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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • A lot of players mock the file that mentions Helena was moved from the CIA to the Secret Service after the incident with her sister's boyfriend, but it's entirely possible that was because Simmons pulled some strings. Her overprotective streak towards Deborah would also make her really easy to manipulate...
  • A lot of people complained about the greater focus on combat in this one, especially in the Chris Campaign. The game takes place more than a decade and a half since the first Umbrella incident and the change in gameplay style can be seen as an indication of (mostly) everyone's veteran status with dealing with freaky bio-weapons. It's no longer terrifying to them, it's their job to be able to kill these things. Similarly, Leon's campaign is more reminiscent of the earlier survival horror titles because in comparison to Chris, who at this point has been a member of a dedicated anti-B.O.W. organization, he's relatively lacking in experience; while he is capable of fighting these monsters, Leon has spent more time as an agent of the US government and bodyguarding the president more than battling B.O.W.s, and the same can be said for Helena. Also note that he lacks the heavier firepower (at least initially) of the B.S.A.A. Jake's campaign is a compromise, with hints of the Nemesis/Mr. X confrontations from previous games. Both Jake and Sherry are physically more capable than ordinary humans thanks to their genes, and thus can go toe to toe with B.O.W.s easily, but as with Leon and Helena, they are ill-equipped compared to Chris and Piers.
    • This also explains the apparent lack of prominent 'veteran' series characters in Resident Evil 7, at least to play as; if they're looking to genuinely bring the fear back to the franchise, it'd be difficult to achieve immersion as all characters in the series - a Chris, Jill, Claire, even a Sherry or Moira - have been through literal 'end of the world' scenarios, at this point.
      • Kind of somewhat subverted. Ethan is the one in the green but he was able to easily adapt with firearms and other weapons and slowly overcame his fear as the story progresses. Mia on the other hand has experiences with Biohazard related activities as shown in a flashback, thus needing to use firearms and all that. And then fully averted when we are allowed to play as Chris Redfield in the "Not a Hero" DLC, assuming that it is indeed Chris Redfield despite what Word of God said.

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