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Shout Out / Resident Evil: Revelations 2

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  • The teaser image is a quote written by Franz Kafka. In fact his stories were the influence for some elements of the story.
  • The Achievement/Trophy titles for finishing an episode having earned all the medals ("Only Good Guys Win Medals", "There's a Medal for That", "Sweet, Golden Medal" and "I'm Not Leaving Without My Medal") are all quotes from Wreck-It Ralph.
    • The award/trophy/achievement for defeating 100 enemies with a knife, Knifin' Around, takes its name from a "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" bit.
  • Moira and Claire are test subjects Number 2 and Number 6.
  • The episode titles are all taken from titles of novels and stories by Franz Kafka.
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  • One of the campaign titles that you can unlock is Full Viral Alchemist.
  • The Haunted and the aesthetics of the stages are strongly reminiscent of stages and monsters from Silent Hill.


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