hunt. It seems like any animal that gets close is killed, chopped to pieces, and hung like Christmas tree decorations. Plus they are probably infected. She certainly can't go to town and simply buy food. Evie doesn't trust her and calcifies her if she tries to leave. I also have a really hard time believing her parents go out and buy her food. While they can pass as creepy eccentric people if they go out into town (assuming they can control their murderous instincts), I doubt they still care about their daughter enough to get her real food. The food can't come from the people she helps. So... what the hell is she eating?
    • Add to that the overcrowded ashtrays everywhere, when it's unlikely she'd be able to nip off to the convenience store for ciggies, and the beer bottles, potato chip bags and fast food drink cups littering the house, when it's doubtful the family had been sitting on a 3-year supply of that stuff before everything went to pot. It's likely that Evie does allow the other Bakers to make trips to town for food and supplies (and to scout for new "family members" to kidnap), as she can make certain they don't try to escape or attract any unwanted attention to themselves. In fact, if I'm remembering correctly, one file even flat-out states that the Bakers do leave the property to search for victims. As for how Zoe feeds herself, the Bakers appear to still eat normal food in addition to the more disgusting stuff —you can't make a proper roux with just mold, after all— and must not particularly care if Zoe helps herself to the pantry now and then; she doesn't pose any threat to things as they are, and Evie already knows she isn't going anywhere.
    • There's definitely one receipt in the kitchen from the hardware store for 20 collars and other stuff which would be post-infection. Evie probably just leaves Zoe mostly alone and has enough control to stop her permanently escaping. Maybe Evie even likes the idea of a rebellious teenager older sister as part of her family.

Regenerating Molded?

  • The main page mentions a few times that nearly every enemy eventually gets back up, but so far I've found this is only true for the Bakers themselves if you bother fighting them. Despite them leaving a little patch of goo where they fell, all Molded I've put down so far have stayed down permanently, even without headshots, on Normal difficulty and lower; some enemies are scripted to spawn in previously-cleared areas after certain events, but I'm not counting those as all RE games have done that. Is this something that's only seen on Madhouse difficulty, or is it simply someone making an incorrect inference based on the fact that it is true for Jack & Marguerite?
    • Yeah, you're right. the molded don't regenerate at all, no matter what the difficulty is. That should be fixed pronto.
    • This is mostly just Gameplay and Story Segregation. Funnily enough, the "Not a Hero" DLC does add a new Molded enemy type that can instantly regenerate.

Wait... She Can Do What, Now?

  • Where are so many people getting the idea that Mia is supposed to be a highly skilled, elite uber-badass Corporate Samurai from? All evidence in the game suggests that she's been trained on containment procedures as part of her job and reasonably apt at handling a gun, but she's about as capable as Ethan is, i.e. perfectly able to defend herself, but nowhere close to the level of combat prowess that the series regulars display. Heck, anyone who's job involves looking after something dangerous is going to be trained on how to deal with it; even an ordinary zookeeper is going to know his way around a rifle, but that doesn't mean he's ready to be air-dropped into a war zone and start building his own weaponry from scratch. Besides, she was living in Texas before everything went down, so it's not unthinkable that she and Ethan both already knew a bit about guns to begin with.

Mia's Purse

  • How has it been in rather pristine condition and moldless for three years?

Where was Zoe?

  • Where the hell is Zoe at in the middle of the game? The start of the game, she could be in her trailer, and at the end of the game, she's tied up, but when you first reach the yard, where does she go? Where does she call you from? Why does she not stay in her trailer to meet with you personally?
    • Very likely she fled to some other part of the property. It's not as if Zoe is in a particularly trusting mood. She's only helping Ethan out of convenience.

Why did Marguerite calcify when you kill her?

  • You don't have the cure, so why does she calcify? Did Evie get bored/ decided to cut her loss and calcify Marguerite remotely, like Zoe in the bad ending?
    • Because Eveline already has a new "mommy" in Mia. Marguerite meant nothing to her now. Well, that and the fact that Evie was getting pretty old, so she wouldn't have as much control over the mold as she used to.

Disrepancy in deaths for characters

  • The WMG for this game titled Marguerite isn't in the Hive Mind because she's completely gone got me thinking. The implication given by the fates of Jack, Eveline and Zoe if you choose to inject her with the serum is that you can only truly destroy these Moulded characters by administering serum to them, overriding their Healing Factor and calcifying them (additional physical damage before or after nonwithstanding). But Margeurite was never injected. Ethan managed to inflict seemingly-lethal damage on her with his firearms, but she calcified regardless and then crumbled. Is this because Eveline pulled a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness after Margeurite was unable to pacify Ethan and cut her losses by destroying her would-be granny for good? Perhaps. But this is not explicitly confirmed. Alternatively, is it possible that just as how we thought Jack was out for the count after the second round with him (but he nevertheless came back for one more go, eventually), that Marguerite's dust could be reconstituted and her form could come back for another encounter in a DLC/later game? It's unclear as to how Eveline's death would affect this possible outcome.
    • For now, it seems like inflicting enough physical damage on advanced Molded like the Baker family is enough to overwhelm their healing factors and cause them to calcify. In the "Not a Hero" DLC, an Umbrella research file states that Jack's healing factor was abnormally more powerful than what the other Bakers possessed. Molded with more advanced regeneration would require a special serum to kill.

Joe's family knowledge

  • How does he not know that his family was turned? He seems to live fairly close, because Zoe couldn't have gotten far, so how could he not know that they were turned and blamed Umbrella for what happened to Zoe?
    • Maybe Joe is not in good standing with the rest of the Baker family. There isn't any evidence of his existence in the house, it's possible Jack doesn't like his brother and doesn't want him interacting with the rest of the family, and Joe respected that.
      • That honestly doesn’t sound implausible to me - considering Jack is a manly-man and Joe’s final fight against him involves him calling Jack a wimp and gloating about all of the times he beat the tar out of him while they were growing up, heck, it could have been a case of holding a long-standing grudge against a Big Brother Bully.

Lucas curing himself

  • How did Lucas request a cure for Eveline from the Connections, receive it, and administer it to himself without Eveline knowing, if Lucas was a part of the hive mind?
    • I always assumed that he didn’t request it at all - the Connections simply tracked down Eveline and found the Bakers infected, realized they had good potential for a field study going, and nabbed Lucas in hopes of having an on-the-scene spy. Given it’s implied that Eveline can still make Lucas “see” her and that Jack and Marguerite technically act against her wishes throughout the first half of the game, while he’s not under the control of the Hive Queen, it’s possible that him retaining a mental connection to her Hive Mind was enough for her not to suspect that anything was wrong.

Where's the front door?

  • Ethan goes through every inch of that main house and the only entrance to the front is through the garage door. The Cerberus head door leads out into the backyard with the greenhouse, the barn, and the old house, but not the road. Where's the part Ethan walks up to in the beginning, the part with the gate and the intercom?
    • It's barricaded. In the C-shaped hallway surrounding the den, kitchen, and dining room, there's a darkened area piled up with junk. You can see the front door behind it, along with windows showing the front yard outside.

Power on the ship

  • How does a ship that was ripped apart in a hurricane and exploded three years ago still have power.

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