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Trivia / Resident Evil 6

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  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Laura Bailey plays a character who is forced to kill a loved one, and a sibling at that. In a Resident Evil production as well.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Blue Ada: Carla Radames
    • Bionic Nemesis: The Ustanak, since it's essentially Nemesis with Spencer's BIONIC AAARRRRRMMM!!! from Bionic Commando.
    • Plot Dump: The nickname for Ada's campaign.Explanation 
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    • The healing tablets in the game tend to be referred to by players as "Tic-Tacs", after the candy.
    • Fake-Ada, for the Ada doppelganger who's wreaking havoc. Alternatively, Ada Wong and Ada Wrong.
      • Alternatively, Red Ada and Blue Ada.
    • Resident Evil: Modern Warfare came about due to the added focus on shooter mechanics.
      • Alternatively: Resident Gears of Duty.
  • Defictionalization: Most of the tac gear used by the BSAA, including their soft shell jackets are released by Capcom. As of 2018, only a few licensed clothes/gear are out there.
  • Genius Bonus: During Chapter 3 of Chris' campaign, while tracking the Iluzja through the Poisawan district, one part of the area resembles an extremely unhygenic dentist's office (complete with a filthy glass case full of dentures). In real life, the Kowloon Walled City — which this part of the game was based on — was infamous for its large number of unlicensed dentists, and a case full of dentures almost identical to the one seen in the game was featured in an old German documentary about Kowloon.
  • Milestone Celebration: This game marks the fifteenth anniversary of the franchise; as a special treat, gamers were able to purchase the first four mainstay PS games from the Japanese store for 3,000 yen (4 alone would cost 1900) through the end of March 2012.
  • Let's Play: An excellent video LP was done by Something Awful member Lunethex.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Matthew Mercer, Leon's current VA and one of the stars of There Will Be Brawl, has been a long running fan of the series, with Leon being his favorite character.
  • Recycled Script:
  • Shoot the Money: Resident Evil 6 has the highest budget of any in the franchise, possibly a greater budget than any Capcom game made previously, and we get to see all of that in the ridiculously amazing visuals. Broken Base aside, nobody accuses this game of looking bad.
  • Talking To Herself: Ada and Carla are voiced by Courtenay Taylor. Which is justified, since Carla is actually a doppelganger of the real Ada.
  • The Cast Show Off: Troy Baker, Jake's voice actor, sings the song that plays during the credits to Jake and Sherry's campaign.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Carla Radames was largely believed to be a fake character not in the game before the game's release, to the point that "I believe in Carla Radames" became somewhat of a Memetic Mutation.
    • Rumors circulated of an Updated Re-release known as Resident Evil 6: Final Hope which would bring the game to Wii U as well as include an additional campaign for Claire Redfield.
  • Viral Marketing: No Hope Left.


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