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Nightmare Fuel / Resident Evil: Revelations 2

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Let's start with the basic concept; a new bio-mutating virus that literally feeds on the host's fear to transform them into some awful monster. So, when you're infected, if you ever get scared? BAM! You're a monster too.
    • And did we mention that, as Claire and Moira, you start the game infected with this thing?
    • Not to mention you END the game infected as well.
  • How about some of the creatures you encounter in the game?
    • The Revenant: A creature that appears in Barry and Natalia's sections. Multiple corpses stitched/nailed together and infused with the virus, they have multiple limbs, some of which have their feet and hands removed and replaced with a rusted blade. To kill it, Natalia has to use her powers to find it's core, much like the horrifying Regeneradors. Or you can just shoot it to death piece by piece to reveal the core, but that wastes precious ammo...
    • The Glasp: A giant, bloated fly-like creature that expels vision inhibiting gas that allows it to stealth kill its victims. The worst part? It appears to have been created from a human, which ramps up the Body Horror factor Up to Eleven, with arms and legs converted into multiple, jointed insect limbs with its still human feet dangling off two of them, a mouth grown out of the back of the victim's skull and worst of all, it covers its victims in what appear to be maggots. Let the implications of that sink in.
      • Worse, they have a one-hit kill attack.
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    • Rotten: Essentially decayed humans that look somewhat like skeletons. Considering what happens later on in Episode 1 they could be what happens to Afflicted when they are left alone for some time.
  • Consider: You're a little girl who has been described as "fragile", you lose both your parents in a horrific bioterror attack, and you then witness a giant space laser destroy your home and all the memories associated with it as a last resort to stop said attack. You get used to living in a TerraSave facility or two, then when you feel normalcy returning, you're kidnapped and experimented on and put through an endless horror sideshow, finally meet up with people who want to help you... only for a man you trust to separate you from your newfound friends and deliver you to the Devil herself. You wake up six months later, and all the people are seemingly gone and the monsters have gotten worse.
    • Upon waking up, you're greeted by a starkly different version of yourself who initially seems a bit more sarcastic and teasing. She then gradually begins to ramp up the emotional abuse, taunting you about your quest to reunite with the only thing you've got left in this miserable world: a teddy bear. Problem is, the bear has been leaving disturbing post cards detailing her misery and... seems suicidal. Upon finally finding the bear, Shadow-you and the bear reveal that they're trying to steal your very being and will be back to torment you at a later date. Shortly after that, you meet a lovable bearded fellow who'll protect you...
      • As you journey with the man to find his daughter, the typical monsters aren't the worst thing out there. There's something... intelligent hunting you... taunting you. Eventually, you and your companion enter a room with mutilated dolls and twisted messages targeting you. The final straw is that your beloved bear is found mutilated as a centrepiece in a shrine of contempt aimed all at little you. Suddenly, you get to see your pursuer. Long, lanky, decaying, and stark-raving mad. It wants only one thing. You. It taunts your companion, saying his daughter is dead and eventually gets the drop on him. He's sent flying off a cliff and you're left in the grossly enlarged hands of this aberration. As it begins to squeezes the life out of you, you begin to wonder if you're simply going to awake in a yet another hell.
  • Barry's story. His beloved daughter is kidnapped by a bunch of unknown terrorists, and he doesn't have the slightest clue where to find her. Her co-worker, his old friend Claire shows up, and all she can do is babble about the worst. By the time he tracks her down, six months have passed. And then he finds out his daughter was trapped on an island crawling with monsters, infected with a mutagenic virus, and forced to run around at the whims of a psychopath. Poor bastard...
    • To say nothing of the fact that it's possible to get a Bad End and have Moira turn out to have succumbed to the virus.
  • The fate of Pedro, succumbing to the fear-virus in the middle of a shoot-out with a bunch of Afflicted, which was engineered by the Overseer, and transforming into a grotesque, tumor-bloated, eye-covered freak.
  • Gabriel's fate. The Overseer reacts to his successfully restoring the helicopter by shorting it out, sending it into a spin and causing him to start mutating. He snaps and desperately tries to hack off his hand to stop his mutation, during which he ends up crashing and being killed. Barry actually finds his charred corpse when he visits the area later, and it is not a pretty sight.
  • The whole idea of the Overseer: a sadistic madwoman with the power and resources to kidnap people, including members of an important bioterror clean-up movement, and subject them to hideous physical and psychological tortures to test out her creation, a virus that literally feeds on fear. She can see everything that happens on her island, and gleefully taunts her victims as they fall prey to her traps. And why is she doing this? Because she hopes she can use a "perfect specimen" combined with her virus to achieve Resurrective Immortality, forcing them to lose their mind and be physically and mentally replaced by a copy of herself. It gets even worse when you discover her true name: Alex Wesker, the sister of Albert Wesker. As scary as she is in Claire's campaign as The Chessmaster, she is absolutely terrifying in Barry's campaign. She has mutated into a horrific abomination, retaining her sociopathic cunning while harboring a deep and irrational hatred of Natalia. She stalks and ambushes Barry and Natalia at one point. She appears out of NOWHERE, easily defeating Barry and chocking Natalia until her own fear causes her to retreat. In her inner sanctum she rants through Natalia's bracelet claiming that Natalia is false and must die. Then, you must traverse a "shrine" filled with mutilated dolls meant to represent Natalia's death as well as Natalia's eviscerated teddy bear, Lottie. At the same time, she continues to threaten the poor innocent girl all the while playing Lacrimosa from Mozart's requiem, a piece that unambiguously represents death. FINALLY, you confront this freak that was once a women, only for her to inject herself with the Uroboros virus, turning herself into an even more horrifying abomination that takes a rocket to finally destroy.
  • Towards the end of Claire's chapter 3, the player finds a note from the Overseer's butler about how he has "taken care" of the rest of her employees, and will soon "take care" of himself. You find this next to his body, hanging from a noose. So, apparently, Alex Wesker can, despite being as big a sociopath as her brother, induce such loyalty in people that they're willing to commit murder-suicide for her without being brainwashed...
  • Less explicit, the backstory between Barry and his daughter. The thought of one of your kids shooting the other accidentally because of a mistake on your part is something that ''will'' haunt you. It can also make Barry's [[GunNut gun enthusiasm]] almost tragic in hindsight.
  • Similarly to the first Revelations, an important reveal paints an even darker picture of the already dark RE universe. As Neil Fisher, and his mentor/model Lagsdale before him, show, you can't even trust the people tasked to protect you from bioterrorism, as greed or misguided ideals may make them as dangerous as the criminals they should fight. Imagine the damage to Terrasave's image and especially operations if knowledge about Neil's action becomes public. Paranoia Fuel at its fullest.
  • The battle with Monster Neil has some Narmy lines, yeah, but it's honestly pretty terrifying. Even his shrieks of "I'm burning up!" have the right amount of genuine-sounding pain to send a chill down your spine. Plus, when you think about the kind of Body Horror one must be undergoing such that a humble flashlight can make you overheat — to the extent that your heart will burst out of your chest to make you cool off faster... not a pretty picture.

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