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Nightmare Fuel / Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When a player becomes infected, the screen goes trippy and blue and you are forced to endure the slow and heavy breathing of your character as they slowly become a zombie. It's not a pleasant sound.
  • The bizarre object in the background of the main menu. It looks like a monster fetus, possibly a Licker.
  • The screen fading to black just before whichever character you're playing as shoots Claire in the head right in front of Sherry Birkin and if you're playing as Lupo you can tell by her tone she does not want to kill Claire in front of Sherry should you choose to execute Leon.
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  • Vector's unique "Active Camoflauge" ability that renders him nearly invisible. Something about not seeing a guy ready to plunge a knife into your throat before death is kinda unnerving.
  • USS Command. Unforgiving, cruel, quick to lose his temper, extremely psychotic, and will leave you for dead in a zombie infested city to fend for yourself like a common citizen for being unsuccessful in your mission even if it's not in the slightest your fault.
    How the hell could this happen? You let that cop get away, and now he's ransacking our facility! KILL THEM! KILL ALL OF THEM!
  • The new NE-Beta parasite B.O.Ws and Parasite Zombies exclusive to this game. These bugs are essentially the adult form of the same parasite put into the Nemesis to make it under Umbrella's control and follow simple orders. They're pretty gross and creepy by themselves, but then one crawls on the nearest zombie's back, bites off its head, and then commandeers its body like a robotic suit.
    • One of them pulls that on a TYRANT in a late Spec Ops mission.
  • Remember what a total pain and terrifying enemy Mr. X was in Resident Evil 2? Now you get to fight two of them at the same time. Doesn't that sound like fun?
    • Remember how much more terrifying it got when it lost it's coat and became the Final Boss Super Tyrant? Have fun fighting four of them at the same time!
  • The mission briefing cutscene, where you finally see exactly how screwed the city really was before Leon and Claire arrived.
    • It's a toss-up over which is worse: the footage of people being attacked, or the radio chatter which includes:
      • A 911 call from a hysterical woman crying that "They're trying to get in through the windows!" with growling sounds in the background before the call cuts out.
      • The police trying (and failing) to save the civilians.
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    • And the worst part is that Umbrella's Mission Control's response to hearing of this is to destroy any hope of these people calling for help. Your mission is to make sure these people die.

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