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Barry went in alone because...
We know there were a significant number of Russian (or at least Russian-fluent) prisoners on the island due to the notes left behind. In addition, Natalia Korda is definitely a name of Eastern European origin ("Korda" being commonly a Hungarian name). With that said, it is safe to assume the island is located in Eastern Europe, most likely just off the coast of the Black Sea if Barry was able to get there using a simple tugboat. Eastern Europe has been visited by the franchise on two occasions in Resident Evil Damnation and Resident Evil 6, both featuring countries in the region torn apart by civil war. It is likely that the island lays within the jurisdiction of the Eastern Slav Republic from Damnation. The ESR's civil war was stated in the movie to have been ongoing for years, and the government of the ESR was revealed to be extremely interested in procuring B.O.W.s (whereas RE6 implied that the rebel army in Edonia only recently got bioweapons from Neo-Umbrella as of 2012). The island may be a secret testing ground for the ESR, and the raging civil war would also likely preclude the BSAA from intervening until Barry reached the point where he decided to Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! and set out on his own.
  • Seems very likely: Episode 2 confirms the island is either part of Russia or in an area with a significant Russian-speaking population, judging by the posters seen and the radio station heard in the apartment area.
  • A translation of the radio broadcast in Episode 2 seems to make it less likely that the island is in the ESR's jurisdiction: the radio station is talking about the civil war as an event happening in another country, which you wouldn't expect from a local station (unless it's tuned into a foreign station). The news broadcast also hints that the ESR is located further north from Ukraine and quite far from the Black Sea, since it briefly mentions an independence movement in "east Smolensk" (Smolensk being a major Russian city near the border with Belarus).
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  • Jossed. Barry went alone because Moira is presumed dead and only he believed she was still alive.

There are two characters with the same name
An aversion of the One Steve Limit, there are actually two characters named Moira, with the one we play as being different than a character not introduced.
  • Jossed. There is only one Moira.

Neil is a traitor.
There are too many signs pointing at him, first of all being that in the intro, he is holding a list of names with several crossed off. Any conception that it could just be a guest list of the event attendees is dispelled after Episode 2 once you notice the names that are not crossed off are all the people who were taken to the island, including Natalia. Secondly, when he helps you escape from the Afflicted in Episode 2, eagle-eyed players will notice that his bracelet remains green meaning he is not rattled at all when even experienced zombie slayer and apocalypse survivor Claire stays orange for anxious. Nerves of Steel... or maybe he knows what's going on because he was a part of it.
  • Additionally He separated Natalia from Claire and Moira as they approached the Overseer's facility.
  • Confirmed.

Moira hates using guns because...
She ended up wounding her sibling in a accident.
  • Confirmed.

About Natalia...
She already turned due to T-Phobos, but still has her sane, human mind because she's so young that the virus integrated into her body better,
just like Maneula. Now, let's hope this didn't involve a lot of organs...
  • Jossed. Mostly. She is incapable of feeling fear due to her childhood trauma, so she doesn't mutate. She does have another sinister purpose, though...

Moira is actually dead by the time of Barry's storyline
At this point, instead of the typical 'But I thought you were dead!' revelation towards the end of Barry's story reveling that Moira and Claire are still alive, and that it was some kind of mistake that gave Natalia and Alex the impression that she is dead, The real plot twist will be revealed that, no, Moira really IS dead. And that your typical RE trope of Plot Armor is not in effect here.
  • Either that, or she was killed, only to be reborn via the T-Phobos virus... as a final boss.
  • Jossed in the good ending, confirmed in the bad one. In the bad ending, Moira doesn't overcome her fear of guns and is presumably killed after Claire leaves her. Barry doesn't find or fight her, though. In the good ending, she is believed dead, but has actually survived on the island for six months, and comes back in a Big Damn Heroes moment during Barry's fight against Alex. Going by the bonus episode "The Struggle", the good ending is likely canon. Claire lives either way.
Gina Foley is Rachael's sister...
And like two sides of the same coin, both cared about fighting bio terrorism, and found different occupations to do so. Gina chose the activist route, while Rachael fights BO Ws head on.
  • It's not outright confirmed (yet?), but they share the same last name, similar designs, and similarly abrupt deaths early on (although Rachael is infected and becomes a recurring boss in her game).


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